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GA: Georgia sheriff’s office places ‘No Trick-or-Treat’ signs in sex offenders’ yards

[ – 10/30/18]

ACKSON, Georgia (WSYX/WTTE) — A Georgia sheriff’s office is placing “No Trick-or-Treat” signs in sex offenders’ yards in an effort to keep children safe.

“As Sheriff, there is nothing more important to me than the safety of your children,” said Butts County Sheriff Gary Long. “This Halloween, my office has placed signs in front of every registered sex offender’s house to notify the public that it’s a house to avoid.”

Long said Georgia law forbids registered sex offenders from participating in Halloween. That includes decorating their property or handing out candy.

The sheriff told residents to keep an eye out for signs marking the sex offenders’ houses.


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Seems like a compelled speech issue. How does this sheriff know that there aren’t any tricks at this house and maybe even a treat?

This Sheriff is too stupid to keep anyone safe and it amazes me that he found voters even more stupid than him. A “Walking Tall” Buford Pusser he is not. I wonder how many signs are posted in the yards of registrants with innocent children? Everyone is complaining about haters and violence but here is a law enforcement official leading the pack under the guise of legal enforcement, now pass the donuts.

Since we’re not allowed to give out candy or have “child enticement” Halloween decorations featured in our ywars, we should all just dress up as “monsters” and go trick-or-treating in our local neighborhoods and canvass the streets. Or better yet, go to the mall where the stores give out candy just to prove how feckless and inept all these safety measures are.

Had my daughter post on the sheriff’s Facebook page, since I can’t. First, he’s lying about Georgia law – there is no such law precluding registrants from Halloween. The restrictions we’re all accustomed to now only apply to those on parole or probation. Second, his deputies going onto the yards and leaving those signs there without consent of the property owners/renters is trespassing, pure and simple. Just as much if they went on there and left burning crosses or piles of dogshit. Third, I’m willing to bet trespassing isn’t covered by the statute he named requiring him to notify the… Read more »

“As Sheriff, there is nothing more important to me than the safety of your children,” said Butts County Sheriff Gary Long.

Wow, personal and emotional bias much? It doesn’t matter what HE “thinks” is important. They are just going after the easy, low-hanging fruit for a cheap and easy PR stunt in an effort to repair police – community relations.

If this measure is for advisory purposes, it’s still a reverse cry wolf, fear mongering and taking false credit for minimizing risk.

The pure ignorance of the Sheriff (with his tactics to look all “tough” and caring is so pathetic, I just want to ‘Throw Up’. MY 2 insights into this matter causes me to “scratch my head” (if he is so worried about the children). I’m confused why, no where in this story talking about this load of “garbage”, does it offer other/ additional sorts of Precautions that should be taken into consideration “for the safety of the children” (such as careless drivers or intoxicated drivers WHICH ACTUALLY HAS HIGH PERCENTAGE OCCURRENCES). AND, the 2nd thing that confuses me, as to… Read more »

This is a bunch of BS and would definitely be trespassing. Also, he is only concerned about the safety of the kids. What about the kids of the Registrants? These signs will allow people to be reminded about a registrant living at this place and many might be tempted to harass or retaliate. Are the kids living there safe in that case? I don’t think so. Get a grip sheriff!! You are humiliating for your own personal satisfaction, no other reason. Just be honest and cut the crap about caring about the safety of children. Just own your actions and… Read more »

sounds like barney fife is alive and well in ga

After researching a bit more, it’s come to my attention that these deputies are trespassing. Despite the Long’s claims to the contrary, there are no state statutes or county/city ordinances regarding registrants’ restrictions on Halloween. Pretty sure leaving a sign there without permission of the property owner/renter doesn’t fall under probable cause or reasonable suspicion to enter. If I were in that county and not on paper, I’d be calling the GBI and State Patrol to press charges against Sheriff Long for trespassing, and would do so as publicly as possible. Personally, I’m getting really sick of LE bending and… Read more »

The only reason this coward is doing this is because of the issue that took place with the other officer wanting to lock people up in the town hall. He has to show his support even if it proves he’s ignorant. Well he’s proved that!

SO, you want to notify the public of the registrants, but have no timeline as to when you should do that, eh Sheriff? You wait until you can get max exposure of your signs and embarrassing people by placing them when the most people are walking the neighborhoods? Is there no other way to notify the public that is not physically placing a sign in the yard? Is there any possibility you or your staff will be out checking on the signs tomorrow to ensure they are in place still before the minions come walking through? What if the sign… Read more »

Intriguing. The Registry started out with people being able to visit a police station and view registered people. Then, came the internet, beaches, parks, residence restrictions, computer use, Facebook use, job restrictions, travel restrictions and now this? It’s honestly pretty nuts and almost surreal? What’s next? Yet, we have legislators wanting more? I’m really shocked! Maybe someone from what’s supposed to be the most compassionate and giving countries in the world should think of laws to help others? Reading this is almost comical! What’s next? I truly feel this is like Nazi Germany with the Jews! It’s really no different!… Read more »

I sent him an email explaining how stupid this act is and how he should educate himself on statistics concerning who actually abuses children and re offense rates after incarceration release.
I guess common sense take a permanent vacation south of Mason- Dixon!

So, if they law does say the sheriff must inform the public, is there anything preventing the sign from being removed? How long must the sign stay in place? One night, a month a year? It sounds like this shierff hasn’t any idea.

Read this article today talking about the higher risk of children being struck by a car on Halloween. Too bad the government is only concerned with something that has never happened, rather than the one thing that always happens on Halloween.

Three kids killed today in a cross walk in my community, hit by a car (no details on the driver yet). Last year two kids killed crossing in a cross walk, hit by a drunk driver. Yet I don’t see any action by the city to “protect the kids.” Meanwhile we have another quiet Halloween as far as RSO’s go. Boss Hogg living up to the stereotype of the bigoted redneck Georgia sheriff.

I have no pity for drunk drivers. My grandfather was killed by one in front of a bunch of kids. He was the crossing guard for an elementary school.

The police didn’t charge the driver of anything and he walked because he was “still young and had a lot to lose”. He was 43 with 4 kids that he was supposed to pay child support on but didn’t.

Exactly, so when politicians cry out, “It’s for the children,” we know it is a lie because they are only addressing situations that are convenient and easy prey for their political benefit. They cause more victims then they ever help.

I, too, have known people killed by DUI drivers. One was broadsided (the image of her lying on the hospital bed in a coma is seared into my memory). Another person I knew was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a DUIer. That guy rolled into a strawberry patch off the freeway. The car was a 2-door. DUIer escaped leaving his two passengers in the back seat to burn to death. I also knew someone who killed a 12 year old kid in a DUI accident and he was very much remorseful. As much anger as I have for… Read more »

I can say I have no compassion whatsoever for people who drive drunk, because once they make that choice they are taking every person on the road, the sidewalk, in the car, or where ever they might go’s life into their hands. It’s pretty simple to get a ride or don’t drive if you drink. Or just sleep it off. My question though would be, if they feel remorse for what happened are they still drinking and driving? From my experiences not many will be effected enough to stop the behavior. If anything it would cause them to drink more… Read more »

@ NY Won’t Let Go Perhaps I should have been more clearer. I do have compassion for those who realize their fatal mistakes who truly do want to move on and live a better life. The person I knew did 7 years state prison. I met him after the fact in college. He refused to touch another drink. He didn’t drive anymore because in SF, you really don’t need a car. This man was repentant and very much deserving of compassion. But I can’t go around being angry at DUIers. It’s just not healthy. Just as it’s not healthy for… Read more »

@NPS I’m trying not to be 😂 but reading all of the news and everything from the US has been getting to me and reminds me why I quit watching the news when I lived there. Nothing makes sense there and hasn’t for at least the past 10 years. All the new laws and regulations are increasingly based on the whims of emotionally unstable people. The newest news piece I saw was that they want to remove the citizenship of those born to foreign parents in the US using an executive order. if they want to even out the population… Read more »

Let me add to this list. In Walnut Creek, CA, an 8-MONTH old baby died yesterday just days after she and her father were slammed by a DUI driver. Her father was killed instantly. Yet no restrictions on DUI drivers or even street closures on Halloween. But to be fair, we don’t have presence/residency/Halloween restrictions up here, either. Still, the point is, children are most harmed by DUI drivers with no documented cases of RCs harming them during Halloween season.

Any registrants who are victimized tonight should sue.

It’ll also be interesting to document how many children get injured tonight by non-registrants, as the biggest threat to kids on Halloween are auto accidents.

I dont understand why it’s ok to put children or other family at risk who may reside with a parent who is an RSO.

When you do: You are communicating that it is ok to bully, ostracize , isolate them too.

If anyone thinks that children or family of RSO’s dont read comments on news stories, FB posts etc. Or dont listen to rumors of said family RSO… I have news for you, they do!!!

It’s the definition of hypocrisy. All children matter, except those who reside or are related to an RSO! Sad…

On KFI radio, Bill Handel just had a conversation with reporter Steve Gregory about “Operation Boo,” in which state parole visits homes of registrants on parole to be sure they’re abiding by their terms on Halloween. Several times during their discussion it was stated that ALL registered sex offenders may not decorate their homes or hand out candy, and that if any registrant hands out candy or lights their home, they will be immediately arrested. Gregory specifically stated (incorrectly) that these restrictions apply to ALL registrants, not just those on parole.

Follow up on email I sent to sheriff.

He sent back this reply.

” I love people who hide behind fake emails( mine had my full name/ not fake) . Don’t worry about what we do here in the south”.
I responded by saying that I worry about all citizens of this country that are treated unjustly.
I questioned how a man who doesn’t care about justice coukd be elected and suggested that in order to get the needed votes he must have had a rather large bar tab!

I emailed him as well. I included my contact info. I will update everyone with his response, if he chooses to reply.

The sheriff is now trolling me! He’s asking if I live in California, if I am registered. I bet he would call local L.E. to hassle me.

So funny. I guess he has no more important work than fighting over e-mail. I do think criminal LE people like this sheriff will abuse any power that they have and try to get other LE to harass you. It’s what they do. Most of them are little people and can’t take any criticism. You always know that a person is up to no good if they are more interested in you than in what you are saying. Those people are harassers. They typically are dumb and have no facts as well. You could tell Sheriff Pusser that it doesn’t… Read more »


The Sheriff’s reply is similar to the southern states reply just before they succeeded and then had their collective asses handed to them before they surrendered in 1865. His reply is a reason why people worry about what he is doing, regardless of their location in this nation.

That is seceded from the union, not succeeded, where they succeeded in seceding from the union. This new Android phone update is correcting more than it needs to. Sorry about the word choice there on the phone’s behalf.

Incredible. My local news here in New England ran “teasers” for this idiocy each time they went to break. Then they finally did the story. What immediately followed the story was a local story regarding a minor who had been give candy laced with Methamphetamine. But that wasn’t the “teased” story. It was that idiotic sign, not the fact that a kid had been hospitalized and nearly died from ingesting tainted candy from a weekend neighborhood thing. Truly idiotic and dumb, but I guess around this time of year, sensationalism and lies rule the day regarding Halloween. But let’s not… Read more »

Answering: “concerned about the safety of the kids. What about the kids of the Registrants? ” Or how about the safety of registrants? That’s why lady justice has a blindfold on. Justice is not supposed to look at people and make a judgement call the value of one person over another. A great example would be that if a richa and poor person come before the court, the judgement isn’t supposed to favor the poor person even though we all have a soft spot for the poor and downtrodden, and we’ve been told a narrative about rich people, and how… Read more »

I posted the comment below at the sheriff’s Facebook page This kind of nonsense is just so stupid that it would be funny if it weren’t so heinously un-American. It could possibly, maybe, conceivably, be acceptable to real Americans if this was done to ALL people who have ever been convicted of ANY serious crime AND probably also if it were only done to people who were on probation or parole. Outside of that, no real American can even think about supporting this. What this criminal regime should be doing instead of this nonsense is telling all people that… Read more »

I hope there’s a lawsuit coming his way!

Email this to the Sheriff (which I did post on the MO thread here in a reply to @Eric specifically too) for him to consider as he plants signs: AP article which addresses kids killed on Halloween related to traffic: Halloween can be deadly for pedestrians, traffic study says Summary: -43% higher death risk on October 31 -608 deaths on 42 Halloweens -55 deaths of kids 4-8 yrs old -NHTSA Data -CDC has similar data in their study (’75-’96) -Alcohol is a factor -Canadian study of USA data Study is in JAMA Pediatrics with more info and data, Pedestrian… Read more »

@will allen

The sheriff more than likely is Intentionally Lying in order to support the idiocy. But, who is going to call him on that? It’s all part of the morass of idiocy. But it plays into the flawness as so many of his “Sheriff” BS does. Cheers.

The registrant should place his own sign that says:

“This resident is less likely to commit a sex crime than a teacher or faculty member at ((insert local school name here)). SOURCE: U.S. Department of Justice”

Why stop at the educators? Why not throw the LEOs into the mix as well and give the entire block of stats of those who are in the 90+% so people will truly know with the correct citation? The LEOs cannot take it down out of safety of the children, but has to leave it as free speech. Heck, both signs next to each other in a photograph sent to all the local media would be interesting as a follow up story.

Or better yet, post a sign in front of sherff’s office saying “Your sheriff is wasting taxpayer money and crime hasn’t gone down”.

In the article, it claims the sheriff is acting in accordance with the Statute that says he, ” shall inform the public of the presence of sexual offenders in each community.” However from the image in the story, the signs he placed do no such thing, thus he’s not complying with his own cherished law (regardless whether true or false). Instead, he’s compelling speech on private property, as well as the aforementioned trespassing. Sounds like a fish-in-the-barrel lawsuit for anyone affected.

@ AJ: That’s the exact wording of OCGA 42-1-12(i)(5), which Long believes is the authority to leave those signs. Personally, I don’t see where it even authorizes (let alone requires) LE to go onto private property (without cause) and leave the sign there. Will Bassler is correct, that’s clear textbook definition of trespassing and vandalism/littering.

I say again, the registry itself was supposed to be the public notification this particular statute requires. Makes me wonder why the Georgia legislature found it necessary to add this little bit of worthlessness to its code.

I also happened to notice Butts Co., GA is home to the “Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison” ( It’s, let’s say, where people get their first exposure to the GA prison system (original felon intake) and their last (death chambers). Now I don’t know about your parts of the country, but where I’m from this probably isn’t the high-rent district in the Peach State.

I didn’t look into it very closely at all but I did see a few places where some people who seem to have a bit of sense and insight were saying that they were putting the signs on government property (I suspect on the right-of-ways). And, yes, this entire Butts County has no high-rent districts. It is FUUUUULLLL of backwards, uneducated rednecks, almost certainly including their sheriff. I bet you can guess their politics. Look, I come from rednecks myself (I’m not from Georgia though). I can’t hate on them too much but I feel it is important for stupid… Read more »

They are not “red necks”, because I think that is a term of endearment to them. They are just plain uninformed.

Ignorant might be a better word

if you care so much about children’s safety, why don’t you fund the idea of having and extra person helping out on a school bus. This extra should make sure traffic comes to a complete stop when the bus comes up the the bus stop. The individual needs to get off the bus and with a neon shirt walk into the street with a stop sign and making sure traffic is at a complete stop before anyone enters or gets off the bus. you gotta protect them children against those evil drivers. Do you know how many children lives are… Read more »

Personally, I don’t really care if there are Halloween punishments/harassment/restrictions, as long as they don’t involve trying to tell me where I may and may not be (including at my home). I leave my home every Halloween and go out and celebrate somewhat. My wife and I always drive around neighborhoods and check out the decorations and the trick-or-treaters. Ooooo, if the brain-dead Registry Terrorists ever thought for a second and realized that is exactly what happens, they would lose what is left of their tiny minds. We always take a very nice vehicle that attracts tons of attention and… Read more »

@ will allen
LOL- great Halloween idea’s for us. Great to see your somewhat radical ideas pepper sprayed across these pages (and lots of others). As a dues paying compliant sheep registrant; I commend your tenacity. If you drove your vehicle, decorated with the sheriff’s effigy into my gated community (of 3). You could trick or treat at my house. … If you add the sheriff of Polk county to the mix you may have a whole hand full!

@will allen What you said about driving around and looking at the Halloween decorations reminds me of those who drive around at the Christmas season and look at the holiday light displays some people assemble (rivaling the Griswold’s of movie fame in some instances) even with a local FM radio transmitter to play the music the lights are synchronized with. The Halloween matter you, et al, discuss here above also brings to my mind those areas that tell registrants they cannot put up Christmas displays up either in their yards or on their homes. Now, if there is a “No… Read more »

I haven’t heard for sure but I expect that the signs were placed on government right-of-way. Even this idiot sheriff would not be so dumb to try otherwise, right? I know there is some portion of your property near roads where the government can go onto for certain needs like utility maintenance. Is that the case for everything? I really don’t know. I do know that I wouldn’t allow them to put signs on my property without a response. Also, we’ve had this discussion on here before but I don’t think “no trespassing” signs are effective in general. It would… Read more »

@Will Allen

What govt right of way on my lawn or fence that abuts a sidewalk or driveway of my house that a sign can be planted? That’d be news to me. They want to put it on the sidewalk, that’s their deal, but to trespass on my property w/o due process to place a compelled speech sign, well, see ya in court, Sheriff.

(Queue Gran Torino movie scene of a certain man telling the kids to get off his lawn.)

Often there are easements that grant utility providers access to lines and pipes for water, sewer, gas, power, telephone, cable, fiber, etc., that serve you or cross your property, typically at the boundaries, like along the street, or overhead. That may allow some signage that is pertinent and required for safety purposes, like “Gas Line: Call Before You Dig”, but I don’t think it amounts to an unlimited right of government to litter your property with signs.


Easements make sense as you state but they are not gov’t right aways unless the particular utility is provided by the gov’t. The sidewalk is the closest the gov’t can get to the house and placing a sign on it in whatever fashion they feel is best, but yard and fence is off limits, just as you state.

A little more light reading on this particular sheriff and a rather interesting article posted this morning with plenty of good data points (e.g. According to the National Safety Council, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year. And as for keeping the general pubic safe, vandalism spikes by 24% on Halloween, making it the night with the most vandalism of the year.):

Georgia Government Officials Celebrate Halloween By Engaging In Pointless Hassling Of Sex Offenders

Thanks for the link. I posted some comments, including this (which I found enjoyable!): I think it is illegal for the sheriff to go onto private property period. The only exception to that is if the sheriff is doing exactly what any other member of the regular public could also do – and that is simply and only going to the front, “public access” door of the home and knocking. Other than that, they have no legal authority. So it is illegal for the sheriff to put any signs on private property. I think if signs were placed like that,… Read more »

@will allen, et al, While I agree with the no posting of signs compelling speech as has been done in this instance by the sheriff through potential trespassing, I have to say take a look at the sign with the article. I take it is the actual sign posted. If so, then there is nothing about a registrant on it. I know this may be splitting hairs here, but it just says no trick or treating at this address and is a community safety msg from the sheriff. The only notion we know of that this is for a registrant… Read more »

Yep. That was one of my points. The sheriff said that the law that gives him authority is the law that says he must inform the public of the “presence of sexual offenders”. Those signs don’t do that so they are not covered by that law.

@WillAllen, the results of excessively pushing the Sheriff and pointing out the lack of authority of a sign without “sex offender” on it could result in him being angry enough to print “This household has a sex offender” on next year’s signs. Is that your goal? You would find the registrants in that city paying for your desire to go beyond informing and deliberately antagonizing the sheriff. I recommend you pull back to the “informing” line. African American’s didn’t get their civil rights by harassing the KKK and other irrational people. Google it and learn how they used coordinated strategy… Read more »

Roger – Really? People are worried about signs? Or being “outed”. People need to get over that ASAP. Hell, let’s put up or own signs for 365 days a year. I want to do a lot more than antagonize the scum that support the Registries. I want to tell them to go ahead and take their best shot to harm me. They have failed and they will continue to pay. I want to tell them that decent people aren’t going to support them so they are going to keep struggling. I saw on some of the comments where people were… Read more »

@WillAllen, your arrogance is breathtaking. You are poking a lion through a cage filled with other registrants, safely on the other side of the bars and smug that you won’t have to pay the price. Why don’t you ask those registrants how they feel about you forcibly “outing” them to satisfy your extremist desires? Your posts are often filled with negativity and hate. Rarely do you offer hope and encouragement. Reality check for you: it is IMPOSSIBLE to force someone to believe something, especially when you are stabbing them with rhetoric. There is nothing wrong with leaving comments on pages.… Read more »

@Will: I like your thoughts but every RC doesn’t want to fight, some just want to be left alone and I don’t see a problem with that. Some days I fight, some days I just want to be left alone. For over 10 years I live in a state in which I wasn’t on a public registry, had a great job, and no one knew my past unless I told them (or they didn’t let it known they knew). I couldn’t care less about new laws, posting signs, or any of that as it didn’t affect me. I moved to… Read more »

Arrogant? Maybe, but not because of my statements about this nonsense. I am not the one who is hiding. If this confused sheriff were trying this at my home, I would be in his face. I would see that he was not reelected. I would be the one throwing the sign out of my yard and getting a restraining order to keep him off of my property. He would see me. Plenty of them have. And the LE enforcement that is around my area knows that there is nothing to be gained from getting near me. They stay away from… Read more »

@WillAllen, you are a huge hypocrite! You don’t want society telling what you can and cannot do because you are a registrant, but you have no problem FORCEABLY OUTING registrants, telling they MUST become political activists because you in your extreme arrogance have decided that? I’d like to see you put in a room of the registrants who will have to live with your foolish, short-sighted, rage-based mistakes. They no doubt would like to tell you to your face how self-centered you are. I also would prefer that all registrants be as active in the fight as ACSOL is. However,… Read more »

@Roger, Agree completely. I’m getting a little tired of Will Allen’s rhetoric, and quite frankly it does NOT help. I’ve read his comments on other articles (and it’s always the same copied/pasted comment to each individual’s post) and NOT ONE reply to his comment is ever positive. It’s always pushback. That’s human nature. No one wants to be shouted at. Anger is not a persuasive tool. I find my own way to educate others. Yes educate. Shouting at them won’t work. In all my law classes, every presentation I made was about the sex offense registry. I’ve spoken of the… Read more »

Roger: I appreciate the feedback from you and NPS. However, hypocrite is not accurate at all. And I’m not “outing” anyone. In case you didn’t notice, I was arguing that the signs are useless and shouldn’t be done. Have you also not noticed the hundreds of millions of people who are repeatedly yelling that “outing” is their goal and what they want? Shockingly they say that is actually the key goal of the Registries. Do you think that people who are listed on the hit lists have any chance of hiding? Do you think these people’s neighbors haven’t been gossiping… Read more »

Interestingly, I’m trying to go to the Sheriff’s web page (not allowed on Facebook or Twitter) to leave a remark or two regarding this subject, but for some reason it won’t open. Not suggesting he took it down, though I wouldn’t discount the possibility. It’s also possible the servers his page is on crashed.

My daughter checked his Facebook for me looking for responses to my remarks that she posted on my behalf. He got a lot of blowback on this story, and a good bit of it from non-registrants.

I sent email to sheriff stating that there were no child abuse complaints by registrants, and that it MUST have been due to his signs. I then asked if he knew how many kids got drugs in candy, hurt by strangers, and abused by parents the same night.
Since a sheriff is an elected office, the game rules are the same as any office decided by voters. Scare them with B.S. then act like you are doing something about it.

Why does this kind of stuff only happen in rural communities.
Wether it be California or bum fuck florida, it seems rural areas are hit hardest with legislation and ordinances that target registrants ( and other felonies I’m sure). Are they that bass -ackwards that they are scared of boogie men!

It is because they are typically Christian communities where that sort of thing is easy. Not too bright.

I am totally under this guy’s skin. He keeps sending emails. Each one a little more sarcastic. I think I will drag him on a little more, then send a complaint to the city council about harassment from their sheriff.

That is funny as hell. I guess he has nothing better to do. Wonder if he is doing it on the job? Nothing like taxpayers paying for flame wars. He is probably trying to bait you into threatening him or something like that. Don’t be a criminal like he is, of course. It would be good to report it to the city council. But I expect they are as backwards as he is. There is a state association of sheriffs. I expect that you could file an official complaint with them. I’m sure that they are more professional than the… Read more »

Besides doubting his integrity( as a L.E.O) and challenging his grammer ( the guy can’t put a simple sentence together ) I have not done anything. No profanity, threats of retaliation, or any such primitive communication.

The emails are stored in a file. He asked if I was in Calif. , which suggested he has looked me up. I don’t expect any more response, but I did send a parting jab, which stated my support for Stacy Abrams. I’m sure that went over well.


He may have the ability to see the routing of the postings through the coding used to route the message from you to him. IOW, he could see the IP address from the local area where your service comes from, which will show your service provider and area possibly and thus not require any internet search of you personally.

Or, following up on what @TS posted, he could have (probably against policy) plugged your name into the donut-crumb-laden computer and gotten a NCIC hit.

I have yet to receive a response. Please continue to post his responses and emails to you.

Those emails could very well help someone In his jurisdiction.

Not to point out the obvious, but here is a a classic example of the True safety issues on Halloween. Drunk drivers and parents who are drunk with their kids in the car out “taking them around for safety” on Halloween at twice the legal limit crashing into cars with other parents with their kids taking them in a car for safety so they don’t get hurt by drunk drivers. Glean what you can from the article, and it’s on The Patch, LOL. Amazing, truly irresponsible people at The Patch doing their “beware of these xxyy registered people in Your… Read more »

Thanks for the link. Went ahead and commented on their discussion board, but doubt it’ll get much attention now.

Yeah I bet there would be a major issue concerning a badge of shame affixed to the individual if it stated sex offender, of course if the online registry is not considered such, it may be that you would have to have it attached to you physically and be bound in chains and shackles in a public square. So compelled speach, projected dangerouness, shaming, subjecting to real potential physical harm, man just on and on. They need to attempt all these laws with every convicted felon (over 20% of the country btw) and see how long it last. This does… Read more »

Sorry, that was about 8% have felonies.

Then there is this from Halloween where kids have to not only worry about DUI drivers and which houses to not visit due to signs, lights out, and other factors, but possibly being shot as they trick or treat, which these two unfortunate kids had to face:

14-year-old girl, 5-year-old brother shot by gunmen while trick-or-treating: Police–abc-news-topstories.html

So, should trick or treating be outlawed as long as it saves one child from one of the many ways they are killed, maimed, or injured on Halloween where is registrant is not involved?

Lots of news lately of children getting slammed by cars. Today, in Wisconsin, 3 girl scouts were killed by a motorist as they were doing some volunteer community service. As far as reports of RCs violating children…*crickets*.

Where was LE when this was going on? Isn’t this child endangerment? This is not a town parade!

10-Year-Old Dies After Falling from Trailer While Trick-or-Treating

Again, no registrants are involved, so the hysteria is reasonable why?

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