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Patch Publishes Completely Unnecessary Sex Offender Maps to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

Every year around Halloween time, Patch, the news website specializing in local coverage around the country, publishes maps that show where sex offenders live. Patch claims this is some kind of public service, even though a thorough study of 67,000 cases of child molestation found zero increase in sex crimes against children on Halloween. Full Article

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  1. Eric

    When you have absolutely nothing of relevance to say, just shout “sex offender” and you will definitely draw some attention to yourself.

  2. RSO Wife

    I thought it was illegal to copy info from the states megan’s law list and republish it. Doesn’t it violate copywright laws. I could have sworn I read an article about other websites publishing off of the states website on here, Narsol or War and how that violates copywright laws. The police are gathering the information, publishing the info, and posting the pics.

    • David Kennerly

      RSO Wife, the government cannot, for all practical purposes, including in the specific case of registries, copyright its publications. And no, the government cannot prevent others from copying the registry.

  3. AnotherAnon

    Because of Turner, Wisconsin residents hold trick-or-treating during daytime hours. However, the f/k/a Harvard Law Blog found two interesting things regarding the Turner case: The 9 year old girl was trick-or-treating alone and went to the house of a stranger,* and Turner had no prior criminal record, so if such a law existed in 1973, the Halloween sex offender laws would not have applied to Turner.

    Thus, to date there is STILL no recorded incident of a child molested or killed by a convicted sex offender on Halloween.

    * Some reports say she knew him.

    • David Kennerly

      She clearly knew him before Halloween and “enjoyed pushing the baby’s (the twenty-four-year-old murderer and his wife’s) stroller down the street.” So not only did she know him but her parents appear not to have found him objectionable. This hardly counts as a stranger-jumping-out-of-the-shadows rape and murder event. So this wasn’t even a “stranger” abduction/murder let alone one involving someone on the registry. The actual scary bit about this Halloween ritual has to be to its resemblance to the blood libels of the Jews in which they were accused of sacrificing Christian children to make matzo.

  4. AnotherAnon

    “We publish sex-offender maps because people deserve to know whether they live near someone like Turner who’s preyed on the most vulnerable.”

    Again, I think the only way to fight the propaganda is with defamation suites. Saying every RC is like Turner is defamation. My bet is that the number of RCs who murdered a minor, especially under 14, is close to zero. The rest of the article is mostly factual, with one giant false premise. Due to no prior convictions, Turner would not be on the registry, so even he was not like RCs.

    Since I’m no listed on the map, I do not have standing to sue.

  5. Static99R=Scam99R

    More and more, these sensationalist articles lack a “comments” section so that we can reply to the media’s lack of rationalism. It’s almost as if outlets such as Patch would rather censors it’s users’ comments. When Patch first started about 10 years ago, all of its articles were open to reader comments. This is no longer the case.

    • Joe

      Hmmm… on every one of these articles that I clicked on, not only do they allow comments, they also have Disqus set to allow anonymous guest comments.

      See here:

      Perhaps you and the legions of “other users” railing against the Static-99 could use your time to make comments that inform the public instead of beating a dead horse here, preaching to the choir…. just a thought.

      • AnotherAnon

        @ Joe, how do you do it? Did you register with the site? I cannot get in because I don’t want to register right now.

      • SCAM 99R

        “Joe,” we all know that you are a Static Scam 99R Karl Hanson bootlicker. Nonetheless, for those with an iPhone, iPhone users will find it difficult to comment on any Patch article, via-Disqus, because there is—get this—NO COMMENT ICON. Different story on PC though. Regardless, you seem to have zero concern regarding registration—even when it comes to registering on Disqus. Have you read the Disqus “Privacy” Policy by the way? Probably not, knowing that you easily buy into—and even defend—scams. Nonetheless, by signing up for Disqus, you give Disqus complete authorization to sell and/or share your information to any third-parties. Disqus’ data sharing has been the concern of a few articles and Reddit posts since its inception. But knowing your type, “Joe,” you’d much rather prefer to keep things superficial, overlook any inconvenient truths—and would have no problem complying with whatever Kool Aid as a result.

        Enough with the personal attacks though. If you’d care to realize, the Static 99R’s embodies the incipient introduction to the next generation of “sex registration” laws. Just like the opaque bail reform “risk assessment instruments” that have gained much criticism, Karl Hanson’s schemes are not only racist; but they are also discriminatory against gays—and even non-violent offenders. But of course, without the need for a 10 question “test,” I predict that you—“Joe”—will continue to gloss over (and even defend) Karl Hanson’s creepy creations.

        • AnotherAnon

          The Static99 is like the feebleminded tests used in the eugenics days. It was mostly women and girls that were committed then for being promiscuous.

  6. David

    I think it would be a far greater (and much more appreciated) public service if Patch would publish the addresses of homes known to give out the best Trick-or-Treat candy! (Seriously, whenever I have been asked by neighbors or have seen a local thread online, it’s always “Where can I take my kids for the best Halloween candy? Which are the best neighborhoods?”)

  7. Joe

    So in last year’s response

    as to why they publish these articles, cites one 40 year old incident of a child rape / murder on Halloween by…. wait for it… a guy who had no prior sex offense conviction. Who would not have been on the registry for sure, aside from the fact that he may have been the mother’s boyfriend. Come again???

    It seems surreal that a grown adult and trained journalist not only would write such a piece, but that the general public does not call them out on this blatant display of irrelevance.

    Then again…. you have

    – The Adam Walsh Act. There is no evidence whatsoever that Adam Walsh’s abduction and murder involved a sexual component (as only the poor boy’s head was recovered) and no one was ever convicted. One would think that this piece of legislation addressed people who kidnapped children, or parents who failed to properly supervise their young children (yes, you, Mrs. Walsh). Yet it focuses and puts onerous restrictions on people who have done things like have a 16 year old girlfriend in a state with an age of consent of 17 (yes, you, John Walsh).

    -The Jacob Wetterling Act. Again, restrictions on those with previous sex crime offenses (including things like having a 17 year old girlfriend, in CA) when until last year this was strictly an abduction and disappearance. A sane person would think the JWA would address child abductions at gun point. Even with the confession and conviction of the perpetrator, he, of course, did not have a prior sex offense record.

    – Jessica’s Law. Which prohibits residence within a certain distance from schools, parks, etc, although the crime had absolutely nothing to do with these kinds of designated uses.

    I sometimes feel like I am living in Bizarro World…

    • Will Allen

      Well, it’s all a bunch of stupidity. What can you say?

      If a parent wants to keep their children safe, they will be with them. Period, end of the story.

      I posted a lot of negative comments to that story last year. Did the author, Dennis Robaugh, learn anything? Did he or anyone on Patch repeat their stupidity this year? I haven’t looked. This was one of my favorite comments from last year:

      “Noemi, thank you for keeping the memory alive of the two children who were recently murdered while law enforcement was goofing off with Operation Boo and harassing Registered people instead of protecting children. Their pictures should have been used in this article.

      Law enforcement loves the Registries. Most of them are extreme control freaks who get off on power. And it is so much easier for them to demonize and harass families on a list than it is to actual protect children or try to prevent any actual crimes. People should never cooperate with law enforcement.”

    • Eric

      Excellent rebuttal. Good information and facts to have available for future use.

  8. Tim Moore

    You know, I wonder if people Patch are appealing to are people who never grew up and still see monsters under their beds.

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