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CA: Abused then arrested: inside California’s crackdown on sex work

[ – 11/28/18\

Willia will never forget the feeling of police officers’ hands on her body.

The 37-year-old Sacramento woman says she can’t escape memories of policemen following her down the street or questioning her choice of clothing, scolding her for being outside, threatening her, grabbing her, forcing her into their car, and searching her.

Willia is a survivor of abuse and sexual exploitation.

But because she has also been a sex worker, she says police have only ever treated her as a criminal.
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In the California capital, law enforcement agencies have ramped up their focus on women like Willia in recent months, sex workers and activists told the Guardian.

Under the guise of “anti-trafficking” efforts, police practices in northern California and a new federal law have broadly affected adult sex workers both online and in the streets.

The result, activists say, is a risk of increased violence and suffering for the very women whom lawmakers say they are rescuing.

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Good! Go onto sites like cityvibe or backpage! There (I acted out because of this) are networks of brothels and more prostitutes then you can imagine! I remember visiting one massage parlor and the woman didn’t speak a word of English/I saw her a month later and she aged 10 years! I live in both a very upscale and nice area in OC! There are at least 4-7 massage parlors (actual brothers) operating within 10 miles of me? I can walk in and walk out 30 minutes later (near nail salons/schools and even a Church after being serviced by a prostitute). I personally can’t understand how nobody knows? Why are they still open? I would visit Korean brothels in LA (upscale/ran out of a condo/girls where students/doing HW and waiting for upcoming clients! For a male, it’s hot and exciting! It’s like a drug! Yet, this destroys families, leads to arrests and on many occasions allows the prostitute to live their destructive lifestyle as well! During the day, I would visit an upscale nail salon with customers/walk in the back and get a (by a nail worker) full service massage and walk out! That’s pretty gross!

I don’t believe this how do we now it’s true? I almost don’t feel sorry for you.

^^sarcasm above

The savior complex. It’s a mental illness. Screw the DSM.

Completely agree. Some people who have it are decent people. But I personally know many of these do-gooders and their key reason for doing it is to make themselves feel and/or look better. They don’t care about the needs of others. They themselves feel unworthy and little unless they are trying to show others all the “good” things that they are doing. That motive is worse than never helping anyone.

America could be a decent country if we actually valued freedom and personal responsibility. But nope, everyone wants to shove their opinions/lifestyles down everyone else’s throat. And if you don’t comply, we’ll put you in prison and make money off of you. Might even put you on a big government hit list such as the Registries.

Prostitution should not be illegal in a free country. It is not my business how adults want to have $EX and if they want to exchange anything. People need to learn to mind their own business. Drugs should not be illegal either (not working anyway, in case no one noticed). The Registries should not exist.

All of that is just due to the overwhelming core need that big government loving, little people control freaks have to harass other people. We must wage war against harassers.

Hear, hear Will, Nothing should be illegal for adults unless that action hurts someone else, against their will, or defrauds the mentally incapable, or puts the public (other people) in risk of actual harm. Not imaginary harm either, but actual physical harm. Just a parachutist can jump grom a movjng airplane so should a person be,able to do drugs or participate in what “some” people would consider destructive behavior.

I’m definitely calling the man who began the implementation here into court and on the stand in front of 12.

I expect no one to feel sorry for me. Plus, I wasn’t writing this to ask for empathy! I deserve none! My addictive behavior got me arrested/put in jail and destroyed my career at the time!

I expect no one to feel sorry for me. Plus, I wasn’t writing this to ask for empathy! I deserve none! My addictive behavior got me arrested/put in jail and destroyed my career at the time! I feel no empathy for sex workers who don’t try and get help. Most (you can argue all day long) of the ones I met had some form of mental issues or had drug issues/been molested or where hard up for cash! Or, one girl was a University Student pulling (Asian/young/well to do family) tricks off ads via craigslist! Some of the girls where simply lazy and wanted easy money! Yes, it’s all true! Many of the women ended up hating themselves, had anger and tricked (the term trick) pulled tricks because of a eventual hatred for men! I could write a book. Counseling, Church and marriage helped me! You would be surprised who and what is out there. I’m still in awe! I would say that at least 85-90 % of massage parlors (the ones I visited/I’ve found it almost impossible to get a legit massage) offer some form of sexual ad one! I know of 2-3 foot massage places that offer back room massages that end up offering more than you want to know! I’m honestly shocked that law enforcement is unaware! Look at mp reviews and rub maps! It’s true and real. I’ve found that many foreigners (Asian) get caught up in the game as well! I’m pretty sure (spoke no English) some of them are possibly here illegally (Spanish as well) and working off their debts! You guys can argue and cuss etc, but I lived this life and I’m here now as a result! It’s ugly

Well, I for one am completely floored. Our fearless, all knowing government enacted legislation that accomplishes the exact opposite of its stated purpose? All the money dedicated to ending sex trafficking and not one single sex trafficker arrested? Say it isn’t so!

I don’t know what common ground we would have here to join in coalition with these women — may be an odd paring– except that we both are feeling the life destroying results of a myopic system that can’t seem to find any solution that doesn’t involve destroying lives.

So whats this gotta do with the tea in China ….?

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