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CA: Changing Minds: Master student’s thesis challenges views on sex offender laws

A California law that will go into effect in 2021 is set to bring about the most sweeping changes ever to sex offender laws in the state.

SB384 will allow most sex offenders to petition to be removed from the public registries in 10 to 20 years after they are released from prison, as long as they have not committed another serious or violent felony. Full Article


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I am shocked that this outstanding and positive anti-registration video was co-produced by CASOMB. They seemed like the nemesis that has done everything to oppress and abuse people on the registry. Something is definitely changing and it is very good. Perhaps they are realizing the lifetime punishment model is a total failure and they are shifting public policies to get on board with the changes. But I want to applaud those very intelligent and informed people who spoke on the video. Finally some rationality has entered into this past arena where before only hysteria and vindictiveness have been. Yet, I must say, the second paragraph starts with a false statement. It say the new tiered registry will allow most people on the registry to petition to get off. That is not true. As it stands, most people will be on tier three and will still have a life sentence. Oh, those old attitudes of false narratives are hard to overcome.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your comment. But can you elaborate on why you think most everyone will still be Tier 3? I was under the impression that multiple convictions will be 3’s and the CP cases, but I always thought the majority on the registry were 288’s and they will be eligible for removal? I have heard this at numerous ACSOL meetings and the conference. Has something changed? Thanks.

@Jab…There seems to be a great deal of confusion on this matter as to where everybody stands. Now that the midterms are over maybe we will start seeing some movement and clarity on this bill. I hope the info you have is more correct then what I have.

We have a risked based system and CP is almost always a level one for being non contact non violent

That will not be the case with California’s upcoming “risk-based” system. It is entirely possible for a non-violent AND non-contact offender — with a single offense — to fall into Tier 3, merely because of a “high” risk assessment — or Static-99R — score.

What a sham. Where is the mention of the highly flawed Static 99R that is being heavily relied on nowadays? This paper paints CASOMB and SARATSO in too-good-to-be-true light. The CASOMB video is propaganda. No where in the paper, or even in that bogus CASOMB video, does it mention the greatest danger in the Tiered Registry Bill: the infamous Static 99R. Aka “SARATSO tool.” No where in the paper does it mention that Crooked CASOMB is the same organization that also endorses other pseudo “sciences” such as the polygraph (aka “lie detector”) — and even the ABEL “test.”

It speaks volumes when even a master’s thesis ignores the flagrant fact that the highly flawed Static-99R *will* very much determine whether one will be required to not only be registered for life; but perhaps the even more heinous fact that the Static-99R scam *will* be used to impose the draconican label of “high risk sex offender.”

Make no mistake that the CASOMB propaganda video is being used to manipulate the public to, next, villainize the new label of so-called “high” risk sex offenders. And CASOMB, in its video, commits this fraud without a mention of the bogus Static 99R “risk assessment” being unconstitutionally imposed on each registrant.

It is understandable that a master’s thesis might omit such a troubling (but important) fact. But for a “credible” organization, such as CASOMB, to omit mention of the highly flawed Static 99R?? This is simply part of the disingenuous political theater associated with creating a new label, almost to par to SVP’s, based on “static” pseudo science.

Has there been any progress in moving possession of child pornography in 384 to tier one? I recall Janice had said that would be addressed in the future, before the law goes into effect.

Also, does 384 apply to someone who moves to CA from another state where you were convicted? Like moving from Illinois, where all convictions require lifetime registry to CA, where you would only have to be on for 10 years.

Yes, please clarify. After reading so very much, including this article, and information from the group my son attends, who still believes they are all tier one no matter what we have explained based on what we know about the final bill, they will not believe they are all tier 3. Federal felony of CP. My understanding is….we must petition to be changed to a misdemeanor in 2019, then petition to move to be moved to tier 1, in 2021. Is that correct? And will we, as part of this group be advised as to how to do that. Thank you always, Janice and others who work so hard for all of us.

Research your case and check the sub categories to see if your case could be dropped; as for me, I petitioned the courts with no assistance which resulted in the case being dropped to a misdemeanor.

“Fresno State student. Eric Galeana surveyed more than 400 students on campus in spring 2018 ”
I am thinking this is bias because Fresno is a conservative city (source

Citing an article that is over four years old for a city but not the state collegiate campus, which are usually more liberal and open to thinking in other ways unless a religious based campus, probably does not denote the students in the criminology department to which the survey was administered. These students are the present and the future, so listening to what they have to say via the survey is probably worth it.


Shout out on your comment on the newspaper page!! Nicely put!

Finally some positive news

Great job Eric! Staying positive, focused and having the Governor we now have will certainly play into our favor!

Don’t count on it…remember, Dems have just as bad a record against us as Republicans.

We are talking about state that promised to include dates of convictions on the Megan Website and still haven’t.. And we are expecting this to happen? uh huh….

People need to distribute this list any chance you get, included in it is the video. This is all up-to-date data and proper citations.

Wow, thanks, Mike. That’s a well-researched list. Still crossing my fingers for you on 1-5.

I will post it on Twitter. Mike, you really ought to get on some kind of social media presence and spread this research to a wider audience. BTW, does the link really expire in 5 days?

I just watched the video! It was really well done! Some of you have made comments regarding Static 99? I was under the impression Static 99 was no longer valid if 10 years have elapsed! As noted, these are all things what should be addressed sooner than later. Well done video

Wow. I know this is over a year old, but I didn’t discover it until tonight. That video is great! Low level offenders have under 1% recidivism rates is in the video; along with having a blanket view on sex offenders is a terrible idea and a waste of resources.

Just wanted to bump this b/c that video was great.

It is a good video, but they basically are saying in the video the registry does no good of preventing new crimes, costs money, and actually harms the community more because of social labeling causing homelessness and unemployment.

Let alone the ways which risk is determined are massively flawed, as we all know.

As such, based on their statements and the facts we know, why do they even want to continue to have a registry in the first place if it is causing more harm than good?

Because keeping the public safe is not the goal, the goal is BEING SEEN to be keeping the public safe. It’s all about striking poses and keeping the spotlight on themselves (“Me! Me! Me!”). Politicians are frighteningly inclined to being psychopaths and, as such, attaining and keeping power is their only real goal. It explains much.

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