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VA: Father of 5 says life on sex offender registry has forced him and his family into homelessness

Many people may be unconcerned with what someone on the registry goes through, but William Walker said he hopes by sharing details of his arrest and the collateral damage it’s causing his kids, someone will rent him a place to live. Full Article

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The registry is worse than jail. He didn’t even go to jail. When i was on probation, i was REQUIRED to go to high school at 25 to get my diploma. Yes, required. If i did not, i faced arrest by probation. When i was on probation, i was considered ZERO threat to anyone. Once on the registry though, everything changed. Now i’m considered a monster and 100% likely to do what monsters do. The registry does NOTHING for society except hurt families and makes society “feel” better. I guess in the eyes of the public, it’s okay to kill… Read more »

“Sometimes, i hate Americans more than anyone else. Most other countries don’t do this to their people.”
I despise the United States, and in particular New York, in how they f***** up my life.
I planned a long time ago to live like the immigrants do. Just stay for 6 months and save as much money to establish myself in another country, which is what I do for the other 6 months.

Not much love out there, even at Christmas.
Kinda makes you wonder how so many people never got the message.

F the 175ers every chance u get. If everyone refused to register imagine how many prisons they would have to build. Not going to happen, of course, so F em and stay out of jail. That goes double for the stalkers.

The motto of the $EX Offender Registry Supporters/Harassers is “If it kills a hundred children a year, it’s worth it.”

I really have been wondering over the years exactly how many dead children it would take for the Harassers to decide that having Registries just for their jollies and entertainment is not worth it. They don’t care about children much.

I admire this man’s courage for coming forward publicly. This is what it is going to take. He and his wife speak up that they are not bad people, just a working family, and he made a mistake many years ago. How many times have we heard this story? And how absurd that fair housing laws don’t apply to sex offenders. What blatant double standard discrimination. At the end he says he and his family sleep in their car, in the cold he leaves the car running with the heat on. That is a good way for the entire family… Read more »

This is the exact reason why I have so much hatred for this country and Americans in general, and I’m someone who served this country. Too many times in our nation’s history, groups of people have been harassed and mistreated, with the masses shrugging their shoulders and saying so what. They get angry when you compare this nonsense to nazi Germany and the Jews, but it’s easily comparable, to include adding in the civil rights movement. To make a class of people who cant rent in many areas, take a cruise with their family, must have “special” markings on their… Read more »

@Gralphr: “They get angry when you compare this nonsense to nazi Germany and the Jews, but it’s easily comparable, to include adding in the civil rights movement.” —– You’re quite right on both counts. If one were to strip away who was being oppressed and merely presented the facts of oppression to someone, they would almost certainly equate it to the Nazis and/or civil rights. Ask anyone what they think of specially marked passports, mandatory “papers” (on-your-person-at-all-times POTR IDs in AL, for instance), exclusion from public spaces, denial of housing, denial of and exclusion from occupations, having to report to… Read more »

They’ll be fine with it until it hits close to home (and I hope it does) — when they themselves or someone close to them is accused of, or convicted of, a sex offense.

As more continue to be added to registries, more people will be affected. Eventually, everyone will know someone or have a loved one who is registered and public support for this nonsense will falter.

@ Gralphr: “America would be up in arms if the government made a new speeding ticket law and EVERYONE who has ever had a ticket must report to the local police and pay $50, yet are ok with this very thing being applied to sex offenders………..” I’ve been saying for years the best way to describe how absurd the registry and associated restrictions are is to apply the same logic to other crimes. Very similar to your point above. For example, anyone convicted for reckless driving wouldn’t be allowed to own, operate, or be within 1000 feet of any motor… Read more »

Let’s go back to visit the wisdom of SCOTUS and see what Smith says about this:
“If the disability or restraint is minor and indirect, its effects are unlikely to be punitive.”
“The Act, by contrast, imposes the more minor condition of registration.”
See? What’s the problem? The Act’s disabilities and restraints are minor and indirect. No harm, no foul.

Along those lines, can one not make the argument that some restriction of movement is minor when being provided all of life’s necessities (food, shelter, medical care, etc) for free? In other words – prison?

Or at least, checking in with one’s probation / parole office every so often. In other words – punishment? Who decides what his minor?

“Along those lines, can one not make the argument that some restriction of movement is minor when being provided all of life’s necessities (food, shelter, medical care, etc) for free? In other words – prison?”
Yes, though it’s packaged not as prison but as civil commitment…

Hey SCOTUS justices, maybe one of you can rent your basement, attic, or toolshed to this family. Then you all can go shopping at the Price Club together using his membership. It’ll be fun!
SCOTUS justices are EVIL NAZIS! I hope they enjoy hell!

I don’t know why I haven’t experienced things as you guys did.
Sure, I got disowned by many friends.
I was never homeless, Always had food to eat.
I finish college while on RSO and got my BS degree.
Everyone knew but they didn’t make my life harder except to not be my friends.
I now have a full-time job in internet marketing.

Are you white? Middle or upper class? Had every privilege that is afforded to white rich people in this racist, classist country? That certainly played a HUGE role in me having it relatively “easy”. Of course, I’m still dreading trying to travel abroad and having my passport revoked in order to get the mark of shame Of course, I still have to limit visits to my partner’s family in KS to 72 hours less their home gets put on the registry as my address. Of course, any law could change at anytime that could make my life even more humiliating.… Read more »

I am not sure if race, money or disability have to do with anything. I do collect disability and that helps. What I did was just find good support. Go from there. I just a support group for the disability and with that support I made friends with a guy who is a supervisor at a warehouse and he got me a job working with him. After the company shut down I got unemployment insurance There was a congressman at that time who didn’t want RSO to get any unemployment Insurance. Lucky for me he died before he could get… Read more »

Those people who are not your “friends” any longer did you a great favor. You do not want those kinds of “people” around you or your family. Being able to identify such “people” is one good, useful feature of the Registries.

In many case, some of my friends have their family or friends that are on the list. My friend tells me oh ya my other friends is on t he list for that and your is nothing compare to his. The fake one gets hyper and say “your not suppose to here” I had one guy at church that said ” your sick” I told him Let’s see I don’t have a fever, I m not throwing up so im not sick you are wrong. One time a friend gave me his baby to hold on so he can pick… Read more »

People who support the Registries don’t care if families like this die. Someone asked if that is what it would take to end the Registries. Of course not. This kind of stuff has been occurring non-stop. No one cares. People must come to the realization that it is not acceptable to be forced to live in a car and wage war against anyone that thinks it is. The more I think about it, the more I think “tiering” is not good. It gives a signal that the Registries are being “fixed” and that they are legitimate. That signal should never… Read more »

@Will, et al

I agree that tiering isn’t the solution. As I think of it this morning after reading Will Allen’s reply, tiering is only further refinement of the registry process and making it worse instead of better. The registrant’s tiered badge shines as bright as a neon arrow light to the non-thinking/overreacting public regardless of their level and associated duration of being classified in a tier. However, until the registry is turned off, it’s illumination must be blunted as best as possible along the way.

Enacting the sex offender registry in the first place was like buying a car to mow the lawn. It never was and never could be an effective means to prevent sex crime, as accurately predicted by its earliest opponents. Tiering is like changing the tires. Looks pretty, but still won’t get the grass cut. Beyond that, tiers are only based on the crimes of indictment/arrest rather than circumstances before or after the crime. The registrant is rarely (if ever) interviewed or consulted unless he appeals. Most states (Georgia, anyway) make the appeal process near-impossible for the lay-person, and most of… Read more »

Im in the same boat.

I had to register last spring. My landlord started doing everything he could to get ux out. We decided to move but cant find a place thats legal and will take us. Im married with 2 children and a grandson.

Finally the landlord filled a eviction claiming to many complaints abd we were evicted. We had 1 month to move.

MY KIDS are living with friends my wife is in a shelter and im in my van.

I just found this and I don’t think I agree.

Being on sex offender registry rarely limits employment

Interesting article on Carroll County, MD. I hope someone tells the lady that she is a greater statistical threat to her child than any contractor who comes into her house to do work. Makes me also wonder if a registrant applies to the college, are they going to admit them to the college then deny them access to the campus based upon their registrant status due to a state law that applies to a registrant sans assessment? The article said they could not attend the campus and had to go somewhere else to get their education. As a MD taxpayer,… Read more »

To stop being treated by lepers, we need to change society’s negative impression of registrants.

All other people groups who have fought descrimination successfully have gone public with their stories of hardship.

We have to be willing to do the same.

I think your first paragraph is right. However, I don’t think that most decent people treat Registered People as lepers. I think other people do and many, many of them are not good people and they cannot be fixed. So I wouldn’t worry about them too much. They deserve to be ignored. I don’t think those people (and many others) care much about hardships of other people. I think you can appeal to people who have sense mostly by just being a normal, good person. I’ve said it before but if you live a completely normal, good life and are… Read more »

Yes, you are absolutely right…. All other groups in the past that have sought to change laws and reshape public perception have indeed taken to the streets in unified public protest. Yes also, living a good and normal life is what we should all aspire to do, but just living right and posting to each other on sites like this is not going to educate the public. Throwing a ton of cases, petitions and university studies at the courts may “someday” result in a minor change here and there, but as long as the public (meaning the politicians, the judges,… Read more »

Can he sue? is there a law that has to do with denying children benefits if parents are on probation?

I am still reading a lot of hate out there……I have been on this registry for years, I can’t be with my wife because she is from another country, and because of the AWA she can no longer be here. I have few friends (but good ones) and I can never volunteer anywhere because I must “disclose” about myself. I am fortunate that I am not homeless and I feel badly for the family we all read about here, but spewing hatred about Jusices going to hell, or hoping many other people get on the registry only shows us to… Read more »

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