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Florida State Senator Lauren Book introduced Senate Bill 540 that includes the establishment of a “Soliciting for Prostitution Registry”

[ – 1/25/19]

SB 540: Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking; Requiring the owner or operator of a public lodging establishment to train certain employees and create certain policies relating to human trafficking by a specified date; requiring the Department of Children and Families, in consultation with the Department of Law Enforcement and the Attorney General, to establish a certain direct-support organization; requiring that the criminal history record of a person who is convicted of, or enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, soliciting, inducing, enticing, or procuring another to commit prostitution, lewdness, or assignation be added to the Soliciting for Prostitution Registry, etc.

Read the bill


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If it passes, it will make it much easier to find state officials. Just look on the registry!

Here we see the Books once again introducing a “solution” in search of a problem. Florida has given these fear parasites a free pass for too long.

Wow. Just wow. Nanny Big Government (NBG) wants to force people who hotels and other lodging to force their employees to “complete an educational program designed to effectively train them in the identification, prevention, and reporting of suspected human trafficking.” Ummmm, yea. I think NBG needs to stop worrying about trying to force people to help NBG be more immoral and more of a criminal regime. Remember that the NBGs are immoral criminal regimes. People should never, ever, ever assist them, or their law enforcement criminals, in any way. Just remember that if NBG wants and supports something, it is… Read more »

I thought solicitation was already a registered offense. Why would they need a second list? To show people are double registered?

@Will Allen – This is not a new effort in the respect the DoD has been working with their own material to combat this as guided by Congress in addition to truck drivers and those related to trucking logistics who are banding together to be trained the same (though they are not a small population size of partakers in the world’s oldest profession by those who prowl truck lots). I read the bill and did not see a way to be removed from the registry, so it becomes a lifetime notification that you once solicited someone, as well as did… Read more »

Have to wonder if she is going to try and make this applicable to anyone who comes to FLA to visit or move if they have a similar conviction elsewhere. I have to openly wonder why she does not hit those who willingly prostitute(d) themselves and have convictions from that too for a registry? It is not like everyone is forced into the oldest profession of the world. If you are going to try and do what you can in this area, then why not get it all or is this the only thing that is worthy of getting attention… Read more »

I would guess this family has some secret. I learned form five years of incarceration that those pointing the finger inevitably had something to hide. This family is obsessed with destroying anyone that has anything to do with something deemed sexually inappropriate. I bet they go after adult porn soon.

Most courts already have. Me and everyone on paper I know are specifically precluded from watching adult porn as part of our conditions. In my case, the irony is that I’ve probably watched more porn in my five years in prison than in the 40 years out of it. It’s just another “reasonable relationship” standard that has no basis in fact put in place to ensure violation. I get spammed and pop-upped all the time from porn and other precluded sites; blocks and filters don’t seem to stop them. Fortunately, my leash-holders don’t appear tech savvy enough to make it… Read more »

Back in the 90s, Oklahoma did such that , and lots hosting computer bulletin boards with adult content went to jail for doing so under the guise of “community standards”

Here is an article from 1993:

From The Dialy Oklahoman Newspaper, September 27, 1993, Page 1:

As Senator Lauren Book is a government whore it is not really a surprise that now that she has played out her old “professional victim” card with sex offenders that she is going onto another area she is familiar with.

This woman does nothing to protect anyone.

I am going to go out on a limb here. But please just allow this short missive. I would hope that there is an agreement among us Sage providers of opinion here that Human Trafficking is horrendous. Now, that preface stated: What harm is there to track down and identify the purveyors of this? Look, I am not sitting here in any kind of Ivory Tower. Far from it. I also reside at a long term Motel where I have seen this first hand and it’s really upsetting. Here in Connecticut the Motel does post in the Office the Connecticut… Read more »

Forcing private businesses to sign onto to big government programs is BS, even if they are good programs. Further, big government obviously lost the moral high road long, long ago so they cannot be trusted to implement anything regarding $EX. Nothing. Not ever. Not for any reason.

And one last thing – F them and everything they want to do. F everyone who supports the crooks.

This family of freaks won’t be satisfied until anything but missionary with only one person after marriage is the law of the land.

Sex workers will be coming to Tallahassee on Tuesday to testify before the committee to tell them this is a horrible bill with far reaching implications and unintended consequences. It unfairly targets marginalized communities that are already experiencing generational poverty, discrimination and stigmatization. This bill does nothing to protect victims and everything to harm individuals with a scarlett letter they will never escape and would keep them from accessing housing, employment and possibly even an education that would enable them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

“Sex workers will be coming to Tallahassee on Tuesday to testify before the committee…”
I’m guessing there will be a few faces familiar faces to both sides of the discussion.

AJ, Well, they may not remember their FACES….

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