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SC bill would prohibit sex offenders from working, volunteering around kids

[ – 1/15/19]

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Right now, registered sex offenders are allowed to work and volunteer around kids, but a South Carolina bill introduced last week in the State House of Representatives could change that.

The bill says it would make it “unlawful for a sex offender to work or perform volunteer service with or around minor children under certain circumstances unless approved by a circuit court order that requires the offender’s employment or volunteer service be recorded in the offender’s sex offender registry file, to provide that court costs and filing fees must be paid by the offender, and to provide a penalty for a violation of this section.”

Five representatives have their names on the bill, including Horry County’s Alan Clemmons.

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“Merely administrative”… lol.

A judges duties are mostly “administrative ” yet they demand high pay as it is work.
The pillow wouldn’t have obscured the knowing gaze of St. Peter. I can only imagine the scene when Peter confronts his decision to permit law that make men, women and children subservient to state machine database. Such is antithetical to human liberty.

Wow….south carolina sure likes to add new restrictions every year.

This one should fly through easily as it hits right at the fears of parents. The only hiccup I could see is a challenge for vagueness and it isnt narrowly tailored to just child victim sex offenders.

As part of a future bigger challenge against being put on a registry in the first place, it adds another restriction to employment where the person has a condition identical to what one faces under probation or parole with having employment monitored and needing approval. At some point a court is going to have to rule that it violates separation of powers to create a separate scheme equal to probation that is under control of the legislature and not narrowly tailored to the individual or circumstances.

I wonder who brought this idea to the attention of a legislator? It is amazing how real problems do not get the attention they require and insignificant or non issues receive unnecessary focus.

As per usual, it was a nosy mother with too much time on her hands who used the registry to pinpoint this individual. Then predictably, some opportunist lawmaker closed a “loophole.”

“She says her daughter who was allegedly molested by a man when she was 5-years-old,spotted her offender that Morton says was convicted in 2012 and is registered as a tier 2 sex offender.”

Read my other comment about how SC moved everyone to tier 2 to make the offenders appear more menacing, scary and threatening.

To be fair, that situation probably would legitimately alarm any victim. But if the guy paid for whatever he did, people simply have to get over it. Just like for any of the other millions of crimes that have been committed.

Further, keeping that guy from working isn’t going to protect anyone. Only a moron would believe that. First off, keeping that guy away from the pony rides isn’t going to change the risk level there in any usable, productive way. People will not be able to change their vigilance level at all. So the children will either already be protected from everyone, including that guy, or they aren’t being protected at all. And if that guy wants to find a victim, again, doesn’t matter at all if he is working at a pony ride or not. He’ll simply go elsewhere. Easy, trivial.

Lastly, because the Registries exist and only because they exist, I go out of my way to be around random children completely anonymously all the time. Literally all the time. It is what the Registries deserve. It is the proper, moral, American response to them. Because no American can support them. If I had a job and got fired because of the Registries and children, I would be around them even more. It would become a main goal.

It is the registry that brought this about, if a group is continually focused on in a negative manner it us only a matter of time before all forms of unabated and unrestricted ideas and barriers are set up against that specific group !!! No one is pointing out that in the beginning of defenders trial special assessments and courts decide who is truly dangerous and needs extra help and restrictions….but the system was allowed to do whatever they wanted to unrestrained and the results of an bias, foolish, ignorant justice system ends up here today !!! Struggling to bring justice to defenders. …which is hard as he’ll to do from the ass end of the play or situation. ..aslo…..corrupt…idiots were allowed to run wild with hysterical notions of all the horrible hype associated with the sex offences and damage and so forth…well, we must paint other pictures of the offender not allow so much focus on victims and its hard when proper defense was not gjven, established , allowed etc….

Uh….how many Decades has the Registry been around??? And they still can’t get it right?!? It takes new laws every year to cover every base huh. And yet not one single addition to the Registry will save a single child.
I Really hope those Registered in SC do not let this go unchecked. We cannot afford to let these scumbags looking to make political gains continue to turn our lives upside down destroying families and denying us our right to freedom. I hope we can all come together in every state and start pushing back. If we can’t sleep at night, then those oppressing us shouldn’t be able to either.

Amen. War must be conducted on all Registry Harassers/Supporters. All of them. Every single last INDIVIDUAL. Don’t let the scum hide behind big government.

Their incompetency is pathetic. I do find it hilariously pathetic how they keep trying to polish their turd and acting like it is more than a turd. There are plenty of stupid people who are falling for it.

It is also beyond amazing that they are so incompetent that they haven’t been able to get their Gun Offender Registries created. How incompetent do you have to be to not be able to get that done after decades? Insanely.

South Carolina is running neck and neck with Florida. Two years ago, they raised everyone that was classified as Tier/level 1 to 2! That’s right. A LEVEL TWO. I find this curious as SC is a FOR LIFE state, however, it’s perhaps done to increase grants for all those fabricated “imminent threats.”

This redneck, hellhole of a state wants to make sure there is no chance for you to even possibly be removed from the registry! There will never be provisions in that state to get off. I strongly advise anyone even considering SC to avoid moving there.

Wouldn’t a background check solve the issue?

It wouldn’t, because an employer (or the volunteer coordinator) could do a background check and decide they don’t care about past $EX offenses. So you’d have the exact same situation as today.

But as I said before, it is really idiotic to worry about a Registered Person running a pony ride. And that is simply because literally anyone else doing the same thing could have committed 100 times as many $EX crimes as that Registered Person did. And/or be 100 times more dangerous TODAY. It really is that simple.

Further, when I take children to such rides, I supervise them. I don’t let any children I’m watching hang out with random adults. I never let my children do it at all until they were strong and old enough to tell any adult trying to do something to them to leave them alone and then to tell me. Worked quite well. I never did need a Nanny Big Government hit list to protect my children. Somehow they weren’t molested.

Is it just me or is this Bill very poorly written??
[The Bill] would make it “unlawful for a sex offender to work or perform volunteer service with or around minor children under certain circumstances unless approved by a circuit court order that requires the offender’s employment or volunteer service be recorded in the offender’s sex offender registry file, to provide that court costs and filing fees must be paid by the offender, and to provide a penalty for a violation of this section.” 😱

🔹️”minor children” – Aren’t all children minors (except perhaps those granted emancipation)?
🔹️”under certain circumstances unless approved by a circuit court order” – so this only applies to “certain circumstances” (which are, of course, not specified)?
🔹️”circuit court order that requires the offender’s employment or volunteer service be recorded in the offender’s sex offender registry file” – I don’t know about others, but I’m pretty certain that I don’t have a “circuit court order” requiring my info be included. It’s a State law that requires I provide my info., not any circuit Court Order.
🔹️”… and to provide a penalty for a violation of this section.” – any penalty? Left to the discretion of who…the torch & pitchfork mob?

Plenty of vagueness there that a good lawyer could drive a truck through.
But what can one expect from hillbilly hollow? 🤠

I was convicted in SC and placed on the lifetime registry. I now live in another state and am no longer required to register where I live. I will most likely never get off the SC SOR.

Unless you have lived in SC you could not begin to understand the impact of fundamental religious organizations there. It is quite literally the gold buckle of the bible belt. There is still a law on the books there that an unmarried couple can be convicted of a misdemeanor for cohabiting in a motel.

In other words go on vacation to SC and you are not married and stay in a hotel you can be subject to prosecution.

I never see this getting any traction. Notice the date it was filed.

You reference the wrong Bill. As the article says, it was introduced the first day of the current Session, which started January 8, 2019. Here’s the latest version:

As to your being stuck on the SC ML for life, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for you (and it’s not a train):

Oh my GOSH. A state where someone even DARES to propose changing the longest registration term from life to fifteen years? I think I’m in the twilight zone.

AJ you astound me on what you find.

Governor has already said he will veto it if the bill passes.


I suspect THAT is the reason everyone was recently elevated to a TIER 2 then because if the “relief” bill gets passed, SC can then claim 25 years to petition from date of registration?

Sounds like rearranging the deck chairs and moving the goal post to me.

Even then if the “Govnuh” vetoes this bill in SC, there is the Veto Override possibility (Veto Override – To pass a Bill over Governor’s veto requires a two-thirds vote of members present and voting of both bodies acting separately – Therefore, there needs to be some serious lobbying to defeat this measure initially to avoid a veto and a possible override. Time to start sending letters, etc into those who need to be informed.

(For your reading leisure – Sex-offender registry adds costs without protecting public,, written by the SCRSOL POC)

@E: Thanks. I have lots of free time and a curious mind–a double-edged sword, to be sure! I only stumbled across it when researching @JohnDoeNC’s statement about it being old legislation.

@RegistrantNotAnOffender: Maybe so, but at least some members of the legislature seem to “get it.” Just the introduction of such a bill, in SC no less, to me indicates the shift from “frightening and high” and “incurable” is under way.

@Facts should matter:
Perhaps, but even the idea of replacing a lifetime requirement with a max number of years is still progress in my eyes…just as in CA, flawed as it may be for now. I’ll take a flawed expiring system over *any* lifetime system, because flaws are easier to argue and fix than term lengths.

A guy can hope. It may well make national news if a legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto of RSO-helping legislation! Again, just that it’s been introduced, and hopefully discussed, I see as progress.

And? Should we be poo-pooing this legislation because they did something stupid before? People, individually and as a group, change.

In truth, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if changes are happening due to Northerners retiring there, and companies like Boeing and BMW having a footprint there. The South, believe it or not, is slowly easing away from its historical path. I stress: slowly. Heck, even Bible-thumping MS has joined the States that allow lotteries. (I think there are now only 6–AL, AK, HI, NV, UT, WY–that don’t have it.)

South Carolina…isn’t this the same state that didn’t overturn their anti-interracial marriage law until 1998? What I remember most about that was about 40% of the state populous wanted to keep the law.


McMasters use to be the state AG, so naturally he will veto any and all bills that relax requirements for SOs. Hell, McMasters and Alan Wilson (current AG) are two peas in a pod – Radical Fundamental, Evangelical Conservative Southern Baptist Christians. Need I say any more?

They are protecting the MONEY and JOBS, not children. They also still believe the “Once a SO, always a SO” nonsense. “We can’t have these people living in the shadows or flying under the radar..”

The fear mongering justification basically writes itself.

I have warning for these self righteousness and self-called Christians in the Bible belt states 45 “Then He will answer them, saying, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’ 46 “And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

– Mt 25:45-46

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