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AR: Senate votes 27-1 for sex-offender bill

[ – 2/22/19]

The Senate on Thursday approved a bill that would allow people convicted of sex offenses not to register with the state if their victim was under age 18 and the offender was no more than three years older, under certain conditions.

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  1. R M

    What’s this magic line at 3 years older or less? Why not 3 years and 1 day or 5 days, 4 years, or 15 years? The determination should be based on maturity, education, and conscience consensus instead of magical numbers which mean nothing except how many breaths a person has taken.

    • Dustin

      Despite lawmaker claims and efforts to the contrary, you can’t legislate or mandate maturity, intelligence, or conscious. Where the magic number 3 came from in this bill (it’s 4 in most other places) I couldn’t tell you, nor could the clown that wrote it.

    • Lisa

      There they go with that cookie cutter stuff again. They really should be embarrassed by how cookie cutter their babarian laws are. People who were in high school/college relationships working a 7 year difference who had consensual relationships basically get the same treatment as some 50 year old man who forcefully raped a child. There are only tiny differences between the two once they served their time because of the cookie cutter laws and honestly the two people have nothing in common but lawmakers and the general public want to throw them both under the same nasty label. I saw where some lower tier kid the other day got threw in jail because of a social media account and to me that is straight garbage that police officers would even waste their time on something so petty and that they won’t to use our tax dollars, limited jail space, limited funds, efforts, & time for a kid that has a social media account that had no bad intention when they could be out there putting that time and efforts into violent people, stopping drugs from getting into children’s hands, anything actually helpful to our society. We want every person be a tax paying, positive community member, and asset to our communities and society. How can you expect these people to become that if you let them back into society with one hand cuffed behind their back and limit what job they can do and where they can go. There’s already so much that is unfairly taken away from their right to be a normal citizen to pursue a normal life after their time and probation is up. It’s barbarian and honestly it’s sick that law makers and the general public are okay with everything being so cookie cutter. Why couldn’t a person in their lower 20’s that enters in at a lower tier over time double his age, has a clean record since the event become a teacher, a police office, a nurse, a doctor, lawyer, or even fight for his country if he’s shown that he had one mistake, a lapse of bad judgment and that’s not who he or she really is? Why couldn’t they have the ability to be great at any of those jobs, if they’ve proven themselves over time and effort?? The sex registry, the barbarian laws, & the system itself associated around it is completely broken. We are the most extreame with our registry laws than anywhere else in the world. We said a long time ago that this country wouldn’t have a second class citizen but this country has always attempted to create second class citizen and show hate to someone. I love my country, my state, but I hate the systems we have in place, I hate the Barbarian laws that surround it. You get a job and move somewhere their going to post ads about you even if the crime was 10 years ago and you’ve been nothing but a good citizen since their going to share in every social media site embarrass your kids when they try to go to school then they get bullied so bad they don’t want to go back to school it’s barbarian. The public registry is an embarrassment tool of revenge there’s no reason why it couldn’t just be left with just sheriff departments for their knowledge in speaking of lower tier offenders especially when majority never offend again and that’s a proven fact. We don’t do this with other crimes, with drug dealers, with habitual people that get DWI’s, or any other crime. I’m all for keeping our communities safe, keeping violent people behind bars, and creating a better community but it’s not under this current system. I’m for being smarter not harder. I’m for making everyone individual that has the want to to become an asset to our communities and to society. Everyone should have the right to live a normal life after their time and probation. Everyone should be able to apply for jobs they want to better themselves, live where they want, support their kids at all their school functions especially when there’s adults around that seems like a no brainer that people are trying to get stricten with no good cause or with any facts behind it but to just be more Barbarian. The system is broken it was created with good intention and but it was created broken. Progress would be to develop rehab therapies for lower tier people let them complete those programs and allow them to re-enter society with a second chance. There’s a higher chance of someone not on the registry to commit these crimes than people that are on them especially ones that made one mistake in their 20’s and got on it. We need positive change, real change, I don’t believe giving out the Scarlett letter treatment to anyone that’s made one mistake under person to person consent that wasn’t a violent crime. Those people need a second chance at life, a chance to better themselves through every career after some time, and a chance to support their kids and live normal after their time spent if even any time at all , probation and a supportive therapy program to guide younger people through their mistakes. Look we need everyone to be assets to society, we need to have a supportive community that wants everyone to be successful, a tax payer, and contribute to our community. I pray that progress will be made in the future in the right direction and we get law makers that will make the right changes for the positive progress that’s needed even if the crowd with pitchforks chooses to not understand for selfish false fearing reasons. A public registry for non violent offenders does more harm than good. It ruins lives not help them. Other countries just allow their police staff to their registry’s and lower offenders only register for 4-5 years and are off if they kept a clean record to persue a normal life. You don’t want every citizen to be able to harass, slander, and potentially cause more crime towards an offender based just on false fear. Their going to walk into a wrong offenders yard that’s just trying to be peaceful mind his own business and get a finger pointed at his face, threatened, and that offender is going to knock that person out what’s going to happen. Majority of offenders get harassed someone I know closely has had his truck spray painted mean words on them, has had mail box trashed, and fake Facebook accounts were made to just not to harass him, but his wife, his kids, and made comments like they hope his unborn baby on the way gets raped. Disgusting things and that’s what a percent of the public uses it for and when reported nothing happens and this guy got touched up on a girl that snuck into one of his college parties that was under age was the only reason he was on the registry because that story went viral and he was honest about it when he was asked. This guy didn’t even know this girl was younger and he especially did not deserve the treatment he’s recieved. I know similar stories from several people I know and it’s disgusting. We need positive change! We need help. Again…everyone should be allowed to be an asset to society especially when their probation is complete. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment feel free to share.

  2. Whats age got to do with it?

    If most of the laws today were in place 200 yrs ago, the majority of us wouldn’t be here today.
    My Grandmother was pregnant at 15 with my father.
    Could you imagine the size of the registry if these stupid laws had been in affect even 75 yrs ago?
    Better yet, picture it in another 20 yrs. Because it ain’t goin’ away folks. They can bend it and reshape it, but they will never toss it!

  3. someone who cares

    My poor boyfriend who tragically died in a car accident would be on this ridiculous list if it existed back then. I was 17 and he was 21. Everybody loved him and supported our relationship. What changed? What’s in the water today that people have lost their marbles and can no longer use common sense? Can’t someone invent a pill that cures these people so they become smart again? This country is getting dumber by the minute. Somebody has to find a cure! Maybe, it’s aliens who are poisoning Human Beings? I have no other explanation.

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