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England: Headteacher banned after ‘she didn’t disclose relationship with sex offender’

[ – 2/6/19]

A headteacher has been banned from the country’s classrooms after she failed to disclose her relationship with a sex offender.

Caroline Riley, 54, dishonestly failed to reveal the courtship while she was head teacher at George Betts Primary School in Smethwick.

She took over as head in 2009 and a Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) disciplinary panel found that the following year, despite advice to the contrary, she failed to disclose the relationship.

The disciplinary panel also heard she misled an investigation into the situation by saying she was advised there was no reason to disclose that she had a relationship with the offender. It also heard she failed to demonstrate insight into how her relationship with the offender impacted on her role as headteacher – and that she had acted dishonestly.

The panel found that in acting as she had, she was guilty of unacceptable professional conduct that could bring the teaching profession into disrepute.

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So does she bring him to the school? Does she take students home to her house where he might be? Of course not. I wonder if teachers are required to disclose a relationship to someone who once had a drug offence, an arson offense, burglary, domestic violence. Of course not.

This is how warped society has become. The mob outrage consensus is that an individual has a character flaw and integrity issue from even having contact with a sex offender. It’s guilt by association on steroids.

It’s SCARY how this is now commonplace. They outrage and PC culture have won.

I agree. And I’m very tired of these poor baby snowflakes who obviously don’t have enough real problems. They can cry and whine about the tiniest little issues and how they need big government to help them “fix” it and get them through life. It’s why we have Registries. I do think the Registries should be attacked as being supported only by dumb, uninformed, un-American rubes and people who have to feel PC. I truly believe that is the case too. Enlightened people do not support the Registries. Cavepeople do. All that outrage and PC crap are exactly what I… Read more »

Cisgendered people do enjoy priveleges that genderqueer and transgender people do not face. That doesn’t make cis people bad, it just makes them responsible for meaningfully acknowledging that. It just means cis people need to be better allies.

New York Level 1 (February 8, 2019):

How about people mind their own business and not worry about how I gender-identify and I’ll do the same?

And of course, being listed on the Registries means that I have no obligation to worry about anyone else’s problems. I’m free. People who support the Registries deserve problems.

Will Allen,

That would be great, except cis people keep, you know, discriminating against and persecuting trans and genderqueer people.

You don’t have to sorry about that, since you’re cis. Every single genderqueer and trans person have the burden of knowing there are some cis people out there who feel they should die, and many, many more cis people who won’t pay attention.

Very disturbing? Medical license denied because husband arrested 15 years ago? Attorney license revoked because cousin was arrested 10 years ago? Accounting license revoked or fired from a job because your cousins uncles brothers friend of a friend recently arrested? This is disgusting! She will file a lawsuit, win and her reputation is now destroyed! She will win and win big! I’m appalled!

I think your keyboard may be pregnant…it keeps missing periods. (Or perhaps I should have said “periods?”)

Wait until they find out that she also didn’t voluntarily disclose what she masterbates too and what her and little Freddy Fastfingers did behind that big tree on the playground back in 4th grade. You know…since she must voluntarily disclose anything from her non work life that could be found appalling to her bosses.

It is a very simple fact that literally any “headteacher” or other teacher could be in a relationship with someone who has committed 100 times as many $EX crimes as this targeted guy did. Simple fact. Wouldn’t it be great if education “professionals” had enough brains to figure that out? Nah, they prefer pretending and theater instead of actually doing something productive. Banning this one teacher will do jack squat to change the risk level of anyone. Might make the “$EX offender” ACTUALLY dangerous, though, I have certainly seen that. Maybe he’ll retaliate by murdering someone. We’ve certainly seen that.… Read more »

Yet another onerous iteration of the database!! GUILT BY ASSOCIATION! LIBERTY DEPRIVATION BY ASSOCIATION. Here a database, there a database everywhere a database who can say?

So even knowing someone on the registry can jeopardize your future. So I guess a sex offense is no considered a contagious disease, like HIV.

It’s called guilt by association… Should she go to the high court, on that basis alone, she’ll win.

The bottom line is that firing someone because of their relationship is Discrimination! You guys and note the laws/case studies and what not, but fact is fact. I’m rather disappointed when we are responding to a blog and people not grammar or punctuation errors? If we held one another to higher standard, none of us would be on the registry? Hmmm

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