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Kat’s Blog: A Time to Reflect

Easter, a holiday with candy, decorations, family visits and children participating in Easter egg hunts. A holiday that so far, is fine for registrants to celebrate.

Halloween, candy, decorations and children, yet it’s outlawed for registrants.

I don’t get it, it doesn’t make any sense. We could say that there’s the religious element to Easter   therefore they can’t take that away from us. But, there are those whose Wiccan religious beliefs include celebrating Oct.31st, Halloween, is their right to celebrate their religion denied them? I’m not certain how one religious holiday is OK for registrants and another isn’t.

But as far as we know, Easter is an OK holiday for registrants, so go ahead and bite those ears off the chocolate bunnies and squish those peeps, enjoy yourselves.

Today I just want to take a moment to share what I’ve learned from writing this blog.

There’s a lot of good readers out there.

I want to thank those of you who read the blog and take the time to comment.  Your comments, both positive and negative help bring new issues to the forefront.  It helps me know what we need to be discussing, what I need to research further and what new obstacles registrants are dealing with. You’ve alerted me to my errors in fact checking and given me knew subject ideas that we need to be talking about.

When I wrote about suicide it was heartwarming to see registrants “helping” registrants. Those who identified with the suicide issue, whose comments sounded like they were in distress or at the end of their rope were met with supportive and hopeful comments from many of you.  We need that, we need to help each other when we don’t think we can make it more day, because we all have days like that. I am grateful to those of you who reached out with support.

With many of the comments, I’ve noticed a dialogue begins between those commenting.  You offer not only thought provoking discussions back and forth, but provide each other with links to government, informational and reference sites.  The more we can help each other learn about our rights and about what we can do to take them back, the better.  Keep talking, we’re all in this together, the more voices that are heard, the louder we get, the powers that be will begin to hear us.  For many of us we’re already seeing small changes in our states, the recent ruling in Windsor Locks, CT, was one small example. We can  effect change.

Many registrants live their lives in fear of ever saying or doing anything. Many are living lives of quiet desperation.

That’s no way to live. If you want a life you need to fight for it.

If all you can do right this moment is comment, then comment.  It lets us know you’re out there, that you are invested in making things better, that you do have a voice.  If you can do that, who knows what else you can do, attend support groups, go to conventions or call your legislators.

When I look back on where we’ve been, we are making progress, granted, it’s slow, but it is progress none the less.  Take some time and reflect on what you can do to help the effort to end the registry.

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Being on the registry for some time, I wasnt aware people could participate in Easter. I always take my kids to the Easter egg hunts, etc. Maybe it’s due to the age of the conviction, in the states I’ve lived I’m grandfathered from the punishment?

I suspect the First Amendment, Federal RFRA, and a particular State’s RFRA put the fear of God (pun intended) into legislators and they stay away from traditional religious holidays. RFRA takes away any judicial interpretation and forces strict scrutiny.

RFRA = Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In addition to the Federal version, 30 or so States have their own RFRAs via legislation or court activity. (

Thank YOU Kat, bay area is just as tough, WE all like to hear from you and some of us look forward to it.
We enjoy your positiveness and turn arounds from negativity and wrong doings and the chat/talk side of what Our Exec Dir is doing, the Legal. You were missed at the Capitol, but you were still working from home.
Thank you for seeing and reading into misjustice to the RC’s and their families and loved ones. Keep it up Kat!
Happier and Unhappy Holidays for our community of here. Survive and think. p.s. I’ve survived almost 40 yrs of in justice and cruelty and registering public and not. This page and ACSOL group and Conference has saved LIVES! Please everyone respond to comments and actively take part and spill out your guts on how you feel.

I, for one, can go to church and participate church services if I chose to do so. As far as going to a place such as an Easter egg hunt, I would be treading on thin ice as this could be considered a place “where children congregate”. This condition that I have to abide by or risk 30 years in prison and another felony is ridiculous as is any Halloween functions/participation. Can anyone name the last time a child was sexually assaulted/kidnapped/given apples or any kind of candy by someone registered driving a white van (or anything similar? 1974 is the last case that I know of and that is even an iffy one.

What are you people talking about it doesn’t matter if a child was this or that on this or that holiday…
The Government has no right to assume or block punish anyone convicted or not from participating and living a free life !!
Constitution forbids these unlawful acts by authorities !!
Every person is to be assessed and professionaly diagnosed with dangerous tendencies before the law is to subjugate any person to further disabilities and legal prosecution !!
All this yapping is not good !!
We are to assemble and we are to be given help with law, jail, prison, housing, work and transportation and life issues like fair public relations…etc.
GOING TO ALL REGISTRANTS FAMILIES, HOMES, PRISONS AND WHEREVER RCs are, so we have protection and fair representation in the public and courts and all aspects of life !!
We do not need to !!!
We need ACTION, and power in each RC life !!!

I do not believe that Registered people in Georgia are prevented from going anywhere. They are prevented from “loitering” in certain locations but that only means being somewhere when a normal person would not be.

Personally, I don’t worry about going anywhere in Georgia or being around anybody. I’m around children all the time. Halloween, Easter, any day. And that is pretty much just because I live a normal life. However, if Georgia did anything to try to stop that, I would do it more. That would be the proper, moral, American response.

I will never sit at my house on a Halloween or any other holiday and allow the criminal regime to come and visit. Not ever.

Further, I don’t hide in any way and I don’t worry about being Registered. I do whatever I like. I’m not going to allow the illegal Registries to affect me much. The biggest ways that they do are for traveling. That is all unacceptable and I do have to retaliate for that all the time.

Just have to throw in that “Halloween restrictions” are nothing but theater for stupid, desperate people. They lose their little minds about it and they have to do something, anything to make themselves feel better. It never matters how brainless and worthless it is. Those are Registry Supporters. I can’t stop laughing at them.

@Will: “I do not believe that Registered people in Georgia are prevented from going anywhere. They are prevented from “loitering” in certain locations but that only means being somewhere when a normal person would not be.”

That may be true for people who were convicted in Ga and are off parole/probation. I was convicted in NJ and am still subject to conditions “as if I am on parole” per NJ statute and I have to abide by those conditions from NJ and whatever Ga has as they consider me on parole per my Interstate compact transfer. I served my whole sentence in prison (minus good time), ie I maxed out.

During my 21 month stay of a 3 year sentence n NJ, I saw ONE RC leave early (on parole); all else were denied multiple times till they maxed out

Just saying, not all here on here are RC’s who have to only register (and all associated with it). I can not and do not want to violate any of the NJ or Ga conditions…. I face up to 30, yes 30, years (from NJ statute) if I do and get caught.

And to anyone who thinks I’m “whining/who is me’ing”, I’m just stating facts.

Got you. I totally misunderstood what you were saying relative to the situation. I was talking about people who are not on probation or parole.

I did read the previous exchange that you had with some people and I didn’t take any of that as whining. There is nothing wrong with talking about situations and how you feel about them. Nothing wrong with complaining about trivial things either, especially if they are stupid, retroactive, and/or not applied to other people who are even more “deserving”. It is not acceptable to me that the busybody losers think it is okay to sit around and dream up stupid, useless sh*t that they think I should just love and embrace. They like to pretend it’s all no big deal but if that’s the case then why do they “need” it? If it’s no big deal, stop growing big government. Stop with your new “laws”.

For me, I don’t care how trivial a transgression on my family seems to other people. How about they mind their own damn business and then no one will have to address their stupidity at all?

@RM – I can only speak from my perspective, but I travel to Georgia multiple times a year every year and I’ve never had any issues while there. That being said I don’t draw attention to myself, I don’t speed in the rental car, don’t become drunk or obnoxious while in a bar, and always tell the hotel I want 100% privacy when I check in. As in I’m not staying there if anyone inquires. I do my business and or pleasure and head back out again to the airport. Actually I usually enjoy my trips there.

@Will: My comment of “And to anyone who thinks I’m “whining/who is me’ing”, I’m just stating facts.” wasn’t directed at you. They know who they are. And thanks to the “got you”.

R M, there’s a strong possibility I’ll end up in tier 1 under this new tiered registry going into effect on 2020. Having been on this wretched system for 25 yrs here in California according to its new law I’ll qualify for relief if that’s the case. My question is, once relief is granted and the wife and decide to pick up and move to Georgia were would I stand with the registry out there and or it’s laws pertaining to my situation. I’ll appreciate anyone’s input as well so feel free to chime in. Thanks

@Benny: From


Persons convicted on or after July 1, 1996 of a dangerous sexual offense.
Persons previously convicted of a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor and may be released from prison or placed on parole, supervised release, or probation on or after July 1, 1996.
Persons who have previously been convicted of a sexually violent offense or dangerous sexual offense and may be released from prison or placed on parole, supervised release, or probation on or after July 1, 1996;
Persons who are a resident of Georgia who intends to reside in this state and who is convicted under the laws of another state or the United States, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or in a tribal court of a sexually violent offense, a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor on or after July 1, 1999, or a dangerous sexual offense on or after July 1, 1996.
A nonresident who changes residence from another state or territory of the United States or any other place to Georgia who is required to register as a sexual offender under federal law, military law, tribal law, or the laws of another state or territory, or who has been convicted in this state of a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor or any dangerous sexual offense;”

Dia de los Muertos is a cultural observational holiday, which Halloween has some ethnic ties to.

Ehe, and the last time I checked, I don’t recall a more frivolous holiday as The Clown of April banning registrants. This holiday is a biggie in Middle-School, so one would think that if Halloween made the ban ChomeChomez cut, so would April. But, evidently not.

@R M, thank you for responding to my question. Having read your post it appears I would be in the clear of having to register there in Georgia if we should decide to move given the fact
1- my index offense was before 1996
2- it is considered a non-violent “dangerous” offense in the eyes of the DOJ and 3- it involves no minors. Now hopefully I interpreted this correctly. I appreciate the time it took u to post this, thank u much!

Our quest for change is frowned upon much like the “anti-vaxxer” movement is. It’s gonna be a long, LONG slog. Personally, I don’t feel as though the public WANTS to be deprogrammed and reeducated on this subject. They don’t want to understand our plight; they’d rather have us twist in the wind and languish forever. They actually think our treatment is fair and reasonable! Also, they’ve become too dependent on their little apps with those red map pins to provide an emotional “safety” buffer.

I don’t see how any of you can celebrate holidays with complete and total worry-free happiness, much less your birthdays.

We are the brunt of the fear and hatred America has fallen in love with, for what reason prejudice, prejudice makes certain people feel better and rise above there sins. In the 50’s and it was the black americans, then the 60’s the hippies (I was one) and anti-war protesters. Today maybe it is the Mexicans and middle easterners ? I will bet the jews fear us even after what they went thru and still can”t forget holocaust as we all should not……..
Are society is ignorant and lazy that’s why this is happening to us, let the white rich politicians handle this
so called problem, so what if the Robert Kraft,s have illegal sex he’s a true patriot. I truly wish we would all refuse to pay our taxes, as we are not really americans anymore…………even when I get removed from the registry and I will not forget the americans who punished us for there fame and personal fortunes. And what the is an American?

You called Kraft a true patriot. You do see the double meaning in your statement? Just trying to bring levity to a sad situation.

If America were actually a free country then whatever Robert Kraft did would not even be illegal.

I see the harassment of Kraft as similar to the harassment of the Registries. People in America don’t have enough problems. They have way too much free time to dedicate to not minding their own business and being busybodies. Same with their colossally failed war on drugs. They don’t care that their war is ineffective and has done far more harm than good. It’s a business to them and they also love interfering with other people’s lives and trying to control them. They also love that they can act all self-righteous about it as if they aren’t a bunch of awful, weak people.

@ Facts should matter, The public will be re-programmed and educated as their loved ones and their children are punished by this registry punishment IML, Halloween etc. . and they will be, by the tens of thousands!! The only issue I see is that at least in my NY neck of the woods, over 95% of the police and politically connected who are caught red handed for sex crimes from CP to touching minors, plead guilty to a lesser charge that avoids sex offender registration hence the retaliation to the registry is bypassed by a very, very powerful group of peoples. Maybe it’s by design. The DA’s here are slick.

Benny ~ I am curious how this would work, too. So, if you are a Tier I, and IF you get relief, will you still have to register if you move to another State? So, those who get off in California would be better off staying here because they might have to start registering in another State if they move there? That sounds like complete BS. If you are off the registry in CA, you should be off, period.

You would think, but then you would be applying logic to an illogical situation.

@someone who cares:
“IF you get relief, will you still have to register if you move to another State?”
This is not an uncommon procedure in the handful of State SOR laws I’ve seen. They’re based on one’s having been convicted of an offense in that State or an offense that would be registerable had it occurred in that State. Then, given it’s a “non-punitive regulatory scheme” (I do agree it’s a scheme!), the State can do whatever it wishes and impose regulations on a person. How CA regulates its people has zero effect on how any other State may or may not regulate people. Even places that have laws stating, “anyone convicted on or after [such and such date],” could simply legislate that effective date away or change it to, “anyone ever convicted,” and they would *still* be okay….because it’s a “non-punitive regulatory scheme.”

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