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ME: Sanford sex offender residency ordinance would cite landlords, property owners

The Sanford City Council is considering a sex offender residency restriction ordinance that would cite landlords and property owners for violations. …

Sanford Police Chief Thomas Connolly said is was his understanding that the ordinance would fall under licensing and permitting as a zoning issue, and so would be enforced against the property, rather than the sex offender. He said the police department would have little to do with the ordinance unless there was a problem at the location.

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“In the future it really is an obligation of the owner of that property to make sure the sex offender isn’t living there, and then it is also the responsibility of realtors or someone at the time of the sale to make sure they aren’t selling a property or allowing a sale to take place to a sex offender,” if the ordinance is adopted, said Sanford Community Development Director Ian Houseal.” “Penalties for the civil violation would range from $100 to $2,500 a day, under the city’s business licensing code.” You see, increasingly, everyone is being forcibly conscripted into the… Read more »

Yes, Notorious D.I.K., BUT….. maybe when OTHERS start suffering the effects of the Registries, perhaps they will join the voices against Registries. (But wait, remind me again why those convicted of DUI offenses are allowed to drive their children to school and pick them up at school? With the verified high DUI recidivism rates, why aren’t the public safety advocates concerned about innocent school children getting maimed or killed by a DUI driver? If it saves one child…blah, blag, blah …… They commit the crime [DUI] hundreds of times before they are caught….blah, blah, blah …. Most [DUIs] go unreported….… Read more »

Obviously it makes a lot more sense to keep people who have committed DUI away from schools than it does people who have committed a $EX offense. Even the genius Registry Supporters surely recognize that. You can’t really tell right away if someone is driving drunk through school streets. However, if there is ANY adult walking among the students, you do need to keep ALL of them from molesting anyone. And you probably shouldn’t let ANY adult go walking off with a student, or do whatever/however the Registry Nazis fantasize these random $EX crimes would happen. It’s fairly indefensible to… Read more »

David, re: “I know many will frown at the DUI comparison…” They shouldn’t. DUI is demonstrably far more dangerous than any of us are (and vastly more dangerous than the great majority of us) and takes an actual death toll far-and-away greater than anything even the worst sex monsters can provide. So, if anyone should be complaining about the comparison, it should be us. DUI is far worse yet treated far more leniently.

Here we go again. Just another group of idiots passing idiotic rules for the idiots that don’t take into account that residency restrictions do nothing. I wonder if they have thought about Heroin dealers and the like and given THAT a good review. Idiots. Just blazing *&%%%% Idiots,


We’re singled out for this abuse because it’s socially acceptable discrimination at this moment in history. As far as housing, they want us to live in rural barns with the rest of the wild animals !

If they tried this crap with drug or gang felons, there would be swift and indiscriminate retaliation with bloodshed in the streets stemming from random acts of violence. Cars flipped and set on fire in front of City Halls, etc.

The ever expanding onerous USES of the databases, by Law as per leadership. When Tavern owners in WI had to opt for law permitting underage college kids ( potential & LIKELY near future customers\ clients) to be sued by Taverns for attempting to ACTUALLY NOW PURCHASE what taverns are designed to do (selling swill) I knew they we’re responding to LEOs recruiting college kids currently seeking degrees in criminal justice to engage in attempting to purchase alcohol as someone not lawfully permitted. That is how protection rackets operate. An artificial villain is created.

To add one more thing to NDIK comments, DUI is far more relatable to people whether they or someone they know has been caught or not or even involved in DUI at some point(s) in life.

If more elected officials were caught in DUI had the same level of treatment as those who are registrants, the uproar would be huge. Instead, they go to treatment, get cured, get deferred sentences, etc.

Victims advocates MADD, prompted for tougher law to PREVENT.(to .08BAC) it Doesn’t work though. Better to Demand the hiring of a driver to haul to and from by law upon 1st conviction. Make a pick up and drop off service for a small fee to volunteers ( if they’re so concerned as MADD). INSTEAD they opt expensive electronic breathalyzer attachment & probation. Lawyers, civil workers, rinse and repeat. DUI pervasive in my state. 3-5th common. Many cases are local and less than 20 min drive to bar, tavern or pub. The very purpose of ex post prohibition was to down… Read more »

I wonder if Sanford Police Chief Thomas Connolly has ever done anything that would land him on the rregistry . . I wonder.

Just keep record of all these failed bills and when the supreme court reviews a case, we can cite all the cases that failed due to enforcing everything that doesn’t involve a simple “tracking” for law enforcement.

How in the world can a group of adults sit down and say, “Yeah, this sounds like a good idea,” and nobody says, “You know, if these were gays or blacks or Native Americans or women or basically any other identity group on the planet we would be in big trouble for this.”

“Group of adults”? That is not what those “people” are.

I would imagine MOST states prohibit discrimination for a number of things on the basis being registered including employment, housing etc. I know Janice has spoken on it at meetings.

I wonder what happens when one is sworn to uphold the letter of the law and then openly advocate that others break that same law?

I wonder where is the breaking point in SCOTUS’ eyes on these things. Contrary to what SCOTUS stated in Smith, RCs are not “free to move where they wish and to live and work as other citizens[.]” Granted, this phrase was speaking in reference to comparing things to parole, probation, or some other supervision. However, it’s a bald-faced lie to say RCs can move, live, and/or work as other citizens can. The reason for this being a direct, not collateral, consequence of a public registry. SCOTUS really needs to pull its buttcheeks off its shoulders and realize how they royally… Read more »

Been waiting for @AJ to comment on this one.

Hope you get to the FL hotel pre-register article to comment.

Honestly as I am sure you already know, parole (at least in my awesome state of NC) has no bearing where I live or work aside from maybe a bar or strip club. The registry comes first, its basically the bible for law enforcement to follow when dealing with rc’s. The PPO’s from my experince always defer to the registry. Little of this topic, but if you havent read the new social media bill inside the child safety act that just passed the general assembly in NC there is a link to the article here: I think the legislators… Read more »

I hate to be the one that says “I told you so”, but………. The powers that be will always find a way around the laws implemented to give us a chance. If a court says a person can live in a place within a set of parameters, L.E. and politicians will change those parameters. I suggest you watch the movie “Cool Hand Luke”. “You put boss’s dirt in my hole”. “ Now you have my dirt on boss’s ground!” They will keep making it impossible to follow and then will arrest you for not following the law, even if ,… Read more »

I found this new “restriction ordinance” hilarious. As a matter of background, someone in my family is on a sex-offender registry. I think the registries are all ridiculous. That new restriction ordinance is about nothing more than a localities creative attempt to find yet another way to pad its own coffers. Many sex offenders live in close proximity to schools without any incident. Many sex offenders are allowed to pick up their own kids at school, again with no incident. But wait, we need to restrict where they can live, and now we can punish not only the sex offender… Read more »

All sounds about right. Except that it is inaccurate to call people who are listed on the $EX Offender Registries “$EX offenders”. So I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It is inaccurate and nearly always just hateful name calling (not in your case obviously). I don’t think these ordinances are about money though simply because it’s just a pathetic amount. Monetary fines are in place to encourage the property owners to do what big government wants them to do. About it. These ordinances are just NIBMY BS by stupid people who need to feel better about themselves. That… Read more »

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