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FL: Approves Database to Publish Details of People Who Pay for Sex

The Florida legislature passed legislation within the past week, Senate Bill 540 and House Bill 851, to establish a public database that tracks people convicted of, or who have pleaded guilty to, soliciting paid sex.

While the legislation’s bipartisan authors consider it to be a step toward ending human trafficking, critics call it a means to publicly shame clients and others associated with people who do consensual sex work.

The Soliciting for Prostitution Public Database will include anyone convicted of or pleading guilty to “soliciting, inducing, enticing, or procuring another to commit prostitution, lewdness, or assignation,” according to the Senate version of the bill, drafted by Democratic Senator Lauren Book. Full Article

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So let me get this straight, if people want to find a hooker, or someone that knows one, all they have to do is go to the hooker/pimp yellow pages created by the Florida government and take their pick? Will they include pictures to help in the decision making process?

I hope they have annual registration so they cant use out of date pictures. No padded bras either. I am sure Lauren Book did this right.

Ok, is this a joke?

Oops, I probably misread it. I thought they were listing both the person wanting sex and the prostitute.

If both acts are illegal, they should put both on the registry! Oh…wait…the women are always just helpless victims to the evil and dominant man.

Another registry? Great, I’m all for it. The more the merrier.

Yes, come to the dark side, ensnare more people to feel the pain of public shaming with pitchforks and torches…

‘zactly. Let’s pile ’em on and get to that elusive tipping point.

Bruce Willis – “Welcome to the party pal!”

@Trapped in USA

I’m giving you the quote of the week award for that quote. That’s doesn’t mean much but it’s good for that quote.

Not to be out done, of course FLORIDA would be ground zero for this idiocy. Just another way for them to monetize sex and another useless “safety” tool to falsely gloat about.

Come on Gov DeSantis, sign this so it can be legally challenged soon afterwards where the implications are then seen and felt by people because it is not merely regulatory, but truly punitive in the puritan state of FLA and a great base for another case to prove registries and databases like this are truly punitive under the cloak of regulatory.

My question is “Will these folks be allowed into shelters when evacuation orders are given or prevented from entering and staying like others who are also on a public registry are?” Aren’t these folks a danger to society too? I hope they are let in so evacuation orders can be challenged as discriminatory and an EPC issue as well hoping they are denied so those who are on registries can prove it is punishment in the name of safety.

The overall data is well argued here towards the end of the negativity of the registries. FLA legislature doesn’t want to listen.

Exactly right. Let them keep throwing “safety” wood on their huge registry fire. Sooner or later a log is gonna be tossed on it that’s loaded with dynamite.

You just know DeSantis will sign this feckless bill, he’s a former LEO.

@TS, regarding “Aren’t these folks a danger to society too?”

I don’t think many people, other than maybe posturing legislators pandering for votes, consider others who pay for sex to pose a public safety threat solely on that account. They may consider them immoral, worthy of scorn and shame. And that, I feel, is the real reason for this new public database; to shame.

So, like you, I hope and expect that the people on this new registry will be allowed in shelters, and that they won’t be denied as many other benefits and opportunities as we are. That, as you say, should help make more obvious, less deniable, that the real reason for registries is to shame and to punish.

Bring it on!

In my eyes, the greatest benefit to more registries, especially one like this that will ensnare “important” people, is that it brings more legal minds and money to bear on the whole fraudulent scheme. The more we can shame people who can afford to fight with expensive attorneys, the better.

@AJ – The DA’s are afraid of this. So.. most of the time those powerful people are offered a deal where they plead guilty to a lesser charge. That lesser charge doesn’t require registering.

As you say, “most of the time.” All we need is a few to slip through and more legal firepower will be focused on it. It may not even have to be the “VIP” themselves. Many of them have a “loser nephew” or “troubled brother-in-law” or whatever. They may not have enough sway or importance to sway the charging decision, but will have enough strings and money to hire post-fact. Just a thought…and hope.

Intriguing. I live in OC! I bet there are no less than 100 massage parlors in the county. You can get a NURU massage, handjobs, blowjobs and full sex! I live in one city that’s supposed to be tough on crime, but we have 2 that have been open for years? Why don’t we focus on the problem rather than the guys soliciting these outlaw prostitutes? If you posted their photos and names, this problem wouldn’t exist!

There is no reason why consensual sex between adults, whether for hire or not, should be illegal. Nor is it “a problem”, in and of itself. Just as with the war on drugs, so it is with the war on sex. It is the prohibition, and the war that it justifies in the small minds of those who wish to regulate others, that creates the problems.

Agree completely. Government has no business telling others whom they may have $EX with or if they pay them (except for children, since they are dumb). Government has no business tell people what they may put into their own bodies. Government can try to educate and help people with any of that but they have no business trying to regulate it or get money from it, other than the standpoint of covering costs or trying to help people.

America has never been a free country and we need to force that to change. I’m done with people trying to tell me how to live. They need to mind their own damn business.

I feel the same way about people telling me how to live my life, and about the need to force a change. But I don’t think there are enough other people who feel the same way. Maybe it is just my lack of imagination, but I feel there is no practical way to achieve that kind of change until a critical mass of like-minded people desire it enough to effect it.

What I find interesting is that a “critical mass” is not merely just a large majority of people. I see that with weed laws in the state where I live. I find those to be shocking really. I don’t smoke at all but I know plenty of people who do. Those people tend too be too calm about it all but I find it beyond outrageous that “people” think if I were smoking something on my porch that they could come along and haul me off to a prison. I find that just insanely outrageous and infuriating actually.

Further, the criminal legislators of our criminal state KNOW that over 70% of the people in the state think it should not be illegal. They don’t give a flip unless it affects their ability to stay in office or their money. I find it all to be very immoral actually. Putting a person in prison for smoking something in their own house is an act of war and it deserves a war response.

Same thing with the Registries. I’m not going to sit around and let people harass me. I have harmed people because of it. I will continue to harm people. The main effect of the Registries for me is going to be destruction. It is unfortunate but the un-Americans have to be harmed.

Holy than thou strikes again. Yeah right the problem won’t exist just like if there were SOR’s the problem wouldn’t exist right?


You know I was being sarcastic, right, about alleged dangerousness?

Yes, I knew that. I was agreeing with you.

Wow, we have 2-3 massage parlors near me that are located near schools, daycare centers and even a Church. If I lived near one, I would be outraged. Many of the individuals working there have drug problems, addiction problems and its well known that many of the men who visit these locations have addiction problems as well. This ruins lives, families and in many instances, it can destroy careers. Stick to the point.

Okay, the point is that this Registry is not acceptable. It is not your business whom is having $EX with whom or if anyone is getting paid. That’s the end of the point.

Time to make America a free country. Time’s up.

USA, maybe you should start patrolling these areas of town at night, as a volunteer. Kinda like George Zimmerman. You could conduct some undercover meetings with prostitutes and use the opportunity to convince them to turn their lives around and to adopt moral standards that you advocate. If not, you’ll just have to take it to the next level. Maybe take a page from the movie “Taxi Driver” or from that “Green River” guy a few years ago.

Damn…That was the funniest post I’ve ever read. Imagining USA and his holier than thou attitude roaming around the O.C. trying to convince rub & tug clients of the error of their ways…lmao!

@Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly:
I second @Josh. Well played, sir.

Further, I think that he should invest in a used, white, windowless utility van and paint on the side, by hand, of course (nothing fancy and with latex house paint) “From Whorin’ To Housewifin’ Ministries.” There’s simply no telling where it could go!

Oh, you guys are super funny and clearly not changed your lives. My offense was secondary to this. I became addicted to hookers. The one thing that saved me was the woman was caught lying! Maybe if they change the laws, your underage daughter will offer up when she needs $? Most of these women have been abused, mistreated, raped, use drugs, escaped physical abuse and the list goes on and on. People don’t wake up one day and say, I should become a hooker, because it’s a great job? Many have psychiatric issues and some are even forced! So, you guys can respond, make jokes and say whatever you desire but your on this site and the registry! I recommend changing your views. Best of luck

Yep, I’m on this site and I’m on a registry in Michigan. Good one bud! Why don’t you take your superiority complex and your “moral” high ground and leave this forum since you clearly think you’re better or less of an offender than most of us….you contribute NOTHING meaningful and haven’t since I found this forum. Most of us are here to find ways to make the best of the horrible positions we have found ourselves in. Commiserating and trying to find real & practical solutions is the true purpose of this site. I have learned things, been encouraged, laughed, and found acceptance in this forum and none of that came from your stupid, poorly worded, and grammatically incorrect ramblings. The next intelligent thing you say will be your first…If you are so morally superior to all of us why do you bother with this site? No, really?

Dude, you’ve got goofy thoughts.

You should stop stating that simply because someone is listed on your glorious big government Registries that there is something wrong with the person or their thoughts. Smart people know better than that. So perhaps you should think about getting that out of your head. Or at least stop telling that lie here. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were employed by some BS “treatment” provider that is fleecing people.

Further, there is absolutely no need at all to change my life. Excepting to get your big government out of it. There is nothing wrong with me. I don’t know about the other people here.

There are certainly some morality issues around prostitution. It isn’t relevant. Big government has no business being involved in regulating morality or telling people how to run their lives. And frankly, just like with drugs and Registries, I’m certain the vast majority of problems with prostitution are caused or exacerbated by big government itself and the fact it is illegal. They will make just about any problem worse.

Prostitution, etc. should not be illegal. But a person can believe that and still think that people should not do it.

“but your on this site and the registry”
Ummm….and you?

Josh, who cares what you think! If I where you, I would either crawl back into your hole or turn yourself into the police. With that chip on your shoulder, your either still making poor decisions or about to. Don’t get too comfortable.

“Josh, who cares what you think!”
I do. I find @Josh reasonable and helpful.

Thanks bud! Appreciate the kind words. Your explanations and interpretations are always helpful & informative. As for @USA…dude you are such a DICK. Why do you hang out in this forum if you think everybody is a desperate pedophile just waiting to molest kids? You sound like just like every other paranoid soccer mom and politician who trumpets this bullshit for their own edification…In short, you’re a big government & registry loving TROLL. After some thought I’ve decided that you’re not worth my time anymore. It’s not fun to pick on somebody who comes to a battle of wits completely unarmed…I’ll let all the other people who are here for the right reasons verbally spank you from now on…

USA, I have been coming to this site for a few years now and have found it very helpful and sometimes encouraging. Yet there is on person on it that is continually in some sort of spat with others. Guess who it is… 😀 I’ll give you a hint. He often has belligerent outbursts, and seems angry a lot.

I am keenly aware…lol

Well stated. Your response just tells me that none of you can accept criticism, different views and you clearly think prostitution is okay. The saddest part is that you (many) want to portray yourselves as victims. Poor me. Your a bad person, because of this or that. Steve, I bet you are child related and you blame the victim. Give up the urge or turn yourself in. You sound hopeless.

You’re an idiot. Typical of you to make assumptions to make yourself feel better..hmm sounds familiar like the whackos who support sor’s. You need to go back to therapy and stop being the judge of people. And yes I believe women who want to sell their body should have every right too.

Intelligent comments only. Sex trafficking, sex slavery, sex exploitation, abuse, and the list goes on and on. It’s one thing to give your view, but back it up with your tiny brain. I keep hearing people complain and complain, yet they provide no reasonable solution. Grow up, get help and turn yourself in, before you commit more crimes! Are you even allowed online?

I’ve tried to defend you a little bit. And certainly to give you the benefit of the doubt. But you make it very difficult.

Are you an anti-Registry advocate? If you are, I will continue to try to give you some benefit of doubt. But I’ve got to say that you sound EXACTLY like the morons who support the Registries.

Are you an anti-Registry advocate?

“Intelligent comments only” Why are you posting then?

@Will there is no defending this guy/girl. He/she has a warped view of everyone on this board.

I don’t know if USA is a guy or a girl. I’ll say guy just so I can say only “he”. Anyway ….

He might have a warped view of a lot of things. He also very possibly might be mentally challenged. We shouldn’t attack people who have a hard time fitting in because of that, for sure.

He just said he is anti-Registry. That means that he is on my side. I’ve got to give him some benefit of the doubt.

However, he speaks EXACTLY like the brainless scumbags who support the Registries. Exactly like that. And what they say is just beyond stupid, rarely worth addressing even. So he ought to knock that off or go hang out where the scumbags do.

You guys are typical offenders. You lash out at those who give opinions. The sad part is, you don’t even know why your arguing with me! FYI: I have 5 degrees/I minored in Psych/Soc. You guys aren’t on my level. Go back to the dump Steve! Most perpetrators like to harass, stalk and belittle their prey? Sound familiar? I highly recommend you pervs move on and turn yourselves in. I thought guys like you where banned from using the internet? Stop being predators! Learn to listen to others, not attack others views and look for weaknesses in others. That’s called being a predator. Allen, you asked if I support the registry? Who on earth would I be on this site? Geez.

USA (May 10, 2019):

Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to go turn myself in. But not tonight though, I have dinner plans. Maybe tomorrow.

Dude, WTF are you talking about half of the time? Have you taken psychiatric medicine before? I really would like to know if you wouldn’t mind answering. No shame.

Somehow or another, it seems like almost all of us who are posting on this site are able to agree and disagree with one another without losing our minds. Except for you. Do you know why? And what is with your ridiculous statements like “banned from using the internet” and such? You do realize that is EXACTLY what a completely clueless, brainless Registry Supporter/Nazi would say, right? Along with so many other things that you have said. Why would you talk like THEY do? I don’t let those idiots talk to me like that but you can have a pass since I think there might be something mentally wrong with you and you are against Registries.

You said, “Allen, you asked if I support the registry? Who on earth would I be on this site? Geez.” Ummm, do you really think that the only people who would have an interest in being on this site are people who are anti-Registry? Surely you don’t believe that.

Lastly, I wouldn’t really talk about degrees if I were you. I’ve known people with significant degrees who are idiots. I’ve known people without degrees who are geniuses. And we all know that many, many degrees are only worth the money paid for them. So, about degrees, in most cases it’s just BFD. And just so you don’t lose it, I have a very prestigious degree from a prestige university. Doesn’t mean I’m smart.

@Will Allen:
“Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to go turn myself in. But not tonight though, I have dinner plans. Maybe tomorrow.”
ROFL. This one gave me a really good laugh. Thank you.

“Learn to listen to others, not attack others views and look for weaknesses in others.”
As I posted earlier, I’m all ears for what your solutions are. I’m not attacking, nor name calling, nor belittling. I’m listening, just as you request. So, what solutions do you have? For that matter, what do you see as the problems?

“I keep hearing people complain and complain, yet they provide no reasonable solution.”
I’m all ears for whatever solutions you have. All I’ve heard from you are personal attacks on people when they challenge your opinion and worldview. So again, I’m all ears….please share your solutions.

Note: I’m very anti registry.

Were you responding to me? Why don’t you respond directly to people?

I am glad to hear that you are anti-Registry. But then you should act like it. Nearly all of the recent posts that you have put on here have included statements that Registry scumbags love to use (e.g. “just turn yourself in”). And the statements truly are just idiotic to begin with. So don’t repeat them. No anti-Registry person should repeat their stupidity.

Further, how about just avoiding personal attacks completely? If you want to do personal attacks, do it to Registry Supporters/Nazis. They deserve it. We don’t need it here.

I think prostitution should not be illegal. That doesn’t make me crazy or out of control. I’ve never gone to a prostitute in my life and I can’t ever see that changing. But it is not my business if someone else does.

We need to make America an actual free country for a change.

The TROLL is at it again. LMFAO!!!! USA, I remember someone saying that we should try to understand that you obviously have some mental in-capacities and take it easy on you, but damn you sure make it hard to do…

People just remember he is the one that stated specifically that “the registry keeps me from re-offending”

Like I believe it was Will that stated, something is apparently wrong with the person whether it is a he/she. Still I do not think anyone should hold back on USA anymore as USA has just been nothing but trouble and negative and personally confrontational with his/her ignorant outbursts.

I hardly ever even bother posting on here anymore but I can sure depend on clicking on any of USA’a posts to find some bashing going on. Lol… You even bring it out of the most respectful and passive people too. Pretty pathetic really when you think about it. Seems as though you have no friends as if you cannot make any here I could just imagine your personal life. No wonder you were going to message parlor hookers for sex and even then you had to force them to let you touch them. Sad… This is all straight out of your own mouth too. That is pretty bad even the message hookers had to call the cop, must have been pretty bad for that to happen.

“The sad part is, you don’t even know why your arguing with me! FYI: I have 5 degrees/I minored in Psych/Soc. You guys aren’t on my level.”

I will repeat AJ ROFL. That one gave me a big chuckle. What a joke this dude is. Now it is 5 degrees when it was 4 to begin with. The dude cannot even punctuate correctly or use correct grammar. He could not even pass an English 101 course let alone get a degree. Even if he does have these so called “degrees,” they are joke “degrees.” Sorry, but anyone can get those if they go to class. Takes no brain at all and absolutely no critical thinking skills, and that’s a fact. As long as you show up even half the time your good. I hate to degrade people that get those types of “degrees,” but it is a fact this guy could not pass a single calc or physics class I guarantee that. Shit, probably could not even do simple algebra for that matter. Not that anything is wrong with those that cannot, but it is wrong if you are claiming you are some how better than others because you claim you have “degrees.” Degrees do not mean shit when it comes top common sense, obviously if he has them it proves my point. Anyone can brag about their degrees as well. Hell, either one of my AS in physics or math are way more advanced then his so called “degrees,” and he is always shouting about how better he is. Why the hell are you on here USA, you are so much better get a life and move on to your “level” of people then.
I have to say again, what a joke this guy truly is….

Thank you all again for the kind words. It clearly shows that my words mean a lot, since you all responded and truth must ring from my comments! Bye

Again and still….I’m listening. What are your solutions?

Ha! I noticed that, too! I kept thinking, “I could’ve sworn he said 4 degrees.” Then again, it IS May and this is graduation month, so perhaps he earned a fifth. I highly doubt that, though, considering he doesn’t even know the difference between you’re and your.

@Will Allen, I can vouch for what @MikeR said about the registry keeping him in line. I do recall USA saying that it is because of the registry that he doesn’t reoffend. Although, I question this because he seems to know where all the massage parlors are and swears to know about what’s going on behind their closed doors. Only recently did he speak of his addiction to prostitutes, which pretty much makes things a lot clearer. I really don’t care. As loathsome as USA is, you have to stand up for him when it comes to abolishing the registry. A great majority of us are good people who made poor decisions, got caught up in bad situation, or are victims of an unjust legal system. However, you’ll always have those very few detestable individuals who will also benefit, and we must allow and accept that if we want to abolish the registry for all.

Just to be clear NPS meant “@Will Allen, I can vouch for what @MikeR said about the registry keeping [USA] in line. I do recall USA saying that it is because of the registry that he doesn’t reoffend.” lol….

Yep, and that’s another thing that sounds exactly like something a clueless big government employee would say.

Registries don’t prevent me from committing any crime. In fact, Registries really, really make me want to commit crimes. They really make me want to harm people. We know for certain that some people have murdered because of the Registries. I heard it directly from their mouths.

But meh, I guess, I’m sure Registries are protecting everyone. That is the reason we have Registries for all significant crimes. Because they work so well.

Don’t play the victim card now that you have been thoroughly emasculated USA. Does not work like that. How about getting off the high donkey (ass) of yours and getting down in the trenches with the warriors and true Americans either here or wherever. You screwed up just as the rest of us and you need to man up and admit it to yourself and you are by NO MEANS better than anyone else in this world, especially when you side with the Nazi regime as Will calls it, and rightly so. Nobody cares about your degrees or whether you think you are better than others, but we ALL care when you personally attack people on this site and expound all the time how much better you are and how in your mind felony sexual battery (whether reduced or not) is somehow less of a crime than many of us on here have. Because it is not, it is very serious as it was by force, which many convictions on here were not. Even besides that point we all know the regime will prosecute so called crimes as violent acts when in fact they are not, but that is besides the point. The point being is that everyone of us have done their time and do not deserve to be subjected to the Nazi regime no matter your offense. You needed to go to prison for awhile as it would have knocked that chip off your shoulder, humbled you as you seriously need, and show you none of your degrees (if you have any) or where or who you think you are means shit when you are stripped down but naked right and made to bend over and cough along with the rest of the sacrificial lambs in prison. You sound as bad as my wife who thinks she is better than others because she has “degrees” (and imagine that, the same ones as USA) and thinks she comes from some caste system that makes her some how better than others. Just as I told her I do not see anyone that cares who she thinks her family was or what kind of educations she has, none of the shit means shit to anyone that she deals with at the moment and has no benefit whatsoever in her life, so it is meaningless.
Anyways it is all BS and like I stated, do not play the victim card when you got what was coming by the way you have acted and the words that have come out of your mouth against others on this site that for the most part (as far as I have found so far) are all good people that got caught in the web of the Nazi regime. You should humble yourself and not attack others personally and NEVER think you are better than anyone else, especially those on this site, BECAUSE YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT.
And stay away from the message parlors or make sure you ask permission first before laying hands on ANYONE again.

After reading his last post it seems to me USA is only here to make us all take our eyes of the task at hand. What a wasted space of a massage board(oops sorry USA) message board. I think we should all just not respond.

Lol. Predators typically lash out, belittle, put down and attack those who they hope to uncover their weaknesses (ie: someone pointed out a grammar/punctuation on a blog? ). Predator! Feel better? Please get off this site before your parole officer finds your computer and ?

“Predators typically lash out, belittle, put down and attack those who they hope to uncover their weaknesses[.]”
I’m not lashing out, belittling, putting down, or attacking you. Nor am I hoping to uncover your weaknesses. I’m purely and truly interested in what solutions you have in mind for what all of us, yourself included, endure.

I look forward to your helpful reply.

See, AJ is a gentleman through and through USA. He is still truly interested in what you have to say and is asking you repeatedly to state your positions or solutions or opinions even after your personal attacks. Why do you not just be civil and not attack other’s personal characters if they disagree with your opinion? It is really easy, much more productive, and makes the site overall a much better forum. Just be normal man and stop bashing peoples characters or intellect and argue your points. And most definitely stop thinking you are better than others when you ARE NOT!!!! I find it really hard that there is any path to redemption for the guy, but hey others nay be more willing and empathetic than myself as I am thoroughly disgusted with your personal attacks and you have shown your true colors on so many points that match the Nazi regime….

What? Are you the rule maker? Who said I’m any better than anyone else? You guys sound very insecure. Many of you have difficulty with assertive and confident individuals. I paid my debt to society and I have moved on. Many of you have difficulty with others views, opinions and even disagreements. I’m allowed to provide my insight. We will get no where if we all think alike? We need to think out of the box. You should be happy people provide their insight. Nobody on ‘this site is superior? Your fragile ego is getting the best of you!!!!?

“Many of you have difficulty with others views, opinions and even disagreements.”
I enjoy other views, opinions and even disagreement. It’s through others’ views that we learn. To me, that’s positive conflict. I ask still and again for your views and opinions. For your solutions.

“I’m allowed to provide my insight.”
Yes you absolutely are. I’ve been asking for it for a few days now. I remain open to hearing it. Please share.

“We will get no where if we all think alike? We need to think out of the box.”
I don’t know if we will or we won’t. As for out of the box, I’m open to it. What are your outside-the-box ideas?


@USA, this is at least the fourth time in a few days I’ve genuinely and openly asked for your thoughts, solutions, and input. I don’t understand what’s keeping you from providing it. Please share. Thank you.

I don’t think you’re going to get what you’re looking for AJ…he says he has paid his debt and is moving on….If that’s true, so be it but why he hangs out in this forum is a complete mystery to me. He doesn’t support OUR cause and he DOES think he’s superior to all of us with his reduced whatever charge that he pretends makes him different. Move on AJ because your time & talents are being entirely wasted on this person…your contributions are invaluable to this site and his just provoke conflict….and no, I’m not insecure, intimidated, or afraid of USA’s “strong” opinions or personality…..lmao

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x