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FL: Homeless sex offender listed intersection near middle school as his address

[ – 5/22/19]

The sexual offender registry is designed to help residents know where sexual offenders live.

Channel 9 found out that within a 1-mile radius of Lake Eola Park, there are twice as many homeless sexual offenders as there are sexual offenders living in permanent residences.
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In dense downtown Orlando, there are 11 sexual offenders and sexual predators with real addresses (homes or apartments).

Twice that number — 22 sex offenders or predators — live on the street or list homeless shelters as their residence.

“It seems horrible,” said Sam Johnson, an Orlando parent. “My concern, is is there a plan in place? That’s just a thing?”

Transients are typically marked by a tent instead of a home on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement sexual offender registry website.

Channel 9 found that people listed their addresses at places including a 7-Eleven on North Mills Avenue, the Lynx Central Station, Lake Cherokee’s Al Coith Park and a State Road 408 overpass.

“You’ve got to have a way to keep track of them,” Orlando resident Larry McIntyre said. “If you have no residence, how can you keep track of the sex offender?”

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Duh. I think Florida’s leaders have a terrible viewpoint on offenders. They complain about homelessness, but yet make it almost impossible to work or find residency! As everyone is aware, when people are working, starting families and doing the right thing, re offensive rates plummet. Wake up
Florida. People and government should be looking for ways to rehabilitate, rather then destroy people’s lives!!!

I do not know if it is the water, the biting bugs and/or if the sun is too hot. Many people their brains do not work. There many weird people and not just in former sex offender hate government.

A failure by the FL legislature to correct the irregularities and inconsistencies contained within their registrant requirements does not necessarily constitute negligence by the registrant. Those who are unhomed must be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their status as a registered citizen. Homelessness must be tackled as a two-pronged issue when tracking and evaluating registrants – if these persons had adequate housing, they would likely have an easier time remaining in compliance with their registration requirements.

Discussing issues surrounding the registrant community as if they are singular in nature is both fruitless and unproductive.

Nope. Registries should not exist. No American thinks they are acceptable. The end.

“The sex offender registry” working as intended keeping children everywhere safe.

Ineffectiveness as in “with no proof of works”(N.C. V Grady) will eventually erode the $, but the ” other uses of the databases ” justified originally have been ingrained with no return. Similar the the pre-war jew ” the registration regimes black listing effect will continue to spread to others and force them out of social circles and public services. This to a social effect of lawmaking on the extremes. It was thought the courts could slow the power of each extreme.
The problem with the sex registrants position is that Each base has their own stake. A. Big Data, B. Big nanny socialists. Same theme as A. Them that own the plantation, B. Them that operate\ run the plantation. In the distant future, perhaps the foreseeable, man will confront his grave error in making human subservient by law to machine upkeep.

“How do you track them”, …. you as in who? Dont you mean I? How do I track another person 24/7…. sounds dumb with an I statement, nothing gives that person a right to track a registered offender.

How to track 24\7 is already happening but with electronic bracelet powering in a well litigated issue. Tracing chips are already available and are used in pets quite often. A hand held electronic scanner is used to detect the chips embedded in the animal. The same technology can be used to track humans and sex offenders no doubt will be the first humans to suffer it. Some humans have already agreed to permit embedding electronic devices in their bodies because of employment requires it. They do so by choice, Registrants do not.

“Tracing chips are already available and are used in pets quite often. * * * The same technology can be used to track humans and sex offenders no doubt will be the first humans to suffer it. Some humans have already agreed to permit embedding electronic devices in their bodies because of employment requires it.”
The chips used in the cases you cite have limited range and are passive devices. If you can get a RFID chip to scan from more than about 5-10 feet away without use of a phased-array antenna (which can significantly boost detection distance), not to mention actively broadcast, I suggest you patent it and buy yourself a private island or three.

Isn’t Florida the state of George Zimmerman? They seem to be all about the vigilante justice and wanting to track people and are more interested in taking down their neighbors than worrying about themselves.
And don’t even get me started on the hypocritical lunatic that is Ron Book.

well lets see the LOSERS that crreated this registry have also caused 99% of the SO’s to become HOMELESS ! Maybe tell your loser congress people to get rid of the registry and they wont be homeless living in a park FOOL

This news reporter knows nothing about investigative reporting.

The registry does nothing but ostracize those who are already having a hard time integrating back into society once the court system is done with them, essentially setting them up for failure. When did our great society that began by sprouting its roots in the value and fair treatment of the individual? Those who have to register are essentially told they can never repay their debt to society. Our justice system has failed in this. They are tried, convicted and sentenced, many times to lengthy prison sentences and supervision upon release, then after they have completed all this successfully they are essentially asked to continue their sentence for the rest of their lives. We have no doubt grouped them into the same category as murderers and given them a life sentence. The registry has not proven to protect lives or reduce the crime rate. Again just another way to create more bureaucracy for our insatiable bloated government.

Amerika has never been great. It’s been well within my lifetime when all the “good” people were just so outraged that “coloreds” thought they could share water fountains with them. Amerika has always been about ignorance and hate. Today, we are a worldwide leader.

It is trivial to prove that Registries aren’t needed or useful. Trivial. But that doesn’t matter because they are for hate, harassment, segregation, and apartheid. We have Jim Crow laws today just like most hateful Amerikans want.

Only corrupt, criminal regimes have $EX Offender Registries.

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