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If a state has residency restrictions, but not presence restrictions, is it legal to go to nature preserves/parks? I’m just looking to fish and hike. Thanks.

Does anyone know if California will start publishing 647.6 online for people who havent lived in the state for years?

I wanted to post a final comment before I leave this site.
Over the past several years this site has become a sounding board for the same dull rhetoric. “ abolish the Registry”, “ Travel is impossible”, “ This is so unfair”.
While all of that is certainly true, none of it is going to change. There are still laws on the books that forbid people from stepping on a dog sleeping on sidewalks( look it up) so laws that make many of our lives basically unmanageble are here to stay.
You either accept and live in it or remove yourself from the environment causing the stress. I have chosen the later.
My immigration attorney informed me earlier this week that my work visa had been approved for Thailand. I had worked there for many years and have many references from people that pull some weight.
Since my offense was an internet misdomeanor and years have passed, the powers that be are allowing me back.
My hell is almost over. ICE can send all the notices they want. They can stamp whatever they want on my visa/passport. I will be able to stand in front of my wife’s urn and tell her I love her.
I wish all of you a path to peace, how ever you define that word.

664-288(a) I have my Certificate of Rehab underway with the LADA office. They have a Cert of Rehab division that works with US to get US off the Registry and our Clean Passports back. I have been told it could take 7-8 months to get the paperwork done and in front of a Judge. There is hope for some of US and I want to make sure we all get on the road to freedom.

After 10 years of being transient thanks to what started as a parole requirement, I may finally be able to have an actual home to move into. Has anyone had any issues or problems moving into any of the following cities after being transient?

My potential cities I can get a house in are:
Long Beach
La Mirada

Old article about discrimination, but very relevant and disturbingly relatable. It references ethnic groups singled out for xenophobic reasons and political gain It mentions the term “othering” which I feel we are the highest form of “othering.”

“The language being used by many national leaders not only activates people’s anxiety and fear around a perceived Other, it creates new processes of exclusion and dehumanisation”

This seems to have gotten overlooked

False sexual assault allegation leads to man’s death

LOGAN CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The Logan Police Department is investigating a possible false sexual assault accusation that led to a 62-year-old man’s death.

Maybe it’s time for a false sexual assault accusation registry?

I thought I’d post this to show just how crazy Floridah cops can be. “Man arrested for obscene bumper sticker”. This has made worldwide news. It is clearly a freedom of speech case based on one cops poor definition of obscenity. And apparently this cop felt he could also charge the guy for resisting the police by not following the cops unconstitutional demands. Unfortunately, on Thursday the DA dropped the case and it will never get in front of a judge. (I would have liked to see the courts hear this case so this wouldn’t happen again). They definitely have a law that needs to define obscenity and resisting the police. Hopefully the man arrested will be able to win a civil suit against the county to recover all his money loss from bail and towing charges. The sheriff’s office still stands behind their arrest.

The bumper sticker story and several other interesting articles, I found over on a web-mag called “Reason”.
I also came across another article in the Washington Post, an editorial dated January 12, 2018 by Andrea J. Ritchie. Which covers another aspect, left quietly alone.
I point these articles out, not to incite, but rather to draw attention to the fact. That it only takes a few individuals, to sway opinions one way or another. And we are all covered by the fallout from these articles.

As long as I have been reading the comments on this site, I should know this but I don’t. We traded in our old car and bought a new one over the weekend. The car we traded was the one I listed on the registration form I filled out last month. Does anyone know how many days you have until you have to notify LE. The detective I talked to this morning, said to just bring in the license number and vin number when I get it from DMV. Then said it was no big deal, just list it on the registration form when I register on my birthday. I don’t trust the fucker, I need to cover my ass, just in case!

I’m in Contra Costa co. California

We have another question, and hopefully, someone here is smarter than us 🙂 So, what happens if we have to register in CA but would like move to AZ where his offense is not subject to registration. Would he still have to register in CA, would he get deregistered in CA? Would AZ make him register since he has to register in CA? It is so confusing.

Got it. Thanks

“Don’t come to Spain. Jesus H. I had no idea the laws here. Do. Not. Come.”

WTH are you talking about?

We’ve talked about facial recognition and electronic surveillance here on this forum with Amazon in Oregon being the last story with many potential problems down the road. Here is one from CA where someone is using politics to get it banned city by city as he can:

The Man Behind San Francisco’s Facial Recognition Ban Is Working on More. Way More.

San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology

Im a “semi unlisted” which mean my full address does not show up on the Megan’s law website.
however my city and zip code does show up.
My zip code is in a very small area about 1,500 people live here.
I m wondering if they should just remove the city name and zip code.

In the old day they did not leave the date of conviction so people were assuming our crime was “yesterday” thanks Janice and her team for fixing this .

⭕ GENERAL REGISTRATION QUESTON: Does anyone know of an individual who was convicted of a registerable sexual offense, but had been legally DE-listed in the State in which they lived (call it State “X”), but had later been arrested for FTR in another State (State “”Z”) to which they moved some months or years after their official State X delisting?
I’m just wondering how it works if you are delisted in one state and you later move to another state (such as California that currently has lifetime registration for everyone). Do you then have to begin re-registering again? Or does your official delisting from State “X” apply to you wherever you go?

Does anyone know of any legal cases and how they turned out? ⭕

Dallas, TX, city council unanimously approved the Salvation Army to build a new campus.

The campus will be used as an emergency shelter, provide treatment for substance abuse and provide support for transitional and permanent housing for those coming out of homelessness.

Dallas city council required a deed restriction in order to appease critics of not in my back yard.

The deed restriction requires 24 hour security, improved lighting and requires the Salvation Army to not allow any sex offenders to stay on the property.

So now a city planning and zoning department at the orders of the city council are using a deed restriction to order a non-government entity to banish registered citizens from staying on a property.

AJ and Lake ~ Thanks for all the great information. I still have questions (and probably always will). So, if we were to move to AZ where his offense might not be a registrable offense (still have to do more research on that) and we De-Register in CA., would that mean he is off the registry as long as we never move back to California? If so, it seems a no brainer to leave CA, move to AZ and never look back.

This short excerpt from the fantastic t.v. series “Fargo” may seem completely off-topic, but it really is, emotionally, totally on-topic and resonant for us. It just doesn’t get any more viscerally satisfying than this completely unexpected citizen/cop interaction even if it’s not something very many of us could ever pull off if only because very few of us have ice running through our veins. Think of it as a pop culture zen koan that vicariously rewards the humiliated and the besieged. “Fargo – Lorne Malvo: “Some roads you shouldn’t go down”

Two consecutive sentences of Life without Parole + one 25 year sentence + zero sex offense convictions = sex offender registration.

All about public safety, ain’t it?

@NY won’t let go:
IDK if you caught an aside I made to you in another post recently. I wonder if it may be a lead for you in finding legal help. See:

SMH… wasn’t accused of any of it but I wish the author of this article would report the correct information, like the stats of recidivism rates for RCs, I looked it up and they were way lower that what was published.

This came through my feed tonight and made for an interesting read. I don’t get our highest court at times.

@AJ – thoughts?

The Supreme Court Just Made It Easier for Police to Arrest You for Filming Them

Most of the time I just come and read the article’s and comment’s . But this time I seen something on the internet and was blown away , and I was thinking to myself abet everyone is talking about this . Grant you it is not a so bill but they passed it in Texas and its moving full steam ahead , it’s called (THE TAPS ACT) anyway have a good day hope everyone is ok