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MI: Lawmakers ordered to revise the Sex Offender Registry Act

A U.S. district court judge is giving Michigan lawmakers 90 days to change the state’s sex offender registry law, almost three years after it was first ruled unconstitutional by federal appeals court.

U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland issued an order that the law must be changed on Thursday.

The ruling stems from an August 2016 decision by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati which found that Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry Act was unconstitutional. Full Article


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  1. Don’t tread on me

    6 days until the deadline. The legislature isn’t back in session until the 20th. This might get interesting

    • Ann

      Yeah, they’re only in session for three days. They are barely working all month. But according to the ACLU, they’re making A LOT of progress. Looks to me like someone is lying to us. How can you make progress when they aren’t even at work most days? I hope the judge has this same calendar in front of him, and asks the same freaking question. Sometimes I feel like the ACLU has their own agenda, and it’s not necessarily what’s best for all of us. The longer they drag this out, the more fees they can rack up at the state’s expense. They aren’t doing this for free folks. So there is no incentive for them to do anything BUT ask the judge for an extension. And when that extension runs out, they’ll ask for another one. And where does that really help any of us?

      • Josh

        1.2 million as of the conference call a month ago from the state of Michigan in legal fees to the Aclu….money talks

        • Joe

          @Ann,Josh, The ACLU still has to pay their attorneys, and the 1.2 million they got awarded from the state might not cover it all. Ann, if you listen to the conference call on July 8th you will get a good understanding of what the ACLU is doing and how it works, I don’t believe the delays are a money grab or profit scheme for the ACLU or anyone else. Shelly does a great job of explaining what’s going on. I’ve listened to the conference call four times and will probably listen to it a couple more. I’m looking forward to more updates that will be out this week.

        • Tortured in MI

          Mi Michigan politician dont want to loose money on this registry so there trying to figure out how to collect money on this registry the registry is nothing but a way to make money they collect 50 dollars every year per person on registries if you work they get taxes towards registry if you are in violation of the registry state makes more money on individuals it’s not about rehabilitation it’s about how far can we push to collect money and there scared there going to lose millions s of dollars if you ask me high paid crooks in office hey what do I know

      • A

        Comments like this are not ok. It is alright to feel frustrated and express that about the slowness with which our judicial and legislative processes flow, but the ACLU has put in enormous effort to help, they should be thanked and praised.

        • Tracy Wallace

          I give all praise to ACLU for they are doing a good job hard yes but good so give them some slack and I do believe the government is trying to make money out of everything that’s out there including Tower sex offender registry shame on October man for stealing money from us

      • @Ann

        Hi Ann. Michigan ACLU is really fighting incredible battles all the time against a out of control government that doesn’t seem to care much about hurting people.

        Almost the same group of lawyers have been fighting to literally try to save lives.

        Here is a really incredibly sad story of a recent battle they are engaged in.

        I have spoken to many of the ACLU lawyers often in Michigan and the registry would be gone today if it was up to them. They don’t like the registry.

        They get a lot of press in Michigan and recently also are battling Michigan prison abuse, mass incarceration, poor prison diet and health care.

        Both parties in Michigan don’t mind hurting families with useless registry requirements that behind the scenes agree the registry is ineffective and destroys families.

        It’s very easy to get discouraged with the registry because it wears you down over decades.

        Miriam Aukerman Is a main lawyer here in Michigan fighting for us and she graduated from Yale. The ACLU is a non profit so they can only get court costs and lawyer fees. They can’t sue for huge damages. She is one of Michigan’s top lawyers in the state and if she went into the private sector she would be a multi millionaire very quickly. She fights because she believes it’s the right thing to do. All the people fighting for us are fighting because it’s the right thing to do. I wish our politicians could be more courageous.

        They do read this board. The Oliver law group is a private law firm also fighting. So is the U of M law clinic. Lots of people have gone to war for us. On our behalf. It doesn’t make life any easier fighting for us. They don’t get more popular or wealthy.

        Thank you for those that fight on my behalf and my families behalf. Thank you for fighting for others. The government is trying to wear them down.

        • E

          Hear hear! Well said. Michigan seems to have tremendous resources aligned (compared to most states), and is seeing some incremental changes. With Janice and Chance, so is California. With Gail C’s team (FAC), so is FL. Seems the lesson here is to find/empower/pray for such leaders in every state.

        • Hopeful in Michigan

          Thank you to the ACLU, the U of M Law Clinic, the Oliver Law group and anyone else out there for giving us ALL hope.

  2. Wendell Smith

    I am confused by all of this. I was, by the judge in Wisconsin, specifically told that I would NOT be on the SOR, that, “the community does NOT need to be protected from you.” Yet, due to an “administrative rule”, when they transferred my probation to Michigan, I was told AFTER THE FACT that moving to MI to complete probation places me automatically on the SOR. Then, when I wanted to return to WI to be closer to my kids and grandkids, I was told that I would have to be a lifetime registrant in Wisconsin because I was on the SOR in Michigan. I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m NOT assigned to it in Wisconsin, but will be on it if I return. I’m on it in Michigan because of this “administrative rule”. How does any of this affect me?

    Any information would be appreciated.

  3. Wendell Smith

    I need ONE SOURCE for updates. What is that source as we go forward?

  4. jared

    With one day left and no real news on a plan. I am supposed to register this month and have been waiting on the news. I feel they will just be in contempt till they figure it out. Which leads to us still being publicly showcased. After tomorrow if Sora is still active do we go forward with personal lawsuits? I have been looking at lawyers who do constitutional right lawsuits just in case

  5. Michigan citizen

    With today being the deadline to fix Michigan sora I am quite pissed that changes have not been made. The legislature has had 90 days to do something and no action has been taken. They should have at the very least enacted something to remove everyone from the registry that has been affected by ex post facto. Seems to me that when they want to pass an unconstitutional law it happens in a matter of days but when it comes time to right a wrong they drag their feet and we all continue to suffer. It’s time for Judge Cleland to put the hammer down and do something about it himself.

  6. TnT

    I agree this is a joke, they have applied these laws retroactive to thousands of people including myself , I think they should be sued and forced to pay everyone they applied these laws to with out a court order from a judge or a jury .I hope the judge closes down this unconstitutional list. It has caused so much more harm then good.

    • Will Allen

      I don’t really have any issue if a worthless law is made retroactive. In fact, I think I’d prefer it is retroactive.

      If a law is wrong and immoral, it is not acceptable to just start applying it to people convicted say starting tomorrow. It is not acceptable to sacrifice the next 5,000 people who are convicted. I’d prefer to have it apply retroactively and affect 5,000,000 people. I feel like we all tend to ignore immorality if it is only affecting 5,000 people in the country that we don’t know. Much better to affect millions. There needs to be war.

      The Registries aren’t going anywhere within any acceptable timeframe. There needs to be constant retaliation and war. People need to understand that everyone is going to pay.

      I had some telemarketer call me a couple of days ago to ask me if I would contribute to some sort of law enforcement (LE) support fund. Probably just some immoral “non-profit” that keeps plenty of the donated money. I asked the guy if he knew what the $EX Offender Registries are. He said he did and I said that’s good and the Registries are why I will never, ever support LE in any way. It is my job to make sure they are as broke, ineffective, and dysfunctional as possible. Telling someone something like that is extremely trivial, but it is much better than always doing nothing. Something can be done every day.

      LE, at least, ought to know that the Registries are causing them widespread harm and pain. It matters if tens of millions of people hate LE. It is a main goal of mine to ensure that the Registries harm. As much as possible.

  7. Rob

    Today is the day, and I don’t see any news on it anywhere. Checked the Michigan legislature website, and there is nothing on the agenda. Does this make SORA null and void since they didn’t act?

    • Logan

      If the deadline is today, doesn’t that mean they have until the end of the work day to submit the changes? We may not hear about it until tomorrow.

  8. Don’t tread on me

    If the legislature doesn’t take a judge’s ruling seriously then why should we? Judge Cleland, enforce your ruling or risk being a joke!

  9. BM

    Doesn’t appear anything happened today other than a phone conference. Pace Monitor doc dated 8/20 was to setup the conference at 10:30am today. What was stated at said conference is what I’d like to know! Maybe others with more insight can offer more information?

    • blake

      probably another extension for 3 months while we have to abide by unconstitional laws that no one else has to follow or even really care about. Just extremely frustrated. if one of use failed to show up to register for 3 months after we were supposed to we would be thrown into prison.

    • WSK

      If you review the decision, it states that after 90 days if the legislature hasn’t done something, both parties outlined in the decision will go back to court with their own juris write-ups and views to determine the next course of action on each individual bullet item. So, unfortunately the law is still in effect, until then there is still no progress.

  10. Gary

    This was what is posted on PACER after the meeting today, not exactly sure what it means although it could be that the judge is moving on with the case since they are talking about scheduling.

    Minute Entry for proceedings before District Judge Robert H. Cleland: Telephonic Status Conference held on 8/21/2019. Disposition: Parties provided update to the court as required by the court’s May 23, 2019 order (ECF No. 55.) The court anticipates that counsel will now jointly submit additional guidance for the court’s consideration in approving a continued scheduling order. (LWag) (Entered: 08/21/2019)

  11. Guy

    Haven’t heard a peep about anything today.

  12. Jack Lancaster

    As of my posting this at 5:38pm, there has been no ruling from Judge Cleland . I’ll expect to hear some news about it by Friday, if not sooner. Hopefully the news that ends up being presented is good, and I hear on Friday that SORA is unconstitutional in Michigan and will be removed. Right now though it’s anyones ballgame.

    • Josh

      @Michigan……I understand your anger and frustration! I share it with everyone of you but nothing happened that was unexpected. There was never going to be a resolution today and there may not be any time soon…the aclu basically laid out the fact that they would need more time. @Gary’s post looks like it confirms this. I did some checking on my own today as well and the legislators don’t reconvene until August 27….At this point, the best solution albeit I think a short term solution would be a ruling from the judge. Optimistically, within a week or so..

  13. R388

    Hi I’m new on this site by that I mean, i am new to posting. Ok so in ww2 people were being thrown in camps and were alienated. So people fought for them and freed them after they have been throw hell. I think this is the new America. People judge on something that happened years ago what the flying @#$& do I tell my kids when they play sports and they want me to go. What the %&&^ do I do. Huh give me the awnser Michigan govt cuz this is crazy. Any of us don’t do what a judge says we a crucified and shown to the public. I have trouble since this has happened to me. It had lead to me wanting to just give up. I turned to drinking since I was told I had to register for life my wife has helped me some. I can’t sleep most nights and the cops show up to do a address check and it scars the kids. If I have to register then thieves should and also people that beat kids, wives, ect. Drug dealers, drunks, druggies, people that have a bad driving record it goes on and on. I know this stuff takes time I understand that, but it was ruled 2 years ago. I don’t think we should wait this long. I wish I could talk to someone that runs this I got questions

    • 23years

      New to this site… Appreciate the views and outlooks… I’m optimistic… Speaking with a lawyer now, in the event there is a window where Michigan SORA is demolished based on another persons thoughts I read on here, about Friday… Or once the Ex Post Facto takes affect goes back to 25 and at least be able to go in and petition to be discontinued from the SORA giving you bastards 23 years on registry not to mention the 2 years incarcerated and 2 years on parole… That 2011 change I considered Double Jeopardy from the beginning… Nevertheless Let’s continue to support those fighting on our behalf.

  14. Dave

    I wish Bobby was the ACLU’s liaison between registered citizens and themselves.

    Tim’s answer of being very busy to answer questions seems kinda like he’s to busy for that volunteer job.

    Bobby usually is the one we here from regarding information in Michigan. I never hear from Tim unless I’m missing it. Lol

  15. blake

    wow love hows theres no news about anything. I understand nothing was supposed to actually happen yesterday. It would of been nice to know what the plan is. Some details would be enough to hold me over until they push the new law through the system. Like 15 years max for repeat offenders, all juviniles that werent tried as adults get taken right off. 10 years for everyone else, only have to go to the police station once a year. thats a big one. No more residency restriction unless otherwise directed by your porale or probation. Thats the news i really want to hear. Theres so many of us wanting to start to build our life again with our loved ones and michigan seems to just not care about so many people.

  16. Cool CA RC

    Can the Judge say that the SORA is unconstitutional in Michigan. Could it be possible that Michigan would be the 1st state to drop Megan’s law ?

    • Don’t tread on me

      I highly doubt it will go away completely any time soon. My suspicion is they will do away with a lot of the restrictions as well as the amendments to the law

    • Bill

      Yep, and then another 90 days after that, then once that is done, another 90 days after that and so on and so forth. It’ll never end. 3 years ago they determined that the changes were unconstitutional, and nothing has changed. Nor will it ever

  17. TS

    I am curious if any of the Michiganders here are questioning their elected officials who are supposed to have done something here and why they have not or why nothing was posted. Instead of just going through the ACLU as your pipeline of content, how about going through your local elected officials who are responsible for the changes as directed by the court? How about asking the Judge’s court clerk or admin what they intend to do if they legislature does not (as it appears) to do anything? The elected officials offices should still be staffed even if on summer break or one could maybe even find them at their non-elected jobs since many have other jobs they do in the off-session season. You don’t have to ID yourself as a registry member, but a concerned citizen who has family on it…

  18. E

    Please disregard the article about a 90 day extension. That links to the press release from May and the 90 day hold that just ended August 21; it’s not a new 90 days.

    • blake

      so what is the new time frame? weeks? months? years? decades?

      • Josh

        @Blake….should be resolved by the end 2019 if the aclu succeeds. That was their target date as of the conference call a month ago. There was a post below talking about hopefully having legislation to introduce when they get back in session next week. That’s the best answer I can give…I’m hoping @Bobby does his thing and gets us a tidbit or two…

        • blake

          It doesnt seem like they are getting another 90 days. that article was from may. and i havent heard anything official of another 90 days extension. Im betting next week they have to have a bill ready to go. Doesnt make sense when the aclu in july said that everything was pretty much in agreement except the 10 years max police wanting 20 and the juviniles that were tried as adults getting off as per juviniles not being adult convicted. everthing else was deemed unconstitutional so they cant put that on us anymore. so with only like 2 issues that they seem to butt heads about how does it take 5 months to fix 2 issues?

  19. not happy

    Looking into personal lawsuits now. The website is still active and they are now in violation of a court order

    • AJ

      @not happy:
      “they are now in violation of a court order”
      Not so fast, Cochise. The 6th CCoA issued its Opinion and remanded the case back to the District Court for entry of judgment. What that means is the 6th has “corrected” Judge Cleland’s reasoning and decision and has told him to straighten it out and issue an Order that complies.

      Judge Cleland, just like any Federal judge, has pllleeenntty of discretion as to how fast or slow this goes. He can keep allowing status conference after status conference if he feels it will help with suit and/or if the parties are making progress towards an agreement.

      Since Judge Cleland has yet to issue an Opinion in compliance with the 6th’s ruling, the case remains in a pending status. Nobody is in violation of any Order because final judgment has not been rendered.

  20. Bobby

    I doubt this new legislation will change anything for those that only have the base line living restriction. Though, that would be a welcome change. We will see I guess. I’m crossing my fingers!

    • Darren

      Bobby I’m confused. What are you talking about?

      • Bobby

        The baseline living restriction is the 1000 foot rule. They would also have to report 1 time a year as well. I forgot that part. And of course register all their info. But registration isn’t really that big of deal once a year, the living restriction can make things difficult.

        • Don’t tread on me

          It’s ALL a big deal to me. I have paid my debt to society. I demand my rights and my life be returned immediately or sooner!

        • Bobby S.

          Just to clear up any confusion this Bobby who is on hear is not me, so to clear the confusion I added a S. to my first name. I emailed Tim and Ms. Aukerman today, so hopefully one of them gets back to me and clarifies what is going on and what really took place on the 21st, but I wont hold my breath. After 27 years of being on this useless registry I’m getting tired of the run around and all the stalling mostly on the legislature part, this card need to end now not later. So if I get a response from the ACLU, I will be sure to let everyone know what they tell me IF they tell me anything at all.

        • R388

          Don’t tread on me is right it is a very big deal. Some of us have kids and don’t want them to be asked how come mom/dad can’t be at school avents. Or why dose mom or dad have to see the police! So ask your self this, should I just go with the flow or dare to band to together and demand answers for this time it is taking.

        • Bobby

          Well, I do have kids, 3 actually, and plan on telling them and being honest with them, as I believe they will be presented with the knowledge at some point. I’m not scared of how they will respond in the least, because all they have known from me is love. As for school things, it doesn’t affect me, because my kids are homeschooled by their mother. So I can’t say much about that, however being honest with them is ALWAYS the better way to go. Because they WILL find out one way or another. I am frustrated that nothing has been said, but I was a federal employee for 6 years and it doesn’t surprise me at all. I am being patient, because, in the end, WE are the reason we are on this list. (Well, most of us.) So, I suggest to buckle up, it will definitely be a bumpy ride!

  21. blake

    im just not understanding how there is no update about anything. 44k people and thier families are left in the dark about stuff that impacts their life. No time frame about anything. No updates on the progress or what we could be at least looking at. The whole registry is changing. no more tiers. No more residnetry restrictions. No more life and no more going to the police 4 times a year. I guess im not understanding why michigan is having such an issue with following a constitional law and just changing. I also dont understand how people can look at the registry and not see that its punishment. I mean that would mean the registry as a whole is unconstitutional though lol.

    • Will Allen

      “44k people and thier families are left in the dark about stuff that impacts their life.”

      Why would you think any Registry Supporter/Terrorist (RT) would give a tiny squirt of piss about that? Most of them would be quite happy if those 44k and their families were dead. Don’t dream that you are dealing with rational, decent people. RTs will screw you around as much and as often as they are able to get away with.

      There are about 1 million people and their families that are not in the dark about a lot of completely illegal, immoral BS that negatively impacts their lives. That is not ending any time soon for any reason or by any means. But you might be able to forget about that soon enough.

  22. TnT

    They need to S.T.O.P the negotiation with the ones who were put on the list with out a judge or court orders. Enough is enough . I received a 1 to 3 year max in 1992 over some B.S. laws that were wrote by politicians that took away many many many American citizens rights to be innocent un tell proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt . There was Nothing no proof what so ever except , her lies , nothing not even a date to support her lies . Nothing !!! There wasn’t even a list at the time , No judge ever sentenced me to anything more then 1 year to 3 years max, Here I am 28 years later still being punished by a politician , I received a life sentence by mail ???? For real I did , You need less proof then you need in a court of law for stealing a candy bar then to get convicted of a sex crime in Michigan , That’s what America is built on now a days, 1 million men and women not include their families who have to be forced to live under the same B.s even if they have nothing to do with the B.s … The me too movement, victims rights advocates and dirty politicians.Have hung many of us out to dry, These laws have been so unjust . I can not even believe that the ones who were forced on these lists years after a B.s conviction have spent their whole lifes suffering and no one is doing a damn thing to change it. I donnt want to hear about negotiations , This is unconditional to the fullest its like living in the twilight zone shit , All because 90% of us are poor or from a lower class population . Its so sad how our state and government treats its citizens . I do pray for change but this is getting very hard to be patient its been 28 years of hell that I myself have not or was not sentenced too . Where is the due prosses ? The list is very punitive and everyone knows it , but for the last 25 years they have tried to say it wasn’t that’s how they got away with applying it to people like myself expost facto ???? This is sad . I belive they can do anything they wish to us as the people and the constitution means NOTHING ! I know they want to negotiate but come on this is gone on long enough . You donnt use real people who are living this hell as negotiation tools like its a bid for a job or something.People are going to start loosing it if they keep up this B.s.

    • 23years

      @TnT Facts!

    • Will Allen

      Nah, everyone wants to be nice. It is no one’s fault because everyone wants it. Most scumbags who support it are “just doing their job”. It’s not their fault.

      Being nice is not working. It is far past time that every single family that is Registered stop playing their immoral, lying games and tell them all to go fuck themselves. Stop allowing law enforcement to ever speak to you or get near you. Stop treating these scumbags as if they are acceptable people. Make life unpleasant for ANYONE who supports Registries.

  23. 23years

    With over 44k people affected by this unconstitutional law and punishment why aren’t we protesting and rallying like the LGBTQ or BLM??? With the pressure now on the Lansing like never before, I personally feel it could add value to the current situation… I’m sure for some who maintained a low profile, despite the fact; would be hesitant knowing that it could draw media coverage, locally, regionally and hell maybe nationally. But even 1% of the registry showing up would be almost 500 people. When you get to the point of being this tired, like I’m sure many of you are… It’s not a bad idea…

  24. Bobby S.

    Hello Everyone.

    I know a lot of people have been wondering what happened on the 21st. concerning Does 2, well I haven’t heard from the ACLU yet, but I did get a email from MCFJ (Michigan Citizens for Justice) So for those of you that do not get their emails, this was sent out through their site. I know some people got it, and some one posted it already, but just in case you missed it here it is again the latest update on Does 2.

    Yesterday was the 90 day deadline that Judge Cleland gave the Michigan legislature and the litigants to negotiate a settlement on SORA reform. The parties held a status meeting before Judge Cleland yesterday. Progress is being made. The parties will now continue briefing the Does II case while negotiations for reform legislation continue. That is, they will be working on the law case at the same time as trying to find a legislative solution. The parties hope to have a bill to introduce when lawmakers come back from summer break next week.


    • Randall J Saunders, more people need to be like this fellow!

      • R M

        @Randall: What’s your story? The last video was 8 years ago. Why’d you move to Fl? Did you violate registration?

    • Don’t tread on me

      1 day left until the legislature is expected to have something to vote on. I do NOT like the lack of information

      • Guy

        I didn’t even know there was anything to vote on.

        Very quiet as to what’s going on for the most part.

        • Don’t tread on me

          The “negotiated” deal must be turned into an actual bill. The bill must come out of committee and submitted to the legislature for an actual vote. If the bill is approved it becomes the new law.

        • blake

          I just dont understand the issue. What i heard from the confernce call sounded amazing for everyone. sounded fair to. sounded constitutional. sounded like people will get a second chance at life. What i heard is that michigan was only having issues on 2 things. 2 things. 2. So what is the hold up and why all the hush hush from the aclu about what they are expecting tomorrow?

        • Will Allen

          @Don’t tread on me:

          I got their bill right here.

          All ready for them. I’ll deliver it today. Whether they like it or not.

          If they actually gave a flip about public safety, protecting children, or Amerika, they’d already know the best and smartest thing to do is destroy the Registries. Would already know that. No new laws needed. Just rescind the worse than worthless junk that already exists. But of course they don’t actually care. So they’ll just keep harming Amerika.

      • R388

        Ya this is complete b.s. what is going on we should be able to know.

  25. Joe

    Tread is spot on.

  26. TnT

    More head games , They could careless what and when they do it, If they even do , do it. Just another spin move by the state of Michigan .

  27. Michigander

    So, for someone was charged at the age 14 as an adult, in 98, I’m hoping this means I will be off the list. My question would be, we unknowingly moved to close to a school and got a charge for that about 5 years ago,( NVR did time for original charge, but did for this….) if all this stuff passes would that make that charge go away? Since it stemmed for new laws that happened after the original charge in 98?

  28. Bobby S. (UPDATE)

    Hello Everyone,


    I got an email back from Mrs. Aukerman today, an update if you will, I personally call it more dragging of the feet and kicking of the can down the street in my opinion. I’m just tired of the runaround we’ve been getting mostly from the Legislature a course, this info can also be found on The Michigan ACLU website under UPDATES. This info sounds like it’s going to end up going into next year in my opinion.

    I am really curious what everyone else thinks about this update and if you all agree this will be dragged into next year, so anyway here is the update sent to me by Mrs. Aukerman.

    UPDATE Aug. 21, 2019: This past June, Judge Cleland issued an order postponing briefing on the Doe’s II case for 90 days in order to give the parties an opportunity to negotiate reform policy that the legislature could pass.  That 90-day period expired on Aug. 21, 2019 after which the parties had a status conference with the Judge to report on their progress.  The legislative negotiations are progressing, and the parties will continue to negotiate with the expectation of a bill introduction for public input in September.  Under an order signed by Judge Cleland, the parties will be responsible for a status update every 30 days. Briefing continues in the Does II case with the ACLU brief due in about a month, then the response from the state due four weeks after that. 

    • C

      Then u forgot to mention how long it’s going to take for the newly drafted registry to be presented to senate and legislature and be passed by both. This will probably be the last bill both houses vote on and they’ll drag their feet as much as possible. I realistically don’t see anything changing til 2021.

    • blake

      what a friggin joke. This is unreal. what was the point in giving 3 months then?

    • Thomas F Kussro

      Yes more of the same, 2nd degree lifers won their case over 5 years ago. How many of them have seen the parole board? Why a continuance, because the state can! ne restitution just relief. haha

    • Hopeful in Michigan

      @Bobby S. Thank you for sharing the update. Once the negotiations are complete, is this the best place to keep on an eye out for the new law when it starts making it through the system?

  29. John

    I have given up hope on the whole legal system, 30 grand on a lawyer that wanted another 30 grand to go too trail. Plea out he says.,
    Lost a 1 million dollar business because the city said it was in a school zone. (not the state)
    Lifetime GPS after a technical violation that the probation officer asked for 3 days for, the judge sends me to prison even after passing a polygraph that I had to pay for!
    Done with lawyers done with the 11pm knocks on the door for a compliance check. Really? I where a GPS and you need too see where I am? This system is a joke. Better off in prison 3 meals, no stress, no drives to police station 4 times a year, no lifetime GPS fees no yearly fees…
    Next time they knock on door they can pound sand I am done.

    • Josh

      @All in Michigan…..look, for those that listened to the conference call earlier this month or late last month you would have heard the plan as it concerned the ACLU. The plan is going according to schedule….The ACLU basically told us that they were going to need more time and that they hoped to have this wrapped up by the end of 2019 before the 2020 election cycle began….that’s about as concrete a answer as you can get. I have been on the record repeatedly warning everybody about what could possibly happen when it gets to committee and the changes that could be made. I KNOW what all the great proposals are that have been supposedly agreed upon but the legislature is the great wild card in all this and could damage or undo much of the progress. If you want to know how Michigan’s lawmaking process works then do some research into the Larry Nassar legislation….That was also argued and negotiated and in the end neither side got what they totally wanted…I look at that as the basis for why I caution not to get too caught up in what has been agreed/negotiated. One other thing, the Nassar legislation was brought about because of the horrible & heinous actions of one extremely sick and evil person. The legislature was motivated and inspired to pass more sex offender legislation quickly…..Obviously, they’re not motivated to help US but I do expect some changes by the end of the year…..

  30. TnT

    @ john … I feel you they are some ruthless dirty corrupt @zz wipes , They have done this to over 45,000 men and women in this state with no rime or reason , They deserve nothing less then to feel half the pain they have caused so many of us . Its time we all set a march , storm protesting in front of their buildings and offices … call all news outlets many times a day call governor ..a.g senators , all elected officials . This is one of the untied states biggest civil rights violations our era has ever seen , They make these laws to hang us before we ever had a chance at a fair trial, scare many of us into plea deals or they throw the book at you with no evidence , no proof and most times not even a day or time. These law makers are some of the most dirty mofoers . Its sad to see that in 52 states 1 million men and women are on this sex offender registries ????? Are you joking me ?? Its so sad to even believe yet alone understand , That they got away with all this with false studies in the first place , Its true they applied unconstitutional laws to most of us with out due process , with out a judge or a jury even hearing our sides of this B.S…. Why ?? mostly because of our geological locations or situations … Most of us were poor and couldn’t afford a lawyer who would fight for our rights. These sex crimes need no evidence to convict someone its sad…but very true …the law makers have amended these laws to hang a man before he ever has a chance .In America it is the right to be innocent un tell Proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt , Not with sex cases in Michigan you are Guilty before you even step foot into a court room . Its Sick and I hope one day the 45,000 people and families affected by these unjust laws rise up and show them we have had enough of their B.S.

  31. TnT

    P.s ….One of the things these fools fail to realize is …….In large numbers….Comes Great Powers !! We need to stop hiding behind their B.s lies and one line lists and Rise up together ..use the numbers they have given us to rise up and demand changes . We see the judges are not on our side , the run around has been going on for 25 years they have had plenty time to fix there B.s . Its crazy to think they can do this sh%t to us in a stroke of a pen , And demand we comply or be jailed , But we prove in a court of law they are punitive and unconditional , And they want to say , ok… lets negotiate ?? Really ? Wtf is that B.s all about? Where are the lawyers ???? Does anyone see the violations ? Why no law suits ???? Wtf is going on it feels like some twilight zone sh%t . I know I am not the only one who feels this way… am I ??????

    • R388

      Tnt your right this is stupid if it’s unconstitutional then you shouldn’t have to avid by it right? I think I might be right if I am please correct me because if they still force the law then you could sue them I do believe

    • Josh

      @TnT…..yep it’s a perfect shit storm that hit us isn’t it? I have felt every emotion and ounce of anger that you and everybody else has felt. I’ve been screwed by this since the very beginning. Every time the law was changed it was NEVER in my favor. There are solutions if you have the resources or you can continue to play the waiting game if you want to have it done for free….What gets me is that a lot you think that the public in general and our elected officials are in any way sympathetic to us or inclined to go out of their way to relieve us of this farce of a law. THEY’RE NOT! People who are in positions of power will do just about anything to keep their power. The easiest way to do that is to find the lowest hanging fruit ie. child molesters, perverts, deviants, rapists, public pissers, child pornographers or whatever society wants to label us and make laws that minimize us to the level of subhumans. What do you want us to do @TnT? Do you want to march? Do you want to protest? Should we mobilize? Sorry to say it but most people want to cling to whatever dignity they have left. These laws have effectively crippled any chance we have of fighting back(unless you’re @Will Allen)…Some of us have spouses & kids to think of. My experiences have been nothing like @John’s….it hurts to hear that happens to people far too often! My point is this, quit complaining about the legal process and hire a lawyer and sue somebody. There are articles on this very forum that talk about that very thing…or just impatiently wait for the Michigan branch of the Aclu to get it done for free and hope for the best. I’ve had my issues with the Aclu and the way they’ve handled some of this but just to remind everybody that OUR branch of the Aclu has actually done more for us then any other branch in the country…..

    • Gralphr

      its not surprising. After all, even during the historical mistreatment of Black Americans, it was proven time and time again they were discriminated against, laws changed, but the locals and government officials could care less. You had the military escort a little black girl into a class room of all things, because the locals wouldn’t follow the ruling she could go to school with whites. The nation as a whole hasn’t changed from this mindset, they’ve only picked a new boogeyman………………

      • Josh

        @Gralphr….couldn’t agree with you more and exactly the point I was trying to get at with my last post….

  32. Gralphr

    One thing that really needs to happen is some sort of “Million man march” on Washington DC to protest these laws. Think about it a million strong group with their families protesting and having speeches by lawyers and personal accounts (that would be on national and international television) Point out how these laws mirror what the Nazis did. Point out how they’re ex post facto and keep piling on new overbearing laws, point out the real recidivism rates, and point out how all of these laws affect families. The bottom line is if such laws must exist, they should only exist while on probation or parole. After that, you’re supposed to be free from custody and that’s how you should be treated!

    • Tim in WI

      Seems like every organized group marches in D.C. except sex offenders. I’ve often wondered why. There all kinds of excuses.

  33. Leslie

    I have an idea. Why don’t they get rid of the useless and ineffective sex offender registry and use the million + dollars per month they are spending towards something positive here in Michigan? One idea would be toward fixing the roads. Then Gretchen Whitmer wouldn’t need her 45 cents gas tax. After all, they did get more than a billion dollars in gas tax a few years ago. Right now, every month that they keep this unconstitutional registry in place, that means millions lost, doesn’t it?

    • TS


      Stop thinking logically like that in where the money could actually go to greater public good. Govt’s don’t think like that unless it is election time and officials need reasons to spend money on transportation to look good to their constituents. “Pure Michigan” is pure pothole Michigan at best.

    • Glen

      I hate to break it to u all, but all of us are not getting off the registry. They hate us that much, so I plan on registrating for rest of my life.

      • Will Allen

        I’ve been able to petition for removal for quite a while now and I will soon. My offense was relatively minor and over a couple of decades ago.

        However, I don’t trust the criminal regime and don’t expect them to be moral. So I am planning on always being Registered. And I am retaliating for it every day. Sad.

  34. TnT

    Yes ! I agree, Its crazy how much they tricked the public into believing their false studies and lies then using these unconstitutional laws against the people , All the way its been lie after lie , Yet they know the truth we know the truth and still they continue to apply these laws to us. Its such a joke that no civil right lawyers haven’t taken a lot of our cases, I believe we can prove pretty easy these laws were and still are applied unconstitutional to a large number of us on these registries . They used the Alaska law to justify it wasnt punitive but continued to amend it every six months applying punitive amendments and forcing us to comply or be Jailed. They also applied it retroactively to many of us many years after we were sentenced . I believe someone needs to start a list of all them and their families and put their pictures and private info on line for ever “LIFE” How would they like to see their kids wives moms info all over the internet ???? Its a true shame these judges allow these politicians to write and apply these unjust unconstitutional laws. But one thing they had better remember is Bad laws create ….Precedent to CASE LAW ! Well see very soon where this B.s will lead for many other cases. I truly believe we all need to protest on the steps of the capital set a 45,000 registry march , S%@t WTF do we rally have to lose. ???

    • blake

      right now i just want to know whats taking so long to get a bill pushed out. I feel like we are all caged animals waiting on if we are going to be put down or sent to a new home for a fresh life. I also want to know what they are working on and what we might expect and honestly a timeline. They had 3 months plus 3 years. I for one was a juvinile charged in 2005 and 2006 was when they forced juviniles aka children on this adult list. i shouldnt even be on per ex post facto. OR am i wrong?

    • C

      It’s a pipe dream but if we can get 45k to march on to the Capitol then might as well have those same 45k people stop registering. We would have way better results. The reason these registries stand at all is bcuz we let them. Everytime we register we sign paperwork saying we agree with everything on them. We allow it.

  35. TnT

    P.s when they got away with throwing me onto this unconstitutional registry like thousands of others in Michigan 2 years after my sentence of 1 to 3 years MAX ! In 1992.. they only got away with it because they said it wasnt punitive …. At that time 1995 when this list was created it was a private list no one seen it ! it even stated that when the law was written ????? Private for law enforcement only .It also stated they could be held accountable if they shared it with anyone else let alone all over the F%@#n internet for the whole world to read , Then they started doing what they do best …. Amending it into a punitive barbaric life altering punishment for years and years un tell 20 years into the hell they send me a LIFE sentence in the mail ???? Like many many others, I feel everyone’s pain daily , Yes they did its been a life of punitive pain and damage to myself and my family, I am sick of their B.S . They need to be held accountable by all the peoples lives they have affected punitively with out due prosses applying punishment to someone after a sentence in America is “Illegal and still unconditional last time I checked. Their laws they use to apply these sex offences to people are a joke as well , No proof , No nothing and your who life can be taken away with a stroke of a renegade judge wrist , who supports these corrupt politicians and their ways because (he or she) wants to be re elected .

    • Fedup

      Putting this out there. Is it possible to have a plea withdrawn if the prosecutors dont follow through with their deal (even if its years later)?

      Example: A plea bargain was created with certain registry requirements in 2003. Registry requirements continued to change, which in turn changed the pinishment. The prosecutor office therefore did not hold up their end of the deal.

      Can we ask for a plea withdrawl and ask for a trial? Would a judge at that point throw out or disalow any evidence that was obtained due to a plea agreement? Could the case be tainted enough that they end up throwing it out? Not sure if you can be successful on this but Id like to get legal opinion.

      Id like to see people do that if possible, then work a non sex offender charge in the plea (assault for example). Then you can qualify and ask for an expungement.

  36. TnT

    I always write …(under protest forced) next to my name or under it. When I am forced ex post facto and unconsitutanaly to go down four times a year to give these jack asses my John Handcock , I
    Always look the scared little cop in the face too, that’s hiding behind that 2″ glass, Always ! I have copies for when the day comes these Bullies get what is coming to them . Just because were poor, doesn’t mean we cant be smarter then these reject politicians writing these unconstitutional laws . I also love the way they creep up to my door in the late night hours as they are “Trespassing” on my property that I own and pay taxes on .I always say what are you doing here , I am not on no paper, Donnt you know you are trespassing … Please leave NOW !

  37. Leslie

    I am not on the sex offender list, but someone close to me is. He was put on the list at the age of 14. It was supposed to be for 25 years. Then they changed his sentence to life a few years ago. No new charges, just more laws. He is still the most positive person and tries to remain optimistic about his future.
    I think is is shameful what lawmakers and the courts are doing to the people on the sex offender list. They have been dragging this out for years. They give people hope, and then it just never seems to end. I noticed they will eventually want public input. I doubt the public will want to end the sex offender law. Politicians will want to get reelected. Now we are in a 30 day wait and likely another 30 days and on and on……

  38. Harold

    I have been on this list for 17 years. I was placed as a tier 3 offender for a misdemeanor offense which I did not even commit. This is a total joke. I tried 3 years ago to get the charge removed and the judge just said denied, he gave no reason and my lawyer was useless. I would like to sue this state for everything they have. Also try googleing your name and see what comes up. I tried this and my name popped up as a sex offender. Somebody I know found this out and thinks I am a terrible person and upset my family. This is a total invasion of privacy. I was wondering how you remove your name from google search? I hope somebody knows. This new list whenever it comes out better remove my name as I am sick of this total travesty. I too get a knock on my door every year to see if I am home. What are they going to do if I am not home, track me down, this really upsets my family.

  39. Gary

    Take it for what it’s worth, this was posted on pacer. Personally I’m disgusted at both the ACLU and the judge in this case:

    STIPULATED ORDER Setting Briefing Schedule Pending Legislative Action to Replace or Amend Michigan’s SORA. Joint Status Reports shall be submitted every 30 days updating the Court on the status of legislative negotiations regarding the amendment or replacement of Michigan’s SORA. Signed by District Judge Robert H. Cleland. (LWag) (Entered: 08/27/2019)

  40. Gary

    Here is the full text of the order:

    On May 23, 2019, this Court entered declaratory relief on the plaintiffs’ motion for partial summary judgment, but deferred entry of any injunctive relief for 90 days. See ECF #55, Order Granting Declara- tory Judgment and for 90-Day Deferral of Decision on Injunctive Relief to Provide Opportunity for Legislative Resolution. The purpose of the delay was to give the Legislature additional time to replace or to amend Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), Mich. Comp. Laws
    § 28.721 et seq., in light of the Sixth Circuit’s decision in Does #1-5 v. Snyder, 834 F.3d 696 (6th Cir. 2016).
    The parties report that while a working group of state stake- holders has made significant progress on proposed new legislation, no replacement or amended law has yet been introduced. Nonetheless, the 90 days contemplated by this Court’s May 23, 2019, order (ECF #55) having elapsed, and pursuant to the terms of that order, the Court now orders as follows:
    1. The parties shall file briefs addressing the central issues of the case as framed by the parties, including, for example:
    (b) (c)
    Whether the 2011 amendments can be severed from SORA, and whether, if the 2011 amendments cannot be severed, the statute is null and void as applied to people who are subject to registration based on offenses committed before April 12, 2011;
    What remedies shall be ordered in this case, and to which subclasses those remedies should apply;
    Whether there are issues of state law that should be certified to the Michigan Supreme Court for decision, or whether this Court should decide those issues.
    of the May 23, 2019, order concerning whether the declaratory judgment and any subsequent injunctive relief shall apply to the class members listed in that paragraph 2. The parties have apprised the Court that they wish to focus the current briefing on the questions listed above, and defer briefing on who is covered by any relief this Court may order until after the Court determines what relief is appropriate.
    3. The parties’ briefs shall be due as follows:
    Plaintiffs’ brief: 28 days from the date of entry of this order; Defendants’ response: 28 days from the filing of plaintiffs’ brief; Plaintiffs’ reply: 21 days from the filing of defendants’ response. 4. The plaintiffs may, but are not required, to brief whether
    this Court, based on its earlier rulings in Does 1-5 v. Snyder, 101 F. 3
    The parties need not brief the question listed in paragraph 2
    Supp. 3d 673 (E.D. Mich. 2015) and Does 1-5 v. Snyder, 101 F. Supp. 3d 722 (E.D. Mich. 2015), should grant summary judgment on Count I (Vagueness), Count II (Strict Liability), and Count III (Violations of the First Amendment) of Plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint (ECF #34).
    5. The parties shall submit joint status reports every 30 days updating the Court on the status of legislative negotiations regarding the amendment or replacement of Michigan’s SORA.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      “Whether there are issues of state law that should be certified to the Michigan Supreme Court for decision, or whether this Court should decide those issues.”

      This could delay the case indefinitely….

  41. Rob

    What I don’t get, is it was ruled unconstitutional because you are in essence being punished twice for a crime. Hell, murders don’t even have a list, most of us are innocent and was talked into taking a plea bargain, why has it not been dissolved completely?

    • Will Allen

      It is a fact that Registries are idiotic nonsense that are absolutely not needed and not significantly beneficial. It is also a fact that they are not just worthless though. They cause a lot of harm to all Americans and even to people living all throughout the world (albeit it less for them).

      There are no legitimate excuses to only Register $EX crimes and not all other significant crimes. The only excuse that I think could even be considered would be the cost. But if it saves one child, cost cannot be a legitimate excuse. So there aren’t any legitimate excuses.

      Having said all of that, I think your statement of “most of us are innocent” is 100% wrong. In fact, I’d say that most who are listed on the Registries are guilty. That doesn’t make the Registries any more legitimate or intelligent.

  42. Hopeful in Michigan

    Re-post from the General Comments sections. Recent NPR interview with Ms Auckerman

    • Dave

      Excellent post and information.

    • Will Allen

      Thanks for posting this. Ms. Auckerman is a very well spoken person and sensible. Too bad we can’t get intelligent people like that elected into legislatures. Smart, decent people don’t want those awful, thankless “jobs”.

      The fact that Michigan kept appealing these rulings and are still dragging their feet proves just what a bunch of immoral, awful, degenerate, dangerous, anti-American scumbags those “people” are. Everyone in Amerika needs to recognize who our true enemies are. Everyone needs to see the harassing terrorists.

      I am positive that Michigan’s legislators are not smart or strong enough to do what should be done. So what is going to happen with this is that they are going to polish up their pile of excrement and call it all better. It will fix the most egregious crimes that they’ve committed but it will leave the Registry in place. Perhaps “only” 5,000 people in Michigan will still have to be Registered? Maybe more, maybe less, I have no idea. And most people will be all happy. But to me, that is even more unacceptable than the current situation.

      I don’t live in Michigan so it won’t affect me directly no matter what. But it is completely unacceptable that Registries exist at all. As long as they do, I’m going to make people pay for them. For this weekend, I’ll be starting by 7 PM.

  43. Bobby S.

    Hey everyone,

    I just got this recording in my email, it was sent to me from FAC, so I thought I would share it with everyone to listen to and get your thoughts on it. Just hope the link works correctly. Also for people who are dumb like me what does all that legalese stuff mean that @Gary posted about the order.

    Here is the link I got from the FAC:

  44. james cuellar

    I want to know why we cannot own a gun when my crime was not committed with a gun, why can`t they see this another violation of my right to bear arms?

    • Gralphr

      Trust me, I agree with you fully, but we all know why. They did that to limit the number of blacks and other minorities having firearms. If a few whites fall within the cracks, its ok, since it affects the intended population more. After all, they are singled out more than anyone else for police abuse and punishment. A good example is the war on drugs. Many blacks/minorities were sent to long stints in prison, regardless if they were a user or seller. They were called thugs and lowlifes. Now that Meth and opioids have infested the white community, no longer is there a war on drugs. People are saying these people need compassion, and a rehab center, NOT jail/prison. Nowhere are they labeled thugs and lowlifes on television and the news!

      • Will Allen

        Interesting take.

        I think when a person is Registered, the criminal regime should be required to issue weapons to the person. The criminal regime puts the family at risk so it should give protection.

        If you interested in a secure location, I recommend guarded and secured condos. Or, buy at least 10 acres and put multiple homes on it. Offer very inexpensive rent to people who will provide security services to the whole property. Then wall it all in. That is all MUCH easier to do than a person might think. Stops “compliance checks” also.

        Lastly, the war on drugs will always be a total failure. No drug should be illegal. It’s not helping society.

        But let’s make sure the War on Registry Terrorists is successful. The Registries are not going anywhere. So let’s make sure they cost dearly.

    • Scotus Save Us Now

      It’s because you are misreading the 2nd amendment. Before Heller there was no personal right to own a fire arm when reading the constitution. It was for a well formed militia. Also once you are convicted, you give up certain rights, regardless of the crime.

  45. Bobby S.

    Hello Everyone

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard any news or updates on the progress of the Legislature and the registry, I tried asking the ACLU, but you can never get a straight up answer from them, except for progress is being made, does anyone know if they meet last week or is it suppose to be this week.

    I checked in last week with my local cop shop, it was an easy in and out, just copied my license and she just asked any changes since you were last in, and I said nope, she said give me a minute she put the info in the computer, and I signed my copy and out the door I went, probably 5 minutes tops.

    So if anyone knows anything about the progress or if they meet last week, or if it is this week please let me , this trying to be patient and everything is starting to get ignoring, especially all the excuses from the ACLU and their telling all of us, we are getting close and progress is being made please stay compliant and be patient.

    • Michigan Citizen

      Bobby S. The last I heard was there was supposed to be a package of Bills submitted last week, but I see nothing on the Michigan legislature website.
      I have until the end of this month to verify and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but now it looks like I will have to do it again in December.
      I’m affected by the ex post facto violation. My 25 years would have expired in April 2018 but the illegal 2011 amendment changed that. I’m so ready to be taken off the public hit list.

      • Bobby S.

        @Michigan Citizen, My 25 years is up as well, just trying to be patient now, as they supposedly revise this registry some time this year. I’m not holding my breath though that something will finally be passed this year.

  46. TnT

    I wouldn’t hold my breath that’s for sure , I just hope they get their Asses handed to them for forcing and enforcing unconditional laws knowing they are punitive, and applying them to thousands of its citizens, in many cases ex post facto and in many cases years after a conviction ,and everyone knows you can not apply punitive punishment to anyone in this country with out a judge or jury to apply it , Also I was always told that if a politican up holds a law knowing its unconstitutional should be forced out of office???? These jack asses have retroactively applied these barbaric unjust laws to so many, unfairly and unjust .I hope they reap what they sow . Dirty Bastards ! Now they are also trying to pull some bulls%$t laws to allow anyone to expunge a felony ….Except sex law bulls%$t ,they have pinned on thousands with out a time a day a fockin year in some cases on almost a million Americans . So the laws they need least proof to pin on a man, they will never allow him to ever be free ….I was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in 1992 here 28 years later still getting screwed over by them, they dirty mofors !

  47. Lee

    I emailed one of the reps last week who stated that they hope to get this passed before end of the year. In the end, it will be up to the Legislature to pass it. I was advised that if the legislature does not pass this by the end of the year, then it will most likely have to go back to the district court in front of Judge Cleland to get litigated, and since this will involve the Michigan Supreme Court (which Judge Cleland did ask if the Michigan Supreme Court should weigh in), I was advised it could possibly take an additional two years of litigation to get this resolved, IF the Michigan Legislature does not pass this bill by the end of the year. Due to 2020 being an election year, they will not touch it during that year (for obvious reasons). Therefore if the legislature votes, it will have to be by years end. There’s only so much the ACLU can do. It will be up to the legislatures to pass this.

    The point is that there needs to be pressure put on your local legislatures. I would just caution not to approach them in an Irate way (as that will not help at all, but just letting them know how you are constantly affected by the registry. I am in constant communication with my legislator and it can help.

    • Will Allen

      It is a mistake to be kind to anyone who thinks Registries are okay. We all know what they deserve.

      Nice does not work. Not with terrorists.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      If it will take that long then the ACLU need to move for a Preliminary Injunction to stay enforcement of the registry until the law is deemed constitutional. Judgment in this case has already been handed down, the State is refusing to obey the judges findings and remedy the law while still enforcing it. An Injunction is the only appropriate relief at this point.

  48. John

    There was a news article posted on September 10th addressing the Michigan deadline. Here is a line that confused me A LOT!

    “Lawmakers have not acted because no changes have been suggested by the task force charged with addressing the judge’s orders, state Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Chairman Pete Lucido, R-Shelby Township, told The News. That’s despite the Aug. 21 deadline for change having come and gone.”

    If that’s the case, then what in the HELL have they been doing all this time????and especially the past 90 DAYS???? I thought the “Task force” (that met every week) was suggesting the changes to make to Sora with some type of agreement in process. This rep is on the senate judiciary committee. What in the hell does she mean “No Changes have been suggested”?????

    Enough of the games, an Injunction needs to be requested NOW!

    Article Link:

    • Punkrocker88

      Some one is lying I don’t know what one. It may also be news that the article came from

  49. Bobby S.@John

    @ John,

    Well I read that link you shared, and after wards I emailed Tim from the MI ACLU, and asked what is going on with the registry, and I also sent him that link and asked him if what the article says is true.

    I’m getting so frustrated, about the whole thing, 27 years of being on this thing, especially when there was no registry in 1992 when I was convicted is getting really ridiculous, I don’t get what the hold up is, the judge needs to step in now and order an injunction ASAP in my opinion, or this entire thing is just going to drag into next year, because it’s an election year.

    if I do hear from him soon, and if he does say something, I will let everyone know what he has to say by posting it right here for everyone to read. This entire thing is turning into a big joke and the Legislature is in control of the punch line.

    • John

      There was two bills introduced two days ago on September 10, one regarding EXTENDING the sex offender registration fees and the other cutting the limitations on juvenile sex offenders. So now they’ve had time to do this bill, but they haven’t introduced any bill to address the SIXTH CIRCUIT?!?!? This is getting RIDICULOUS!
      What the hell are they up there doing in Lansing??!?!?! Is one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing??!?!!

      If you look at the Michigan Legislature website, when they did the amended changes for 2011 to become sorna compliant with the Adam Walsh Act, it took them only 2 MONTHS to Introduce AND PASS that bill!!!! WHY on EARTH is it taking them almost 4 YEARS to address these unconstitutional changes??!?!?!

      • BM

        The bill introduced to amend and remove juvenile age limits to be on the registry is actually going backwards and in direct opposition to what was stated as a goal in the Women Against Registry phone call that was posted. Big FU to the ACLU and their efforts sounds like to me by the state.

        • BLAKE

          lol this whole thing is a joke. So the phone call was talking about getting all juviniles off the list now they are gonna pass a bill thats gonna add more juviniles back on the list. They deemed that paying the 50 bucks was unconstitunal but now are expanding paying to be in this club to 2023? am i missing something here? Am i in alternate dimension where its backwards day everyday? Does anyone even really care about us? Im so confused on whats going on. IT took 2 months to pass the 2011 act and but now its taking over 4 years to fix it? What am i missing? can anyone explain to me whats actually going on with michigan and the aclu?

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