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ND: Jamestown attracts disproportionate number of sex offenders

A disproportionate number of registered sex offenders live in Jamestown compared to other cities in the state, according to Scott Edinger, Jamestown chief of police. Full Article

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  1. Mr. B

    So damn what…they can live where they want !!
    If it is, what real proof they are a danger or problem !
    What difference does it make compared to the price of tea in China !!
    If someone is bullied into a corner, don’t be surprised if crazy, or bad things happen !!

    • Timmmy

      ND has a low population. If enough RCs move into the state, can get elected into office and get rid of those laws. or pick another state with even lower population

  2. Dustin

    Wow. Super-stringent supervision, even for those off paper, and yet all they ever get are stupid status offenses if anything. A bigger question is, why the monthly visits to those not on parole or probation?

    Thinking the reporter started out wanting to write that Jamestown was the most dangerous place on earth but had a hard time finding facts to support it.

    • Will Allen

      Why the monthly visits? Because the local Law Enforcement Criminals (LECs) are clueless idiots. I expect that they have no significant ideas about how to prevent crimes so they spend their time jacking off with their Registries. It is not just wasteful, it is harmful to society.

      But anyway, if these people allow monthly visits then they deserve whatever they get. I’d have a wall or fence around my home so fast that the LECs wouldn’t know what to think. I’d make sure they never spoke to me again.

      We’ve discussed this here before … I think if a person is not able to install a wall or fence then he/she can still keep LECs away from their home with nothing more than signs. You just have to get the right sign (e.g. “No Trespassing” is not it). Worse case, never answer your door when LECs are there. Let them go talk to the helpless neighbors.

  3. AA

    “The Jamestown Police Department has a more strenuous protocol for tracking registered sex offenders than required under state law, according to Lt. John Gletne”

    Sounds like someone needs to file a suit against them. Sounds like registrants living there are still in custody, rather than free citizens. Unless the reporter didn’t get it right, being off paper in Jamestown doesn’t seem much different than being on parole or probation.

    “Very few revocations are sex related,” he said, referring to the number of sex offenders who have had their probation revoked. “It is not uncommon to see revocations on other issues.”

    Very few? I wonder if that number is zero???

  4. Facts should matter

    Sounds like a certain LEO needs to find a less strenuous career.

    Preferably one that doesn’t rely on outdated and dangerous assumptions..

  5. JW

    Imagine a “team” of about 1-5,000 RCs with little to lose – move to Jamestown, update email addresses on a weekly basis, change phone numbers, “hire” each other so update employment on a constant basis.

  6. AC

    “ ‘You could see more (registered sex offenders) in Jamestown because more landlords are willing to rent to registered offenders,’ said Eric Hassebrock, sex offender specialist and probation officer for the North Dakota Department of Corrections of Rehabilitation in Jamestown.”

    So, what exactly is the issue?

  7. TS

    Slow down Chief, 86 out of a city of 15,000+ people. That’s a lot of work (which for you math people on this forum, the article number is wrong. It is 0.0056 or 0.56% using the data shown and 2017 pop data, not 5.7%. Yes, just a tick over 1/2 of 1%. Its a factor of ten off, but hey, never said journalists were math majors or confirming source data.).

    On avg, three contacts per day over one (1) 30 day month. How do you manage between that, donuts, and makings sure folks from I-94 are not doing anything wrong? With 29 officers of which we know you have the Lt being dedicated to it and probably dole our the daily assignments among your staff, I can imagine you are highly stressed with bison roaming around, cattle crossing the streets, and tumbleweeds blowing through town.

    Suck it buttercup, you are paid with taxpayer money to do this. Of course, if this is too much, you can do the bicycle license work I see on your website.

  8. JM of Wi.I

    The 5.6% is a ratio of Jamestown to rest of state.
    The Journalist is using and extrapolating this very important info.
    I agree with Dustin that reporter started with the theory that increasing sex offenders cause increasing crime.
    It does appear that all crime is rising in this little town. Guess there was no tie to people on the registry.
    This article is the result. I think the important info is that landlords are willing to rent to registered offenders.
    Thank god sex sells or this would have been a waste of the 3 hours of time spent on the article.

    • TS

      @Jm of Wi

      Thanks for that. 1) Very interesting the data is very similar when looked at from two angles as you and I did and 2) I didn’t read it the way you described but can now.

      I believe the conclusion drawn by you and @Dustin is spot on with the intent vs what they got in the end.

  9. JM of Wi.

    It’s those web sites like that makes our existence trying. Homefacts, citydata, Patch etc. Would make a great class action.
    of the 1,000,000 registrants, think of our damages. The real estate angle is very interesting. We can really de-value a neighborhood. I wonder if anyone bought a de-valued area and than pushed through legislation for proximity restrictions, than made a killing on re-sale. … (a challenge to Will Allen to make some $ off this).

    • Will Allen

      It is not the web sites. The problem is 100% because of big government. They are the root problem. The beginning and the end.

      As far as making money from the Registries via property, I’ve already done it. And very, very recently, as well. But not via proximity restrictions. What I have done is buy a property and then Register there. Then start buying property all around it. Hard to tell how much it affects the price but I know that people pay attention. I’ve heard it from realtors many times. And said it to them.

      I told a realtor very recently, “That property is not worth what you think it is because you have a Registered $EX Offender living right across the street.” Of course the realtor already knew that. And surely discussed it with the seller.

      I tried very recently to buy a property like that and got pissed at the realtor and seller for acting stupid (details aren’t important!). So I very, very seriously considered buying some 4×4 poles and maybe 4 sheets of 4×8 plywood to put up a huge sign in the yard of the home across the street. I was then going to spray paint on the plywood something like maybe “Danger!! Registered Sex Offender Lives Here!!”. You know, in red, probably. Maybe splatter it to look like blood.

      I could do that because I own the home and I have it Registered as an address. Don’t really go there much though. I will likely fairly soon remove the Registration of the home and start renting it. Or maybe sell it. Not sure yet. The realtor of course did not know that I owned the home or even that I was attempting to buy his property. All easy to conceal.

      I do think having a Registered neighbor affects prices and if you can affect a price by as little as 5%, that is quite significant. I read an article many years ago where someone had studied the effects on real estate and I think they had concluded it was higher than that. I wonder. It surely depends on what the current panic level is. I think more and more people are starting to realize that Registries are just idiocy though and are ignoring them. So Registration is probably becoming less valuable.

      • JM from wi

        Being the first buyer into a new subdivision could make some waves. One went in near me-55 lots $190,000/lot (Not California prices) 10 million in property value 5% is 1/2 million. I’m sure the developers would prefer to buy that 1st lot back at a premium.

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