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NY: Animal-abuser registry plan advances in Oneida County

[ – 5/3/19]

A plan to start a registry of convicted animal abusers in Oneida County advanced through a legislative committee this week but not without questions.

The Board of Legislators’ Health and Human Services Committee passed the proposal on to the full board Wednesday. The measure would establish an website similar to that of sex offenders, with offender’s names, residence, birth dates, photo and a description of the offense and the sentence. Animal shelters and pet sellers would be able to check it to help reduce the chances of putting animals into the hands of known abusers.

Authorities expect only a few offenders would be listed as cases are rare.

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  1. Eric

    …and if they use the SO registry as a model then you will have the old cat lady who took in too many cats and couldn’t properly feed or care for them on the registry for life, unable to ever own a cat again, next to the mug shot of a person convicted multiple times for running a dog fighting ring.

  2. AC

    You all realize what they’re trying to do, right?

    By creating another fictitious registry that they likely are already aware is counter-productive (and simply laughable), legislation knows it will be harder to be confronted by objectionists over the innecessity and counter-productiveness of the sex offender registry; because, “Look guys!” ***Points to animal abuse reg.*** “The SRO isn’t the only registry, and chomozz aren’t the only ones being shamed’zzz!” >=]

  3. Doug

    My wife says, leaving my dog in the car , with the air on, is ok .
    If I leave Willy Nellson on the radio , Thats Abuse !

  4. MatthewLL

    I say the more registries the better. Let’s put everyone in a registry, drunk drivers, speeders, child abusers, shoplifters, jaywalkers, etc. The more the merrier. By making everyone special it makes no one special. The only way to do sway with this thing is put more people on a registry until people realize how stupid it is. If we are lucky we can catch a few legislators in the process .

    • texas

      until someone can go to jail for violating a registry, it is nothing, being limited to travel, it is nothing. living to close where animals gather, it is nothing. do i need to go on…….

      • The Unforgiven

        “living too close where animals gather” Love it! Oh, the horror. If you think about it, pets are just about everywhere, like children. Hell, they are even in grocery stores now (some whatever support animal). We are all doomed.

        • TS

          @The unforgiven

          I guess that means livestock farms (no matter how big) or other local family county organic food raising locations possibly put a lot of land off limits for residential restrictions, etc too.

      • Chris f

        Well, history shows those new lists wont be nothing for long. Our list was originally just for law enforcement to help in active cases.

        It won’t take long for a list of drunk drivers to be banned from bars or not allowed to drive through school zones and then perhaps we will finally get the courts to take notice and give us some precident that we can use to end this crap.

        A simple precident that states laws must pass very strict scrutiny if they target someone based on a past criminal offence and that restriction on their liberty must be such that it was not possible for a judge to have decided its need and duration at trial…and cant exceed the length of government supervision as determined by the court.

        • Will Allen

          I’m not sure these other Registries will ever get going like the $EX Offender Registries ($ORs) because the key fuel and component for the $ORs is hate. That is missing from all other Registries so the best thing that will be fueling them is the desire for government to grow bigger, get more money, employ more people, etc.

          I just happened to read an article today that should’ve been used to get the Drunk Driver Registries created –

          Not related but may I give you some hopefully useful advice? I hope you don’t take offense. It’s no big deal to me but can you use a spell checker? I think it helps if we all write as well as we can. I know I need work. The issue is when I read something with spelling errors, I automatically make judgements about the writer (probably most not even consciously). I think others do the same. I realize there are typos, but a person can often tell the difference.

        • Chris f (@ Will Allen)

          @Will Allen

          No offense taken. Unfortunately, I am only able to post from a cheap cell phone and usually when I am supposed to be working. I understand and agree that people don’t take posts as seriously with spelling and grammar issues. Hopefully the regulars on here know me well enough to look beyond that until I can get into a better situation.

          Until then, I am afraid my posts may be filled with all kinds of errors.

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