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NY: Anthony Weiner complained about sex offenders in district before scandal

[ – 5/27/19]

Here’s another thing that gets a rise out of Anthony Weiner: other perverts.

Long before the former Queens congressman earned himself a rap sheet for trading X-rated messages with a 15-year-old girl, he was getting hot and bothered about sex offenders living in the congressional district he represented.

Weiner’s office repeatedly called the NYPD’s Sex Offender Monitoring Unit to gripe about pervs too close to his digs and other places, a source told The Post.

Weiner even once called the unit himself to grumble, according to the source.

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  1. G4Change

    Wow…a story in the NY Post that I kinda like. There’s a first time for everything.
    I wonder if A.W. will now complain about himself to the S.O. Monitoring Unit.

    • Harry

      Make a person wonder about all the other anti-sex offender crusaders? There a local one, here, has been quiet since his beloved son is serving time for 290.

  2. Bill

    You made that bed and now you have to lay in it. Welcome to the jungle hypocrite.

  3. Eric

    One thing I learned from my 5 years and 28 days of incarceration is that inevitably the outspoken, accusatory, finger pointers eventually get exposed as the ones having something to hide.

  4. Tim

    Anthony Weiner(D) is old news thus the mainstream media, cable news etc don’t use him any longer. Curious how Judge Cleland ‘s 90 day timeline gets NO, press coverage. Hmmmm, his actions are rare indeed in American JUDICIAL discourse! But zero coverage by left of right wings. Here we’ve a very rare case in which the judicial branch is asserting its (an) already waived authorities over the legislative branch via ex post prohibition.

  5. Facts should matter

    Enjoying your new normal, Anthony?

    Don’t worry, all you have to do is get your photo taken bi-annually along with some light paperwork that severely curtails your security, privacy, safety and future.. No biggie!

  6. Dustin

    So what? Politicians pandering to the masses isn’t news; they’ve been doing that for as long as there has been elections. Hypocrisy goes right along with it. If anything, it’s a crying shame that Weiner had to become a registrant before accepting what a ludicrous system it is.

    I find it a little disturbing that so many people want to celebrate Weiner’s registry status. Like it or not, the system is just as wrong for him as it is for anyone else. Whether or not he helped create or worsen the system is immaterial. Sorry, but I think the registry is a zero-sum game. Either it’s useful or it’s not. Either it’s constitutional or it’s not. Either you support the registry or you don’t.

    To say some people need to be on it or to celebrate the inclusion of particular individuals means you support the registry in some form or another, and I strongly disagree with that. There are means to supervise the handful of genuine threats without shitting all over the mistakenly presumed ones. It never has and never will provide any use for law enforcement beyond enforcing registry laws themselves and soliciting bigger grants. And I’m not even going to approach the constitutional issue in this post because it’s obvious, would take all day to write, and is pretty redundant to everything else posted.

    So Weiner was sexting someone underage. Did the parents of the girl Weiner was sexting with take it up with her? Seems to me she voluntarily went to whatever site for the purpose of having those very conversations. How does that make her a victim? Why is no one questioning her intent? Why isn’t anyone suggesting that parents keep a better eye on what their kids do online or on their cell phones? If the Internet is so dangerous, why allow kids on it? Or at least watch what they’re doing?

    If it was another one of those stings, doesn’t it just demonstrate that anyone can assume any identity they want online? Wouldn’t that include teenagers lying about their age to access adult sites? Again, it comes down to plain old responsible parenting.

    • Will Allen

      Registries are idiotic and shouldn’t exist.

      Having said that, I’m happy when anyone who supported Registries is listed on one. Good karma. I don’t really know about Anthony W. but he’s just one example.

    • AC

      A teacher can demonstrate bullying to her student’s bullies to show what harm their behaviour is potential causing; without having to be a bully herself.

      We can brandish the registry in a hypocritical “pedo”-politician’s face without having to supporting the registry itself and what it stand for.

      Anthony Weiner’s as much a victim as he’s a tormentor.

      That said, no one is “celebrating” the registry for now containing a self-hypocritical congressman. What we ARE doing is not only serving him his own beef stew but, more pertinently, pointing out yet another example of just “how wrong the system is” (as you put it): it causes wrongful fear and turns otherwise logically-sound lawmakers into ape-like imbeciles.

      On the other hand, if you’re not going to allow him (Anthony Weiner) the penalty of the very social admonishment that people like him have unfairly overlaid us, you’re doing the victims in your support group no favor.

  7. ML

    It’s easy to crow about the downfall of a politician who (like many politicians) mindlessly added to the bloated, ineffective, sex offender registry laws in the nation.

    But I wonder whether anyone has reached out to Anthony Weiner. In time, might he become an effective ally in trying to bring an end to these laws?

    On the other hand, if one is turned off by perverts, then one may want to think twice about a career in politics.

    • AC

      As much as I found much of your sentiment honorable, I have to ask you, ML: what would have prompted us to seek out our oppressor for help against the very beavhior which he used to oppress us in the first place?

      Now that he needs OUR allyship due to the very messy laws he supported (and created?)

  8. bluewall

    Maybe those pushing for these laws or making them should be placed under a microscope and have all the closets opened up to see what sex offense they did….

  9. Joe

    I did this a while ago (when A. Weiner was convicted or sentenced) so I speak from memory here, but I looked up his voting record in congress and nowhere did I find anything noticeable in his record regarding the registry. So I am not sure the source of the shadenfreude in this thread. Am I missing something?

    This current article is published in a Class A smut rag, and nowhere do I find it substantiated in a remotely serious publication. What is going on here – last week, we had a press release from Offender Watch, this week the NY Post – what is next week, the National Enquirer?

    And let’s be honest…. how many here thought the sex offender registry a swell idea – until they or their loved one got added to it? Show of hands. Honest.

    Lastly, let’s keep things in perspective. Rep. Weiner had a conversation with a person old enough to be held accountable for any poor decision – easily as an adult. Had the topic of conversation been blowing up the White House instead of dirty talk, and the file transmitted a bomb making diagram instead of Weiner’s junk (resisting the pun), the poor child would be charged and prosecuted, and likely so as an adult.

    But it wasn’t and it didn’t, so the child! is an automatic and lifelong victim and his life is ruined – as we all know. On top of it no small amount of people in the same predicament rejoice in the congressman’s plight. I don’t really understand why.

    At least the victim! / child! was able to get past all this and return to more age appropriate activities like playing with Barbie Dolls and tea parties with her stuffed animals and such. Ha ha.

    The chiiiiildren!

  10. Mike

    Anthony is human just like everyone else and judges, legislators, Senators and here’s 1 story:

    This is yet more proof that online stings are run by the very perverts they want to believe that they are “protecting” kids from…these sicko cops pretend to be children to entrap men into asking for sex. Here is a recent sting operation that the police in Florida are so proud of.

    NOTE that NOT a single registered sex offender was caught…however, one of the very policemen that participated in these stings deceiving others and trapping them was himself caught! Think he will end up registering as a sex offender…neither do I BUT the point is that these sort of entrapments do not nab registered sex offenders…you know…they ones that the government claims need to be watched and every move monitored.

    Polk’s Sheriff Grady Judd says he got one of his own guys (more will certainly follow). Perhaps he should watch his men instead of so called registered sex offenders. Of course part of his job is to create more “sex offenders” to add to Florida’s inflated registry. Well done…keep it up and soon all your men will be locked up…problem solved.

    During his latest crackdown, dubbed “Operation No Tricks, No Treats,” his deputies arrested Sgt. Luis Diaz, a 17-year veteran of the force. During that time, Diaz had taken part in undercover operations just like the one he was nabbed in. Sounds like rather a moron if you ask me.

  11. USA

    Disappointing. It’s intriguing to see everyone’s true colors come out. Wiener obviously has issues (like the rest of us) and was caught. Rather then have some compassion for him, you have all lashed out at him or attempted to portray yourselves as victims. Imagine how the victims and their families feel about you? Have compassion for him. What comes around, goes around! None of us are perfect and don’t come back with excuses/rational reasons etc. I don’t like the guy, but I feel for him. He has issues

    • Will Allen

      Those “therapy” people really brainwashed you well. Are you sure you don’t work for them?

      “attempted to portray yourselves as victims”

      Lord, what nonsense. Stop with that already.

      F*ck Anthony W. I’ll feel compassion for people who deserve it. If someone pushes and support Registries, then f*ck them every day. I hope they end up listed on Registries.

      Anthony W. may or may not have issues, I don’t have any idea. But your “like the rest of us” is not accurate. The only issues that I have is the Registries. That’s it. If you have issues, don’t project that onto other people.

  12. USA

    Funny. We have someone who thinks I’m taking about them. Guilty? Defensive? I’m proud of my comment. I was 100000000 sure you could t help yourself

  13. Dustin @ AC

    1. I never said anyone was celebrating the registry. I said they were celebrating that Weiner was on it and was disturbed by it.

    2. Few (if any) lawmakers are “logically sound.” Their dominant thoughts are the next election, which budgets they can skim the top of, and which lobbyist is the most generous. The longer they (self) serve, the worse they become. There may be exceptions, but they’re very few, far between, and not likely in the same legislature, federal or state.

    3. I have absolutely no control over “social admonishment” (your words) and it will occur whether I “allow” it or not. But for anyone who claims to be against the registry and for registrant rights, That now includes Weiner, like it or not. To exempt him from all other registrants makes you every bit as hypocritical as Weiner (or any other current / former politician).

    Hate on Weiner all you want for whatever reason. Give him hell for his offense till you turn blue if you like. But his registration is just as wrong and pointless for him as it is for anyone else, his previous support for it notwithstanding.

    • Eric Knight

      Being in a position of power with the ability to actually help make repressive laws happen accentuates the hypocrisy Weiner presents. In addition, by using his existing congressional position to try to influence his own neighborhood because of its presence of registrants is also valid.

      In short, this is not just about a regular citizen who before may have been highly supportive of the registry until he is caught in its snares. This is about a formerly active decision-maker into the methods of oppression all registrants endure, and the fact that he’s now one of those registrants (albeit with millions of dollars more in their pocket) is irrelevant.

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