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AL: Child sex offender-chemical castration bill sponsor State Rep. Hurst: ‘It should be surgical castration’ — Some offenders ‘ought to die’

[ – 6/13/19]

Earlier this week, Gov. Kay Ivey signed HB 379 into law, which is a bill that will mandate so-called chemical castration for certain sex offenders as parole condition for early release.

The law received headlines all around the country, despite Alabama joining several states, which includes California, Louisiana and Florida, with chemical castration laws already on the books.

If the bill’s sponsor had his way, it would go much further. During an interview on Huntsville radio’s WVNN, State Rep. Steve Hurst (R-Munford) explained his push for the legislation but added that he would prefer surgical castration or even death for some offenders.

“I did say this, and I still say this, and I’ve told the media, and I’ll tell you – the way I look at it, it should be surgical castration,” Hurst said on “The Jeff Poor Show.” “But if somebody molests a small child, to be quite honest with you, they ought to die.”

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This guy running his mouth needs to keep his mouth in check, the ones who cry the loudest on this issue is the most guilty for being the very thing their screamin about it.

“This guy running his mouth needs to keep his mouth in check[.]”
I disagree. What better way to show animus and intent than to say such things? This can only play poorly for the Legislature in a court challenge. (Wasn’t it NE or OK where a legislator’s emails and words helped a RC case?)

As the saying goes….me thinks he doth protest to much.

This is exactly why the solution can’t come from legislation. There are elected people like this everywhere and they have the absolute support of the voters. The solution to the registry lie must come from the Supreme Court. There are protections in place, via the Constitution, that very clearly tell us that what has happened with the registry is illegal. Just the other day, Clarence Thomas made comments about dumping precedent in cases that warrant it. Most people thought he was talking about Roe. Maybe he was. But this is an opportunity to find out. There are strict Constitutional scholars… Read more »

@Matt, I totally understand that we want SCOTUS to save us. The reality is that the Supreme Court historically has not started new social trends, they follow them. If you look at specific issues, you will see that the groundwork for social change had already been started by the mistreated people groups by changing society’s view of them at a grassroots level. There were no magical SCOTUS bullets in civil rights history. In fact, SCOTUS made horrible decisions that reflected society’s current prejudices, and only reversed themselves when society changed views. Gays and African Americans offer excellent examples of how… Read more »

@Roger: “But major change in society and the courts will not happen until we are willing to take the risk to share our stories with family and friends, at an appropriate time and appropriate way. We won’t change society until families who are affected by the registry are willing to speak up in front of the media.” Stirring words. Doubtless true. Not gonna happen. Sharing with family would be relatively easy. But there is no need to share with family; they already know and are often impacted by the restrictions that are placed on us. We are the reason why… Read more »

@CR, I think you misunderstood what I meant by “our stories”, I never indicated we should tell our offense details to the world and play the “poor me” game. That is not appropriate. I mean we should share how we are doing anything we can to not reoffend, and share how being on the registry negatively affects our lives. I agree that our family members would be a more sympathetic face than us if they are willing to talk to the media about how they are hurt by collateral damage from these laws and attitudes. And I agree our immediate… Read more »

Completely agree with this. I’m not ashamed to be Registered. I don’t allow people to shame me or call me names. I accept what I did, why, and the punishment for it. But I don’t accept stupidity or endless, increasing, idiotic punishment. I agree with “telling our stories” but I do not let that include any discussion about what I did in the past or why I am Registered. I make that a rule because Registries are unacceptable and people in general cannot be reasonable. So we don’t get to talk about anything that I did. It was adjudicated and… Read more »

Let’s not forget as was mentioned elsewhere that SCOTUS upheld internment camps for the japanese in WW2. Over at sosen there is a better breakdown of such decisions and their reliance on inaccurate studies as is the case with registered offenders.

Oh, please. We don’t owe the public crap! They were sold a lie with Megan’s Law by the crooked lawmakers. If anything, THEY should apologize for exploiting their constituents unwarranted fear and insecurities, but they’re too proud and they’ll never, ever admit wrongdoing.

You don’t have neighbors.. you have two-face hypocrites that bad-mouth you behind your back. Don’t fall for their olive branch, white dove routine.

@Facts, I don’t know where “owe the public” came from. This has nothing to do with owing anything. It’s about changing public perception, which is the ONLY way persecuted people groups have made lasting change. Google “history of the gays civil rights movement” as the perfect example we must follow. They went from hated to accepted in a few decades. Let’s stop the fantasy of putting all our hope in the Supreme Court magically and suddenly deciding to throw out all registries. That is waaaaaaaay down the road. Putting a band-aid court decision on a deep infection just allows the… Read more »

Roger, I think you just made my point for me. Unless you live in California or New York, most people in this country still view people of color as less than human, and gays as mentally ill. As for making friends with people, getting out there, telling the story, and talking to the media: I have been fired, (several times) physically attacked, stabbed, and had my property destroyed by putting myself out there. I think this clown from the south is a perfect example of why incrementalism and using the professional liars to save us is an absurd idea. We… Read more »

Sure “African Americans performed carefully-coordinated civil disobedience and told their stories to the media.”. And without Brown v Board of Education, they would still be doing so today. 70 years later. And it had taken them what, 60 years, to undo Plessy v Ferguson. It has been 16 years since Doe v Smith. Every single major decision goes back to that case, this issue’s Plessy v Ferguson. Are you really going to suggest that PR efforts, and lobbying legislators, and supporting laws that make a grave injustice just a little bit more palatable for a select few, is going to… Read more »

“I think it is pretty clear that the ONLY success this movement may, and I mean may, ever see is going to come from the courts – all the way to the top. Without a Brown v Board of Education event, every effort is simply sisyphian.” WRONG. You seem to be forgetting the courts are influenced as much by public opinion as the rest of society, and that impacts court rulings all the way to the top. We have the burden of undoing the ingrained belief of “frightening and high recidivism.” It is going to take mobilization on all fronts.… Read more »

Derek Logue:

I agree. But, it doesn’t even matter if “frightening and high” were true. The Registries would still be useless and even counterproductive. So why would anyone who actually cares about public safety ever support them, besides for the obvious immoral reasons.

@Derek Logue: The big difference between the Civil Rights efforts movement any “RC movement” is that blacks could cause pain on society by such things as bus strikes and/or simply not showing up for work. Their cause also was a bit different than anything we could mount. They were asking simply to be treated equally despite having more melanin than others in society. We’re asking to be treated equally despite having broken some manner of law. They broke laws in order to effect change in the laws. We wish to effect change in the laws resulting from and after having… Read more »

AJ: “We’re asking to be treated equally despite having broken some manner of law.” Yes, that’s true and so makes the struggle for gay liberation a much closer analog to our own since there were also laws against gays when that struggle began. As for the courts vs. public opinion argument in this thread, I think that it is certainly true that both are needed. We have seen, with abundant historical as well as very recent court decisions that it appears to matter very little (in the immediate short term) if we win or not in court; people who run… Read more »

This has to unconstitutional in every way shape and form, time to file a Class Action Lawsuit against Alabama. Just glad I don’t leave there, plus wouldn’t this qualify as a violation of the 4th Amendment? Search and Seizure.

@Bobby: “wouldn’t this qualify as a violation of the 4th Amendment?” —– Not 4th Amdt., but it could readily be an 8th Amdt. issue, Cruel and Unusual punishment. I’m quite sure castration has historically been viewed as extreme punishment. Castration also implicates one’s fundamental right to a family, so it would be subject to “strict scrutiny” review by any court. This means the Government would need to show the it passed the law to further a “compelling governmental interest,” and must have narrowly tailored the law to achieve that interest. Given they’ve already tossed out the chemical version as a… Read more »

The ignorant mind set of this man is frightening. He obviously isn’t even familiar with the laws that he is elected to vote on. How many offenses fall under “molestation?” Maybe if his 19 year old son has a relationship with a 15 year old girlfriend he can volunteer to throw the switch. Also, it seems to me that most of the death penalty cases that have been overturned through DNA evidence come from this part of the country. The entire reason most people oppose the death penalty is because too many people are wrongfully convicted by overzealous, under informed,… Read more »

Government bodies are on a crusade victimization of sex offenders

Isn’t slavery still legal in Alabama? What a backwards state. if this goes into practice the lawsuits are going to be flying especially after people develop cancer from the drugs they are forcing them to take.

Alabama like many States will continue to be worse and worse because the People choose the Laws direction !!
I live in Bama and every where you find Corrupt hypocrites who are Cowards and the “I’ll do it my way” Back Country Law that is continually ABUSIVE towards it’s Citizens when it comes to Civil Rights and all forms of legal matters. ..THEY ARE AS SHIESTY AS THEY CAN BE !!

Alabama like many States will continue to be worse and worse because the People choose the Laws direction !! I live in Bama and every where you find Corrupt hypocrites who are Cowards and the “I’ll do it my way” Back Country Law that is continually ABUSIVE towards it’s Citizens when it comes to Civil Rights and all forms of legal matters. ..THEY ARE AS SHIESTY AS THEY CAN BE !! LAW SUITS ARE A JOKE !!! HOW LONG DO YOU THINK IT WOULD TAKE IF THE CORRUPT LAW, JUDGES and all Systems are blocking, Stopping and Forcing what They… Read more »

The constitution in Art1 sec 9,10, essentially castrated congressional use of ex post language in law making. Congresses ALL 51, utilized ” Was in prison for a….crime enumerated ” in the OMNIBUS94. This fact prominently exposed a blatant and whole disrespect for constitutional convention undertaken specifically to keep the union one free of tyranny from a powerful few. Neither political party GIVES A DAMN concerning constitutional reverence. That is why Trump became prez, and will get a second term. President Trump recently stated ” no man who voted for the 94 crime bill could ever be elected. ” He is… Read more »

I’ve seen both extremes in here of saying that change has to come through changing peoples minds like it did with blacks and gay and the other side saying that it has to come through SCOTUS like Brown v Board of Education. Well, first, the negative attitude towards us, unlike blacks and gays, will never change or get better because we actually did something wrong. So getting people to sympathize won’t work much at all. Second, SCOTUS didnt fix much with Brown V board of Education to end segregation. It still existed in most souther states even 10 YEARS after… Read more »

“Well, first, the negative attitude towards us, unlike blacks and gays, will never change or get better because we actually did something wrong. So getting people to sympathize won’t work much at all.” It’s not so much the “we did something wrong” part, it’s in vogue to hate anyone with this label. Hate against us is both learned and taught It gives people a sense of empowerment because it’s socially acceptable discrimination America is currently entrenched in a hypocritical, virtue signaling mini trend. Society and the media is all about love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness … UNTIL the topic of… Read more »

I think this criminality needs to be fought at the legislatures, courts, and in public opinion. I think the legislatures and courts part is obvious enough. But for public opinion, you are right that it is completely different from the situations of blacks and gays because they did nothing wrong. But how the “public” treated those people is exactly indicative of what the “public” has always been and are. They are not good people, in general. We can’t expect most of the general public to not harass us (you termed it “sympathize” with us). That is because they aren’t good… Read more »

@Will Allen I agree that a unified force is needed and would help. Unfortunately, given our circumstances, that is unlikely. Most of us do all we can to hide and hope not to be noticed. Our families too. Most have diminished financial means due to these circumstances and won’t risk what little we have for any greater good. Look how there are over 850000 of us and millions when you add in family yet still only a handful show up in these forums and even fewer at events. Perhaps focussing on one easier federal district to succeed in so its… Read more »

Just because the Supreme Court and Rep Hurst have no balls doesn’t mean we should all lose ours.

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