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CO: Court upholds ruling to require teen who traded naked selfies with girls his age to register as a sex offender

[ – 6/28/19]

Colorado’s Supreme Court upheld a ruling last week that required a juvenile boy to register as a sex offender after sexting and trading erotic pictures with two girls roughly his age, a split decision that highlights states’ recent struggles with applying laws passed in a less tech-heavy age.

It began, according to the court’s decision, at a 2012 Future Farmers of America conference, where the 15-year-old met two girls, one 17 and the other 15. In the months that followed, both girls came to believe they were romantically involved with the boy.

Both girls testified that he texted them a photo of his erect penis and asked for a naked selfie in return. They eventually sent the photos after first resisting, the girls testified.

(Because they were juveniles, neither the boy nor the girls are named in court documents.)

Police discovered the photos when the boy was arrested on an unrelated charge and his phone was seized, court documents say.

After a bench trial, the judge ruled that the conduct had amounted to sexual exploitation of a child and sentenced the boy to spend two years on probation as a juvenile sex offender and register as a sex offender for at least 20 years, according to Reason magazine.

The lower court observed that the photos focused on the girls’ intimate parts and “suggested a sexual coyness.”

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The war on sex/ feelings! But it make the state money off the tax payers NO harm to anyone that the kids trade sex pics!! But oh my god that is a sin!!! Who the blank was hurt! Oh yea the cops was hurt by it! NO the asd cops made money off this BS!!! Welcome to cops who are crooks 101

Stupidest thing I have ever read. I’m not blaming the judge for applying the law just the law itself. In its eyes they’re all just monkeys raping each other.

This is Infuriating BEYOND belief.

SHAME on America’s Laws. Yes, even IRAN has more common sense it seems.

So the 15 year old boy was punished, the older girl was not, nor was the girl his age punished for PRODUCING and SHARING child pornography of herself.

This can’t even be blamed on police as a, “Well don’t they have Real Crime to solve?”, because it’s the Idiotic politicians that make up these stupid laws to begin with. The Masses aren’t asking for them!

Who’s responsible for this insanity Only In America? Is it people with Puritanical beliefs, or is it the politicians that are making a name for themselves by DESTROYING people’s lives and their families?

The only glimmer of hope is that the court was Split with the decision. Forty, half of the people in power there still have their brains intact as rational Adults and Human Beings. BRAVO.

Amy Hasinoff,
Another very stupid ” intellectual ” who helped craft the law. I’d be curious about her
Political persuasion. She also passed the emotional buck onto the court ” inability to differentiate between ….” Is this professor feeling some guilt for having impacted the young man’s life,. I sure hope so and her statement may reflect it.

this Professor needs to have her covers pulled and called out! Who was she to be crafting laws anyway? A state rep? A state senator? NOPE a stupid Do gooder intellectual with her head up her ass.
Shitake award nominee this ditz, better email Derek L and get her on the ballot.

Crafted is the perfect word as all these laws are punitive and have no purpose to enhance our public safety, or any ones. The girls are left with guilt for being a normal teenager and the boy the same, except, is ruined for life basically. I hope all there parents are proud of there politicians! They can go to a party and say we got a sex crazed boy off the street. This boy could of grown up married and had his own kids, not now he jumps thru hoops for twenty years… a registrant we can only do so much, it will change when the parents and our relatives give push back in numbers and say enough of this uncalled for punishment that allows politicians to keep there jobs……..bad karma will come there way.

Safety ehhh, IMHO far MORE about ” party” USE( and potential uses of) a database.
The plain indenture of human to machine maintenance is a very extreme government position to take given we were ratified a re:public.
The notion extrapolation renders re: machina. MN>HN= Null.
We all here( by volition) update this blog daily but we are not enslaved to it.
Importantly we opt to utilize this one to confront another database use, known as SOR.
Is the SORNA SYSTEM imposing ” verifiable unreasonable affirmative restraint” upon those indentured?
Freedom of speech was outright attacked and exposed in NC- Packingham.
Freedom of movement was attacked in U.S. V Carr. (Interstate travel notification)
IML operated by where? In who’s state? And holding the citizenry use cache.
The OLDEST TRICK in the evangelical book, schmeeer. Works damn well too.

Let each man be famous or infamous, but by his own doing or not doing, and not by others doings. Ironically the same political bunch who capitalized on SOR, also benefits from forging felons from those actions or persons not. SEE DNA exoneration! btw a new record this year again for those conviction integrity units. Lastly I’ll mention the last administration ‘s actions upon the current COMMANDER & Chief via FISA WARRANT MISUSES ( database used in electronic domestic surveillance).

And let’s not forget the DA and lower court judge that convicted the kid.

Welp… Another life ruined. Glad everyone there can sleep easy tonight. Sweet Dreams

I just made my 14-year old son and 13-year old daughter read this story. Both were like, “D#mn.” They saw what I went through for 10-years on the registry, and have had some experiences of late touching this subject. I have vehemently discouraged this type of behavior on their social media access. I think they both walked away with a measure of understanding that they likely will get caught, and it is not worth it.

@ JohnDoeUtah, good for you. EVERY PARENT should do the same (teach their kids the laws).

I hope the CO CCoA ruling,, comes back to haunt this ruling. 20 years is a lifetime for a minor (leaving the adult side of the discussion aside for the moment) and should be seen in the same vein IMO should the court get this again from another angle.

I agree the two girls should have been charged too because they were on the other side and could have blocked him if this was an issue; thus, they willingly provided the images despite his many requests. Could folks see that as victim shaming? Sure, but since they are all minors, none of the three could consent to this reasonably anyway because lack of a fully developed brain in their heads.

This male human will be on private databases for life. It’s already irretrievably embedded.
If he should turn political it will be used to schmeer his credibility. He will never remain anonymous despite the courts efforts.

Actually, just so everyone is aware of the Facts:

Researches are saying that the human brain isn’t developed until past age 25. Thus, everyone under age 25 could be considered “unable to consent”. I hope this leads to 25% of the population being locked up. That’s what it will take for the Puritans In Power to take their heads out of their asses and realize that human sexuality starts at a much younger age then they may be comfortable with.


Their brain development is exactly why I wrote that in the comment. More specifically, the male brain takes longer to develop than the female brain but both aren’t there at 15 & 17 respectfully for this article. Add head injuries (regardless of size) to the situation, e.g. from contact sports or even military training where heads get knocked, you may have a viable defense for a young adult through 25.

Thanks for bringing that up again because it is important to the overall context, I believe.

The problem with the “undeveloped brain” data is that people are unaware of its broader significance as postulated by a number of researchers. I don’t really want to have to re-write what I had said previously about it but, here goes: “Neural imaging research has been pressed into service to strip kids of all rights. Biologist Robert Sapolsky is among those who believe the brain is that way so kids can mature their brains “on the job.”

In other words, the undeveloped prefrontal cortex is not a developmental “flaw” but an evolutionary “feature.” It is undeveloped precisely so that valuable life experiences & contemporary culture can mold it. Take away those many “experiences” and you have a forever stunted adult.

The frontal cortex is the part of the brain LEAST influenced by genes & the part most influenced by culture and environment. So it is an amazing developmental tool that busybodies have misappropriated & completely misunderstand by arguing for more isolation of kids from the world.”

Also, I previously wrote this: “The convenient assumption of the social busybodies is that late development of the prefrontal cortex is a reason to shield adolescents from adult society. Now, researchers such as Stanford’s Robert Sapolsky believe that that lack of development is an important feature – not a shortcoming – in shaping the adolescent through experience and interaction with the world. It is a means of fitting in lots of important real-world experiences BEFORE the brain has assumed its final form and therefore improve his or her adaptation to the environment, broadly defined. This process of maturation can be seen as an epigenetic opportunity to overcome purely inherited, genetic, programming that would leave the adult ill-equipped to contend with a dynamic and socially-evolved environment. You won’t hear this explanation from the social reengineers, though.”

Further of “Adolescent brains” from: “Why teens take risks: It’s not a deficit in brain development” “Beyond stereotypes of adolescent risk taking: Placing the adolescent brain in developmental context”The authors propose an alternative model that emphasizes the role that risk taking and the experience gained by it play in adolescent development. This model explains much of the apparent increase in risk taking by adolescents as “an adaptive need to gain the experience required to assume adult roles and behaviors.” That experience eventually changes the way people think about risk, making it more “gist-like” or thematic and making them more risk averse. The reason teens are doing all of this exploring and novelty seeking is to build experience so that they can do a better job in making the difficult and risky decisions in later life — decisions like ‘Should I take this job?’ or ‘Should I marry this person?’ There’s no doubt that this period of development is a challenge for parents, but that’s doesn’t mean that the adolescent brain is somehow deficient or lacking in control.”


Thanks for that brain info.

So the girls don’t get charged because? And they use the argument that they have to go by the laws at the time the crime was committed yet when it comes to relief from the registry they go with current laws? Complete craziness. There is no liberty or justice in America anymore.

According to a 2018 study cited by the court, “approximately one in four teenagers has received a ‘sext,’ and approximately one in seven has sent one.”. Approximately, 26 million U S.
youth are between 13-18 years of age, so approx. 7.5 million have “sexted”. Okay, law enforcement, get to it!! Arrest them, prosecute them, destroy their lives and take away their futures!

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