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NY: Registered sex offender living at Newfane nursing facility

[ – 6/6/19]

7 Eyewitness News has learned a registered sex offender is living at the Newfane Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. But he had been quietly living in a local nursing home for months without any residents knowing.

What’s even more concerning is how close this facility is to three schools. The registered sex offender has been living at the Newfane nursing center since January, but the state has not notified anyone until Thursday.

This is the same center where the state attorney general’s office is also investigating an alleged rape.

The nursing facility is located kitty corner from Newfane Middle, elementary and high school. 7 Eyewitness News was at the location Wednesday as we recorded school buses that roll directly by the Transit Road nursing home every weekday.

“I don’t want my children any where near a registered sex offender,” remarked Burke Hughes, Lockport parent.

Burke says the nursing residents, who are able, can talk walks right through the neighborhood.

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  1. G4Change

    What a crock of crap!!!

  2. NorthEastPENN

    G4Change – I second that!!

    This article is nothing less than simple fear mongering by creating a false sense of “danger”.

    7 Eyewitness News don’t you have any “REAL” news to report that is worth reading? Oh, that’s right, “real” news does not create “clicks” on your site so you don’t get paid from advertisers then – My Bad!!

  3. Will Allen

    Good God, people in the U.S. are just such a bunch of morons. What complete morons. Don’t even know what else to say.

    If I had a child that attended one of those nearby schools, what possible difference could it make to me if this Registered guy were living in this nursing home? Let’s say that he wasn’t. How would that change how I protect my child in any way? How would that affect the risk in any way?

    This guy is old. A guy half his age could easily and trivially take walks right the same place that this guy might.

    Or his neighbor in the nursing home could have raped someone once a year his entire life.

    Supposedly this guy raped someone 30 years ago. Why do these people think there is not a 30 year old guy who is living nearby who will decide to rape someone today? I think it is pretty obvious that my child would be more at risk from someone like that, who we know exists, than this old man.

    It is just ridiculous. I do find it great though that their hysteria is really negatively affecting the lives of the people who are freaking out. I really hope it causes them distress. They deserve it. The one article stated, “The Newfane Central School District issued an emergency broadcast alert to all parents Thursday canceling school events and activities at the Newfane facility.” So that is great. I love that their harassment negatively affects their lives. I hope their security theater continues to inconvenience them.

    I cannot express my level of hatred for people who support Registries. They don’t have enough problems so they can spend their time being stupid. They need some real problems, like a nuclear war.

    • AJ

      @Will Allen:
      Don’t you get it? This infirm old man is a horrible risk. Way riskier than, oh I don’t know, a nurse in a facility who rapes and impregnates a comatose patient.

      • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

        I’m thinking that there could be a whole new subcategory of porn to revivify the industry: nursing home porn. “Mr. Jenkins, are you ready for that Depends change, yet?”

        • C

          Oh that ship has sailed. You’re obviously a stranger to pornhub and granny porn.

        • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

          C: Re: “Oh that ship has sailed. You’re obviously a stranger to pornhub and granny porn.”

          Ha! It’s true, I’ve not visited pornhub or, for that matter, intentionally visited ANY porn site.

          I just always assumed I’d find nothing of sufficient interest. Yes, I’m THAT picky!

    • James

      Just sent this to the FCC licensee listed for that station (the station did not have a way to contact them).

      Dear Scripps:

      I am writing out of concern about the conduct of one of your stations, WKBW, with respect to their recent article, “Registered sex offender living at Newfane nursing facility”.

      I have read the report and am shocked at how the piece fails to meet even the lowest of ethical standards in journalism, essentially creating a story where there was none and I daresay may have even crossed the line of being libelous toward Mr. Mitchell in the process.

      In my opinion, the report in essence, played into contemporary public hysteria over “sex offenders” and created a story around this individual, implying a link between the subject and an investigation into an alleged rape, but provides no evidence to support this.

      The report goes on to indicate that the presence of the individual in the nursing center places him near public schools (how near is unclear as the report doesn’t say). This again appears intended solely to inflame the readers of the article, as there was no evidence presented by this “investigative” report to show that Mr. Mitchell had, in fact, posed a danger to the students at these schools. In actuality, those that have studied popular “residency restriction” laws have found that the mere presence of registered individuals living in the community does not, in itself, increase public safety risk, and it should not go without mention that the absence of registered persons living in proximity to schools likewise does not make the community any safer.

      This is how I would read the same situation: Guy screwed up at some point in the past, is now on the registry. He’s old now, perhaps his criminal history is decades old at this point, and in need of living assistance due to his failing health. He finds (against all odds probably) a nursing center that will accept him (I’m sure they ran background checks), one that perhaps took the time to actually understand his story and his past and frame these properly in order to make an informed decision on his suitability for placement in their center. They do so, and he dutifully registered the address change in order to remain in compliance with the law. No criminal wrongdoing there (at least your report doesn’t mention any registry violations), so that means there was no registry violation with respect to the proximity with the schools, either. Hmm, so this elderly, probably disabled adult has not committed any crimes, nor has any credible allegations of having committed any crimes, at least any with merit substantiated by evidence. His only mistake, being an easy target for predatory reporting by someone who clearly has an internal bias that so colors their view that they fail to read a situation for what it is.

      One thing I can say that the reporter is good at is spinning the story of one unremarkable individual to create a tale the public probably is eager to swallow, hook, line, and sinker. Perhaps the journalist missed their calling and should go into politics instead!

      [Name Withheld]

  4. American Detained in America

    He’s in a freaking nursing home for a reason people! More proof how ridiculous all this hysteria really is!

  5. Tim

    @Will A.,

    ” I’ve no specific information about a threat from the individual…interest of safety… ”

    A general threat that warrants extra precautions including losses of liberty from those who may be threatened this man therefore suspension ( of legal normal activities , field trips, music performances , visits) until further notice are necessarily being taken.

    How dumb are these folks? Give up all your liberty for safety and get neither.

  6. Tim

    The ownership of the affiliate is found at the bottom to the webpage.

    Consider the source.

    • ML

      If anyone would like to comment on either article, here is a link to the station’s FB page (the comments are quite disturbing.) Some sanity is sorely needed (you’ll need to scroll down to the articles, which were posted on June 6):

  7. TS

    Reading the accompanying article, the other individual mentioned was ruled not competent to stand trial as you can read here.

    Sex offender ruled not competent to stand trial, case adjourned

  8. Bo

    As advocates transition to trying to make political change stopping laws before they start, what can we do to fight against all this bad press?

    Is it worth writing the editor? Do we have a pro offender publicist?

  9. USA

    I had actually worked in healthcare prior. Everyone is entitled to basic human rights! I’m a bit surprised. Nobody should be prohibited from their basic needs or receiving healthcare, no matter where they come from. It’s very disturbing to think someone could possibly be prohibited from adequate healthcare due to a past mistake or criminal record? That’s troubling! Unfortunately, this is in my view prejudice! It’s shocking to comprehend how people are still prohibited from living in certain areas, based upon their criminal past? It’s mind boggling. I can only hope that when Ca enacts the new law, people take advantage of it!

  10. Normal Bean

    Yet I’ll bet dollars to donuts all the people clutching their pearls about this old fart in the nursing home are applauding the “brave” drag queens reading to children at the library, and the prepubescent transgenders who appear with them. Ffs…

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      You have to consider that we aren’t smart enough to get our information from NewsMax or Breitbart. Also, I’m a libertarian, not a leftie.

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      Also, Mr. Bean, as you earlier expressed an interest in my “intolerance” in disliking the Republican Party, I thought I’d point out an alarming level of intolerance in your references to “prepubescent transgender” kids.

      • General Bean

        My intolerance is not directed at children, but towards the parents who accept, rather than treat, this illness and the men who encourage them to lead “pride” parades and throw money at them as they prance across the stage like drag queen strippers. Convince me that is not flagrant sexualization of children and should be tolerated.

  11. USA

    I spent some time in the courts and LA County Jail after my plea! That was a serious wake up call! Gang bangers, hardcore drug dealers, murderers, multiple convictions for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and the list goes on and on! I met people who will never see freedom again! I recall going to court and the cases prior involved people with extensive rap sheets and a multitude of probation/parole violations! Yet, we are discussing an elderly man who paid his debt to society years ago? Really?

    • Civil Rights first

      Ya…. And all those gangbangers, repeat drug dealers, etc.etc. aren’t on any registry listing their offenses.. and the ones that will get out (most of them) will get to have a true second, third, fourth, fifth, etc etc chance.

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