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Janice’s Journal: Georgia Law Punishes Registrants, Breaks Up Families

Registrants and their families are suffering in the State of Georgia. The cause of their greatest concern is a state law that prohibits anyone convicted of a sex offense that took place after July 1, 2008, from living, working or loitering within 1,000 feet of a long list of locations including schools, churches and any place “where children congregate”. As a result of this law, there are thousands of families in Georgia that are already homeless or could become homeless at a moment’s notice.

One of those families includes a man convicted of a single sex offense who is currently on probation. He and his wife are lucky because they both have jobs and can afford to rent a home in order to live together while raising their infant daughter. That man has asked his probation officer for permission to rent a home at five different addresses, however, his probation office has refused to approve him and his family living at any of those addresses

To make matters worse, the man’s probation officer is forcing him to live in Tent City, a small triangle of land that is bordered by a state highway and an off-ramp. It is a small triangle of land that has no electricity, running water or sanitation. It is also a small triangle of land that is full of rats, snakes and spiders. Further, it is a small triangle of land which can only be escaped from by breaking another law, that is, by walking across a state highway.

There are at least a dozen other men who are required to live in Tent City. Some of those men have just arrived while others have lived there for three years or more. One of the men currently living in Tent City is a disabled veteran, who fought for our country for more than 14 years in both the Marines and the U.S. Army. Without warning, he was arrested while living in a veteran’s home in Columbus that welcomed him and provided him with a room to sleep in as well as three meals a day. After his arrest, this disabled veteran spent more than two months in jail because law enforcement determined that the veterans’ home, he was living in was less than 1,000 feet from a church. Upon release from jail, the veteran’s probation officer told him he could not return to the veteran’s home, but instead was required to live in Tent City.

Another man currently living in Tent City asked his probation officer permission to live with his father in a nearby town. The probation officer denied that request as well as three additional requests to live with friends or relatives. Because this man has a job, he could afford to pay for housing. However, he is prohibited from living in a home with running water, electricity and a toilet because his probation officer requires him to remain in Tent City.

In addition to the inhumane conditions found in Tent City, residents there face several additional challenges. For example, gunshots are often fired nearby. Although no one has yet been injured by those gunshots, one resident was threatened with death by a man who pointed a gun at his face.

Another challenge facing the residents of Tent City is that they are prohibited from entering a public shelter even in the face of a hurricane. One resident who feared the falling of trees at Tent City during a recent storm left Tent City and chose instead to shelter under the overhang of a local convenience store that was closed.

It is inhumane for anyone to be required to live in Tent City or any other location that lacks electricity, running water and sanitation. It is inhumane for families to be forced apart because a probation officer refuses to approve a residential address. This law must be stopped!

Photos from Tent City

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— by Janice Bellucci

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This is absolutely insane. History will not look favorably on this time for many things, but especially this. Vast majority of Americans don’t realize what’s actually going on and especially to whom (willing to bet almost no parent is aware that their teenagers can incredibly easily end up on the registry for the crime of a nude-selfie). And even those that are aware, think this is a fitting PUNISHMENT (we certainly can’t say the people who are making these laws are ignorant of reality). It’s truly unfortunate that our current system has no recourse for plainly bad laws specifically designed to hurt people. We’ve given our lawmakers just shy of a license to kill for votes. Because, let’s be realistic, most of these laws are just that: pandering for votes under the guise of “public safety”.

Exactly right.

Most Amerikans don’t care what is going on or whom it is hurting. They are scum. Just as they’ve always been. Self-righteous, self-entitled, lazy, stupid. A large majority of the population today are prideful of all that. Being stupid and uneducated is some badge of honor. Sad.

Smart, decent Americans don’t support Registries. Few did and now none do.

If someone does actually care about public safety and still supports Registries, then they are either terribly uninformed or just a sad joke. What could be more pathetic than supporting something that is so obviously and demonstrably much worse than just worthless? What a colossal failure.

*Most Amerikans don’t care what is going on or whom it is hurting.&

“I only care about the victims” Is their convenient go-to response that rationalizes everything in their pea-brains! They’re too f’ng ignorant to understand the registry CREATES victims.

Thus my passion and obsessions with database misuse. Tent cities are an indirect consequential outcome from embracing a use of the gov database that works anti liberty.

Those who insisted on unfettered use ( deep state police)clearly understood the anti liberty outcomes would result. That Mr. Kennedy in North Carolina versus Packingham fainted ignorance about the ubiquitous nature of social media ( a compilation of user inputs stored on a database for recall and social network broadcast) will not impact the furtherance of unintended consequences. Far too late for that Mr Kennedy- far to late! The die is cast.

The total irony of this is that we have daily national outrage on every news outlet about the conditions at the border, families being separated, people living in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions, and fighting over a humanitarian aid package to help them, yet, right here in the interior politicians are pushing more laws to force people into theses same abhorrent conditions, people who have paid their debt to society, people who are legal citizens. Yet not a peep about that from either side.

It is very very sad, that there are other places out there like the one Where the homeless sex offenders hand a live under a bridge with the same conditions ears of go. I believe it was in Florida but I am not sure so don’t “me. I’m not sure if it is still there now how ever there are other places that have set up tiny home communities for these people perhaps this family could buy a tiny home to live in says they both have jobs and not worry about rent or move to Mexico where there is no registry.

Georgia’s residency “restriction” laws murdered 6 year old Christopher Barrios (he was choked to death). There are likely other victims but Christopher is an undisputed one. And certainly Georgia’s “$EX offender” harassment laws in totality have murdered other children, including 13 year old Melinda Hinson. Those children were murdered by the hands of Georgia’s criminal legislators.

The main scumbag criminal Georgia legislator, Jerry Keen, claimed that his murder of Christopher demonstrated why Georgia needs his “restrictions”!! To even dream of saying such a thing a person would have to believe that most of the general population are morons. He was correct apparently. Georgia still has their laws and their criminal legislators. Last I heard criminal Keen was enjoying retirement near where Christopher was murdered.

Why are innocent people murdered while the guilty are still free today?

I totally agree these restrictions are pointlessly punitive and ineffective at protecting anyone, but I don’t follow how they caused the murders of these children???

Luckily and interestingly, in this case you can hear it directly from the mouth of the murderer. I have. The guy who did it was living in a home for a very long time that was about 900 feet (if I recall correctly without looking anything up) from a park. He’d been living there with his family for a very long, I recall around a decade or longer. Then suddenly one day, the criminal regime of Georgia comes along and tells him that it is “too dangerous” for him to be living so darn close to a park and that he must move.

He was trying to move but didn’t move quickly enough to satisfy criminals in the criminal regime. So they arrest him and convict him of a BS felony. Gets 10 years of nonsense probation. Which likely (can’t recall) even included idiotic “$EX offender” therapy, which obviously was stupid. So 3 days after he was sentenced, he said, “F them, I’m going to retaliate and hurt people.” And he did. And he said why he did.

It’s that simple. I’m certain that many other people have retaliated. It usually just isn’t so obvious, stated, and undeniable (unless you are a lying, pandering, criminal politician like Jerry Keen and his scummy colleagues and ilk).

Melinda Hinson was murdered by someone intentionally retaliating for the Registries. It just wasn’t the residency “restrictions” part of it. Although I’m sure he found those unacceptable as well.

I’ve told this to many Registry Supporters/Terrorists and it seems as if most of them just shrug their shoulders. They aren’t too worried about dead children. But tell those same people that a person looked at pictures of naked children and they’ll lose their little minds. I’ve seen that a lot.

Will A,
Huh? WTF are you talking about ” residency restriction leads directly to a child being choked to death” Explain how \ what you mean by confirmed causality link between them two.

I did. Just 2 comments above.

The murderer lived in his home with his family for over a decade doing nothing but living a normal life like anyone else. The criminal regime of Georgia comes along and says, “You are a ‘$EX offender’ so you have to move.” He says “F you”, so they arrest him, convict him, steal his money, etc., and put him on very long BS “$EX offender” probation. He says “F you, I’m retaliating by murdering someone.” Then he murders someone. The end.

Do you think that most people would come to the conclusion that what the criminal regime did was brilliant?

I promise you that there are a lot of people who have reacted very, very poorly to the harassment from these criminal regimes. Promise plenty more people have been murdered. Promise you that there is more to come. Not everyone will just sit back and accept whatever these criminal regimes feel like inflicting upon them. I have yet to hear any person with a brain say that it is a good idea to find a person who is dangerous (as the criminal regimes themselves say), back that person into a corner, and constantly poke the person with sticks. Only stupid people would do that. If these criminal regimes can’t get on the moral high road with respect to crime and punishment, then every U.S. citizen is in danger and suffers.

Directly requiring someone to live in Tent City, or doing so indirectly by passing residency restrictions that have the same result, is banishment. That is cruel and unusual punishment. In addition, for those who committed their offenses before the effective date of the law, it is ex post facto punishment.

The Devil went down to Georgia….

This is banishment, plainly and clearly.

It is apartheid.

Facilitated by a criminal regime. They deserve everything they are getting.

I expect most people like the saying of “Give me liberty or give me death.” I get that saying but I prefer to not be the one dying. It should be the harassing aggressors. But I guess my personal motto has been “Give me liberty or you’ll suffer.”

Yes Janice,
It MUST BE stopped. The thing about living in a system where so many DNA exoneration cases have been uncovered is that it informs the people of certain system truths.
Truth 1) No real evidence is needed to convict.
2) No real evidence is needed to banish folks from the community.
3) No real constitutional discipline, nor precedence, nor procedure is actually abided by administrators, cops, or bureaucrats.

This has serious implications for the people’s perceptions of faith in our justice systems. These negative perceptions of doubt and suspicion undermine the necessary sense of confidence & credibility & faith in our government. Ultimately a nation without credibility in the people’s eyes always fails.

I GET this pretty clear comment!! And I agree with it.


The term “Sex offender registry” was chosen with a purpose .
In reality it is a reactionary government database.
By advocates referring to the machine as a “registry” A truth is distorted.
The term registry was chosen purposefully to down play general public attitudes toward government databases.( that store individual citizen’s data points.)
The unionized democratic social police Byrne Grant folks knew damn well about those negative attitudes. Many folks still hold that view, especially 2nd Amendment’s folks. So I trust some of you ADVOCATES will stop using the term “registry” in favor of “the government database” formally known as the sex offender registry. (SNARK & SNORT)

I guess it all depends on how badly you want to win!
You choose.

The ACLU allowed this to happen because the target people are “sex offenders” If, this was any other politically correct groups, they would have put a stop this like ants on candy.

Well ACLU was involved in the run up to SCOTUS03, filed amicus contesting constitutionally.
Unfortunately everyone against the regime fired arrows at the wrong target hence the Rehnquist court sided with the Gov 6-3.
Scalia- I should think the Government of the United states should be permitted to utilize the database for any and every reason Congress chooses to use it for. ( unfettered uses)
Ok, see what havoc that position brings with it Mr Scalia, and that pillow will not block the hard gaze of St. Peter at the gate. Down you go for supporting the enslavement of human to database working anti liberty.

While I appreciate being kept aware of another Floridah type failure, I would appreciate it even more if those with legal resources, like Janice and team, could also provide an update on any failed or upcoming challenges.

Thanks for everything you do though.

I am still waiting for a REAL lawsuit against the SOR/IML or combination there of. I do not want sound un-appreciative, as I am supportive of the efforts that are coming our way, however, this is getting very old. It has to go from the fringes to the root. Janice, has try to explain the legal scoping and organization to target the SOR, however, it is seems bog down the goal.

I’m working on that very combination in a WI state FTR case. Given that ex post review requires “a totality or circumstances perspective” standard when weighing Kennedy’s Mendoza-Martinez factors in the two prong intent\effects; a record combining the two will be possible. I will accomplish getting IML into the record by first questioning agent concerning Megan’s Law(301.46 Public notification \SOR) & second IML, which oddly does the same thing – notification. I’M subject to both ex post 1991.
IML is a less passive regime which was an issue in the Does03 the court claimed the passive nature of state’s database supported the civil designation of SOR because it necessarily required those interested to ” seek the information themselves as needed” and agree to lawful use before hand. Curiously IMLs intent is to protect foreign nationals on their soil and works anti-liberty for registered travelers even when their intent for traveling is for completely lawful purposes.

Our government officials and the news media cover the stories of inhumane conditions at immigration receiving facilities on the border-
Why are they not doing the same for Tent Cities that registrants, citizens of this country, are forced to live in because of the punitive laws this country keeps throwing at it’s own citizens?

Yes, why not.
Fact 1) Both problems created by dysfunctional gov.
2) Both fire an agenda of ” safety. ” but the issue Not being addressed (ours)
disguises the federal surveillance saints unconstitutional delving into the day to day lives of citizens. Georgia merely follows fed SMART leadership.
3)Borders Are a fed issue but they’d rather first gain domestic political security before solving or doing their primary constitutional role. This results from political attitudes of party first and nation second. Exactly as SORNA.
What sane rancher advertises the least of his herd?

The pics of the “living conditions” they’re forced to endure is depressing. In the woods eat up by mosquitoes and left for dead. Dystopia has arrived!

In the Jeffrey Epstein case Technically the NYPD & Whom is in charge of keeping on top these things Broke the law! Personally we need laws that if police, judges, senators & legislation make laws with no evidence of the need for it, cops break the law or dont enforce laws & judges who break or dont enforce laws and judges who convict a person with no evidence should be punished. They do what they do without a care because they dont get punished! If they did they would think twice like pushing an enacting laws to move higher up the ladder.

They should copy Taylor, California’s Supreme court decision and elimination of these conditions.

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