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PA: Over 400 Registered Sex Offenders In Erie Causes Halloween Concerns For Parents

[ – 10/25/19]

Trick-or-treating can be fun and exciting… But going door-to-door to different homes can be very dangerous.

Parents aren’t just concerned about tainted candy this Halloween, they’re also worried that children may be trick or treating around sexual predators. Halloween is a week away but people have already begun to celebrate at Millcreek Mall’s annual Trail of Treats event.

Trick-or-treating in the mall is going to be the only Halloween some children experience this year.  The fear of a child being lured by sexual predators causes reluctance for parents to send their children door-to-door.

Public record reveals there are more than 445 registered sex offenders living in Erie as of Oct. 24.

Police advise that trick-or-treaters are chaperoned by adults. Registered sex offenders is public information so if you are curious about a sex offender living in your neighborhood you can search for online and plan your trick or treat trail ahead of Halloween.

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This article is worse than the candy that will be passed out for Halloween.



And will not protect children from drunk drivers running them over which happens every year.

Pure pointless drivel on the level of information garbage.

Shame on this news group for putting out this hack writing.

Jesus. If this is the kind of constant panic one has to endure upon entering parenthood, it’s a wonder why people continue to have them.

What in the good lord’s name, did they do before “the registry” existed?

“Parents aren’t just concerned about tainted candy this Halloween”

nuff said about this nonsense…

I wrote a nice comment which is waiting for approval, which I hope the sorry excuse for a journalist sees. Also, can the ACSOL follower who writes “$ex” or “$OR” please stop doing that everywhere? I have seen his posts for years. Now people who read his comments on articles think the the guy is on drugs because he cannot write the word “SEX” or “Sex Offender Registry” or “SOR”. Why do you keep incorrectly writing the word “sex” that way? Do you think your comment won’t be allowed to be posted on any website? You look more like a… Read more »

Here here, and the spelling of America with a k. What the hell is that supposed to imply? I pretty much just ignore what he says anyway he just rants and raves, writes a lot of words and says nothing. But I guess he has a right to comment on here. There are a lot of could post’s on here though.

What is the k supposed to imply? Wow. Maybe you aren’t cut out to understand much of what you read? You should just ignore it.

In fact, you should probably only read things that make you feel comfortable.

If only just a small percentage of you would accomplish 1% of what I have, things would certainly be different. 1%.

Why is your comment waiting for approval? Did you say “sex”? My comments haven’t needed moderation.

I responded to you yesterday but I guess ACSOL didn’t think it was nice enough. People are sensitive.

$EX gets attention. You should try it. And those people you are talking about that think a person would be on drugs because of that are just idiots. Do you actually give credence to the replies from people who support Registries? Have you not learned yet that a good 95% of those people are certifiable idiots? That’s hilarious.

Wait… you mean LAST year (and all prior years) they were ONLY worried about tainted candy and nothing more? Cause that’s exactly what the article implies. In the first sentence. Hmmmmm

I chose a different tack and emailed the reporter directly. Perhaps a private message will be noticed quicker by the organization. Dear Ms. Andrews: When I see headlines such as this one that is associated with your reporting, I am reminded how divided we remain as a society. If this were a report about 400 prison escapees, perhaps the distribution of such news would not possibly be far enough, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Ignorance is common, but when it is perpetuated by those with a societal obligation such as our news outlets, it is disturbing. The news… Read more »

I like the tack you took and I think it’s a great letter for that tack. But I also would have included the fact that Registries aren’t needed or useful. Your letter rightly points out the Halloween idiocy but it seems to endorse Registries, simply because people assume Registries are awesome.

You could have also pointed out that we can’t even be bothered to Register people who are really a danger on Halloween and that is drunk/drugged drivers. It wouldn’t help to Register them but it does show that this “$EX offender” BS isn’t for public safety.

I think this reporter is a bit skewed in her thinking about what is fair and balanced. A little more self-awareness of her internal bias would go a long way to helping her see her reporting more clearly. Here is her response (impressed I received a response actually 🙂 ) and my follow up comments: Dear Ms. Andrews, Thank you for the response. I’m glad you gave the parents a chance to voice their opinions. I only wish you had given some of the 445 individuals whom you wrote about and referred to by name and location (via a web… Read more »


Interesting response from Brianna Andrews. I wonder in her research did she realize that not all Registrants are child molesters or rapists? It seems to me she left that out in her “fair and balanced reporting.”

It also seems to me that she continues to maintain the already distorted view of the sex offender by painting everyone in the same brush.

@Bill, I agree, I didn’t see much openness to other points of view that didn’t match her expectations. She probably wasn’t expecting her piece to be controversial, so I’m glad she now knows that there are some that are willing to speak up for those who have no voice in the public discourse. She also can’t claim ignorance the next time Halloween comes around. If she chooses to write a clearly biased piece, she will do so willfully. In the end, her own conscience will be the biggest loser.

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