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FL: Florida Sheriff’s Association says Halloween initiative targeting sex offenders was a success

[ – 11/12/19]

LARGO, Fla. — The Florida Sheriff’s Association is happy with the Halloween initiative to keep kids safe during trick or treating and related events.

The operation involved 18 counties that targeted sexual offenders and predators to ensure that they followed the law. This involved a three-day operation that included physical checks on every sexual offender/predator to ensure they are properly registered and in compliance.

Hours dedicated to this operation: 774 hours

Read how they were successful [in huge overtime pay]



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” Hours dedicated to this operation: 774 hours ”

A success for them because they got paid for trick or treating and chasing imaginary monsters. They should have put on costumes themselves and may i recommend to dress up as clowns because that is what they are.

Also, 774 hours of patrol cars idling and cruising about spewing CO2 in the air for trick-or-treaters to inhale. And cops make US out to be the bad guys?

How did Florida handle these awful situations (unregistered sex offender, outside or shopping on Halloween) before this registry thing existed?? Wow. Just wow.

It’s all about the money. Everything about this registration scheme is about money(and votes). I figured out here where I’m registered that I can register transient and not be subject to compliance checks. State law doesn’t require LE to check up on transients. It’s called self verification enhanced process. I go in once a month, wait for 30 mins usually and then initial, date, initial my self verification paperwork. That’s it!!! The community is safe!!!
I’m not on any probation or parole. Killed my number 12 years ago. On lifetime registration. Oh well. No kids no wife no house. Just me my car and my job I’ve had for 11 years. Same company. Both parents passed away last year so I’m just going through life with no clue. Just work stay out of trouble and keep registered. I hope they change all this one day.

“The safety of *our children* is always top of mind for law enforcement throughout the state of Florida,”

We should condemned and call out their usage of “our children.” Why? The context is misleading and derogatory. It promotes situational entitlement, exclusivity and privilege. It promotes the disfranchisement of children of SO’s. It’s a dehumanizing slap in the face to know that LEOs only care about protecting children from households that never had run-ins with the law. Anytime you here them tout “our children,” it should never sit well with you!

Also, they’re just flattering themselves for taking false credit for doing NOTHING while trolling for grant money to expand this wild goose chase next Halloween.

Always the pretentious benevolence in organized LEO associations.
We can place the Byrne Grant federal folks in that same category.
All done for the unfettered use of the database to promote domestic electronic surveillance and a fledgling surveillance economy. Let us all pretend a database can prevent recidivism.

They are happy like some special needs people are when they are licking windows. No difference.

It’s much easier to steal taxpayer resources with “work” like this than it is to do actual work.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri is a liar. He said, “The safety of our children is always top of mind for law enforcement throughout the state of Florida.” Of course that is a lie. If it were not, this “operation” never would have been considered.

Further, he implied that all Registered People (RPs) were checked. The article also said the “operation” “included physical checks on every sexual offender/predator”. I’m skeptical. The article said that 1,555 of 1,567 of the RPs in Pinellas County were “in compliance”. I read that to mean that the law enforcement criminals (LECs) met each of those 1,555 people at their homes. I don’t believe that.

If that were true, it would be very disappointing.

The question is – do people want these types of “operations” to end? Do we want “compliance checks” to stop? I’m not sure I do. I think it is great when LECs waste their time, money, and other resources. I also really, really hope that these operations very negatively affect the morale of every LEC. It should. Any of them with a brain should be embarrassed and humiliated. Any of them with a brain should understand how this kind of nonsense has destroyed their authority, respect, and ability to be effective. So in that sense, I love the waste of these “operations”. I hope it continues to be very, very difficult for law enforcement agencies to attract qualified, good, normal people to work there. They’ll continue to have the dysfunctional work environment that they’ve always had.

But on the moral, proper, American side – I don’t think these PR stunts should be allowed. But in order to stop them, RPs are going to have to have a spine, stand up, and refuse to allow them. I’ve said it 1,000 times – I don’t think RPs should allow LECs around their homes ever. So how will this nonsense continue in the future? Does everyone want LECs to continue to do PR stunts and brag about them in an attempt to extort more money from the clueless, gullible public?

Today, I’ll personally ensure that Registries are much worse than worthless and very damaging. Will you?

Mr. Allen,
The LEC’s don t have since enough to care and only those people without a care for their fellow man or brain want to be employed with LE. DUH look at me I have a gun and a badge, I’m a bad ass. They are trained from day one to brag about the stupid acts they do to impress the ill informed public and their less than intelligent bosses

They successfully were able to be paid overtime to confirm that at least 99% of the people were in compliance.

Yea while they were Chasing the bogeyman children will get run over by a drunk drivers and killed like they did down here in orange county California drunk driver killed nine-year-old boy and his mom and dad Halloween night orange county California this happens everywhere but yet they can spend 700 and something hours chasing us, Its ridiculous it’s absurd

@dray Good let em keep doing it lol. Waste those resources and chase me all they want. I’m not doing anything wrong so Idc what they do. They can sit outside my house for all I care. Lol. Just as long as they are wasting their time and someone’s money I could care less. What all offenders need to remember as long we arent reoffending thats the biggest success we can achieve. Everything outside of that is irrelevant

It’s very interesting to read this articles. I took film propaganda will obtaining my BA and its amazing how the truth can be manipulated. Who came up with the idea that sex offenders pose a threat during Halloween? Has there ever been a case where a sex offender committed a crime during Halloween? Yet, now PATCH now writes stories about this yearly? LE routinely has operations to check compliance? It’s very disturbing. We now have (I forget the name) systems at schools that scans visitors to determine if they are sex offenders, but I bet more teachers commit more sex related crimes then registered citizens? It’s crazy how this information. Is being manipulated and portrayed as the guy with a misdemeanor expunged 25 years ago poses a bigger threat then a hardcore gang member or drug user?

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