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ICE HSI opens Angel Watch Center to combat child sex tourism, announces FY19 child exploitation investigative results

On Thursday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at HSI’s new Angel Watch Center (AWC) in Fairfax, Virginia. As part of the ceremony, ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence explained that HSI special agents initiated more than 4,200 child exploitation cases in fiscal year 2019, resulting in approximately 3,771 criminal arrests, an increase of 18 percent compared to fiscal year 2018. …

“If only a fraction of notifications to foreign countries save a child from having to carry the lasting scars of sexual abuse and exploitation, the Angel Watch Center will have more than lived up to its name,” Albence said. Full Press Release

Ceremony Video

Q&A Session

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Angel Watch Program (“How will this program help protect local kids here in the DMV,” ABC7 Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Tim Barber asked Acting Director Albence. “Well, it will protect them here in the DMV and around the country and frankly around the world,” said Acting Director Albence. “We are working very closely with state and local authorities because many times those are the ones that actually have the information in regard to the individuals we are looking for.”) (with video)

Data shows upswing in child exploitation cases (ACSOL)

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Seeing the article in front of me today’s got me thinking. And I’m remembering what the psychologists often say. “Pedophiles refer to children in terms like, angelic, or pure.” And with the republicans’ whole recent child marriage debacle, I can’t help but think that’s what’s going on here with this.

The title screens of yesterday’s videos have a date of November 14, 2009. Ha ha. Your government at work with the level of quality one expects, by the people that have access to your most sensitive data.

@ yumajin: Haha! Yes, “…. the people that have access to your most sensitive data” were sending green notices about me that contained the wrong conviction date.

Again, the word “individual” is used in a pejorative and negative context. I feel they really, really want to use the term “PEDO,” but that would make them sound too sophomoric.

They’re not combating, thwarting or curtailing ANYTHING. Richard Kanka and Smith own this colossal failure. They’ve successfully managed to witch hunt everyone with a sex offense as a “credible” safety threat.

I love how they have to wear suits to “work” to make themselves appear to be humans and professional. That is the clear mark of a loser. It is okay if people want to wear suits just to look nice. But I’m met so many of these empty suits who have empty heads and they think it all helps them appear to be less of a loser. I especially love the ones that wear glasses when they don’t have to!

But smart people know better. I just enjoy that I can buy and sell these people a million times over and I can wear jeans every day if I feel like it. I usually do. Just a trivial, every day thing I find funny.

Remember folks – never support Satan Watch or law enforcement anywhere.

Only corrupt criminal regimes have Registries. They’ve compelled war.

Going to be a very productive weekend. 🙂

ICE, FBI, CIA, and many other of the so call protectorates can not protect the US, just like many of the title 50 agencies can not protect anything happening to US and other country citizens. They try and they proclaim they do so. The US has so many agencies that 99.9% of “Americans” do not know about.

One day, people will wake up. The US hasn’t accepted the fact that we murdered 2m plus in Vietnam, Laos, and Thai yet…. and that was 45 years ago. We only lost 48k men and Vietnam still became Communist.

We searched over 50 sites suspected cites in IRAQ of having WMD in the middle east, none found

The US has not even accepted that the country brought blacks slaves over to work for us in 1839 yet.

The United States isn’t united anymore. We are fighting among ourselves and we are still trying to fight the world. We are not a world power anymore…. we violate our our own citizens rights, we thumb our noses at the constitution, and more than anything else, we give money to other countries instead of protecting our own.

Our politicians are afraid to speak out against the president in fear of losing their jobs, congress is severely divided, judges get booted for upholding the law, prosecutors convict on accusations, law enforcement kills at will with zero prosecution, Halloween is feared among parents who believe strangers will abduct their kids. The USA says we can’t leave or bring in foreign wives.



It is quite comical that they would warn a foreign country about me. Just proves that they are 100% clueless.

In the meantime, I’ll just stay in this country and do whatever chaos I like. I’ve proved it. It isn’t even difficult.

What a total failure. Great job, morons. I’m sure you’ve “saved” more than zero children.

So, once again, lots of money being spent on PAST events and PAST convictions, and not one cent to actually PREVENT sexual abuse of children BEFORE it occurs. Yet another “We’re keeping you safe” charade to make the public feel good, not unlike the TSA’s charade everyday at every U.S. airport (while media continues to report their failures).

They’re celebrating the fact they have the easiest job in the government: Warning people about non-threats.

And how many of those 2019 arrests were against people already on the registry?

Registered People aren’t committing crimes because these saviors are doing such a great job “containing” them. Or they are committing crimes and the Registries have taught them to be a lot more careful about it.

I’m confused – why is OUR Homeland Security worrying about OTHER countries?? Shouldn’t the focus their effort on OUR Homeland. Isn’t the current administration’s foreign policy focus supposed to be “America First”???


Missionary work necessarily converts to behaviour change in foreign countries. A new sense of morality is asserted by the conveyors upon the conscripts. When you begin to upset belief structures concerning the rearing of children hostility soon follows. Consider the act of circumcision otherwise perceived as genital mutilation practiced generation upon generation.
How often has a pediatrician testified in a case of child sex assault been asked by defenses attorneys ” Doctor! How many genital mutilation have you performed?!? ”

These are the motivations unsaid that present collateral dilemmas. They won by selling out sinners.

I must repeat the theme again. The facility erected near Saratoga springs was response a direct political threat to the ultra rights wing present in that state. It is the finest most powerful and capable surveillance system ever devised. There can be little doubt the left has control over most of the people’s databases as they are maintained by gov agents under tax dollars. Private contractors are every bit involved in the facility in Utah. Angel watch was part of the plan from the beginning, as was IML which is specifically aimed at protecting foreign nationals from people traveling. Tax $ to foreign nationals is hardly in the news right?

Shall we pretend the Mormons are not interested in missionary work? For that bunch sex outside of a marriage (as they define it btw -emphasi madime’) is unlawful.
That abortion & prostitution run amuck along with same sex marriage recognition by states forced by the Fed had them feeling a certain way.

Let us not pretend Chuck Schumer didn’t recently sell out the people’s database AND contents to privateers interested in developing the surveillance economy future via facial recognition software and hardware. In benevolent public interests naturally.

We pretend the sex offender registry saga was about the kids when in fact the choice to indenture some humans to government database upkeep. The machines are still property and most certainly free Men are paid to maintain them,or not, in a free society. Sooner or later the people will find out the very second they sold out some of the people to big data the rest soon followed. Our people are already essentially compelled to purchase Identity theft protection from the threat of what? People’s use of the database machine infrastructure.

I’m in FTR discovery now. Jan 92 conviction by jury 1 ct. No DOC-20 that states registration. That form DOC -20 makes commitments to DOC enforceable in WI as stamped by clerk. I’d not entered plea nor waiver of process. Still AG(94) signed off as if he were a judge. I’m getting discovery about the atypical process was used by WI to make SOR ” lawful” for this FTR. The right to know right back at them. I hope to get the jury to hear exactly how it was done by he who done me. Btw I’d no representation at that decision and I wasn’t there.

Control of the machines will soon outpace the control of the people and some believe a database can provide a placebo for people who fear of what might happen.

Question: I would really like to get some valid input. I imagine many now travel with an identifier on their passport? How is that going? Furthermore, how about those traveling with no identifier on their passport (non child related)? Are those without the identifier still getting flagged at the host country?

@ yumajin: Haha! Yes, “…. the people that have access to your most sensitive data” were sending green notices about me that contained the wrong conviction date. They showed a conviction date of 2008 when my actual conviction was more than 10 years earlier. Seriously, they’re f##king federal LEOs and they still can’t be trusted to get the sh#t right! I’m amazed they can be trusted to wipe themselves! 😠 (THAT is why all Registrants who travel should file FOIA requests – so you can learn what our dear government is saying about you.)

(BTW, did you all notice how Suit #1 gave a politician’s non-answer to the reporter’s question??
He should have just replied “We will save lots of children because we have brand new computers in this shiny new building.” 🙄 ).

When do we meet in front of this shiny new building to protest IML?? Has a date been set??

They need to stop all this crap and spreading all these falsehoods. Think of our government agency that keeps emphasizing about child sex tourism and exploitation that harp about prevention & protection while border patrol agents and immigration officers are being involved in sexual abuse against immigrant children that were taken away from their families due to American foreign policies.

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