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NEW Scam targeting registrants: Extortion letter

[ – 11/6/19]

Courtesy of our affiliates at Texas Voices, we are learning of a new scam targeting persons on the registry.

People are receiving letters in the mail with no return address, but personalized to them. The letter demands payment of money via bitcoin or they will notify all their neighbors of their status, their employers, their family members’ associates, church congregation, etc.

Read the details on the Florida Action Committee website


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Wonder what Chuck Broderick is doing these days? Yes Broderick, as he changed this name which made him harder to find in Search engine queries thanks to someone else sharing same name in the Phoenix area.


I cant wait for a letter like this to come my way. It could help me nail the bastard once and for all. Wording and language structure sounds similar to his.

Too bad for him i live in my van, traveling now unreachable.

So criminal organizations are using the registry to get a list of potential victims for their extortion crimes, as well, many other groups and people are using this registry for everything from legal solicitations, to violent attacks, you know, just like they do with Price Club members. All of these incidents are criminal acts, what is going to be done about it? Or are all the politicians and law enforcement going to turn a blind eye, oh, wait, isn’t that accessory to a crime?

Further proof that not only is the Registry useless to the public but engenders criminal activities.

That’s the nature of knowledge:

Not enough information to benefit the public but just enough information to create problems.

The masses in general do not have the wherewithal and sound judgement to be entrusted with sensitive private data of other people.

So why should they have access to the Registry?

And yet, if caught and convicted, what would the perpatrators get? Any prison time?? A lifelong annual registration requirement? A marked passport?

Got the same thing while living in Nevada, which just changed their RSO laws so that some of us can never get off of the registry – The possibility of getting off the registry is why I moved there in the first place. I now live back in California and after 33 years of registering I look forward to getting removed from it next year!

To me this only helps strengthen the case against a public registry. The more misuse of it right now the better. We have a lot of positive things going on right now in the courts and stuff like this only strengthens our claims.

The gov use of the electronic lists is rapidly expanding.

Scams come from selfish people, to lazy to work. Robot calls widen the scope of potential victims. An inherent problem with use of the machines is potential misuse. SOR cracked open a door. Children’s best interest the ‘ presumed rational’ but collateral implications abound in plethora with respect to “deep state use” of the electronic database. Given that certain parties lobbied for sec 230 US CODE relieving themselves of highly likely tort outcomes through traditionally recognized ” rent seeking” behaviour a quid pro quo collusion comes into focus.

I do realize most if not all on this site are aware of the scams out there. Before I was ignorant and many people still are. How do we inform those of us before they decide to research?

Sort of related: my mother was contacted by a much younger man she “met” on social media and sent him some money ($500 I think, that’s a lot as she is on social security). My sister (she had the same access to mom’s social media) and I had a chat with our mom and it stopped.

I’m just saying, people are vulnerable and ignorant (for various reasons (love for one)) until they get led back to reality.

The first clue (among others) was the letter…. no LE will send a letter; they will show up your door in force.

@RM, this is not your typical scam. The writer of the letter does not pretend to be law enforcement. He isn’t trying to trick the recipient of the letter. He is threatening them. It is straightforward classic blackmail. He flat-out states that he is a criminal, like the recipient of the letter, only that he hasn’t been caught. He plainly admits that he is an extortionist, and he says that he is good at it.

Go to FAC and read the letter. If he carries out his threat on his targets, the consequences (which Smith v Does 2003 tells us is merely collateral) could be far worse for some registrants than simply losing a few hundred dollars to a one-time scam. This guy is demanding a $350 per month hush money payment, in perpetuity.

If I were targeted, I would not pay. Whatever the fallout, I would live with it. And I would dedicate my life to tracking him down.

@ CR: I have read the letter. Nonetheless “I’m just saying, people are vulnerable and ignorant (for various reasons (love for one)) until they get led back to reality.”

It is a scam letter, nothing else… the letter shows that (and yeah, I saw it, read it). Like I said though, I am now aware they exist, not like many years ago; others aren’t.

If I receive a letter in the mail from someone…”The writer of the letter does not pretend to be law enforcement.”… I don’t give a fuck now. Some do as I did years ago.

We may be low hanging fruit, but most of us wouldn’t have the funds to comply. And the extortionist is not very bright if he thinks BitCoin’s is anonymous. The government has often followed the path of BitCoin’s to find a criminal’s identification.

You know what would be great?

Get the government to pay for it!

Make them accountable for this because this is a direct result of the Registry’s punitive effect. The violence and fraudulent scams at Registrants are evidence of what happens when you place sensitive information of human beings to the masses.

Someone would eventually weaponize it for they’re own twisted ends. And the government is responsible for it in the same way if they left American missiles in the hands of terrorists – intentionally or not.

Class action lawsuits all around!

Harassment and punishment are intended features of Registries. The Registries are working as intended. Legislators know Registries harm children as well, even getting some murdered. They don’t care, they are getting their jollies.

Bitcoin can be 100% anonymous. The problem is that there are just lots of ways to use it that are not and that is how people are discovered.

Do Not give out money too anyone who call or send a letter! Tell them you will meet them at the cop shop if they want money so you can get a record of payment.100% the con will not show up problem fixed. If the con call back tell them you are recording this phone call! Have a great night The Vampire is out

@Will Allen

That’s a given. They just don’t have the balls to admit that the Registry is punitive in front of the public.

Or admit their hypocrisy. Just ask Anthony Weiner. He use to complain about sex offenders all the time living in his district:

@Bill that’s a fact , this why we are still stuck in this nightmare

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