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It cost $1.5 million for a chance to win a case in the Supreme Court. If we ever want to get the Supreme Court to revisit the constitutionality of the current registry, we need to start collecting funds now. This cost can go higher or lower depending on our path to get to SCOTUS. But we sure don’t want to cut any corners along the way there since one mistake will hurt us for decades.

Washington Post:

“… and justice for all… with deep wallets.”

Our justice system is a joke considering that in practice it only really works for the wealthy.

welcome to capitalism..

Right, because only in capitalist economies are the wealthy able to influence the law in their favor. Please.

Not what I said..but you can interpret any way you like..

ACSOL is already on my When-I-win-the-Lottery list. In the meantime, I will continue my automatic monthly donation. 😊
Please consider doing the same. 👍

Continued donations are needed for the current work Janice is doing. However I think we need a fund set up now just for taking a case to SCOTUS in the future. It will take us years to collect enough money when the right case with the right plaintiffs appears. Thanks to the registry, we are mostly a poor group of people, so we shouldn’t expect enough funds to come quickly. We already have great attorneys on our side, but the costs are still great to do this properly. I don’t expect the ACLU to offer much funding, if any.

I agree we do need to step up and start fighting back if we set up a fund to challenge the retroactivity of the Adam Walsh act would be a big blow to the registry Neil gorush of the supreme court said after the Hindu case that he could not wait for a case about retiring laws to come before the court again I think that time has come you are right we are a small poor group but there is people on the registry who are wealthy and it is time for them to step up just remember the registry affects us all so let’s bring the fight right at the government it’s time

❗❗❗❗And we need much more outreach!!! There are 100,000+ Registrants in CA alone, more than million nationwide! We must start engaging in more outreach efforts!! ❗❗❗❗

@David, I agree completely. I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR ALL OF YOU: are you willing to spend just a few hours each month to expand our network, which increases people getting informed and involved, which increases our political power, which helps positive change?

And this idea isn’t just theoretical. Janice and I tried this idea and it worked!

If your answer is no, don’t expect our network to grow and for change to come much more slooooowly.

If your answer is yes, then once per month take a non-offender woman with you to meet the registrants in your area andhave her tell them about ACSOL. She can look at the Megan’s website legally to make a list of a few more people to visit. Only about 1 out of 4 will be home and answer.

Having a non-offender woman lowers people’s guards enough to at least hear what she has to say for 15 seconds. She should do the initial talking, not the registrant. After she quickly explains ACSOL’s goals and accomplishments, either of you can answer questions.

When done, give them a piece of paper with our website written on it, and maybe a printout of our “About Us” page. Mention our meeting schedule is available by clicking the link at the top of every page.

This is how civil rights have been won by other groups! Just sitting at home and typing comments on websites is not enough.

Who accepts my challenge????????

@Roger : At this years Halloween “mandatory meeting” on Halloween in Ga, I printed out, brought with me, and tried to hand out flyers advertising 4 different groups (including ACSOL) advocating for reform. The audience was not receptive. I had 50 flyers….. not 1 accepted… they were more interested in getting out of there and getting home. I did not think they would, as most were disruptive and unruly during the meeting… which mostly entailed watching a movie while being forcibly detained for 3 hours. No, I didn’t have a non-offender woman with me.

I also contacted another group I was advocating for on that list for their permission to print out some of their statistics twice… I got no response.

@RM, you proved my point that we must visit people at their homes. They respond far differently in groups, especially mandatory meetings with cops around. I would have also wanted to get out of that meeting quickly.

But at home–away from the crowds and cops–registrants will be more open to hear what you have to say. Even if only one in a few listens, you will make progress.

@Roger: Visiting people at their homes is a very scary thing for me. I am me, no one else. I try to invite people into a conversation via personal contacts yet my personality has been dictated by 17 years of being “”as if on parole” by my state of conviction” (read that as being on parole).

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve visited this group (along with the previous name) intermittently for many years. I never stay long, though. Every time I’m here it’s constantly negative. Every comment thread is full of people bitching and moaning about how unfair their life is and how everything is terrible and how everyone who doesn’t agree with them are terrorists, etc. Occasionally Janice has a really good post and I like seeing all of the progress she’s made, but invariably the comments will be about how she hasn’t done enough. If she does something that benefits 95% of people, the comments are always “What about the 5!?” Frankly, a toxic environment like this is a hard place for me to stomach more than a few times a year and I certainly wouldn’t encourage others to come here. I think that if we want to expand our scope we need to work on some of the toxicity that pervades the group. Probably not what you wanted to share, but just wanted to give you some of my reasons for not participating in directing people here.

Mike To damn bad , I don’t remember you doing my time “For Me ” Or anyone else , mine was 30 + years ago , sorry I don,t always sound positive along with a few others , but we have concern’s about this slow unjust system , mind you its like torcher each day one wakes up, that don’t mean we don’t apricate our Janice or anyone else , so get over it the snowflakes are cluttering ,we have all done some bleeding on this form , yet here you are sniveling about the sniveling and you just cant bare to watch , sound’s like an excuse to bury your head in the sand , I will tell you what is negative and that’s the Fact that we are still slaves under this registry and many are hunted every day by some witch hunter hoping they can put us back in prison regardless how long its been , Or just assault us or kill us , and nobody knows when its coming

Yeah, exactly. You’re entitled to your views on things, and your claims that you’re a slave who is being hunted and tortured. But, don’t be surprised when this little community doesn’t grow beyond people who feel that way. There are plenty of people out there with good jobs, good relationships, good lives, and even good relationships with law enforcement who have better things to do than spend time listening to people whine about their plight. To the extent that we can make a difference, whether through activism, financial contributions, etc., we should do that. But, let’s not pretend that message board rants are the same as actual activism. I’m sorry that your first 30 years removed from your crime has been bad. I’m hopeful that a combination of a mindshift and a legal shift will help your next 30 yearsa.


There is plenty that goes on at this website that has nothing to do with “whining”. And there is nothing wrong with being negative, if that is reality. You could probably use this website to be more informed and just skip over things you don’t want to read that trigger you.

I expect this is a “little community” because people are just way too lazy and weak to get involved. Maybe they don’t like how other people act and can’t deal with it? If you look at what happened with when “R M” simply tried to hand out some materials at people who were forced to go to a government building for an idiotic reason, I think you can see the real, actual problem right there. He said that not a single person took a flyer he was attempting to hand out and “they were more interested in getting out of there and getting home”. I mean, if I were there I don’t think it would be possible for me to not be very interested in pretty much anything that someone was handing out. I would simply have to read it, even if I thought that it might be the dumbest thing on the planet. So I think we see exactly where the real problem is.

I feel like most people who are Registered aren’t the brightest, most active bunch of people and they are more interested in trying to live the easiest life that they can. They are beaten down like whipped down and are more interested in not making waves and having “good relationships with law enforcement”.

And speaking of which, I’m not going to have any relationships with law enforcement. They have nothing to give me and aren’t going to be part of my life. One of the casualties of the Registries must be law enforcement. It just has to be. As long as Registries exist, they will suffer. Personally, I’ve done a great job of costing them non-stop. I want to keep them broke, dysfunctional, and less effective because then they have to work at actual law enforcement problems, instead of jacking off with their Registries. It works.

Late to the game, but I do!

@ Roger H: I would LOVE to start pairing with someone to do knock-n-talks to outreach more folks. Building our numbers is critical to success. We’ve seen the successes that a hundred of us visiting the State legislature can achieve…. Let’s see what 200 of us can accomplish!

@R M: Thanks for your comment and thanks for trying to spread the word at the sheriff’s Halloween registrant rally. Try not to be disheartened.
(I live in a city of 140,000 people, but even the most contentious, well-publicized issues only get about 30-50 people showing up at City Council to speak their mind. That’s about .03% who give a damn enough to take a stand.) A big part of our mission has to be education and encouragement. Again, thank you for your efforts.

Public Service Announcement

Please note that everything I write below, my conclusions and how I handled this may be entirely incorrect…please feel free to disregard this narrative because your situation may be entirely different….and yet I think it important to take the time to post this as a caution to everyone that is a RSO in California. (I have also spoken to other people in other states that have complained of “Bond,” type scams making the rounds in their jurisdictions, but I don’t know enough about them to knowledgeably comment about them).

Be that as it may, I freely admit that I am coward when it comes to any interactions I have with Law Enforcement…I follow the rule repeatedly stated here, Say as little as possible, be polite, but terminate the conversation quickly.

So, I get a phone call:

LASD: Hello, this is Sgt XX, Los Angels Country Sheriff’s Dept….am I speaking with YY?

Me: Yes

LASD: Address, 123 Elm, Any City, CA, and a registered Sex Offender, Correct?

Me: Yes

LASD: There is a problem with your DNA sample and we need a new palm print, there is a recent unsolved crime.

Me: This is not possible, the national database has years of my palm prints as well as a sample of my DNA

LASD; No, you are incorrect there, Sir, a Federal Audit has come up with this being not true for you and you will have to come in, meet with me, go into lockup and this should all be processed within a week.

Me: This is insane, I haven’t got a week to give to anybody, for anything!

LASD: I’m sorry, but clearing things that have been done incorrectly, takes time

Me: The LASD is not even my registering agency, I know that City ZZ does things very professionally, I need to go back through them if there is a problem

LASC: No, they are the problem, Sir, this is a Federal matter and we have been designated as the local agency to fix this problem…you will need to come down to 211 W. Temple to meet with me and be temporarily locked up for hopefully less than a week, there can be posted a performance bond.

Me: (I know that 211 W. Temple is in fact the main Sheriff’s office…and so this throws me quite a bit) What is your “Name, please spell it,” I ask?

LASD: Sgt XX….here is a number where you can verify who I am.

Me: Call me back in 10 minutes.

(So I call and it is a very professional phone answering tree, though sounding a bit AI’ish, Go here for Records, for emergencies call 911, Sex Offenders, number 4….but none of the lines actually work, all just lead you to an answering machine).

So I call Los Angeles Sheriff’`s Department Personal Department where you can verify employment (this is the legit number 323-526-5500…a real person always answers), and after I inquire, Sgt. XX is not a Deputy Sheriff…now it is true they will politely give themselves an out making sure I have the correct spelling or maybe I need a missing middle name…but now I am certain this is a scam…and I am angry, (by now you dear reader are probably certain I am insane for putting up with all of this…but I started off telling you I am a coward, so there you have it).

FakeLASD calls back: You are ready to meet me at 211 W. Temple?

Me: Yes, you’ll be in uniform? Name badge?

FakeLASD: Of course, but I will need an open line to you to make sure that you are actually going to 211 W. Hill.

Me: You mean, like on my cell phone as I drive down there?

LASD: Yes, exactly…all the way, then I can meet you before booking.

Me: Well, that’s not possible, I will not keep an open line, but I will meet you there at exactly 4PM today, at the Sheriff’s check in window, you have my picture, so you will know me. I’ll see you there at exactly 4PM.


I know 211 W. Temple fairly well…I am terrified I am going to be locked up over the weekend, but I also know that if Sgt. XX shows up and doesn’t have impeccable credentials, it will be fairly easy for me to have Him arrested, this is the main criminal courts building and there are few unguarded exits…he will have me, or I will have him.

My sense is that I have a duty to all the RSO’s in California to bring these scams to a close, if possible…I may be a coward, but I am high on doing my duty, and having arrived early, telling the Sheriff I am a RSO, difficult for me to do in all instances, let alone to LEO…but I do it, and I wait.

…and I wait.

And I wait.

Fake Sgt. XX is a no show.

Now all of the above may have just been blind luck for me….every situation is different, everyone has to make their own way…but be careful…these thieves that try to prey on us are very good and getting better all the time.

All of this ruined most of a week for me and left me emotionally exhausted. But if you get a call, be sure to check out who is on the line.

Good Luck, James I

I’m sorry this happened to you. You want to tell these sleaze bags to FO, but hold back just in case it’s legit.

So, what was the fake cop’s angle here with the open line, redirect you to a WalMart to buy gift cards? What was his end game?
When they arrested that asshole and his skanky crack whore of a girlfriend a few weeks ago I’d naively thought we’d see the end of such scams for a while. I guess I might as well have stomped a cockroach in the kitchen and thought I’d rid the house of pests when all I’d done was kill the dumbest, slowest bug.

Actually, the better, less stressful way of handling it would be to report the call as a scam. Keep in mind your ONLY official telephone or non-personal contact with any authorized registry personnel is through your own registry office, so no feds nor their “designated local agency” will be calling you out of sequence.

This may sound trite, but your registration office may not care about your particular victimization. However, they very MUCH care when someone is IMPERSONATING one of THEIR officers. So ironically, by reporting this the agency would (ostensibly) have more incentive in opening up a case.

Had this happened to me, and I knew they were going to call me back, I would have gone directly to the nearest law enforcement agency and reported the scam, then waited there so when they called, I could have a real cop monitor my side, and even authorized them to trace the call. While a trace is probably a far-fetched proposal, by doing it in this way you at least give law enforcement the best chance at stopping this.

Again, the cops don’t give a rat’s about you, but they DO care for their own image, and this is why such a method would have a better chance at working.

I got a similar scam call. He identified himself as Sgt. Tate (or Payne, difficult to hear).

@James I:
All the other “mistakes” aside, always, always, always ask for a badge number and what precinct or station. Every TBL knows her/his badge number backwards and forwards, and they also all know it’s a unique identifier within their department. (As a similar trick, I ask for employee number or operating initials or “any other unique company identifier” when speaking with Customer Service people and not being sure I’m getting what I need.)

Same thing happened to my hub last year. He called me to tell me about it, and I knew right off its a scam. Hub called the agency the person said they were from and no officer with that name works for them. A few days later they called the house phone, the dude started his stuff and I just yelled at him thru the phone, you are a liar and full of crap. Stop using the registry for your stupid scams. Added a few colorful words and told them do not ever call here again with that crap. Then hung up. They didnt call back. I then called the Sheriff’s dept, and my local Police to report it. They agreed, its a scam. Few days later I saw an announcement on the Sheriff’s fb page about the scam. Apparently they got some gift cards from one person. Look if LE wants to talk to you they are not gonna call. They will either stop by to talk with you or mail a letter, certified.

I’ve had 2 of these type of calls. Both were on my answering machine from unknown callers. When they said their name, I couldn’t make out what they said. I researched the phone number, both were from out of town, registered to private citizens. I reported one, the other I just let it slide.

I never returned the call. If it was truly the police. They would come a knocking.

@James I

As far as scams go it was odd that there was no demand for money or anything tangible that this Sgt. Stedenko could make off with.

Could be he just wanted to prank you or harrass you for his sick fun. Like he could just video you showing up and waiting like a sucker.

Or…maybe he just wanted you out of the house so he can plant something there…

Okay the last one is ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience to our collective knowledge of the Registry.

Thanks for sharing yet another from the endless list of abuses of the registry. The registry is rapidly becoming a gold mind for every manner of scam, solicitation, and harassment. It is the “easy victim” list everyone miscreant is learning about.

Awesome Cheech & Chong reference. I told my kids about Sister Mary Elephant and together, usually on the way to school, love to say,
“Cla-ass! Cla-ass! SHUUUT UUUUUP! Thank you.”

Thanks for the chuckle.

I’ve been giving a significant amount of money to F.A.C. but I’ve stopped for now. Their moderation of comments is just way too random and I feel like very often they are just censoring views that they don’t like. It’s their right to control discussions and have the image that they want for their organization. But I can’t support the censoring/warping of reality to the extent they want.

Will Allen , interesting observation for sure ,

I was reading several of the decisions that have to do with ex post facto as it’s been a major issue here in Michigan. In reading one scotus opinion I saw that they mentioned that in smith v Alaska. The case they always use to say the registry is not punishing people so it can be used retroactively.,,, the opinion mentioned that the court had not factored in technology and how far it might come….as a reason for no longer relying on the Alaska ruling. I thought about that. Im not 100% but I think now have an app for your phone here that can alert you by GPS like as you move about to the proximity to the home/work of a registered sex offender. So like if someone comes into your work,,, or drives by your house,,, blam,,, there is your photo. It’s just a matter of data/gps,,,, and a phone. Before you know it I’m sure they will have the ability to include it in callerID,,,, or what about even being able to identify your cell phones location as being that of a RC???? As tech advances,;, the entire registry becomes the same as putting a sign in your front yard in my opinion,,,, some sort or form of compelled speech which is illegal from the Halloween sign ruling. Like as we advance I could see them passing laws that you have to allow them to use your location if you have a cell phone turned on,,,, Idk. Just a thought and something I’d suggest including in future arguments???? To me it certainly makes being on the list more dangerous as well as more of a disability career/stable home wise. Hopefully someone smarter then me who matters sees this and is able to use the idea….. good luck. Hope to see the lists go away!!!

Smith v Doe stated that the registry simply “disseminates public information”. The fine print is that a person needs to go to the local PD to look it up. But, yes, technology has blossomed and it has been used as exploitation as well as used in housing, employment and travel decisions.

Being from California, I often wondered why are some laws neglected? For example, if you were granted probation and earned PC 1203.4, then you earn 3 immunities:
1) the court “shall” set aside your verdict
2) the court “shall” thereupon dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant
3) and except as noted below, “he or she shall” thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted, except as provided in Section 13555 of the Vehicle Code.

Focus on the second immunity. That information only existed within the PD and nowhere else. In today’s world, that information is still being bandied about through background check for employment, background checks on US military bases, and being shared with the International Megan’s Law (IML). How is it possible that your information is continued to be disseminated when your record is no longer public?

In this situation, the CA law is superseding Smith v Doe, 2003, by continuing to push any 1203.4 registrant recipient to be part of the “dissemination of public information”. The Smith v Doe judgement gave way to states to run amok as they’ve taken to their own interpretation of the law passed under Smith v Doe. Recall, Smith v Doe opinion stated that the registry did not affect housing, employment, nor travel (registry was via post card). That isn’t not the case today. HUD excludes you if you’re on the registry. Employment will reject you for being on the registry. In-person re-registration is not considered a disability today, but it was in CA in 1958.

It’s odd to read all these protections not being extended to 1203.4 recipients. It’s like saying, “Hey, you earned this second chance at life… unless you’re a registrant. We’re gonna make life worse for you. That thing you earned like every other convicted who was granted a way to earn the 1203.4, welp, you don’t get all those benefits. You’re on a different program call the Certificate of Rehabilitation, CoR. Not only do you have to prove yourself through your probationary term, but you also have to prove yourself for at least a total of 10 years before we even consider giving you a second chance. That’s right. You have to prove yourself twice! Oh and it isn’t criminal at all, but it’s a crime if you don’t follow our rules.”

You touch on something I’ve mentioned a time or two on here. Part of the “okay-ness” in Smith was that a citizen had to make an affirmative act to get the information from the State. SCOTUS portrayed this as essentially an e-visit to a courthouse. However now with the apps, etc., there is no affirmative act required beyond downloading an app once. That hardly compares, IMO.

On a related note, SCOTUS said the information provided on a ML site would allow a person to make a decision on how to protect themselves and their family from the threat of a RC. A marked ID/DL that just says “SEX OFFENDER” doesn’t provide that. IMO and compelled speech aside, this is contrary to Smith. I feel getting marked IDs/DLs struck is probably the lowest-hanging fruit we have. But, it still costs money and time and is probably more than most individuals wish to spend.


Hey everybody I just thought I’d share this great news article from Canada with you. And god bless Justin Trudeau! lol. (The conservatives there are the ones that raise the Age of consent to 16 under the harper administration, so we know how they’d feel about this)

🇨🇦 Wow, go Canada! 🇨🇦

Another newspaper article to stir up fear (Let’s play a game – How many suspicious inconsistencies and omissions can you find in this recent newspaper article?). You may want to read it a few times in order to grab all that makes no sense. The article is only about six short paragraphs in length.

Article Titled –
“Man charged with luring 3-year-old girl into van”
Here is the link –>

“According to the caller, a black male driver in a silver ford Van with New Jersey registration had just asked a mother and her 3-year-old daughter if they wanted to come inside the van and pet their puppy” Title does not mention the mother. Also later in the article the driver of the van asked the daughter if she wanted to get into the van to pet the puppy; no mention of asking the mother.

“a black male driver in a silver ford Van”
Later in the article the van mysteriously changed into a car “Two passengers in the car were also identified.”

“Two passengers in the car were also identified.”
The van which turned into a car had two additional passengers in it. The driver of the van I guess decided prior to attempting to lure the 3 year old said to himself – “Let me be sure I bring two witnesses with me who can testify against me in court that I did commit this crime”. Maybe Udeke was with his family members waiting on someone in the store to come back to the van. I know I have sat in parking lots while someone with me ran into the store for something.

“She reported that she and her two daughters and husband had pulled into a parking spot next to the silver van. ”
Can some one please tell me where her other daughter and husband disappeared to during all this?

“As she got out of her vehicle, the van’s window rolled down, and Udeke asked her for a cigarette. She gave him one.”
Ah, maybe Udeke was just having a friendly casual conversation with the mother as she was removing her child from the van. I know I have made conversation with people near me in parking lots. Maybe I will give that a second thought in the future.

“As she was getting her 3-year-old daughter out of their car, Udeke asked the daughter if she wanted to see the puppy in the back of his van, according to police. ”
Something just does not strike me as truthful here. Again where was the husband and the other daughter at this moment? He asked the daughter if she wanted to see the puppy in the back of the van? I don’t think he said “do you want to come into the back of the van and see the puppy”.

“The reported victim and her mother then went to an area store, where York County 911 was called.”
So either it did not dawn on the mother that there was an attempted luring of her child at that moment but then later gave it some thought and said maybe there was? Why didn’t she just pull out her cell phone and call 911 right at the scene since her daughter was in so much danger of abduction and so that the van had no time to get away. Also, I thought the mother and daughter were in the parking lot of the retail store, so what other retail store did they go to?

“An officer conducted a traffic stop at the scene.”
If this guy Udeke had just knowingly attempted to lure this child and or mother into his van way in the world would he stick around waiting for the police to arrive? And I am sure the mother must have made some type of stink to Udeke when he asked her daughter to come in the van. Wait but Udeke did not ask the child to come into the van just to the back of the van.

“Udeke was arrested. He is charged with luring a child into a motor vehicle or structure.”
This is a strong lesson to all adults out there – “Don’t talk to strangers!!”

“The mother was able to positively identify Udeke as the driver of the van and the person who asked her daughter to come inside the van.” How could the mother give a positive identification of the driver of the van if she was so inconsistent with the rest of what took place.

If you were a judge presiding over this case and were given these facts how would you respond to it? If you were the prosecutor in this area would you even take on this case for fear of embarrassment?

I am sure some of you can pick out even more inaccuracies or inconsistencies than I listed but I am only on my first cup of coffee this morning and not quite awake yet.

I wonder when the IML got passed, if there really was any danger of child sex trafficking and sex tourism that’s so great that the IML needed to be passed. It seems that when the law took effect, that there would be posters about sex trafficking prevention at any airport international arrival areas trying to raise awareness to everyone. When a traveler is identified as a registrant at immigrations from the alerts sent out by our government, they are detained and questioned as if they fit the description of the suspect they’ve been searching for, then processed on a return flight, calling it a victory. The denial of entry into a foreign country from the alerts being sent out by our government is the result from the notification process that registrants have to do by federal law if they plan to travel internationally. Foreign governments have their own laws that can deal with the matter of trafficking and other crimes, what makes our government so special that other countries like in Latin America will comply with the US?, if that person is traveling for the purpose to commit a crime they’re gonna get caught, and if not in most cases, even if a person has a criminal record who is traveling legitimately, will stay out of trouble and be safe in whatever country they are in.

Tonight I ordered food via Door dash. The delivery man delivered my order. He had no clue what awaited him (yeah, it could have been a she as it has before).

He knocked.
I answered
Here’s your order.
Thank you. (tip/delivery fee already paid mind you)
He seemed like a nice guy, so I asked him… “Hey, what’s the 1st amendment. I got money in my pocket if you can answer that.”
He stumbled about a bit and got 3 of the 5. Speech, press, assembly, religion, petition.
I gave him all the cash in my pocket…. he got 3 of the 5 1st amendment issues right….. that’s more than 99% of the carbon breathing morons digging holes on this soil can fathom.
I invited him back for future chats. Let’s see if he returns.

@R M:
Let me guess, he missed petition and assembly. What made you ask him this and what was your point?

@AJ: Yes, he missed petition and assembly. He knew more than 99% of America so he got about a $28 additional tip.

“What made you ask him this and what was your point?” I lost hope in America some time ago. I took a few college classes and got an AS and a BA in 2017. A few of the college professors made me think and actually do research about the world; 3.74 gpa. I also have been subject to restrictions for 17 years “as if on parole” (NJ CSL bites big time). I became a very questioning person; anyone willing to listen I talked to and questioned and made them think, to question, to fight back, to hopefully change their views in order to change America back to what it used to be. It may be futile but I try. America has skewed off the path of “the land of the free” for a long time.

So, when people seem willing to communicate, I ask questions. The 1st amendment, along with all the others, has become an issue that law enforcement and “supervision” have invaded. In short, I ask questions just to see what society knows/believes and to hopefully encourage thinking.

Thought you all might be interested in this, especially the chart which points out the number of child offenses among police officers-

Here is the link——>

There was an article on mercury news that talked about criminal cops who were still on the job, and yet some in our community have a hard time finding or keeping jobs. It was called California’s Criminal Cops on mercury news. Might be worth a look if you’re interested. You can search by department.

I would like to send a “Thank you and thinking of you” on this day to all the Veterans that suffered through so much defending those who now spit on your names. You protected their right to do so, not knowing it would be your downfall. I did the same. If I had the choice to do it again, I would. Because the people I worked and fought beside were, and are, the best people America could ask for to give their lives. To the families of the fallen, stand proud!

Also scammed.

Sorry I’m a late with this, but I also fell for a scam very similar to that reported by James I about a week ago.
The caller claimed to be an officer with the Fresno County Sheriff’s department (which is my reporting agency).
Instead of a DNA problem, this officer claimed that I had failed to appear to testify as I had promised, and a warrant had been issued for my arrest. Of course, I had no clue what he was talking about, but he sounded very official. He said that if I would meet him at the Sheriff’s office (he gave me the correct address), he would accept a bond payment to squash the arrest warrant. I set out for the Sheriff’s department (he insisted that I be in constant cell phone contact during my trip). About 2/3s of the way there (25 minute drive for me), he said that he now needed to meet me at another location near the Sheriff’s office. This finally raised my suspicions that something was fishy, so I told him I was going to the Sheriff’s office, and he could meet me there. He said that this would cause problems for me, and I said that I would have to deal with that when it happened. I was almost there by now, so I said “I’ll see you there” and hung up on him. As with James I, he never showed up, though I still was in a state of concern for a few days. Also, like James I, I am fairly cowardly when dealing with law enforcement.

Note: The caller ID on the call said “Fresno County Sheriff” (otherwise I wouldn’t have answered it), and the number was the correct number for the department. The caller sounded confident, convincing, and believable right to the end.

Note 2: About two weeks after the call, I received another similar call. As soon as he got to the part about a warrant had been issued, I said “So come and get me!”, and then hung up on him. I didn’t lose much sleep after that one.

Here in Orange County, you can look up arrest warrants online, and if there truly was one, it would show.

@Mike g, et al:
If they have a warrant and know where you live, they’ll just come get you. TLs get a high executing warrants, there’s no way they’ll let you steal the thrill, nor would they be that kind to someone they view as a criminal (thus the warrant). If it were instead a Summons, it would come by mail.

Rule of thumb regarding government entities is they like everything in writing and typically have neither the time nor initiative to make phone calls. It’s much easier to whip up some form letter and let the “machine” spit it out.

I have a school aged children, one has ASD. As I fight for my child against the school system authorities are being called on us by anonymous callers coincidentally within a week after a heated school meeting as I hold them accountable for not doing their job and dropping the ball. First, CPS was called on us and recently someone had made an anonymous call and reported my husband to the authorities as he waiting across the street from the school yard to pick up our children. My fear is that if someone had made this anonymous call from the school, it is possible for this to spread and affect our children, and our child who has ASD to be discriminated. My gut tells me that someone is not happy with how I’m fighting for our child and in retaliation committing horrible things to our family. I don’t know what to do, please help. What are my legal rights? How can we protect our children from discrimination, harassment, and bullies?

@Rhojani Smith

Being somewhat new to the Registry I have no clear cut answers to offer you in regards to your dilemma but I totally emphathize with you.

Perhaps our ragtag community here can offer some advice or personal insights to help you and your family cope with this situation.

Depending on what state you’re from someone can offer information to an advocacy group that give you legal advice that suits your county. Maybe Janice can point you to the right direction…

That being said your situation is not entirely unique. I’ve encountered a few Registrants that has suffered by the hands of an ignorant community. And if their stories have taught me anything it is this:

There are forces outside our control that we cannot do anything about and I’m not talking about laws or policies…

Ignorance, fear, and hate permeates everywhere around us in various degrees from your unsatisfied housewife to angry nationalists that wants to inflict violence to their minority of choice.

And when the Registry’s information finds its way to the ignorant, fearful, and hateful it becomes weaponized inflicting needless pain and suffering to the Registrants, their loved ones, and worst of all to their children.

The battle against these policies is going to be long-term so no instant relief for awhile.

The battle against ignorance, fear, and hate at the Registrants is going to be even longer, perhaps never going to end…

But how we CHOOSE to cope during these tumultuous times is the only power we truly possess.

If we choose resilience in the face of adversity then we must develop a healthy mindset of our own self-worth regardless of what comes our way.

Teach your child self-worth. Help him/her develop a healthy self image that cannot be torn down by bullying. Give him/her mental tools to cope with adversity.

Teach him/her mental and physical Kung Fu to deflect the fear and hate whenever they manifest.

Do this by seeking out self-help and self-empowerment books by people you admire. Find shining examples of people that have overcome adversity.

You cannot be there 24/7 to deflect all his/her challenges but you can empower with mental tools, self-worth, and resilience in the face of adversity.

You know what I do to lift my spirits and still feel good even during a crappy day?

I watch the Martian. I watch Shawshank Redemption. Movies about overcoming adversity. May not be for you but it works for me.

So I’m not sure how helpful that was but it is what I can offer you.

Has anyone here ever thought about contacting someone like John Oliver or Adam from Adam ruins everything to see if they’d do a segment on the truth about Registries and all that jazz?

Or written an OpEd and submitted it to the big news papers like NY Times, LA times etc?

Just heard on NPR that a federal judge ruled that having your digital devices searched at ports of entry is illegal without reasonable suspicion. Though she didn’t rule to have it stop (probably because she expects and appeal).

It’ll be interesting if this actually changes the law and how it’ll apply to RC’s. I’m guessing we’ll be exempt from this ruling, but I see that as a positive as it’ll add another thing to the list to fight against the registry.


Exempting those on the registry from this would be an equal protection issue because what is good for the goose is good for the gander, e.g. jury selection exclusion.

While recently reviewing some RC cases and case law, I stumbled across something that seems quite off. In Doe v. Tilley (E.D. Ky. 2017; the Order starts out by saying:
John Doe is a registered sex offender. As such, he is bound by the numerous requirements set forth in Kentucky’s Sex Offender Registration Act, which seeks to govern where Doe lives, works, recreates, and more.

While none of that is exactly new to anyone on here, let’s take a look at Smith v. Doe (538 US 84, 87 (2003)):
The holding that the registration system is parallel to probation or supervised release is rejected because, in contrast to probationers and supervised releasees, offenders subject to the Act are free to move
where they wish and to live and work as other citizens, with no supervision.

Hmmm….SCOTUS says we’re free to “live and work as other citizens” and yet the District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky says the Commonwealth’s law “govern[s] where [RCs] live[], work[], recreate[], and more.” (I wonder just what “and more” entails.)

I sure wish SOME courts other than the 6th CCoA and PA SC would see how far off Smith the laws have gone. I also wish those courts would take heed of the parenthetical in Packingham where SCOTUS mentioned “the troubling fact that [NC’s] law imposes severe restrictions on persons who already have served their sentence and are no longer subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system[.]”

This just seems so ripe for attack. Hopefully there’s an unknown case out there wending its way through on this basis.


I hope you’re keeping these points logged you bring up. They’re excellent for reference.

Nope. I’m a brain-stormer and leave details to others unless I feel compelled to or must take up the baton myself. Currently, neither applies. That said, all these little tidbits do stay lodged in my grey matter.

While none of that is exactly new to anyone on here, let’s take a look at Smith v. Doe (538 US 84, 87 (2003)):
The holding that the registration system is parallel to probation or supervised release is rejected because, in contrast to probationers and supervised releasees, offenders subject to the Act are free to move
where they wish and to live and work as other citizens, with no supervision.

Wait. Does that mean compliance checks serve as “supervision” on where one lives or works?

The words you are you need to be looked up in a legal dictionary. For example, postrelease supervision (1938) Criminal procedure. In some jurisdictions, a part of a criminal sentence whereby a felon serving a determinate sentence is required to undergo a specified period of police monitoring after the completion of a prison term.
So, it’s not likely it would be a legal argument to call it the above supervision.

Little update on my case regarding the registry fees.

The State argued that it was not personally served, so service was ineffective, moved to quash the summons. They provided a signed statement and copy of the envelope in which I mailed the Summons and Complaint indicating receipt.

I responded by highlighting the section of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure that state service of Complaint and Summon by mail to the state is acceptable as long as the recipient, “signs a document indicating receipt.” The sworn statement of that state’s counsel does just that.

——— this one has upset me ———–

They filed an Opposition to my request to proceed under pseudonym, and didn’t serve me with it, then asked for a decision. I responded with an Objection with a copy of the envelop I received the day they indicated, which only included an Appearance of Counsel on part of the state (postage was $0.50 their opposition would have required more postage).

I put a lot into the Motion, but these are debt collection attorneys for the state, so they play dirty. I have legal custody of the child born on my crimes and my “victim” and I are very close friends and spend a lot of time together (been 15 years since). If they unmask me I would likely lose my job and my son, a relative victim, could be subject to the abuses of the public. Not to mention the public spot light that will be put on my victim. We have many friends and acquaintances who do not know about the past, it is our family business, and any mention of my name will tie directly to her as being a victim of sexual abuse.

So, I have requested a hearing and raised an Objection. In the two lawsuits from 10 years ago none of the State’s attorneys tried to unmask my identity in the lawsuits, but this one is a piece of work. Nothing like debt collection attorneys.

Are there any moral, legitimate reasons why you should not be allowed anonymity? I can’t personally think of any, but maybe someone has heard of some for this? Did the criminal regime give any reasons?

If there are not, then what are we to think of any government that attempts such a thing? What are good, moral people to think of governments that would attempt to unmask someone for no legitimate purpose? I would think that they are a criminal regime, just as I expect.

And what kind of legitimate government is afraid to litigate any position it has? What kind of legitimate government would attempt to kill any litigation just based on a technicality? You would think that a legitimate government would welcome litigation and any opportunity to make laws more or less solid.

But governments that have Registries aren’t legitimate. They aren’t moral or legal either.

We all need to know that when we are dealing with Registry supporters that we are dealing with criminal terrorists. Never cede anything to the criminals.

The Vigilante Media in full force. Newest claim: 99% of RSO’s (child sex offenders) REOFFEND!!


“News 11 investigates the sex offender next door: Statistics show 99% of child sex offenders reoffend, yet they are still being released into our community.”

The rest of the newscast is just as problematic.

I sent them an email and posted on their article. IDIOTS.

@Eric Knight

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Will be emailing her about her inflammatory article.

The media is in dire need to be fact checked.

Looks like they removed the article entirely. I’m guessing because it was far too wrong to correct. You can’t exactly go from 99% to less than 5% and still hold any real credibility that you did any real information verification.

Page Gone, that’s great news! I guess sometimes people will listen to truth and facts.

Lookin’ for shared housing in San Jose. I make enough to afford my own place, But this ordeal has destryed my credit due to job(s) loss. If anyone has or knows, I will monitor here and you can leave a message. No longer on probation,( been off for 2 yrs) so no POs banging the door!


Does anybody know if you move to a state where you no longer have to register if you are still required to abide by IML with the 21 day travel notice?

If you are no longer listed on ANY state registry, then probably not. However, always seek the advise of an expert attorney on the matter.

rape increass how is the hit list helping that?


Posted on the travel page as well, but since it is a November experience, I have it crossposted here.

I live in California and recently took a cruise out of Miami to the Bahamas. I have TSA Precheck so flying is always no hassle. Traveled from CA to FL without issue. Boarding the cruise was no issue. It required a passport and they scanned it the same as they scan anyone else’s passport and I boarded. No problem exiting ship at any of the Bahama islands. On the last night of the cruise I got a note that Customs & Border Patrol wanted me to report for secondary inspection, so I’d be leaving the boat about an hour before other people. 4 couples (including myself and girlfriend) exited the boat early. We went through customers. When it was my turn CBP took me into another room and asked if I knew why I was here. I told them yes. They asked who I was traveling with. I told them. They asked if she knew I was an RSO. I said yes. They confirmed that. Then he said, okay, what’s going to happen is we’re going to search the bags of you two. If I find anything related to your offense, we’ll search your phone. Otherwise, you’ll be free to go. Sure enough, they searched bags and asked us questions (where do you work, etc). It probably took 3 minutes per bag. At the end he thanked us for our patience and showed us where to exit and we went and hopped on our transfers back to the airport.

In summary, it was a good experience. Since I was leaving the country, I did submit the 21-day federal notice to my local police. They seemed clueless about it which was fine with me. I got the SO lady to make me a copy of it and add her name/date/biz card as a sort of proof that I submitted it.

Customs was a slight annoyance but the officer was professional and relatively fast. All told, probably added 30 minutes to the deboarding process, but getting to leave 1hr early probably saved me a half an hour. Their interaction with the 3 other couples seemed to roughly mirror what I experienced.

I traveled Norweigan Cruise Lines which googling suggested was relatively friendly to sex offenders, and if they knew I was, they never let on and my experience was as enjoyable as anyone else’s.


Thank you for sharing this. Being from California that’s going to be very helpful.

A rather appropriate video for all of us, especially if we were high profile cases…like I was:

The bright red A…
Tucker Carlson…
Just about every day I get comments relating to an offense 23 years ago. Much because I comment first trying to get people to think about what they said erroneously. Every day though, with no input from anyone else, I still think of how cruel society is.

If the Internet died today, society on a global scale, would collapse.

Lately 90% of the time I have to cross the salton sea inland check point I get pulled into secondary w/ some obviously bogus excuse and grilled like a suspect in a recent crime. I am not on probation or parole and have not been on paper for more than a year. Today the captain admitted that the computer flagged me for “criminal record”. He was polite but still. My registration is current and according to him no detainers show , but they need to “verify my legal status”. Is this legal? Is there anything I can do besides avoid all checkpoints (not really an option) or put up with the Nazi like behaviour of the Border Patrol?

Border Control from any country can do whatever they want in most cases. Be nice and just cooperate.

NO, they can not “…do whatever they want in most cases”. They WILL though if you don’t know your rights and assert them.

Can you give examples where you’ve defeated a boarder control’s orders or denial of entry if you are not a citizen of that country and you didn’t have to hire an attorney?

@KM in SoCal

Sorry I’m a bit confused or maybe just naïve. How does their computer know you have a criminal record? Are you giving them your drivers license to scan, or are they scanning your license plates?

Im so done. Please forgive my vent. I read these forums all the time but rarely post, so none of you know who I am. I was convicted in 2012 of possessing CP. After spending 2 years incarcerated I was given probation for 20 years, and of course, lifetime registry. It destroyed my marriage (which I understand) and I lost almost all of my life long friends. I am currently 51 with no children.

But I endured. I rebuilt my business. Got involved with a great church where I mentor college men dealing with porn issues. Probation and Parole (PnP) even removed me from the harsh sex offender probation and put me on a general case load. They pulled me in and got me involved in mentoring offenders being released from prison and then promoted me to be on the mentor advisory board for the entire state of Idaho. Last year I received a scholarship to pursue a psychology degree at a private christian college here in Boise where I have been on the dean’s list since I started. I have been called the campus dad and the kids all look up to me. They know I went to prison, but only a few (and all the staff) know the real reason. I own my home, cars, and have some good close friends. I have a great relationship with my parents.

But I am missing that one thing that I would give it all up for. Someone to love. A reason to come home at night. A woman to love and care for. Each time I get close, and I tell her my back story, she goes away. I can’t blame them, I don’t blame them. My close girlfriends all love me dearly, and say I am a wonderful catch, yet, I am still single. I go out, I have a life, I pursue all my hobbies and loves, yet I do them alone. I have no problem attracting well adjusted women who I would love to date. They get really excited about me and can not wait to see me again. Until the day comes where I must tell them of my past. Most of the time they say it is ok, then I never hear from them again. A few have up and walked out. Two have remained, but permanently placed me in the friend zone. To make matters worse, those two are the ones who keep telling me I am such a good catch the most, yet will not date me… In fact, each time they try to help by telling me I am such a wonderful man, just digs the knife in deeper. If I am so wonderful, why did they turn me away?

I am not one who likes to be alone. I have been married since leaving high school until my arrest. Being single for the last 7 years has been harder than probation for me. I am told she is out there somewhere. I want to believe that, I really do. But more and more I am convinced that when I meet her, she will just turn me away as well.

I’m not going to say the typical “love will find you when the time is right”. I was once in your shoes, wishing I had someone. I did everything I could to get out there and meet people but after time when we got close I would find some reason to break off the relationship because I knew I would have to tell her about my past and I was afraid of being rejected.
I knew in my heart, as I still know today, that I am not some monster. I’m just a guy who made a mistake almost 30 years ago, but trying to get women to understand that seemed like the impossible so eventually I just gave up. After all, I enjoyed my freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. If I wanted to eat potato chips for supper, no one was around to try to make me eat something healthy. I had complete control of the TV remote. I could buy whatever I wanted and no one was around to tell me no.
One early Sunday morning I was coming home from my brother’s house driving through a not so nice area at 2 in the morning. I noticed a car on the side of the road and me being the helpful guy I am, stopped to see if the driver needed help. A very pretty girl was sitting there and explained to me that she couldn’t get ahold of her dad and she didn’t have a spare tire to change her flat. I told her I couldn’t let her just sit there so I offered to use my insurance to get a tow truck for her. Instead of her riding with the tow truck she asked if I wouldn’t mind driving her home. I had already offered to let her hold my driver license to show that I meant her no harm. She really appreciated that and said that’s ok.
I dropped her off at her father’s house and after exchanging numbers went on my way. The next day we pretty much texted all day and made arrangements to go to lunch together.
She was almost half my age, being 23 at the time, very beautiful, and just happened to be a dancer at a local gentleman’s club, but not one of those typical girls who will do anything if the money is right. She just liked dancing and she has the body for it.
I’m not quite sure how it happened but after 2 years of seeing each other the conversation turned to her asking me what I felt about her moving in with me. I told her I needed to talk to her about something and that it was something that would probably cause her to run away. So I reluctantly told her about my past and to my surprise it didn’t faze her at all because for the past 2 years I had proven myself to her that I was a decent guy. She told me that she suspected that there was something in my past but she was just waiting for me to find the right time to tell her.
We’ve been together for 8 years now but have no plans to marry because we both believe that you don’t need a piece of paper to prove your love.
You may ask how does this help you. My answer would be to not give up. Don’t try so hard to go find someone. Just go out there and be yourself and do the things you like to do and don’t dwell on it too much and let her come find you. And when she finds you, just be the decent man you seem to be and if she’s good enough for you, your past will not matter to her.

Have patience. You still have 13 years of probation. Be glad your PO allows dating prior to them “meeting” your proposed date.
The circles you are meeting your friends may be an issue. Expanding your interests and circles of friends may help. Many people will not see beyond the sex word. When churches ban us from attending and worshiping, why would the congregation be any different.
My experience is someone with children will turn and run more quickly.
There is a right and wrong time to tell someone.
Waiting too long to tell someone is not good.
Someone with experience in your issues (addiction/etc) will have more of an open mind.
With time people will get to know you. Having to explain the worst thing you’ve ever done on a second date is hard to get past.
Myself, I had to come forward on my second date ( 20+ years ago). It was not of my choosing- but my date out of the blue knew a bunch of my x-wife’s friends. Found out her ties over dinner. Told her after dinner. She had enough understanding that it did not kill the very early relationship. Have patience take care of you- relationships will come.

@ jim from wi: who the fuck needs 13 years of probation to prove themselves? I see you meant well in your post but wtf.

Jay, consider yourself fortunate. I, as some, live a life in isolation. I have no one by my side and I will not bring someone by side because I know she will be punished for my stupidness 23 years ago. I will wait.

Those who left weren’t worthy of being a human…. forget them. I’m 57, I have so much to offer. If, when, if ever one decides to be by my side, she’s set for life… otherwise, it’s going to my son.

@RM/ Jay
I did not want to insinuate that you should be waiting 13 years or that I believe probation or your infraction has anything to do with you or a potential relationship……. Other than the obvious. Probation and the registry are not insurmountable but are difficult on relationships. Understanding that is important to understanding how people react to it. Patience helps control the negative attitudes that come from the rejection of people who do not want to take the time to understand us, and would rather not take the time to get to know us.

Yeah, I can relate to the feeling of being alone as a 41-year-old never-married bachelor who’s almost always been single. Having no emotional support at home, having only silence for company when I need someone to hold and make life a little bit more worthwhile, really eats away at me. I’m not the most outgoing or confident guy, and I have no social circle locally, and at least once a week I can’t help but collapse in my apartment in tears from the soul crushing loneliness, the lack of hope I feel about my future, the deep regret.

At the same time though, part of me doesn’t want to subject a woman to the bullshit that comes with being a registrant. Not to mention, the anxiety of disclosing my status is huge. Yet I know with certainty that I won’t survive too many more years of trudging along alone.

If you’re looking for unconditional love, go out and adopt 1 or 2 shelter dogs. That’s what I did and they provide me with constant companionship and love. If you need sex, just have friends with benefits. This way I have no complex relationship issues to deal with. Even if you find a great woman to date, her friends and family will eventually find out and cause her grief and not show support for her doing it. I know there are exceptions out there, but with our status, it’s not worth getting stressed out over finding someone that can forever handle our situation on the registry.

@ Lake County:. 100% agree re: rescue pups!! I have two at home who love each other and love me. Their antics and personalities provide endless entertainment. And my Presa Canario LOVES being hugged! Dogs (and cats) can truly save lives. 🐶🥰🐶

Thanks for all the replies. It does help.

I do have two cats that are my children and companions. They are quite old though, I do not know how much time I have left with them.

As far as the 13 years remaining on probation. I was sentenced to 20 years total for two counts of possessing sexually exploitative material (two teenage videos). It was withheld and I was given 20 years probation. I have 13 left. I am currently working with a new attorney who is a good friend of mine on a motion for early termination of probation. He said I have a as good of a chance as a sex offender can get to succeed. I wish I had him during the original charge because he said I got screwed really bad.

I am pleased to announce that I have been talking for the last two days with a wonderful lady I met on Christian Mingle and we have a date Saturday. We even go to the same church and she knows that the staff all know me well and are even paying for a chunk of my education through scholarships. This knowledge may help when I tell her my testimony. I will keep you all posted.

I do have a great circle of friends who all pull for me without question. At the Bible College where I attend I am referred to as the campus dad and many of them even know my past. They are a great group of kids. The younger generation seems much more forgiving. Heck, if I was 20 years younger I feel I would have no problem dating from the other students. But it is not to be.

I used to be a cat person until I got dogs. There’s a big difference between the two. A cat is like a good friend that likes being with you when they want, a dog is like a best friend that will never leave you. Cats are more independent and dogs are totally dependent. I recommend small dogs because they are a little easier and cost less to feed. Just my opinion.

I didn’t get a rescue dog but I saved one from going to the pound. My next door neighbor couldn’t take care of her anymore (if ever) and when she told me about the dog, I took a look. She was a 1 year old doberman. I paid for her food until I could build a full 6 ft fence around my backyard (I had just bought the place a few months before) and then got her for free.

I spent nearly 2k to get her healthy (she had heart worms). That has been the best 2k I ever spent, she has given me much more than that in the 2 years I’ve had her since then. She has unconditional love, and barks at anyone who approaches her “territory” or even close.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing hardships, especially when it means so much to you. Thankfully, I’ve had mostly good experiences with people and their family accepting me, but I understand that CP might have an additional stigma to it.
For me, the trick was always when to tell them. I used to have anxiety over it, but now it’s second nature. You have to strike a balance between “Hi I’m Mike and I’m a sex offender” and making a person feel like they’ve been deceived. This has been different for different people — ranging anywhere from about 3 weeks to 4 months.
I also think that sometimes we can build it up to be a bigger thing than it needs to be and sometimes the women pick up on that and get freaked out. But, I’ve been amazed at the number of people who have been fine with it. Maybe they had a friend go to jail or a cousin who is a SO or whatever.
I agree with someone else who commented that you want them to know who you are before you tell them. Let them judge you based on the person you are, not the person you were 7-9 years ago.
Finally, I think that it’s really important to not be too easy on yourself. My limited experience has been that I like to be hard on myself but talk about how I’ve grown as a person, what I’ve learned, how counseling helped me, etc., and usually they end up defending me.

Anyway, hopefully there are enough positive stories in these comments where you don’t give up home. There are people out there who will accept you and come to love you for who you are, not what the registry says you are. Good luck!

Recently, an appeals court article was posted here about the cycle of publishing opinions. I can’t remember who posted it and don’t want to call out incorrectly one of our forum members, so if the person who did post it would repost it or provide the ACSOL link here, I’d appreciate it. I wish to read it.

Btw, 2nd, 3rd, and 11th CCoAs are flipping in their majority members, e.g. party nominated membership. Given how Justice Gorsuch has voted, maybe that doesn’t matter? Remains to be seen in these courts.

@Mike G The plate reader they have reports that my vehicle is red flagged (in my name and listed on SO registry) then they demand my DL which they hold while ordering me to secondary. They then I assume check the registry and call PnP to check. This NEVER happened while on probation. It started a few months after I discharged my probation.

If you are not on parole, probation, supervision, verbally state you are a US citizen and wish to be on your way (there are many accounts on the internet to research).

@KM in SoCal
Wow, I had no idea they are scanning license plates. I thought these stops were just to catch illegals. How does plate scanning do that? So do you suppose they access any other database than Ours? (maybe stolen vehicles…)
I’ve been through the Salton Sea checkpoint at least a dozen times, but the last time was about 9 months ago. I guess I can now plan on going to their Secondary now if I’m down that way again 🙁

Yeah, it’s not acceptable that a Registered Person (RP) is subjected to any additional screening for any reason. Not acceptable at all and I hope every American will work to neutralize the effectiveness of any organization or person who thinks otherwise.

I truly don’t really get this concern about RPs who are traveling. To me, it is stupefying. It just stuns my brain that anyone thinks it is actually doing any good to try to “track” or “monitor” any RP traveling. I really think anyone who thinks it is worth all the wasted time, effort, and money, is a moron. Most people in big government do well qualify as morons.

It is idiotic just like this license plate scanning nonsense. If I’m an RP that is up to something, literally how easy would it be to neutralize that and make it 100% ineffective? Seems completely trivial to me but maybe I’m just an evil genius or something. Or nope, more likely is that pretty much 99.9% of RPs could neutralize it with little effort. I guess they’ll catch the dumb 0.1% of the 0.0001% who are traveling and actually up to something. It’ll be like those Satan Watch idiots bragging about catching 1 person in an entire year. Yeah, that 1 person was worth missing catching 1,000! Dipsh*ts. Dumb waste of resources, which are actually limited in actual reality.

People should assume that Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) are being used everywhere in Amerika. Everywhere. Private citizens can buy and use them. If you drive by the same person’s home every day, that person could EASILY be recording you going by and saving that information in a database. They could easily keep years of records of your traveling. Your neighbor could do it without you knowing.

I know that some criminal regimes in Amerika allow people to look up license plate numbers to see if they belong to a Registered Person (RP). I know that some U.S. states let ANYONE download all of the data from their Registry in bulk. It is trivial to automate downloading that data every single day and dropping it into a database to save the history, daily changes, and all of the data forever. I know because I’ve done it. And generated automatic mail labels from it.

But anyway, a state could simply include license plate numbers in that bulk data. If they did that, I know a person could have an ALPR in their front yard that scanned every single license plate going by and set off flashing lights and a siren every time an RP drove by. If/Once that data is available, I know that neighborhoods will want to put ALPRs at the entrances to their neighborhood. Once they “find out” that RPs are entering their neighborhoods, it will be a crisis that they will have to do SOMETHING about. It’s coming. I expect they cry and whine for more “laws” for the crisis.

I had to give my “internet identifiers” and passwords to my local criminal regime for a while before we forced them to give up on it. I changed some of my passwords to things like “gofuckyourself!”, “killpigs”, and such. I also had my attorney send them a letter that stated the equivalent of, “I am not giving you identifiers or passwords willingly and I do not give you any permission to access or use the accounts in any way. All of the accounts contain legally protected information and any attempt to access any account is illegal.”

Then for the important accounts I put additional mechanisms in place that made the passwords useless. I had hardware devices for key accounts (e.g. that generated tokens) or used MFA. With those in place, passwords were useless. I did intentionally leave some accounts open so I could waste the time of law enforcement trying to use them and to check if they tried. I filled some accounts with worthless, encrypted files with tempting names.

All in all, I had some fun with it. I almost wish the idiots were still wasting resources on it and looking like idiots while doing it. Because it is dumb and it makes them look dumb.

If these criminal regimes would require e-mail addresses AND share them with the public, then I’d like for them to do it. Because I’d automate using the e-mail addresses to contact every other Registered Person I could. That would be sweet!

Having said that, do criminal regimes give e-mail addresses to Facecrook? I always guessed they did but I don’t know. If they do, why can’t I have them? I have as much a right to them as Facecrook does. I’d certainly put them to better use.

Interesting!! There’s a pay wall, but I was able to read enough of it to get their ruling. 👍

Honestly, I wouldn’t care if our society (Earth) disappeared today. There is way too much hate and way too much greed for a society to benefit. The ones who benefit have too much money and too much influence over the 7.7 billion humans here.

If I died knowing there’d be a “reset” on this planet, I’d be be happy to sacrifice my life. Human’s destroyed this planet, let humans suffer. LOL, my dog is jumping up in my lap objecting right now. Maybe she has to pee, maybe she needs to bark at some celestial entity, idk.

I fight for us, I can’t fight the world (Earth). If I have a beam of light draw down into backyard… I’m stepping into it (and taking doggie too).

Has anyone heard any news about lawsuits against the Florida Registry?? I donated $$ to one of the suits (promoted by Florida Action Committee, as I recall), but have heard nothing since. 😕

everyone should watch this. They are gonna start marking dui drivers license so everyone knows they are drunk drivers.

Remember the judge who threw out the case with regard to IML marking on the passport, because the law hadn’t been implemented yet, and there were no damages accrued?

Well, a New Jersey congressman cited a statistic with regard to “human trafficking.” Link to story:

Here is the relevant pull quote:

The International Megan’s Law approved in 2016 requires the U.S. Department of State to stamp “sex offender” on the passports of Americans traveling abroad.

Thankfully, the law is working. In just over two years, the U.S. government has notified foreign governments of the planned travel of 10,541 covered sex offenders to their countries. As of July—3,681 individuals who were convicted of sex crimes against children were denied entry by these nations.

Over ONE-THIRD of registrants planning on traveling were DENIED ENTRY. Is THIS what the good judge needed?

3,681 people were denied entry to another country because our government told them that they were DANGEROUS CHILD SEX OFFENDERS traveling to the destination country to commit more crimes against their children.

It’s a lie. They can’t know that. And yeah, this should be what the judge needed. That is, if he were honest, and his judgement was not clouded by prejudice and fear.

How can he say the law is working when he can’t possibly say whether or not their travel was for nefarious reasons? I guess this could be understood as a tacit admission that, by way of other countries denying us entry (to circumvent pesky constitutional issues of impeding the rights of American citizens to freely come and go), the purpose is to just prevent us from traveling outright. My dreams of one day being able to make a one way trip out of this police state and expatriate grow dimmer by the year.

IML is working because it is harassing people who are listed on the Nanny Big Government (NBG) Registries. It is also growing NBG bigger. It is giving people jobs and making it appear to dumb people as if NBG is doing something useful. That’s all.

I’m certain that criminal legislator Chris Smith is more of a pedophile than I am. We need to keep people like him from traveling. He is an obvious danger to children.

Yeah, I’ve always thought Chris Smith doth protest too much. I’d love to know what skeletons are in his closet. There are few people in this world I hate more.

I really don’t get it…. all these sex fiends who travel with the sole purpose of sexually abusing children in foreign places…. when they get denied entry to those foreign places, what happens with all their criminal energy and sexual urges? Would they not redirect their criminal and sexual energy domestically? Do they just go back home and watch “Jeopardy”? I mean – these are compulsive criminals and molesters who go to great effort and expense to do their evil deeds we are talking about. Are we not?

Well, the people who support IML are idiots. That explains it.

On the surface, IML seems like a nice thing. If we knew that a dangerous person planned to travel somewhere and we could not STOP them from doing it, isn’t it nice to warn the destination in advance? Isn’t that a nice thing to do for people? The problem is, it’s moronic. If the people are living freely in Amerika, why would that be okay and it not be okay for them to travel? And no one with a brain can think that would ONLY apply to a crime if it involved $EX. That’s just idiotic. Lastly, big government doesn’t have the first clue who is dangerous and who isn’t. No idea. So they just have to say that a lot of people are and miss 99% of the people who actually are dangerous.

I think the IML idiots fantasize that a Registered Person is prevented from traveling somewhere and then they have to stay in their local area where they can’t do anything illegal because they are being “monitored” so well by the Registries. That surely must be what the idiots fantasize. That is proof that they are completely clueless. I also don’t think they really care if people commit $EX crimes in other countries. I don’t think they worry about it at all. They are just happy to be harassing people.

I think people who are prevented from traveling should take that time and cause as much chaos and destruction locally as possible. It is great motivation to do so.

Personally, I’ll stay in Amerika and cause as much problems as possible. It’s deserved.

“Thankfully, the law is working. In just over two years, the U.S. government has notified foreign governments of the planned travel of 10,541 covered sex offenders to their countries. As of July—3,681 individuals who were convicted of sex crimes against children were denied entry by these nations.”

So…is the TRUE intent of the law to prevent people from traveling??? Sure seems so by that quote

Does anyone know how to get news stories removed that report your case? I dispute facts and presentation of material of it. Its seriously hindering my ability to get a quality job.

In my opinion its all freedom of the press as long as it is an opinion. If it suggests you committed a crime, you may have a case for libel or slander. It depends on if they are reporting on something that is public record.

I think you’re going to need to employ search engine optimization – i.e. bury the negative info with more positive and relevant info. Create a LinkedIn profile, a blog, comment on articles (unrelated to this site, of course) with your real name, things like that. In not too long, that article you mention will get pushed down in search results.

I agree with Tired of This. You need to do some personal SEO and for that I recommend Their free service should be enough to get you started and the premium service might be worthwhile for you. Good luck!

Tacoma News Tribune: Sex offenders: Shaming them publicly is arbitrary, cruel.

“Jane Q. Public” makes valid points & kudos to TNT for publishing her letter!

Personally, I find it pretty humorous that people who know little about Registries think that the “shaming” component of them or being listed publicly is any significant consideration. I’m sure it is for some percentage of people, but is that percentage very high? I wouldn’t think so. And if it is, I would think people wouldn’t care about it any longer after perhaps say 1 year of being listed.

For me personally, I don’t care at all about the public listing. And it is not possible to shame me about anything I did or the Registry listing. Unfortunately for the Registry Nazis, I’ve found out about them and I feel shame for them. They are a disgusting bunch of people whose opinions don’t matter.

One great thing that the Registries have done for me is given me the ability to not care about other people or their opinions any longer. That has really, truly been very liberating. I have no trouble at all ignoring people and labeling them as useless animals.

The only thing I care about regarding the Registries is the harassment. If big government could run their Registries without my participation then I expect things would be fine. Don’t ask me to report anything or do anything. If they f*cked off, they could maybe have their Registry toy in peace. But until they do, I will wage war on them and they will continue to be gravely harmed by it. I promise.

This article was a great example of the nonsense of the Registries too. The only thing I wanted to do regarding it was make a comment about it. But guess what, the commenting system uses Facecrook. A key goal of the Registries is to try to silence any dissent of them. Facecrook is helping.

It’s not so much the shaming aspect as it is making a spectacle out of people for PROFIT. Along with privacy destroyed and zero peace of mind.

Megan’s Law is the opposite of love.

Doing some legal research tonight on my registry fee case, and a came across a court order that stated this,

“In Smith, the Supreme Court considered only “whether the registration requirement is a retroactive
punishment prohibited by the Ex Post Facto Clause.” Id. at 89 (emphasis added). In Smith, sex
offenders who were convicted prior to Alaska’s registration statute had initiated a lawsuit under
42 U.S.C. § 1983 seeking to strike down the registration requirement as unconstitutional, but
they were not facing prosecution as criminal defendants for failing to register. Id. at 91. Without
considering the criminal punishment for failing to register, the Court determined that the
registration requirement only “create[d] a civil, nonpunitive regime,” id. at 96, and consequently
that “retroactive application does not violate the Ex Post Facto Clause.” Id. at 106.1”

So, did SCOTUS really not consider the criminal punishment that goes with failure to register when they decided Smith?

I think many of the state schemes don’t care. All they see from Smith v Doe is that registration isn’t punishment. Since then, states have piled on.

In Smith v Doe opinion, they sidestepped “in-person re-registration as a disability” because the case did not have in-person re-registration because everything was done via the mail. Yet, in-person re-registration isn’t considered a disability to many states, including in California when it designated in-person re-registration was quasi-criminal in 1958 until 2007 when new law over-wrote the old law. Crazy.

So quick question, I’m in California, and not on the public list. Is there a way for people to know my status?

When cruise lines say they don’t allow RC’s, would they know about me? If Disneyland says they don’t allow entrance to RC’s, would they know about me? If any company has a policy against RC’s, would they know about me?

If I apply for a job and they do a background check, would this come up? My conviction was reduced and expunged.

Basically I guess, are they checking the public registry or something else?



Out of curiosity how are you not on the Registry? How does that work being convicted but not listed?

As for background checks:

“California law follows the FCRA’s general seven-year rule as the limit for reporting most negative information on an employment background check.
In California, criminal convictions can only be reported for seven years unless another law requires employers to look deeper into your background.

Arrests and the formal charges shown in an indictment, information or complaint that result from an arrest can be reported for up to seven years in California. But these records cannot be reported if a conviction did not result. However, they can be reported pending judgment. This means if you were arrested and the matter has not come to trial or has otherwise not been resolved, it can still be reported in an employment background check.

Background check reports often include information from public records. In California, a background checking agency cannot include public record information in an employment check unless it has verified the accuracy of the information during the 30-day period before the report is issued. This applies to such information as arrests, indictments, convictions, civil actions, tax liens, and outstanding judgments.”


You’ll find that on Line 6.

Not all SO’s are on the PUBLIC list as you can petition to be removed from it for some qualifying convictions. You still have to register though.

He also mentioned that he had his record expunged. This doesn’t end your “duty” to register, but it does have an effect on the public listing since you no longer have a conviction that the public registry shows you to have.

Depending on the job, some job searches will divulge you being on the registry. If you apply for a job on a military base, then the military will deny you initial access to the base due to IMCOM OPORD 15-031. You can file for a waiver, but what job would want to risk itself on a risky candidate.

Although your case is expunged via 1203.4, you aren’t protected by 1203.4 due do PC 290.5, PC 290.007, and SB 530 (pertaining to 1203.4).

PC 290.007 negated your immunities to continue to register by “disregarding” 1203.4.
PC 290.5 extended your “probationary period” to a 10-year wait to file for Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Here are links as to how you’re discriminated against as a 1203.4 recipient via SB 530:

Anyone know who the lawyers were in Doe v. Raemich (7th Cir.)?

“Anyone know who the lawyers were in Doe v. Raemich (7th Cir.)?”
If it’s the case I’m thinking of and found, the Plaintiffs were stripped of “Doe” status on appeal–I’m purposely omitting their names here. The appellate Decision is available online ( I have to believe that if you search the 7th’s PACER site for the two case numbers, the lawyers will be named in the court docket(s).

They sure keep Halloween drunk driver deaths quiet. Didn’t hear about this one near Long Beach. Unrelated story from LATimes.

“Then on Halloween night, an alleged drunk driver struck his older brother, sister-in-law and 3-year-old nephew while they were walking with a stroller along a sidewalk bordering Los Cerritos Park in Long Beach. All three died.”