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PA: Sex offender removed from the hospital during the birth of his child

Many of the stories we bring you on a daily basis here at WPXI are clear cut. They’re right or wrong. But this one had us here in the newsroom debating and even questioning ourselves. It’s one of those rare instances where you see both sides.

Ken Moore is a registered sex offender but never thought that would keep him from seeing the birth of his third child. Full Article

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I think it was brave for Mr. Moore to go on camera and put it out in public this problem.

A problem which could be rectified with a lawsuit.

I mean how can the hospital defend itself, say for example, if a female Registrant was pregnant and refuse to give her medical care? Or any Registrant that needs it for that matter…

Hospitals need to stay out of politics! This safety issue is BS!
They’ll let in drug dealers, murderers, and terrorists first before a Registrant!

That last sentence should be on plaque for that hospital…

I ask those with military training/experience to correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that, in combat, if an enemy soldier is injured and captured, that enemy combatant still has the right to receive life-saving first aid/medical care. They have a duty to provide that care, don’t they? ….. you know, I mean, as long as that injured soldier isn’t a Registrant!

Pro Bono help of any damn good attorneys would greatly appreciated. Money would help too. 😁. There are more things that seem out of place in my world than that.

I want to say thanks for bringing this to light because many people are on the registery and this is another hit for why registry doesnt work in Pennsylvania. I forsee a hell of a lawsuit from this. Good Attorneys will jump on this real quick. A great place to look is in Philadelphia for sex offender lawyers. They are a beast when it comes to this stuff. You can email me at and I’d be more an happy to help you with information.

I know this may sound crazy and a bit extreme but I can’t help but wonder, what if a woman were on the registry and in labor how this hospital act? Would they deny her the right to give birth at the hospital? Would they have police supervising her and keeping her from holding and breast feeding the baby postpartum? After all, I do believe that laws should pertain to everyone without any gender differences. This entire case is gross and obscene, this is proof the registry divides families.

So if this guy’s presence – for a few hours as a visitor – is too much of a risk to staff and other patients, what will the hospital do about this guy as a patient – for days and weeks and overnight, probably in a multi-bed room? Shackle him to his bed? Post an armed guard at the foot of his bed? Deny him treatment? Hmmmmm….

In Fla. he would be left to die in the street. In Milwaukee, they would admit his sick child and than escort him out of the hospital.

I sometimes wonder whether heartless acts publicized like the above hurt or help the institution. (Remember if is only kills 1 registered citizen’s child.)

Only corrupt, criminal regimes have Registries. These regimes and their Nazi supporters must be destroyed, along with their nanny big government Registries.

What this story tells me is that this hospital doesn’t protect any of its patients or visitors at all. Because if they did, then this Registered Person would be no more of a risk than anyone else (of whom they have zero knowledge).

And just take a look at the pure, through and through, idiocy of this. The guy is Registered for looking at pictures. Yet this hospital welcomes with open arms people who have shot people with guns. Or done whatever, and that list is pretty endless. Pure idiocy and a sign that so many incompetent, dumb people have drank all of big government’s Kool-Aid, lies, and propaganda.

The hospital needs to be sued. If they take any public money at all, it should be stopped. For any of you who still think that people should give to charities or help them in any way, THIS is the type of stuff that you support.

Will Allen, I suspect this Registrant hysteria also ties back to the hospitals’ insurance providers who, in turn, are reflecting the wider public’s media-inspired hysteria and myth-mongering: “…. frightening and high recidivism… incurable…. trenchcoat-wearing, child-snatchers.” And with sex offender jury awards and highly publicized high dollar settlements, the insurance companies are making Registrant exclusion a provision in many liability coverage policies in order to cover their assets. 💲💲Following the money…💲💲

I wouldn’t be surprised. Just about everyone must respond and deal with the Registries, whether they want to or not.

The fault all goes back to the criminal regimes for letting it happen. They set up their hit list and encouraged everyone to attack the families listed on it. They’ve got to be proud with how large their stupidity has grown and how much time and money it’s wasting. Big waste is their specialty.

Because the Registries exist, I am going to spend this weekend around all sorts of children, 100% anonymously. It’s the least I can do. I guarantee that I will make the Registries not just worthless, but much, much worse. I suggest that millions do the same.

“As soon as I told that guy his eyes got big.”

Yeah, their reaction was akin to disclosing that you had a bomb or a case of Ebola.

Once again, we see it’s all about the illusion of mitigating risk and minimizing liability at the expense of treating SO’s .lower than whale dung.

They treat us like we’re a walking crime scene ffs!

@Facts should matter

Awesome Star Wars reference.

I see your Star Wars and raise you South Park.

Similar thing happened to me at Long Beach Memorial in California a few years ago. My wife was getting surgery for cancer. They check everybody’s ID before they give you a badge to go to see people in their rooms. The guy at the front counter made a total scene when he looked me up and they denied me access to see my wife after her cancer surgery. Well, i got their legal departments number and said that we would never have used their hospital if that was their policy. I said they should have had some kind of notice before we ever got this far. After threatening to get attorneys involved they backed down and let me enter, but i had to meet with their head of security and they had to notify the head nurse on the floor that my wife was staying on. Total embarrassment for my wife while she’s trying to recover from surgery. Cruel people out there that run these hospitals.

My wife will need a double masectomy next month, and will likely have the procedure done at Long Beach Memorial. A relative of mine used to work there and just informed me of this policy. She was a head nurse (might have been the one that was asked), and thinks the policy is ridiculous. In any case, I am not looking forward to going there if it is indeed where we have to have the surgery. The relative informed me that they became more “serious” about security after that employee went and shot people at Memorial. Makes perfect sense, huh? Make sure you harass the weaponless sex offender, meanwhile let in the people with whatever felonies in, not to mention the next employee who might go postal in any given day. SMH.

@AW: Take care of your loved one.

I just someone is tallying all these BS restrictions for a later date for the fight to take down the entire scheme. I want them all rattled off in front of SCOTUS.

I’m in FTR situation right now, by volition for that exact purpose. I’m dropping a discovery motion upon the Rock County DA Monday. This will get our former AG & GOV. upon the stand. He spoon fed the Whetterling act to our Congress a full 18 months before the OMNIBUS94 was enacted. He knew it was coming and got a jump start that happened to include me, a guy who plead not guilty and didn’t acquiesce right by plea like those in Connecticut DPS. In DPS scotus made a point to refer to the substantive due process claim not available to those ‘similarly situated’ because they’d waived knowingly and intelligently. The right to contest can be waived but not by DA OR AG alone.

It is unlawful to combine dissimilar lots and treat them same solely on the single interpretation of DOJ.

People!!! It’s All Good! Illinois Supreme Court struck down the Social Media ban. So…you know…….juss…..find peace in that horse trash.

if it is not illegal, dont go out of your way… its very simple. Its like calling to the cops without an attorney. Stop playing nice people and protect yourselves.
Maybe other crimes should tell the security guards what they did as well. What a dope.

Not telling security would have put him of violation of probation thus sending him back to jail for a month and restarting probation time.

That said, if any damn good attorneys that would like to help pro Bono, it would be greatly appreciated. Money would help a lot itself 😁.

There are many issues here with this whole thing. Not just the discrimination of myself, but the safety, comfort and privacy of my high-risk pregnant wife being violated.

what violation was he violating???? terms are different for everyone. Visiting is different than sleeping

I’m not sure what to say at this moment. If anyone commits a sex related crime in today’s world! The laws are ever changing. Every case is different, I clearly don’t agree with him being kicked out of the hospital, but who downloads and watches child porn as a parent? He is on probation? Parole? I really have no answer. You guys can send angry responses, but my opinion is that this is recent, he is undergoing counseling and the hospital might simply be following protocol. It’s only a thought and I’m sticking with my opinion!

If you are following this site then either you or someone you love is on the registry. The one I love is on for this same reason. He is not someone who would hurt a child and never set out to watch it. In his case it was mixed in with adult porn files he was downloading and it was something that was like a train wreck and he couldn’t look away from. He was in a deep depression and his therapist said he was using it to try to shock himself into feeling something.

Not everyone who owns a gun plans to hurt someone; not everyone who looks at this plans to hurt someone. Whether you agree with the content or not, the fact of the matter is that it is pictures. Are they horrible? I am sure they are. Is it any different than what is shown on Dateline, 20/20, Forensic Files, and all the other shows that make their livelihood off pictures/videos of those who have been murdered? Watching a crime that has been committed and committing a crime are two separate things and should not be penalized the same. Please don’t use this forum to judge.

First of all, Other than the fact they violated the fathers RIGHTS, there is NO POLICY and it was against the patients rights and privacy to do what they did. Also we DO NOT know if the person has completed a treatment program or multiple treatments that has cleared them to be safe around their own children. I do not agree with what he DID BUT I also believe people have rights and everyone needs to follow the laws and constitutional rights. I hope he retains an attorney and gets justice. You still have rights even on probation or parole.

Why do you say “there is NO POLICY”? The article says the opposite twice. Please answer that before reading the rest of this.

All companies like UPMC have a problem because of the Nanny Big Government (NBG) Registries. If a crime happens on their property that they had ANY chance of CONCEIVABLY preventing or affecting, some attorney will sue them. They might lose X dollars. If the person who commits the crime is listed on the NBG Registries, they might lose 10X. It will also really, really hurt their PR, which matters. So what should they do? The safest thing is to keep all people listed on the hit list out. Their insurance companies might even require it. NBG has forced that decision onto everyone in Amerika.

Regarding the “treatment program” statement. Who cares? If ALL criminals do not need treatment then this guy does not need treatment. Let’s stop talking about treatment as if it is useful or legitimate. If it was, it would be required for all significant crimes. It isn’t because it’s worthless.

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