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Survey of Veterans on the Registry

[Approved by Janice]

To: military veterans who are on the sex offense registry

Emily Horowitz, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Co-Director, Post-Prison Education Program
St. Francis College
180 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 | 718-489-5446 |

November 15, 2019

Dear Veterans,

First, we want to thank you for serving our country. We are seeking military veterans who are on the sex offense registry to participate in a research project titled: Veterans with Sex Offense Convictions: A Preliminary Investigation.

The research is being conducted by Dr. Emily Horowitz, Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice at St. Francis College, in collaboration with Marine Corps Veteran and Doctoral Candidate Shawn Rolfe, from the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisville. Both researchers have extensive experience researching sexual offending policies.

The aim of the study is to better understand what, if any, contributing factors lead to sexual offending among our military veterans. In order to achieve this goal, we ask that you complete our survey. You will be asked questions about past childhood and adult trauma, military culture, mental health, substance abuse, criminal history and sexual offense-related questions, and some demographics.

The survey will take 20-30 minutes of your time. The risk of involvement with this study is minimal. However, we acknowledge and understand that you may find some of these questions sensitive, difficult to answer, or think your answers could incriminate you. Your participation in this study is anonymous and strictly voluntary, and all responses will be kept confidential for seven years. After the seven years, all the data will be destroyed. You are permitted to skip over any question(s) you do not want to answer, or to stop participating at any time, with no adverse effect.

By participating in this study, there are no direct benefits to you. Your responses, however, are very important because it will contribute to knowledge for developing treatment and policies for justice-involved veterans.

Should you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact me at or 718-489-5446, or Shawn Rolfe at You may also direct any questions for this study to Dr. Laura Egan, Chair, St. Francis College Institutional Review Board, at We thank you in advance for your participation in our study. 

Please click here to get started. Again, thank you for your service. Without people such as yourselves, our country would not be where it is today.

All the best,

Emily Horowitz, Ph.D.Professor & Chair (Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice, St. Francis College)
Shawn Rolfe, M.A., ABD Ph.D. Candidate (Department of Criminal Justice, University of Louisville)

Link to Confidential Study:


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Emily… no survey needed. Gone for months at a time = hate, jealousy, cheating.


The survey is flawed form the outset. As long as every person on the registry convicted under the 40 or more laws deemed “sex offenses” are all lumped together then no accurate assessment can be made. If I say let’s look at the similarities of people who steal, am I comparing the teen who steals make from Target with the person running an auto theft ring? So comparing all the possible categories of sex offenses is ludicrous. This has been the flaw from the outset. All humans have sexual drive, and all humans make errors as they explore their human sexuality. Some people may have serious criminal intent, others may be decent people who became reckless. If they want to survey all people who looked at images on the internet, or all people who inappropriately touched a minor, then they may get closer to having useful information, but even those cases have many variables.

If you are asking questions that could be incriminating, are you saying that mandatory reporting doesn’t apply?

We are not collecting any data or asking any questions about unreported crimes, so this is not an issue – the survey examines the link between military service, social and emotional history, and sex offenses.
If you have further questions about confidentiality and this survey, please reach out to me at
Thank you!
-Emily Horowitz (Co-Principal investigator, Veterans with Sex Offense Convictions: A Preliminary Investigation).

I am a veteran and I don’t mind taking the survey. I do have a concern right off the bat… “The risk of involvement with this study is minimal.” Can you define that please? I have not committed any other crimes but I worry that something could be misinterpreted or something may be stretched to fit something that is not true.

The survey collects only the user answers to the questions – no personal information about the respondent (e.g. address / email address / name). Additionally, the survey was approved by the St. Francis College Institutional Review Board and the approval is contingent on the fact that no personal or identifying information about the respondent will be collected by the researchers. If you have further questions about confidentiality and this survey, please reach out to me at
Thank you!
-Emily Horowitz (Co-Principal investigator, Veterans with Sex Offense Convictions: A Preliminary Investigation).

A Possible Risk:

“Every time I go to the oracle site to check for updates I get the stupid Survey monkey. Since by default, Java only checks for updates once a month, it is possible to use a machines many days with zero day java vulnerabilities. I have disabled the dangerous java plugin on my browser after several attempts at black hole exploits that failed because I had manually updated java. I no longer have to manually update flash, but the folks at Java do not seem to have the ability to code their product to check for and install updates daily so that their product does not get out of date. Not only is this a problem, Oracle, rather than spending money on in house engineers to rectify this serious problem, uses survey monkey to either market, or see how customers use their product. It is ridiculous that the company who makes a product fails to understand how it is used. Money is wasted on these stupid surveys that are aimed at marketing new products when there is much work to be done on the java update process. I cannot believe that java cannot solve this problem when Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and flash have figured it out. Java is the program on my computer that is least secure, makes it more likely that hackers could gain complete control, and is the most difficult to check for the proper version and update. If all the money spent on stupid surveys went to solve this update problem with java, Oracle would benefit. Oracle needs to develop a “Manhattan project” of sorts and make solving this problem job number one. Until they do, I cannot trust that Oracle has security in mind and that security is job one to Oracle.”

I will never use Survey Monkey.

The question about parole/probation/neither needs 2 other options CSL and PSL,

I lost interest when I could not select Full time employed AND VA benefits since I get both and then when the gross income capped at 25k…. eh… if my status cannot be represented, then my input is not important either.

I’m not sure you read what I did. I was easily able to put our finances, which are way over 25k. I am also full time employed, and I have received va benefits (I used my gi bill for example).

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