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Kat’s blog: The Flaw in Meghan’s Law

Our hearts go out to the Pennsylvania father who happened to be a registrant and who missed the birth of his third child for no reason other than the fact that he was a registrant. We can all put ourselves in this guy’s shoes and imagine the sense of devastation and embarrassment he must have felt when told he couldn’t attend the birth of his child and then to be escorted out of the hospital by security when he hadn’t done anything.

As I try to make some sense out of this, it occurs to me that it’s the flaw in Meghan’s Law that’s partially to blame.

A flaw that allowed “non-qualified” agents without any information to decide whether someone on the registry was “a risk to the general public.” As I read Meghan’s Law it clearly indicates that it is for “the protection of the public from those who present a risk.”

In this case, hospital administrators and hospital security officers decided, knowing only that the man was on the registry, that he was a public risk. This is the kind of “mis-information” that laws such as Meghan’s Law, encourage the public into believing that everyone on the registry is a risk.

I’d venture to guess that neither the hospital administrators nor the security officers had any kind of professional degrees that would have qualified them to make a determination as to whether or not this father was a risk to anyone in the hospital. The only thing they were aware of was that he was a registrant and they only knew that because he alerted them to that fact as he had been advised by his parole officer and counselor.

I’m not certain as to why his counselor and P.O. advised him to ALERT the hospital that he was there? Is there some PA. law that requires a registrant to alert hospitals if they are on the premises? If so, then where else do they need to ALERT authorities that they are on the premises, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, movie theaters, stores? Is there a list of those places that require ALERTING? Unless the hospital has some specific posted written rule against allowing registrants on the premises, this ALERTING   requirement seemed absurd.

By all outward appearances it seems that this father was being “compelled” by his P.O and counselor to ALERT the hospital that he was A) a registrant and B) therefore, “a risk to the public.”

Meghan’s Law is flawed.

The law was passed when grieving parents and those legislators who supported them didn’t want to see another child die at the hands of a child abductor, a child molester or a murderer.

The problem, not all registrants are child abductors, child molesters or murderers.

Not all registrants are or ever were “a public risk”.

And, neither hospital administrators nor hospital security guards are qualified to determine a registrant’s risk, especially when that registrant has done nothing illegal and is on hospital premises for a legitimate reason, such as the birth of their child.

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The same thing happed to me. I was not allowed to enter for the birth of my child. I was set up and false claims used to stop me from entering. The baby girl now 2 years old has no father. My case is now at the DOJ However the real problem is no one has any right to i talk as Americans.

The simple answer is a hearing at my expense and not 2 years after .,…

Thank you kats! My family and I appreciate it very much. I do hope that an attorney will see these and be willing to fight for us.

I lightly joked about money being a big help in the article directly related to my story. However it wasn’t too much of a joking matter. It really would help.

Our family is going through a lot more than just this one incident, however I will leave that for legal counsel.

@moderator – if a known attorney does respond, please feel free to supply them my email to contact me.

K. Moore

The probably is.. everyone on the list is deemed a public safety liability by extension. We’re not even afforded the benefit of the doubt. The media and lawmakers don’t want to humanize us because that would make the label lose it’s power!

@Facts should matter

…”make the label lose its power.”

That’s the key isn’t it?

Think of every disenfranchised group in history that was labeled and looked down upon and how they overcame it. Sure it took a long time to do it and some residual prejudices are there but at least they weren’t backed by government policies.

The only difference now is that we have the internet, inexpensive technology, and social media outlets at our disposal.

With some creativity perhaps something viral could take place that would start blasting the Registry back.

Thank you kats!

It’s really nice to hear that there are people on my family’s side in this matter. Our family has and is going through a terrible situation at this time.

The hospital incident is where I decided it was time to start fighting back. There have been other things as well.

Ie: restricted to attend church until AFTER I talked with a pastor about my crime. Then him and the counselor had to talk. I waited a long time, went back and signed a contract to actually attend.

I felt, where is separation of church and state??? This doesn’t seem at all right, or legal, so I never returned

I’m hoping that someone can help in all of this for me. And if there are any known lawyers that are willing to fight for my family and me, please provide my email.

Ken M

Yep, I’ve been saying that for a long time.

The Registries aren’t going anywhere soon. We must keep fighting them on every front, including in the courts of course, but I feel the destruction of the Registries can only be accomplished by countering the lying propaganda campaign that is run by Nanny Big Government and the Registry Nazis (RNs). I feel the way to do that is with a constant, consistent PR campaign.

That why I think “branding” is so important. I feel like the anti-RN campaign/war should adopt some terminology and use it all the time. Media will get used to seeing it. Then it will be spread. Once everyone is used to it, people might start to change their minds.

I think we should fight exactly as politics is done these days. There is no reason to be nice. Nice doesn’t win. There is no need to try to make our opponents “understand”, hear our stories, have “compassion”, or any of the rest of that. That’s been going on for over 2 decades and it is not going to work. Facts are not very important. Repetition is.

We need slogans, branding, mottos, memes, etc. Without that, I’ve seen over and over and over where someone will write something very well reasoned and great and very few people are even interested enough to read it. Like 1% of people will. Everyone else just skips it and forgets it. There needs to be something inflammatory that people remember. Something that people see over and over again and burns into their minds that only losers think Registries and big government are PC.

I’ve been wanting to do all of that for years now. But I’ve been very busy leading a productive, successful, and great life. It would be very, very easy for me to just ignore the Registries nearly completely. But should I? I’ve got a ton of projects going on right now. Perhaps I’ll do something early’ish next year?

The symbol I’ve wanted to create for years is an inverted U.S. flag that is super-imposed with a large swastika. Then there would be writing on the white strips (at least). Perhaps start with:

U.S. $EX Offender Registries

A weapon of war brought to you by irresponsible, out-of-control big government.

Not needed. Not beneficial. Worse than merely worthless.

Ineffective. Counterproductive. Damaging to everyone. Dumb.

Wage war.

We can all continue to write “one offs” that nearly everyone ignores. Or we can brand the fight against RNs.

We share a similar problem that Greta Thunberg is attempting to address and advocate for. We’re both fighting big money and the status quo. When someone’s livelihood and pocketbook is affected, it’ gets personal and ugly. Those close-minded people then dig their heels in once their minds are made up. The facts and mountains of evidence is there, but there are too many people that PROFIT from the way things currently are. The intentional lies the media and lawmakers continually spout brings comfort to the public’s fears about us.

I think the biggest problem we have is called the “ostrich effect” whereas we stick our collective heads in the sand and hope for the best. This fantasy about waiting for the lawmakers to “change their minds” and “fix it” is wishful thinking at best!

No one in history got their rights back from just playing nice and asking politely.

Another thing came to mind thinking about this whole hospital thing.

When this happened, I called Megan’s law to find out what i could do. The person told me that the hospital is privately owned, so there is nothing they could do about it.

That said, what the heck if I went to a store to buy food for my family and I wans’t allowed to buy food to sustain my family’s lives??

If you are open as a service to the public, even if privately owned, you should be governed by the same laws. That is BS!!


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