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NY: Cuomo: Make Sex Offenders Disclose Dating, Gaming User Names

[ – 12/22/19]

New York’s governor says convicted sex offenders should be required to disclose their social media screen names to prevent them from using apps to exploit children.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that existing laws targeting online predation don’t account for new technology. His proposal, unveiled as part of his State of the State agenda, would require sex offenders to hand over screen names for dating and gaming apps, as well.

The Democrat’s proposed legislation would also make it a crime for convicted sex offenders to misrepresent themselves online.

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that’s awesome! make it an offense to misrepresent yourself online…classic… and i bet they get to define what is misrepresentation. They should have the same rules for politicians…

They’re no better than sex offenders…they prey on everybody.

And you should the LEO when they pretend to be someone else online to trap people

Only corrupt, criminal regimes have $EX Offender Registries.

Awww, these poor, poor Registries Nazis. They are so sad. Grasping at ever-smaller, tiny straws in their pathetic attempts to attack “$EX offenders” and look like they are actually trying to do something to reduce crime. So sad and pathetic.

Is there anyone who is not a complete moron who thinks disclosing “internet identities” does anything useful? Anyone? I am confident that people who are looking for children online are not the slightest bit concerned about any “law” requiring the disclosure of “internet identities”.

The only purpose of this is to expand apartheid. Pathetic Amerika.

I’d just like to point out that I attempted twice to post this EXACT, verbatim comment on the same article at the Florida Action Committee’s (FAC) website. They have not allowed it either time. That is their right obviously and perhaps they just don’t like people to say “Nazis”, I don’t know. But I feel like I’ve seen a lengthy enough track record with FAC that I don’t really care for a lot of their stances.

They are way too interested in being respectful and kind to law enforcement, for starters. I get that LE (for the most part) didn’t cause a LOT of the Registry crimes, however they are very responsible for supporting it today and keeping the nonsense and crimes going. I do think that they generally support it, certainly to the extent that it gives them jobs and keeps them big and nanny.

I also get that plenty of LE know that Registries are idiotic. So it’s fine to be polite and nice to those people. But f*ck the rest of them every day. There must be a real, very damaging, harmful-every-second cost for the Registries. LE must be harmed just because Registries exist. It is unfortunate, but it must continue. That is part of the cost of the Registries. And it must be as harmful as possible and very widespread.

FAC is certainly doing a lot of good work. But I stopped financially supporting them a while ago. I’m not going to change that for now and I’ll direct my resources elsewhere. They’ll be okay without me. They might not be okay without 1,000 people like me.

The legal attacks on the criminal regimes are necessary. It’s done great things and the regimes have to be controlled. But they are not going to get the Registries destroyed. That is going to require public war. There is no need to be nice to enemy combatants and harassing terrorists.

@Will: FAC has provided me as well of others many insights to our fight. They are a valuable resource for us. I’m not sure what your beef is. They, as well as ACSOL, NARSOL, etc, have moderator guidelines.

Only corrupt, criminal regimes have $EX Offender Registries.

Sure, FAC has commenting guidelines and that is good. FAC, ACSOL, etc. need to have commenting guidelines and must censor some comments or they’d surely end up filled with lots of comments from Registry Nazis. No one needs that. So they have to censor. Of course. And they surely don’t want people on there making death threats or whatever else. So they have to censor.

But a lot of censoring is just for preferences and I do believe that FAC censors ideas and commentary that they simply just disagree with and don’t want propagated. Say that FAC has a scale from 0 to 100 that scores how much they agree with a comment/stance or not. Say that 0 means they completely disagree with a comment/stance. A 100 means they completely agree with it. So at what point along that scale should they not allow a comment? If a comment scores 80, they’d likely post it. How about 40? 10?

That’s all I mean. FAC or anyone else could post all comments (that are not death threats, illegal, etc.) no matter the score, right? Any comment from 0 to 100. I just don’t think FAC does that. I think they have an agenda and they censor for that agenda. They are free to do that.

I wouldn’t support an organization that I don’t agree with. So I have to determine if I agree enough with FAC to support them. Everyone does.

His BEEF is that idiots like you that buy their bullshti are what keep us from being FAR MORE PROACTIVE, and VOCAL! THEY ARE WHIMPS!!!!!!! Two Million of US, and those who sympathize with US, Marching on Washington for ONE MONTH will wake this planet up! I am in Hong Kong, and I can attest to what ACTION reaps!

@Will: I am one of a few moderators on NARSOL. I do not censor comments unless they are spam or include links (not all advocates censor links). IF something is iffy, I leave it alone and let the admins deal with it.

As far as FAC goes, ask them (if you haven’t) why your comment wasn’t posted. I’m sure you realize websites (even those that advocate for us) have to watch what’s posted on their pages.

@Carey: Sigh. Calling me an idiot and keeping us from being proactive only shows ignorance. I am not an idiot, I am also very proactive. Hong Kong is fighting for rights they deserve. The ones of us in the US are fighting for rights we deserve BUT we are considered monsters. Many just fear being violated for FTR or not reporting one of a million things and going to prison for 30 years. Many hide waiting. Many try to live life unviolated. Many just want to be left alone.

Assuming I agreed at all – which I certainly do NOT!! – I might be able to understand gaming app user/profile names…maybe. But not for dating apps. Dating apps are for adults – a-d-u-l-t-s!! Under-18s should not be using dating apps, IMHO.

Here’s the MORE IMPORTANT question: Is Cuomo requiring those convicted of Domestic Violence to disclose their user/profile names for dating apps?? If not, WHY NOT??!!

All Dating Apps, even hook up ones, are 18+!

Okay, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as a parent I would like to ask…what law will you apply to children and teens who are misrepresenting themselves online? Such as the 13 year old clicking the on-line agreement claiming that they are 14, 18 or 21 years of age so on social media and chat web-sights they are not restricted to what they are allowed to chat about. Yes Law Enforcement, politicians, parent and Gov. Andrew Cuomo children do lie and misrepresent themselves in this way.

why not post this on the originating site..if u dont i will…hopefully editors will read it

Amen Amen!!!!!!!

At least we are starting to see some opposition to this hysteria in the comments of these articles

Meanwhile Cuomo’s policies have led to blatant shoplifting sprees in NY which are all over Youtube, now known as “grab and dash” because his prosecutors are no longer prosecuting misdemeanors. This is of course causing great distress among shop owners and resulting in numerous cases of shop owners taking the law into their own hands. as well, public transportation is not able to enforce fees, people are jumping turnstiles with impunity if they chose not to pay–also on YouTube: as well, the anti-police rhetoric of his administration has created vile, blatant disregard for law enforcement with people throwing objects at police, harassing them, and assaulting them; and certainly there has been rash of violence with gang murders, random assaults, and a litany of other crimes all related to Cuomo’s misguided criminal justice reform which is basically a confused stance of not prosecuting real criminals.

His solution to his failed policies is of course this. “Let’s exploit and target the only minority group in the country that is fair game, the only minority group that can be harassed and persecuted with impunity–namely those on the registry.” This is Cuomo’s desperate attempt to recoup some credibility to the rising crime wave resultant from his poor policies.

At first he was touting that stats showed that crime was down, but that was quickly exposed for the fraud it was because of course if you aren’t arresting and prosecuting criminals then the stats will show there are less arrests and convictions–duh!! So in desperation, as any incompetent politician that lacks insight and ingenuity does–he screamed “Sex Offenders!” and will of course garner support for his tough on crime stance for going after those REAL criminals, while coddling those disenfranchised shoplifters and misunderstood drug dealers who only sell drugs to children.

I have to wonder what “Carlos Danger” would think…


“And with this measure we will help safeguard those using these web sites and apps, and stop those who seek to harm and exploit our children once and for all.”
You’re a joke Cuomo. Or stupid if you really believe that.

It’s not whether he believes it but how many others will. Like much of politics if it’s said enough it has to be true doesn’t it? (/Sarcasm)

#1: Why would children be on a dating app?
#2: If they ARE on a dating app, whose problem is it and whose responsibility??

Is he ramping up his next campaign?

While Cuomo’s at it why not pin yellow stars on Registrants and spray paint symbols on their place of business as well?

Does he have plans for a camp that comes complete with ovens and gas chambers?

Cuomo is giving driver’s license to illegal aliens; also, releasing them into society after they commit a crime since NY and NYC are sanctuary sites. So NON tax payers in NY and NYC are being treated better than tax payers like us

Without the recidivism numbers how is this post conviction infringement on ones liberty connected to a rational relationship of protecting anyone? What a joke! If anything it is a lesson in how fragile our system is when the constitution is ignored. Seems to be coming apart fairly quickly and I say let it happen. Clearly we are incapable of self government

Our current President has referred to Cuomo as ” Fredo. ” I happen to agree with The Don on that score.

He actually called fake news talking head Chris Cuomo “Fredo” because he’s Gov. Cuomo’s dumb brother and It sure struck a nerve with Fredo, er, I mean Chris because he went ballistic when someone else called him that little nickname. Geez, talk about an easily melted little snowflake!

Geez, don’t parrot that “fake news” nonsense. There has never been a bigger bunch of liars than the people pushing that propaganda. Most major news organizations try hard to get facts right. The business model doesn’t really support in depth, “always right” reporting, but I blame that on the consumers rather than the producers. Even then there is a big difference in just catering to the market and intentionally lying like the people who whine “fake news” all the time.

Fake news nonsense, eh? You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve. You live on this board making daily rants and railing against those who support the registries, yet you defend the media who perpetuate the lies of politicians who routinely advance their own careers at our expense? Unless it’s Trump, of course, then they scrutinize and defame every syllable he utters.
Your criticism of my use of the term Fake News and defense of the media tells me a lot about you, an apparent shill of the mainstream media. Thanks for the reminder of how I developed the habit of scrolling right past your painfully monotonous diatribes.

Wow! Try jerking your head out of your quicksand, ignoramus!

Trump aimed the Fredo reference not to Governor Cuomo but to his younger brother Chris Cuomo of CNN. Thanks for paying attention.

I think someone already corrected him. Thank YOU for paying attention.

I apologize for confusing my Coumos’ in reference to the President Don’s remarks. One is Gov. of NY, the other works for CNN, a coincidence?? No more than the Bidens or the Dingles, or the Bush’s or Kennedys’. All political elite Theater.. The sex offender the scapegoat for domestic surveillance saints- electronically speaking.

I agree with all of you! If i lived in that piece of s### state I would not tell them anything! Do you have a game name? Nope! Way i look at it is prove it. My online name is not on any ID i own. So prove it. What name am i using? Prove it that it is me behind that game name what a waste of tax payers money! Plus with millions of online games and chat rooms. That fool must think he a god if he thinks he going to tracked down billions of user names. But with so many people out there scared to death of sex offender it’s a extremely eazy votes for him to say that BS!! But as we all can see the fool never thought it over of how much work it will take to just track one person down in the world wide web. Don’t get me wrong it can happen but you looking at hundreds of man hours. Just to drag some guy in front of a judge over a username
So if i was asked if i have a username? NOPE!!!

A whole lot of people will be claiming they did not receive their annual questionnaire that New York State sends out from Albany! I was deregistered from NYS when I moved to Hong Kong this past April! Hong Kong, All of non-UK Europe, and the Schengen (EU) Caribbean, and Guatemala are ALL WELCOMING, and Nigeria will cough up a death certificate, and new birth certificate, and Passport, of course, for the right price!

Here is the REAL goal of the new law…

“Cuomo says sex offenders currently only have to provide the state with information for their social media accounts. The state compiles that information into a list and sends it to certain social networking companies which have used it to purge accounts.”

And there you go. Once the user names are given to the sites, they will have no option but to ban those names. The bottom line: The purpose of this law is not about disclosure, it is about banishment. Pure and simple.

Yes, that is the purpose of the database machine – to impose affirmative restraint.

@Tim: I knew you’d chime in on this and truthfully.

What is the real goal actually? I think it is to make dumb people feel better. I really do. Same with the Registries. Smart, responsible people have no need for Registries. All Registries do is make lame people feel a little bit better about themselves. It is part of their outrage culture. “I’m a dumb loser so I must attack other people.” I would bet anything that the strongest supporters of Registries are real losers. Much like many of the current Amerikan cults.

But you are right. Once big government has given a hit list to a person, company, organization, whatever, that person pretty much has to do SOMETHING or they are exposing themselves to extra liability. The easiest thing to do is just ban the people. That is the PC action.

It is what you said – big government sponsored and promoted banishment. Apartheid. That is the point. Little people MUST hate someone.

And I’ll repeat it for the billionth time – no company that restricts Registered People should be allowed to be used by big government. There is absolutely no way in Hades that anyone can defend governments having Facecrook pages. No way.

No big government should be allowed to use Etc., etc., etc. It is immoral and it ought to be illegal.

And since the criminal regimes are handing out the hit list, why can’t I have a copy? What makes Facecrook so special that only they get a copy and not everyone else? Immoral. Ought to be illegal.

Because Registries exist and only because of that, I’m personally going to go out the rest of today and go hang out with children, completely anonymously. Unlike Registry Nazis, I’m a moral person and I have a lot to teach children. So I’m absolutely going to as often as possible. I’ve taught a LOT of them to mistrust the criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals.

@W. Allen,
There are too many iterations of the database to count but each has a purpose and effect. SOR overcame the ” two part test” by 1. Obscure intent in the alternative ” civil purpose ” specifically ” to assist law enforcement via the database machine infrastructure. 2. ” The ability ” to travel” to other jurisdictions without notice was imprinted from the start! Nevada has long had a law requiring notice by all felons upon arrival in the state long before the registry. Law Vegas played the largest role in that. Point is ” assisting law enforcement ” has lead to continuous electronic surveillance and warrant less searches in mass.
What a gov. can do to one, it can do to many. E Pluribus Unum. FISA misuses examples the use of the unlawful first, then the use of lawful search second to secure conviction.
Mr. Kraft was subjected to such in Florida, and was able to lawyer up and win, based on misuses of warrants by police.

Attacking the mistreatment of registered persons wins very little support. Nobody cares much in America, especially if the predator is the prey.

“The bottom line: The purpose of this law is not about disclosure, it is about banishment. ”

Yes, I totally agree. As Tim would say (or not), get in the database or be banished.

To be perfectly honest as far as i know, in new york we had to register our email adress and screen names along with what account they go to . but i just recently read the people vs ellis decision where the court chimed in that we legally dont have to give our accounts, but i suppose king coumo can do whatever he wants and that last bit of sanity i get from imersing myself in a good game will soon be over along with my steam account and 70 games i bought over the years i have had a steam account. And by the way i only play single player offline games!

No it just required screen names and emails and said nothing about what service.
I don’t think this will pass into law since this is completely different than just giving names.
This is an unconstitutional search since they would require you to disclose everywhere you go and what you do on the internet.
For example every forum, group, organization, etc you are a part of depending on how it is worded.
The state has no right to continuously search what legal actions you take without due process.
The state isn’t even using this to prevent or investigate actual crimes, but merely because they think crimes will occur otherwise unless they try to ban people from the internet.

Actually, unless the law changed, NY convicted were always required to give up email addresses and screen names due to the part of the law that includes if the platform has a ethod of communicating with other members. However, the platform had to be a QUALIFYING platform, ie, one that allowed anyone under 17 to be a member(17 is the age of consent in NY).

I tried to sue this clown when he announced that he worked with Classmates to remove sex offenders. Classmates was ALWAYS 18+ and I was removed.

When I wrote the state and told them I was going to get a lawyer and own this mafia piece of shit, my Classmates account was restored AND the press release quoting Cuomo was removed from NY website.

I went on a revenge tour of adding and deleting email addresses weekly, with the forms sent in 4pt font, individual signature required, then created email addresses in the names of the people signing for my updates, the governor’s family, the Assembly members etc… I never got a reaction and I got bored and stopped and now just do the annual they mail me, which is ALWAYS incorrect, they still cannot figure out that an ISP is not an email address… so every year I markup the form with the corrections and every year it comes back the same. I am not sure anyone actually works in the place…. they now refuse to have an individual sign, they have a stamp, but I still do the delivery signature service to prove I sent it.

It was always an easy law to follow because I never really joined any sites that were under 17. I recently got back on Facebook and then realized what a unpleasant place that has become and reported myself as a sex offender from my wife’s and kids’ accounts and was deleted. Not surprisingly the ads feed to me during my other browsing has changed.

What does concern me is this: “The Democrat’s proposed legislation would also make it a crime for convicted sex offenders to misrepresent themselves online.”

I need to go read the text of that part because it reeks of denying Freedom of Speech.

well in a way stupid crap like this will help in the long run (we may be dead by then though and most likely will be) as they keep pilling crap on one day a challenge to Smith will make it’s way back to SCOTUS or several cases. and it will fall and most likely in 100 years or more the outrage over these laws and our descendants will receive $$$ from the gov. from our suffering lake has been done before in history

Another shithole place led by an ass clown ,trying to get the general population to look the other way and focus on a nonissue instead of the real and terrifying problems society faces. YES there are weirdos and predators online but what exactly is the percentage of registrants doing this shit??? Most of us were young and made bad choices when we had no support. We paid the price for those choices and try to Move The Fuck On with our lives. Nothing more, Nothing Less!
Politicians need to Fear raising a pen to our lives……

A crime to misrepresent ? isnt cuomo guilty already ? he is just another LOSER like his father Mario Cuomo ! So glad I left crapville upstate NY and got as far away from that shithole state as I did !!!!

This seems to be their contact email:

Let your valuable thoughts/comments be heard people!!

Looks like the wrong Cuomo was called “Fredo.”

There’s plenty of stupid to go around in that family. Chris is just really good at doing on live TV.

If they make it a crime to “misrepresent” yourself that is easily unconstitutional since lying isn’t a crime. And how about in real life; if you don’t tell the truth to any question someone asks you will they later make that a crime?
Doing things to harm others is criminal however since when is not telling the truth a crime considering you have first amendment rights?

Having a list of usernames to check if someone reports a crime is one thing however having to tell the state what website each is associated with seems like an unconstitutional search of your private life.

This is no different than having to tell the state every person, group, organization, business, etc you deal with in the physical world. This is an unconstitutional search of every aspect of your life; especially if you are not understate supervision (probation or parole).

A person should have no need to expose every group, organization, interest, topic, etc they are involved with to the state for the explicit purpose of the state then talking to all those areas in an attempt to get them removed. The state’s intent is clear with the press releases even the governor makes broadcasting how many accounts he got terminated.

This law doesn’t propose to stop them from contacting minors in real life, which is obviously more dangerous than on the internet. It seems like Cuomo has his priorities wrong.

@Nirrimi: “…lying isn’t a crime.”. For most people to a general audience, lying isn’t a crime. Lie to law enforcement, think twice. Lying while on parole/probation/community supervision…. up to 30 years behind bars.

“A person should have no need to expose every group, organization, interest, topic, etc they are involved with to the state for the explicit purpose of the state then talking to all those areas in an attempt to get them removed.” So true.

There is no way they can pass a law saying someone will be charged with a crime (knowing them likely a felony) because they lied or, which is a lower standard, merely misrepresented something. What does misrepresentation mean anyway; if someone said they were attractive and someone doubted that is that misrepresentation?
I am commenting about people who are not on parole or probation.

I fully support protecting minors.
However if someone isn’t on probation or parole and has no legal requirement barring them from having any contact with minors I doubt the state’s argument that they should be able to invade someone’s privacy in an extremely obtrusive manner to prevent that same legal activity from occurring.

Packingham makes this illegal – I wish some one would challenge it. This is to create an online ban… Its for no other purpose

Yep! Hopefully the NYS Senate will see it’s ultimate defeat by the Court, and not rubberstamp Cuomo’s political ambitions!

Technically it doesn’t because in packingham the state had a law preventing someone from using social media whereas in this case the state is just requiring your information which they would then provide to all the companies who would then make the decision (as the first amendment only restricts the state and not private citizens).
However the effect of it is the same and in fact the current scheme which requires social media screen names also has the same effect albeit the state has to work harder since currently you aren’t required to also tell them which sites those names are used on.
But I agree this new mechanism is not reasonable and hopefully the legislature won’t enact it.
One ray of light is that many game companies are not USA based and likely won’t even care about what someone from NY State says when they try to send them all this info. Some countries don’t even have sex offender registries so likely won’t place much concern on NY State’s overly irate opinions.

It seems the vast majority of lawmakers are scum who long ago abandoned any ethical honesty and now just pander for votes. 😒 IMHO😏

@David: “It seems the vast majority of lawmakers are scum who long ago abandoned any ethical honesty and now just pander for votes. 😒 IMHO😏” I have the same belief.

The upcoming impeachment trial will prove it wrong or right. The house (majority D) will pass the charges to the senate (majority R) to decide on removal of Trump. The R’s will either save their jobs or do what’s right and save their country. I’m guessing they’ll save their jobs; I’m hoping they’ll save the constitution.

Believe it or not, The US constitution is above all our fights as RC’s. If I could vote, I would.

In New York State, you CAN! ^_^

Haven’t been on here for a bit.

Honestly I think it should be against the law for anyone to misrepresent themselves online. Especially those under 18.

A lot of us were put on the list because of the misrepresentation.

Whether they use a fake ID, or just click agree when they are going to an adult site (dating included) it’s all the same. A person minding their own business could get caught up in this shit because of it.

It’s sickening to me because my whole life was destroyed by this when I just turned 19 and I’m still picking up the pieces 13 years later.

Hopefully Andrew Yang gets voted in for president and follows his slogan of “Humanity First” to give everyone a chance at life after they have served their sentence.

NY and the US as a whole are an ever growing cesspool allowing those with ill intent to break what is left of the integrity of the constitution.

I left knowing what was happening and was lucky to escape when I did.

Being part of the most targeted minority by trump supporters was another factor that led to my leaving.

You know what the best part is? Everyone talks shit about the Chinese government and how they treat their people, but they also have the fastest growing economy on earth, with the most technological advances. You may be given better treatment based on your social rating, but that is all determined by how good of a citizen you are, and after you have served your sentence there is a hope of creating a new life to continue on.

It’s not about freedom, it’s not about money in the end. It’s about hope. Hope that there is a tomorrow, hope that life can get better, hope that you can do something with your life.

In the US they take all of this away from you. At least under a dictatorship or a communist regime you can have hope.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year. Sorry for the rant. The wife was watching that show with Walsh searching for pedos and we got into an argument about the Adam Walsh act.

She thinks it’s a good law, I told her if she thinks it’s good than she would be better off without me since it doesn’t want us to be together. If someone is really that dangerous they should stay in prison.

You weren’t ranting! You spoke TRUTH from your HEART! Never stop standing up for yourself, no matter who it is! I burned my bridges with my ex who was so judgemental, and, right at the end, she did something so stupid that sent her ass to Jail for two years! Karma is REAL! I left New York and have not looked back!

Last I spoke with my attorney she was working on compiling my suit to get me removed from NYs ridiculous system and finally breath some fresh air.

Mine was an out of state offense and I moved to NY for work, I have since moved out of the country but they still want me to check in with them and update them anytime something in my life changes. Including email and the lot.

Needless to say I felt that they shouldnt maintain jurisdiction over me when the federal government doesn’t. How to threaten someone with prison for not updating them for every fart I make and they don’t live within 6000 miles of the country’s jurisdiction let alone the state for a conviction that didn’t even originate in the state trying to control you?

D trump had nothing to do with this register. It was made long before he got in office. John Walsh is the ass who is behind this evil of putting people on a list. So he don’t have to answer for why he didn’t protect his kid! It much more eazy to point fingers at someone when you have three fingers pointing back at you!!!! But he will never take responsibility for his child death!! Even if a snake bit adam and killed the boy! John would still blame you!! John Walsh is great pretender.
His tv crap say they got 200 kids back to there family!! But i thought the FBI does that!!!! Something is wrong with adam story..

As NY attorney general, Cuomo defended harsh sex offender practices. Cuomo also defended the Static-99R. Of course, now Karl Hanson’s Static-99R scam has proven to overestimate recidivism:

So it appears Cuomo will continue to support these bogus policies and practices.

Does Cuomo respect the halving rule of the Static-99(R)?

I honestly don’t know how NY assessments go but they gave me 30 points for being under the age of 25 when I was convicted.

I was 20 points away from Level 1.

They gave me another 20 for taking a no contest plea saying because of this I never “felt remorse or admitted to my crime” the rest of the points no idea what they were for as I had no priors and nothing new after.

But 50 points for being a teenager and taking a plea bargain when they were trying to hang me with 45 years because she lied about her age is some bullshit in my book.

The assessment doesn’t measure your actual danger to society. Just what they assume you were at the time of your conviction.

Regardless of all of the character letters I had from multiple high ranking LEO, two Senators, three mayors and over 40 others who wrote in for me; it didn’t mean shit. 🤷‍♂️ So yeah NY sucks.

Stupid auto correct. Anyway NY isn’t the fairest place to get an assessment. They say it’s supposed to be based on your current danger, but it’s not. They try to hang you quick even when the actual police in charge of the unit find you as dangerous as a marshmallow.

I doubt California’s ‘risk assessment’ is any better. The Static 99R is even worse as it doesn’t even take your current ‘danger’ into account. The Static 99R says it takes ‘risk of re-offense’ into account; but doesn’t specify exactly what type of offense may be committed in the future. And even at best, the Static 99R only gets your risk of re-offense from the time you’re released into the community. From that, the Static 99R has a shelf-life of ‘about two years’ from one’s release, but it is (unfortunately) being misrepresented as being good for 10+ years. The Static 99R is also being misrepresented as dynamic, when it clearly is not. The Static-99R is literally only (or at least purports to be) a snapshot from a person’s release into the community.

I guess the next round of laws that some idiot politician getting ready to run for re-election will come up with is that all RCs must turn over all financial information – credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Why? Because it is possible that an RC may spend money on a purchase which may be an item that could be considered a “Gift” for grooming a potential future victim. An RC may not by law spend money on anything that could be used and enjoyed by a child under the age of 18.

I mean really – why not? If it saves just one child then it is worth it! – Correct?!

Will this madness every stop??

Hah! EEP, I do not even buy candy for my-self, because it makes me fat.

During the time of year that is darkest,we celebrate a day of hope! What follows is the days get longer and brighter. Through hope and determination good will always triumph over evil. Merry Christmas to all.

There are many here believes the Democrats are more friendlier that the Republicans to RC’s causes, however, the feeding for votes is important to all of them and we are easy and cheap bait. This will continue until we challenge them with the truth. As far Cuomo he is hiding something in his closet, because He has bad associates on the subject and He has very little else to offer the voters.

Yep, I’d bet my bottom dollar that he’s hiding something from his past be it corrupt politics nepotism etc or something that would brand him a SEX OFFENDER for life.
What ever happened to Eliot Spitzer? PROTECTED you bet.

Eliot Spitzer used call girls/escorts. I’m not sure that would qualify him as a sex offender.

Well, yes Dems are not any friendlier to a point. They may get you harsh registry laws, but at least you’re not going to go to prison for a first time pornography offense after a clean 50 year crime free record. I wish I was in New York at the time of my offense. So yeah, I still say no thanks to Mississipi, Tennessee, or Arizona (where you can get life for cp possession. YIKES!)

So just sex offenders for said law even though plenty of murderers and robbers with criminal records are using sites like craigslist to trick people into meeting at places, so they can rob and possibly kill them. Yes, the Us is extremely immature when it comes to anything involving sex……….

No sex offender who is preying on kids would disclose those user names to the state anyway.
Cuomo’s faulty plan will result in honest people disclosing information which obviously isn’t being used to commit crimes.
It’s like gun laws supposedly stopping criminals committing gun crimes.
Most these people aren’t on probation or parole and therefor have no restriction placed on them regarding contact with minors so if they wanted could contact minors all day in real life which is much more troubling than on the internet.
I don’t understand why the internet is such a focus.

Well it seems the major dating apps and sites don’t allow people who have felony convictions including those for sex offenses to join. Of the ones I looked into they don’t do active background checks, but would immediately remove an account if belonged to a felon or sex offender. Love how these idiot politicians worry about people being exploited on social media or dating platforms when a lot of sites and apps already forbid groups of people from creating accounts because of certain legal trouble in the past.

Tinder forbids sex offenders, but they will not remove a paying member who is a sex offender. I tried, they never removed my profiles. I had to delete them myself. Truth be told, most dating apps are no place for sex offenders anyway. The women who would date you are the kind of women you should date. The kind of women you should date would never date a sex offender. That is from a man’s perspective.

I would really like to hear how women sex offenders navigate the dating scene. I speculate they have little problem getting dates and maintaining relationships, as long as they put out. I also speculate they stand a far greater chance of being victims of domestic abuse than male offenders. I personally have dated a couple of broads who thought because I was an offender, I would be open to any sexual activity, including some illegal activities. I spent a decade paying for my own therapy to ensure I never go there again, so as hard as it is to dump a willing partner, ya just gotta let the broad move on.

I think this is where NY is headed: If the T&Cs of a website or an app state that convicted sex offenders may not join and an offender acknowledges those terms and creates an account, then they have misrepresented themselves.

Then they can go after the offenders on Facebook and apps that have this in their T&Cs, because Facebook has seemingly stopped removing sex offenders, I think at the request of law enforcement.

Law enforcement realized that chilling the speech of offenders was making it very difficult to track offenders online… we simply were not part of that modern society. We were sticking to our own kind in places like this and not broadcasting our lives publicly.. just a hunch, I have no proof of this tin foil speculation of course.

The law will pass. Almost all laws making things harder pass. Other states will rush to copy the law and sooner or later the misrepresentation portion will be struck down by a court as being too broad.

Foremost… “Truth be told, most dating apps are no place for sex offenders anyway.”. That’s coherent. BUT… you are posting on a site of those who are not sex offenders. That term… refers to the present term, not the past.

The rest of your post is quite offensive.

I’d think the reason they are no longer removed is that Packingham stopped that. Are social media terms of service than ban registrants still legal now that Packingham made it not legal to ban registrants from social media?

No, Packingham doesn’t apply to non-governmental entities. The government cannot forbid someone from using social media, but social media companies can ban whomever they wish.

No because companies can have whatever policies they want. Packingham only dealt with the state explicitly prohibiting things.

The argument to make is that while these information registration requirements might not technically ban someone the result and intent of the state is to ban because the state makes press conferences saying how many accounts they were able to have removed.

I am listed on the Nanny Big Government $EX Offender Registries. But I’m certainly not a $EX Offender. The only difference between me and an unlisted person is that I am listed on the Registries. I’m signed up for big government harassment. That is the only difference. Other than that, I’ll do whatever any other normal person does. Or else.

The Registries should be ignored always. Only corrupt, criminal regimes have Registries.

We can all donate to Andrew Cuomo…. I have… and I am waiting for the right time to reveal that a sex offender has been a regular donor to him.

If we get enough of us that donate a dollar to his campaign.. and then BOOM, alert the media that thousands of sex offenders donated to him… The most important objective would be to ruin his life. It will probably not happen, he survived all the sex offenders in NY government around him… so this guy is a savvy opponent. Somehow get the mafia to turn their backs on him, leaving him unprotected from media attacks… I simply do not have the smarts to do that. But I grow weary of constant defensive postures….

@ Cuomo might be a Molester: Interesting… donate to whoever, then expose they accepted it.

I found some interesting caselaw regarding disclosing internet identifiers and also websites and services a person uses.

You can search for the following case:
Doe v. State, 898 F.Supp.2d 1086 (D. Ne. 2012)

In this case a judge held a state law unconstitutional on many grounds including requiring people to disclose internet identifiers AND ALSO requiring them to disclose website and areas of the internet they used or went to.

This case is also referenced in the below link to a US Department of Justice memo from March 2018 which referenced this case and reiterated that a successful case was brought that stated disclosing internet identifiers was unconstitutional.

So in my mind the current disclosing of identifiers AND the proposed disclosing of all areas of the internet you use are both unconstitutional and should be strongly challenged prior to this law being updated.

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