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Only corrupt, criminal regimes have $EX Offender Registries.

The longer I live, the more and more strongly I understand that governments, organizations, people, etc. are rarely going to do what I want. People learn that early on as a child, of course, but I feel I find better understanding of that daily and it helps me to better deal with the world in general.

It is easy to feel powerless with respect to the Registries and their harassment. I’ve mentioned many times that I’ve lost patience with expecting the criminal regimes or people in general to do the right thing. The Registries should not exist. But I don’t think they are going anywhere.

Nearly two decades ago I decided that the Registries were immoral and wrong and that the people who supported them had to be punished. So I decided at that time to take actions that would ensure that I would win the Registry war no matter what they did to me. So I did. I made it so they could have murdered me at any time and I will still have won. That was important to me and my sanity.

Today, with respect to me at least, the criminal regimes are getting nothing from their Registries. I neutralized them long ago. But they are still paying for them. I’ve set up actions that cost them every day. That ensure that their Registries are counterproductive and very harmful. The criminal regimes lost the war long ago but today they are still taking casualties. They’ll pay at least until they destroy their Registries. If they destroy me, they’ll continue to pay. I do enjoy that thought.

I encourage everyone to not just sit around and wait or expect for the Registries to suddenly get moral or disappear. Registries aren’t acceptable. Make that matter every single day.

Care to share what specifically you did for yourself? Now what have you done for the rest of us to end registeries?

I can share most of it, but not all of it. And I’m a little short on time right now so I don’t want to go exceptionally long.

But regarding the counterproductive part, that’s easy. You could use your imagination a bit as well. What would signify that the Registries were completely useless? I can think of a number of things. How about if someone retaliated because of the Registries, as they have, and murdered or raped some children? That seems counterproductive, doesn’t it?

But for me specifically, I hang out with people and children very, very often where none of them know that I am Registered. I have close, intimate relationships with numerous families and people and they don’t know. Haven’t forever. That has defeated the purpose of the Registries. Do you know who knows I am Registered? My neighbors. It doesn’t matter because I easily have entire social lives completely disconnected from them and with people who have no idea. I’m hanging out with children very often. With no supervision even! The horror!!

Further, when I’m out and about in life, completely anonymously, I’m not doing it like a “normal” person would. I’m paying close attention to the situations and scenarios where a person might victimize someone else. I see a child alone and think about how exactly a person would kidnap the child in that situation. Not as a person who would do it, but more so as to try to understand how Registry Nazis (RNs) fantasize the Registries could prevent it or solve it. I’ve got to think that RNs would consider that to be a fairly counterproductive effect of the Registries.

So that is the part covering neutralizing the Registries and even worse, making them counterproductive. What if every single person listed on the Registries did that? That would make Registries fairly idiotic social policy, wouldn’t it?

Regarding the retaliation part, I definitely can get long-winded. I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that before Registries, I was a very good person and citizen. Today, I’ve been relieved of that duty. I’ll be good to the people I know. I don’t have to worry about other people. I used to help people a lot, I don’t do that any longer. I don’t help charities any longer, don’t volunteer, don’t give blood, canceled organ donorship, canceled AMBER alerts, won’t ever help LE, and so on. If everyone in Amerika did what I have, we’d be in sorry shape. But we can count on the good, non-Registered people to keep us all going. It’s up to them. As long as I’m Registered, I’ll ride for free.

One specific thing that I will share briefly is that I made it a goal long ago to cost LE money and other resources. I have businesses in place today that do that every single day. The beautiful thing about that is that even after I die, that will likely continue.

As far as what I’ve done to help everyone with the Registries, that list is very, very long. I won’t even get into it. But I would bet just about anything that I’ve done more than 99.9% of Registered people have. Some would say some of what I’ve done has been counterproductive and they are probably right. But I’ve gotten a hell of a lot more done than have the people who are just sitting around and chatting in online forums.

I threw together a brief “quiz” for someone maybe a year ago. It demonstrates some of the ways that Registries are counterproductive. I’ll find it and post it.

Here is a quiz for Registered People:

1. If you are riding public transportation and see a “shady” person get on, clearly intentionally leave a backpack there, and then get off, what do you do? A) Tell the people around you and call 911. B) Because of the Registries, get off the public transportation ASAP.

2. If you are driving down the road and you see two cars in front of you crash and plummet off the side of the road, what do you do? A) Call 911 and stop to see if you can help. B) Because of the Registries, nothing.

3. If you are coming home late at night and you notice a home on fire as you drive by, what do you do? A) Call 911 and stop to see if you can help. B) Because of the Registries, determine if the people in the home support the Registries or not. If they don’t, do Answer A. Otherwise or if you don’t know, do nothing.

4. If you are somewhere and you notice someone beating an LE officer and trying to take his/her gun, what do you do? A) Call 911 and try to help the officer. B) Because of the Registries, get the heck away from them.

5. If you see sketchy people and a strange truck in a neighbor’s driveway and they are apparently up to no good, what do you do? A) Call the neighbor and then maybe 911. B) Because of the Registries, determine if the neighbor supports the Registries or not. If they don’t, do Answer A. Otherwise or if you don’t know, do nothing.

6. If LE or anyone else stops by your home and tells you that a neighborhood child is missing and wondering if you can help, what do you do? A) Tell them everything you’ve seen or know and otherwise start helping. B) Because of the Registries, determine if the child’s parents support the Registries or not. If they don’t, do Answer A. Otherwise or if you don’t know, do nothing.

7. If a charity asks for your help, what do you do? A) Help. B) Because of the Registries, nothing.

8. If you see a child that is clearly lost and looking for help, what do you do? A) Find help and make sure the child is not harmed. B) Because of the Registries, get the heck away from there.

9. If you see a child that is alone, what do you do? A) Nothing. B) Because of the Registries, try to understand if the child is vulnerable or not. Try to understand how a Registry Nazi would think the Registries could “protect” the child. Look specifically for how the Registries would fail.

10. Nanny Big Government is always saying, “If you see something, say something”. If you see something, what should you do? A) Say something. B) Because of the Registries, nothing.

The correct answer for every question is always “B) Because of the Registries, …”. There are obviously many, many other questions and scenarios like these. The answer is always B.

How about being open with those who you have established close relationships with, and then ask them to campaign for legislation to be changed? Share your story, facts and truth, etc.

Only way for registries to end is for the public to be truly educated about truth and facts, and not buy into the media circus, which is what politicians feed off of to continue to pass these laws.

@TP (

Sure, that is 1 action of perhaps 500. I’ve been doing that and will continue.

All people who I have a very close relationship with know about my past. But one of my goals as well is to not allow my Registration problems to affect my family, friends, etc. So I’m not going to talk to any close person about it unless they want to. All of them do, but usually only to some varying extent.

Further, I’m not going to ask anyone to campaign. If some wants to campaign, then I want them to do it because they want to do it. If a person’s heart isn’t in it, I don’t want to ask them. The only thing I require of family or friends is that they don’t support Registries. If they do, I’ll cut them out.

I don’t have much faith in “the public”. Do you? If we are waiting for “the public to be truly educated about truth and facts”, I don’t think the Registries will ever be gone. Most of the public doesn’t care. Most that do care are hateful, immoral, and/or stupid, etc. So I’m not counting on facts getting anything done. That will take several decades at least, if ever.

I think the quickest way to possibly end the Registries is to make people believe that only idiot losers support the Registries. For most people, all they need to know is that if they support Registries then most people will think less of them. That is what they care about most. It is PC to support Registries today. Needs to be the opposite.

@Will Allen

I guess I have to be honest, in that based on what youve said all I see you doing is trying to lay low and look out for yourself…plus post on various RC related message boards complaining about how only criminal regimes have registries.

I can understand and relate to not wanting to bother your friends and/or family asking for them to help change laws, but that is the only way laws are going to change is by the movement of the people. Those people need to understand the truth about individuals in our situations, cases, issues, and realize how corrupt the laws are.

That is the only way the laws will change, as laws are passed by “regimes” based on the public’s wants, wishes and desires.

So, maybe it is time to start being more productive and proactive, create (or use an existing) form-type letter and simply ask your friends to put their names on it and mail it in ti their elected officials at the local, state, and national level. In that letter you can include facts and information, void of personal opinions.

In fact, I would be even willing to write one for everyone to use.

(Yes, I have a background in this and have tons of success in it too, but not on issues as sensitive and ‘taboo’ as this.)

@TP (

“lay low”? Too funny. I’m not going to bother to re-read or dissect what I wrote so I guess I just did a terrible job of expressing what I’ve done and believe. I’ve done the complete opposite of “lay low”. Again, I’m certain I’ve done more than at least 99.9% of Registered People (RPs) have. Certain of that. I’ve attacked the Registries from 100s of different angles, including ALL that you’ve mentioned. For over 2 decades. 20+ years.

In fact, I am so frustrated by the lame, weak, and lazy non-response of most RPs to the Registries that I’ve thought many, many, many times about just forgetting about the Registries completely. I have a very full, successful life and should certainly not have to work another day in my life. It would be pretty easy for me to forget about the Registries. The only key way they affect me much these days is by preventing travel. I’ve weathered the Registries much better than most people could or can. In fact, the Registries have actually helped me become very wealthy. That part I find funny. But anyway, in short, it wouldn’t take much to ignore them and let everyone just keep suffering. I mean, who wants to help people who won’t help themselves?

But on the flip side, I like to fight. And I don’t like to let people bother me or win. I kind of feel like I can’t even. Which is why I had to win the Registry War quickly and completely. So I’ll likely continue.

Regarding family and friends, I’m not going to ask them to do anything. I’m not going to let the Registries bother them, unless they want. They know Registries are stupid and corrupt. If they feel moved, they should fight them. There are lots and lots of social issues, I’m not going to tell them the ones they should care about most.

You said “time to start being more productive and proactive”. That doesn’t apply to me but I agree. I’ll keep corresponding with criminal legislators, media, etc., but that is not going to get it done. It will do a little. You can keep writing your letters but if that is all you are doing, the Registries will be here 100 years from now.

I’m going to take real, solid, actual actions today that affect actual reality today. If every RP had been responding as I have for 2 decades, the Registries might not exist today. The landscape would certainly look different and tens of millions of more people would know and care about it. But sure, keep talking to the criminal legislators and hoping. It helps, but it is not nearly enough.

As I read more articles about expanding not only offenses, but ages of those affected by them, I realize that this stone is turning into a boulder.
It has reached a point where, if you are in bed with your wife and your child walks into the bedroom, you are susceptible to more than a few sexual offenses:
Indecent exposure
Child abuse
Child porn ( if they climb under the covers and a family pic is taken )
and I’m sure others.
All your kid has to do is mention this to another person ( even a relative ) and you have a good chance of getting convicted and being put on the registry ( and possibly losing custody of child ).

This is the cliff that people have backed themselves up to without thinking. The puritan that reports a “crime” could be the next to break one.
Here’s the solution.
We seperate boys and girls at birth. We don’t allow ANY contact going forward. All ages are kept in their own groups throughout their lives. Artificial incimination is the only form of inpregnation. This is done only by a female doctor. At this point we can remove the word “sex” from all literature. Upon death the body is immediately cremated. There, I have solved the problem. OR……….. Society can wake up and see the obsurdity of the entire process, stop trying to over regulate EVERY part of a person’s life, and instead work on making a society where the term sex is associated with love, not Prison!

Hey guys this is a topic that comes up a lot. I was convicted in 2004 of 664/288(a) attempted lewd acts with child under 14. A police sting. Expunged in 2010.

I’ve read a few success stories about getting a COR from some people on here. I filed with San Bernardino county public defender and 6 months later got a reply saying I was ineligible. I called Rose at the LA county office and she said that wasn’t true but I’m getting mixed answers. I’m in California. Anyone with any advice or experience in San Bernardino county? I need help badly in this. Your support is appreciated.

RS I had the same 664/288(a) committed in 2001 and last month got my COR in Los Angles Country Superior Court; now, it does not stop registration or take us off Megan but it gives us the paper to use in 2021 to approach a judge to get off the Megan and stop registration. I worked with Miriam at the Public Defender Office in LA…she works with Rose…you will need 4 character reference letters and NOW a psychologist report that states you chance to re offend is very unlikely. The last item is now from the current DA in that court room
Good luck go for it

@RS, I do not have any specific information about San Bernardino.

However, like Mot, I received a COR in December with the same offense (664/288(a)).

First a question, who told you that you were ineligible, the public defender? The DA? The judge?

From the sound of it Rose should be able to give the relevant case which declares that an attempted crime is not the same as the crime itself which in essence makes us eligible for the COR. I believe the case is Lewis vs California. The answer to my question will dictate how to get the information to the right person.

Also, I would highly recommend contacting Chance Oberstein for a review of your case. He does charge a fee but he can probably give you insight into the court your going into. The fee is well worth the information.

Good luck and don’t let a no stop you from pursuing that COR.

@interested party

Thanks for the reply. It was a generic letter from the PD clerk. Very short. Just said not eligible and to try for a gov pardon which I think is an absolute long shot.

Need some help with my CoR documentation.

I was recently reviewing the court order on my certificate of rehabilitation, CoR), and noticed an odd couple of things the court listed. I read the law and according to my lawyer, the CoR does not release me from having to register. However, the court order checked the box stating that the petitioner is no longer required to register. The court also stated that the DOJ had to notify the court and the petitioner if they believe the law does require the petitioner to continue registering.

So the question is am I relieved of having to register until and unless the DOJ notifies me?

Thank you for your thoughts on this.

Only the CA DOJ can officially terminate 290 registration.

Someone I know was granted a CoR for a conviction that was eligible for registration termination, a week or two before his birthday. The granting judge clearly advised him to register within five days of his birthday unless the DOJ updated their records, documented by a written notice. Petitioner had to renew his registration one more time, post CoR, to be on the safe side, and the DOJ letter arrived a few weeks later.

If the court submitted paperwork to the DoJ ordering ending your registration and they do not catch the fact that it shouldn’t and notify you accordingly, I would laminate that letter.

Keep us posted.

Does anyone know if NV does a CoR or anything like that??? This whole AWA thing has made my fiancee lose multiple jobs now and it’s just rediculous

Over the past 20 years, even while on supervision, I was politically active, was an active member of my religious community, served on the board of a non-profit, held a job, started a company, traveled, and built a relationship. Did being on the registry make all that more difficult? Without a doubt. Did it sometimes limit the level of my interactions or participation? You bet. Did I get angry and bitch and moan about it? Many times.

I get it that being on the registry is a difficult thing. I’ve been playing their game for nearly 20 years. But, I refuse to let it define me or limit what I do any more than necessary. I will also not let the stupidity of the registry and those that support it keep me from doing what I can to help those around me when possible or push me to hide in a corner, afraid of going out in the world.

Don’t let them win. Prove them wrong by staying determined to succeed in spite of their efforts to shut us out.

Hey All,

is there anyone out there that can help with any sort of employment opportunities? I have applied all over my state (CT) and have had no luck with anything. Companies are not allowed to ask about criminal history in an application/interview but I am having trouble even getting to the interview stage. I’m sure a simple google search will reveal to the potential employer my sordid past. Any suggestions on where to go? I would even move states if it meant gainful employment. Running out of steam here…and I need something soon.

Try Sodexo Corporate Food Services. I’m in Colorado and have been with them for over 10 years, with my past never becoming an issue. I told my last manager because I knew him and felt he had to know. In fact he hired another RC as the dishwasher! He eventually got off the registry. But anyways, try them. Sodexo. No campus services or schools obviously. Look for them in high rise office buildings, have a satellite cafeteria on site. But only if your interested in kitchen work. Hope it works out for you. God Bless.

Thanks, I’ll have to take a look. A used to work at a restaurant many years ago so I know the world well. I’m praying hard each day that something opens up or I am able to start my own business and hire those with backgrounds. I appreciate the help! I would one day like to visit Colorado, like the skiing areas. I lived in Alps for a year and I’ve heard that parts of Colorado are similar.
Take care!

UPS used to hire registered individuals to work in their sorting facilities. I worked there are few years ago. Worth a try. I suspect that the union has something to do with this, so maybe seek out other union shops if this doesn’t work out.

What ever happened to the RC that posted as “David Kennerly?” I always enjoyed his comments and hope he is OK.

Oh, aren’t you sweet! Thanks for the compliment! I’m still here, lurking mostly these days. And I’m fine, thank you. I changed my name so as to appear more threatening 🙂 Still, no one appears scared.

Happy new year!!

OMG, D.I.K., that was you wearing the trenchcoat, hiding in the bushes??
If I had known, I would have said “Hi!”
As it was, I mistook you for a member of the Law Enforcement Registry Nazis, spying on the rest of us very real, very normal, very ordinary, regular human beings! 😁.
‘Glad you are okay, D.I.K. 👍😊

That’s my cape I’m wearing, not a trenchcoat. I reserve that for spying on our common enemies!

So glad to know you’re still among the living, old chum. 🙂

Alright it is 2020 what is the current status of the efforts to amend the tiered registry law that begins going into effect 01.01.2021?

This is what I came to post about. As I understand it, there will be people who will be moved up in tiers with the addition of increased reporting requirement and exposed address. I guess it’s time to mount a (class action)? but I don’t know where to begin and what basis to challenge that, I was on the list of people who where in a county referenced in the first ACLU response to Jessica’s law. There is a phone call coming for that again but is there someone here that can provide the initial steps in how to frame this and what legal references to base it on?

There’s currently nothing in the new tiered registry that’ll require more frequent registration regardless of your tier. The only people that do and will continue to register quarter are those deemed as SVP. And to be an SVP requires a physiological evaluation with the conviction. I think most people are just assuming this’ll happen due to other states having different reg frequencies based on tiers.

@Will Allen

Pray tell us how the Registry has help you become wealthy and made you more successful than 99.9% of the Registrants which has made you happy as your writing obviously reflects.

Perhaps you could be our trailblazer and write a book on how you’re doing it so we too could be wealthy and bankrupt the system.

Hey why hold back? If there were 900,000 Will Allen’s we could bankrupt the whole nation.

Tell us how to really do it so we won’t be lame, weak, and lazy as you have most eloquently pointed out.

Spill it out man.

@Bill (

You responded to SR but I saw my name, so I’ll respond.

But first, let me give you some great advice that I always try to follow:

1. Don’t jump to conclusions.

2. Don’t be defensive.

3. Have an open mind.

Anyway, I’ll try to be brief. When I was arrested and very, very briefly jailed, I lost a lot (of what I had at the time, it’s all relative). I lost a stable, long-term six figure job. Lost my marriage. Lost about $100K. Everyone seemed to turn on me, hate me, and want nothing to do with me. Typical crap.

But I didn’t lose my drive, brain, self-esteem, or sense of entitlement! Long story short, I was having trouble getting a good job. That didn’t stop the courts from ordering that I pay a pile of child support. Didn’t stop my wife from kicking me out of the home I owned. Didn’t stop the banks or landlords from wanting their money and no excuses. I was on probation and had people controlling my life from every angle. And no one gave the first damn about me or my problems.

I got pissed and decided the only way I was going to be in control was to be wealthy. So I stopped looking for jobs and created my own business. The first of numerous. That was 20+ years ago. I started getting wealthy quickly. And once you start getting wealthy, the speed of that increases dramatically. Lots of people have done it, really not too unusual. But the hate from the Registries really, really drove me. Still does. It’s an excellent motivator.

Not sure where you got that “bankrupt the system” nonsense. It is true that I cost a lot of governments and government agencies a lot of money. I’ve certainly made them adjust their behavior but few governments go bankrupt. Don’t they just steal more money? Even from citizens that they are harassing.

Regarding the lame, weak, and lazy, do you not agree that is true? I’d bet 90% of Registered People never resist it ever, in any way. Maybe I’m wrong. Meh. But I’ve even seen people here on this forum talk about how Registration isn’t that big of deal and even that we actually need Registries!! That sure as hell is lame and weak and those people deserve to be Registered.


For those like CP who will be placed in tier 3 with their registry data being made available on the internet the new tiered registry is a real nightmare.

There are/were several legal minds who posted on this site in the past who made their opinion that mounting a class action is an incredibly high bar to get a successful lawsuit.

Alternatively gather a few people who can demonstrate harm and pursue a law suit would have a higher chance at success. The hardest part in my opinion is father funds and finding an attorney who would be most likely to succeed.

Tier 3 is essentially the same as the current registration requirements with the exception of people who will have their data published on the internet. It would seem obvious that this would be harm/punishment. However, as we have seen too often getting the courts to declare this a punishment is a significant obstacle. Also, not sure if a person would have to wait for the law to go into affect prior to being able to have standing for bringing a legal challenge.

I am not a lawyer so take all of that as a personal opinion.


Not sure what you are actually desiring in answer to your post. Recently this site announced the legal actions they are planning to pursue their n the overall goal.

The legal action does not address your question or n the tiered law. Unfortunately, to get any changes to the tiered law will require a seated politician in California’s legislative houses to sponsor the bill and garner support. Per previous reports most politicians who have been supportive of efforts to revise the registry are in a wait and see more to see how the massive changes from the tiered registry work.

The great people working with this organization do the annual lobbying to try and persuade more politicians in Sacramento to support further revisions to the registry. They also work very hard to counter any efforts made to revise the tiered registry to being even more draconian.

If you have any ideas on additional efforts that can be under taken I am sure everyone would love to hear about it.

Should have clarified: I have a federal conviction for possession of cp. Officially California does not have the words “possession of child pornography” as a criminal offense. It’s something along the lines of possession of indecent material depicting minors under eighteen. Federal law does have “possession of child pornography” as a criminal offense. Yes, both laws are referring to the same type of content, but legally they are different laws. Under the tiered registry the felony violation of the California law is placed into tier three. There’s a debate about whether or not out of state and federal offenses will be treated the same as California offenses. I’ve heard the state has a year starting on 01.01.2021 to figure everything out to start implementing the complete system in 2022.

Federally I can go through a process to reduce or eliminate my requirement to register. However if I want to completely stop registering after I go through federal court I would be required to go through a state court process as well. Under the new law who knows what additional absurd steps might be added on the state side.

The tiered registry has language for non-CA convictions. They’ll basically find the equivalent in CA law and place you as such. If there isn’t an equivalent, then I believe it’s up to the judge or something to figure it out. It’s probably a safe bet that your CP conviction will be treated the same as the CA version.

The registry also goes into effect on Jan 1st, 2021. Then in the next six months the DOJ will be sending out letters to everyone to let them know where they’re placed. Then on July 1st, 2021 people can start to petition to get off via the new registry. The one exception is for people who don’t have a Static-99 whose crime would otherwise have one were it committed since the Static-99 implantation. For these people, there will be an additional 2-year wait to be able to petition per the bill language, even if they would otherwise qualify to petition ASAP. CP possession will not be effected by this additional period as CP never gets a Static-99.

@ SR — I couldn’t reply directly to your post but..

“The one exception is for people who don’t have a Static-99 whose crime would otherwise have one were it committed since the Static-99 implantation. For these people, there will be an additional 2-year wait to be able to petition per the bill language, even if they would otherwise qualify to petition ASAP.”

Where does it mention in the bill. I’m not well-versed on the tiered registry bill.

If most people don’t have Static-99 score, doesn’t this mean it’s really a 22-year waiting period (minimum)?

I’ve been to a few meetings and from what I hear is that some have Static score and others don’t, why is that?

Oh, Geeze…SR, what you write is soooooo distressing to me, and I suppose, all similarly situated individuals.

“The one exception is for people who don’t have a Static-99 whose crime would otherwise have one were it committed since the Static-99 implantation. For these people, there will be an additional 2-year wait to be able to petition per the bill language, even if they would otherwise qualify to petition ASAP.”

This makes me so crazy….I have a very old conviction, 1985, and having a full expungement and no further trouble, as I am certain is true for most of us, we are being unfairly punished and because we all are older, we need the relief more than most.

Well damn! Like I said, makes me crazy. What is this damned Static 99 thingy-majig doing being injected into the Tiered system anyhow?

God, I hate to ask for special favors, but do try to move the ACSOL team and Janice to get the legislature to change this. Please….

Here’s a link to the bill. The first mention of this extra wait period is in the opening paragraphs. From there, you can do a keyword search for “determined” to find a few more mentions. While they don’t specifically tie this to the Static-99 (some other factors might in include them trying to find an equivalent code for out-of-state convictions), one of the determining factors of being placed into any tier is the Static-99 since a score of 6+ can automatically place you into Tier 3 regardless of your actual conviction. Not having a Static-99 score for non-CP convictions is likely to be by far the biggest reason why one would have to wait for up to 24 additional months to seek relief.

@ab. Finally someone in my shoes! Being Federal makes it so much more complicated! Although Janice and crew are great, I feel like I’m always asking for clarification since I live by two laws (Federal and State). Trying to figure out how my CP is going to fit into the new law is twice as frustrating. In my case the “victims” never had an age identified thus it further complicates things. I had no idea you could reduce or eliminate the CP at the Federal levels. And, first time I’ve heard CP possession didn’t get a Static-99. Do you have any resources you can share (aside from ACSOL)? It took months and months to find an attorney who knew a thing about Federal and I still don’t feel warm and fuzzy about the guy. I live in Southern CA.


1)At what conclusion did you think I jumped?

2)”Don’t be defensive.”You ask the very thing from me that you yourself have been unable to do in this forum.

3)If I didn’t have an open mind I would’ve not asked you in the first place. Sure it was facetious but I was also curious.

And frankly your writing is incendiary in a way that invites criticism. Expect people to respond in kind.

And I’m sorry how your life was thrown into this mess that cost you your family, home, and a job.

And thank you for clarifying how the Registry had “helped” you to become successful and wealthy. To succeed just to spite others is something I can really abide to. You should share more of that with others on how to do that if you want to get more Registrants to be resilient and strong enough to take on the Registry. What’s good for the goose…

As for that “nonsense” about bankrupting the system I was just paraphrasing from your past posts:

On Jan. 2 at 7:12am you published:

“Today, with respect to me at least, the criminal regimes are getting nothing from their Registries. I neutralized them long ago. But they are still paying for them. I’ve set up actions that cost them every day.”

Then on Jan. 2 at 10:54am you also published:

“One specific thing that I will share briefly is that I made it a goal long ago to cost LE money and other resources. I have businesses in place today that do that every single day. The beautiful thing about that is that even after I die, that will likely continue.”

You can see how one can interpret the way I did.

*Drops mic – walks away from stage*

Yeah, not exactly a mic drop, but sure.

We could go back and forth with some of this for a long time I expect. That would be okay I guess but probably no need. I definitely have other things to do this weekend.

But yeah, you are correct that my writing is incendiary and invites criticism. My thoughts and ideas are ugly and hateful. But that’s war. Everyone in Amerika must suffer from war unfortunately.

I hope you and all people who oppose Registries have a good day.

@Will Allen

I agree you do have other things to do…that is better than the divisive screed you put out on this forum.

I would like to know the difference in context between why the ACLU took up a challenge to Jessica’s law, barring it from implementation , and the tier registry change coming up if it increases penalties to some registrants? In the final outcome it was barred from applying to those prior to its passage?

⭐⭐⭐ Please, everyone in California, if you can join us for ACSOL Lobbying Day, in Sacramento, on February 11th 2020, please absolutely do join us!! A strong show of numbers – many folks like you and me – is important to getting the legislators to listen to us!! ⭐⭐⭐
⭐⭐ PLEASE join us if you possibly can! ⭐⭐

For those of us who cant, there must be other ways we can help in the lobbying effort, such as letter writing to state representatives, senators, and the governor!

What do you think .
This organization ” ACSOL” has done more to help me deal with my situation than any thing else. There are over 100,000 others out there , many who don’t know about ACSOL. Getting more people involved will help us all. and help them also. I have thought about options on how to let other , members of our club , know about ACSOL.
A thought is to ask the sheriffs office where I register if they would be willing to hand out a pamplet about ACSOL. to those who register. I have no idea how they will respond . I have nothing to loose.

Finding ways to educate the general public about the facts, The fact that the registery does more harm than good, the fact that reoffending rates are very low. How to change public oppion is , a tougher one.

Are there Other ideas out there on things we can do to effect positive changes ?


YouTube videos outlining what is wrong with the Registry and how it doesn’t help prevent future abuses could help educate the public.

Forcing it into a national dialog is always a good start…

As one of the many on the registry, being placed on it in 2005 when they changed the laws, (my offense was in 1989), I served my 5 years probation with an SIS.
I have been doing some research and found that being added to the registry 15 years after the fact, is indeed a violation of my constitutional rights of being punished twice for the same offense.
They can twist it all they want, but facts are facts…
Cornell university law states that putting a person’s past criminal history into a public forum, which the registry is, constitutes “public criminal shaming ” and “public criminal humiliation ” which are both forms of punishment. X2
SORA and SORNA have singled out people with sex offenses with prejudice, seeking revenge and retribution for the murders of children that I had nothing to do with.
They say “the registry is to “inform” parents to keep their children safe”.
If that’s the case, where is the list of “dangerous drug dealers” or “violent domestic abusers” or ” dangerous alcoholics ” or murderers who have recently been released?
I am currently fighting a battle after 30 years for “failure to register ” a FB account that I never used. I wonder if it has anything to do with my being able to petition to be removed from the registry this year. Hmmm?
Also, over the past 2 years I have been arrested 3 times and spent a total of 2 weeks in jail, and cost me over 20 grand in attorney fees. (More punishment) they are trying everything they can to keep me from petitioning because once I get a felony, my chances are gone.
Unfortunately, I live in one of the most corrupt counties in Missouri.
Another observation I have made is that being punished for failure to register is being punished AGAIN for my original offense because without my guilty plea for my original offense, I would not be on the list and my guilty plea, which I took to protect my family on the advice from my public defender, at the time, is attached to my original offense and nothing else, so they are in essence punishing me for “failure to register ” because I took a guilty plea for my original offense.
So I ask again, where are the lists of all these other dangerous people?
Hopefully, some of this information can be used to reverse some, or all of these ridiculous laws.
It’s really a shame that we have to fight the criminals in our “legal ” system to get our lives back.
Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think can help…

I have a charge for Indecency with a Child by Exposure (3rd degree felony) Took the plea deal 5 years probation, 10 years post registration (Deferred Adjudication).

I asked on if I could get off probation early and here are couple responses I got which is not the answer I was hoping for…..

lawyer 1 – The Legislature recently made certain offenders of certain offenses ineligible for early termination. Yours is one of those crimes. It is that the crime was committed with “a child” that places you in a special group of offender. The law will have to change before your eligibility for early termination will change.

lawyer 2 –
1. Reportable sex crimes are not eligible for early termination of deferred adjudication.
2. Five years is the absolute minimum legal period of deferred for felony Indecency w/a Child.

Does anyone know someone like Janice who is fighting laws in TEXAS? I love how other states are progressing but I cant find any news here in my state.

Eli ~ You can check with Texas Voices. It is a similar organization to this one, and there is a phone number and e-mail address. I don’t think they have an actual forum for members, though, like we do.

Need a quick answer. My employer would like me to go to a conference in California, will be there for only 3 days if I go. Do I have to register if only for 3 days?

My employer wants me to attend a conference in California which will last 3 days. I am not currently required to register in my state of residence.

I have called two attorneys in California and both said I should be fine as long as I don’t stay over 30-days. However, the travel chart and other references say all offender shall register within 5 days of entry to the state, which is it?

My convictions are:
Article 120-B1 (2004) “Carnal Knowledge” which equals P.C. 261.5 (which I guess is not registerable)
Article 125-B1 (2004) “Sodomy of a minor” which equals P.C. 286(b) (which is a 10-year registration)

The age difference was 8 years, and I was convicted 14 years ago. I think I’m free from registration in California. Correct me if I am wrong.

Dear John Doe:

As a practical matter, if you are sure you are good for 5 days, which I am certain is the absolute minimum before triggering anything…why not just be sure to be gone from CA within 5 days?

Over Christmas I had to travel north from CA and spent a night coming and going in Las Vegas. LV is a 48 hour trigger and I was gone both times within 24 hours each stay….why chance the gods? as I say. ( I will note that on Saturday night, there seemed to be Los Vegas Police making busts everywhere I drove…and I’ll tell you, I was driving carefully! It all made me fairly nervous).

Plan on 5 days if you can…

Best Wishes, James I (just being prudent)

Well, for those whom have been following, and those who haven’t, here is my last filing in the Ninth Circuit which is spawned from an accumulation of an almost three year journey and some devoted individuals who have been there the entire processes.
This is just a final rebuttal so it is short and to the points, the record is extensive in this case already.

@Mike r

Sending good thoughts, prayers, and mojo your away and the filing’s way as it goes through the system. May you finally get some relief of this in the end.

@mike r

Well written doc.

Wow, Mike, wow. Solid. Ignoring this pleading would/will demonstrate willful disregard for the court’s judicial duty toward you. Thanks for sharing.

@ Mike R,

I like how you’re not trying to overturn Smith v Doe, but using it as the foundation that the current implementation of the registration goes beyond Smith v Doe, which is what Michigan’s Doe v Snyder compared (which also included in-person registration as going beyond Smith v Doe).

I also do like how you identify current laws that are still being implemented that are unconstitutional as ruled by the California Supreme Courts. Rather than piecemeal one law out, you’re actually applying it to the whole registry. If one part is faulty, then the whole regime must be faulty.

I hope it works.

I dunno if you knew this, but there’s a blanket denial of access onto military bases if you’re a registrant. Thus, your information is being used as a proactive tool to deny access as opposed as a tool to just “being available upon request”. That rule is called IMCOM OPORD. Although, you can petition for a waiver. Whether you’re visiting a friend or have a job interview with a third party employer on a military base, a background check is run at every checkpoint entry which includes the registry.

A military base isn’t a K-12 school. So I dunno how you can get denied access. Still, you’re labeled as an immediate threat and banned. That’s going beyond the statutory purposes. LoL

Get after ’em, Mike! And God speed!

So I did my yearly here in California a couple of weeks ago and I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. I mean, I’m sure it’s always been there I’ve just hadn’t really paid attention.

In the list of the items and conditions you need to read and initial, the very first one says “Duty to register is for life except as provided in 290.5 or 290.05 [I think that’s what it said] or by court order.”

“… or by court order.” So… how does one go about getting one of these magical court orders that removes their duty to register?

Is this really possible?

Jesus H ~ That part has been on the paperwork, and it is actually 290.005 and 290.5. 290.005 refers to out of State convictions. 290.5 shows both the before July 1 2020 registration law (before the new Tiered Registry) and the future law (after the Tiered Registry goes into effect). I am not 100% sure, but I believe the court order remark refers to a COR or Pardon maybe? On another note, in reading the article on 290.5, it says that a person can petition to be removed (once the tiered registry is in effect) IF they met the requirements and are not deemed a SIGNIFICANT threat to the public. So, those who have been crime free for at least 10 years and are not even on the public website can not possibly be deemed a threat, and therefore the petition should HAVE to be approved. I know a judge can always deny, but it seems to be harder if the requirements are met (like not be on probation or parole, not have any charges pending, etc, etc).

I’m not on the public registry and just this past year got my offense reduced and expunged. It was a 288.2.(a)(1)

Not sure where that’s going to put me on the tiered list. I’m halfway to my 10 years though so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Heck, hopefully before then people will come to their senses and strike this whole thing down.


I’m in the same boat as you. Only difference is mine was a 288.2(a)(2). I’ve also been reduced and expunged. As you know, misdemeanors mostly are supposed to be tier 1, but as you also know, our offenses are named by code section as belonging in tier 3. But, as you also know, our sections, even as felonies, are not considered serious or violent felonies as described in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5 or subdivision (c) of Section 1192.7. Where does that land us? Heaven knows.

Regarding your question about “court orders,” there was a time when a judge could order a defendant to be placed on the registry for a specific time frame, such as for the length of probation. My probation guy told me he was actually supervising such folks.

Curiouser… Tier 3? Really? I did NOT know that. I have tried looking through the bill and couldn’t figure it out so stopped trying. I just figured there’s now way this could be as effed up as that and of course I was in Tier 1, I’m not even listed on the website!

Does tier 3 mean I’d be listed on the website? If so, that just can’t be right. I carefully weighed all the options when I took the plea and decided it was the best course of action for me and my family. Not listed, no jail, etc. It has worked out. I kept my job and have prospered and am now a homeowner again. Being listed was NOT part of the bargain and if I get listed and then someone finds out this could change everything. I did everything I was asked to do and played their stupid game with their BS rules. They can’t change the rules at this stage of the game.

What do you do when your government is against you? I just want to live my life.

INTERNET EXCLUSION APPLICATION Has anyone every applied for this and been successful? It comes from California Department of Justice. I have a Certificate of Rehabilitation /


Can you elaborate what the

After I got my Cert of Rehab I still have to register and am still on Megan so I checked and found out only the CA Dept of Justice can remove me now. SO I emailed them and got back a REQUEST FOR INTERNET EXCLUSION APPLICATION ; so just asking if anyone has tried and got this?


If you do an internet search for California Megan’s law exclusion, there are a very specific set of offenses for which one can request the internet exclusion.

Basically its felony sexual battery, misdemeanor child molestation, and any offense that did not involve penetration or oral copulation where the victim was a close family member.

If I remember correctly under the new tiered registry for tier 2, if you have completed 10 years with no additional offenses you can be removed from the internet (it’s been awhile since I looked at that closely so I might be wrong).

Has anyone traveled to Puerto Rico for a short vacation and registered (or didn’t) with the local police? How did that go? My wife and I are going in February and I will be registering my change of address at home before I leave and I assume the police here will call the PR police to let them know I’m coming, so I will have to register when I arrive there. What are the procedures?

Why do you have to register a change of address? Just go to Puerto Rico and follow their rules.

I was supposed to go to Puerto Rico during the holidays until I was advised by my attorney NOT to go since an RC is required to register within 3 days of arrival and it is unknown if they remove anyone from their list once they leave the island. So I went to Seattle instead (Washington is 10 days before registering kicks in).

My mom went ahead to P.R. and talked with the authorities and she was told that even for a short visit, an RC is REQUIRED to register within 72 hours. So that registry list of all 50 states + territories is not accurate. It states that PR has no restrictions for visitors. In fact they do. A revision on that list is due.

stop demanding stuff like anything is owed to you. im sure laws changed and it does take time to update… that is a friendly advisory

Very interesting information to hear, thanks for sharing.

I just find it so shocking that too many people think it is acceptable that if a person who has fully completed a legal sentence travels to another state or territory that he/she actually has to report to the law enforcement criminals (LECs) that he/she is there.

That is not acceptable. Even if we pretend that the Registries are acceptable, reporting to LECs for even very limited travel is not. It would be a tiny bit more acceptable, but still not, if the limit were 72 hours. Even better if 1 week or 1 month.

And truly, how big of a moron does a person have to be to believe that these notifications do any good at all? That is what I wonder. Just how stupid does a person have to be? Can we quantify that in some way, I wonder? An I.Q. of 90 or less?

It is far past time that all 1+ million people being harassed throw down a gauntlet. Consequences must increase.

Reality: The $EX Offender Registries are nothing but a giant pile of excrement. They are clearly not needed or beneficial. That is trivial to prove. There is nothing legitimate about them. They are nothing but harassment by out-of-control Nanny Big Government and the emperor never had any clothes. They are all liars.

P.C. 288.2 is tier three as the law is currently listed. Not that it really matter, but a number of people have been talking about 664/288(a)s and 288.2s getting reduced or expunged. These must be for those that did not get prison but only county time and/or probation, correct?

I did receive a Certificate of Rehabilitation for my 664/288(a) in Los Angeles County Superior Court; my offense was 18 years ago and required 4 letters of character reference and a letter from a psychologist showing my treatment and “very unlikely to reoffend” used Public Defender for the court. I did serve 22 months in prison

“These must be for those that did not get prison but only county time and/or probation, correct?”
For the 1203.4, yes. For the CoR…as Mot indicated, that is not the case.

Is there a conflict between the COR and 1203.4? Which is considered the better to have? I keep getting conflicting reports but have been told that is 2021 my COR will get me off Megan and off need to register

In the lifetime scheme and updated law in 2007, to potentially get off the registry (if the conviction qualifies), a person needed to earn the 1203.4 first before applying for the CoR. The CoR carries far more weight when it comes to registrants.

Typical probation levied is about 3-years. Complete it successfully and you earn 1203.4 automatically.

To earn the CoR, you need to wait at least 10 years to petition. Earning this should carry a lot of weight going onto the new tiered system as a judge already passed judgement that you’re rehabilitated by law.

Good luck in mid 2021, Mot.

@mike r

First, keep up the battle glad to see you are still fighting the legal war.

I can not speak to the 288.2

For 664/288(a) there is strange loop that allows someone to get a 1203.4 and then get a CoR. The California courts ruled an attempted crime is not the same as the actual crime. With that ruling the 664 (which is attempted) became eligible for the 1203.4. To get the CoR one must first get the 1203.4 … so that loop allows an attempted 288(a) to obtain both. The wording of the law states only that those convicted of 288(a) … other laws specifically exclude attempted crimes as well.

Probably more then you wanted to know.

mike r:
If you’re referring to me, my 288.2 offense was a wobbler (charged as a felony of course) with a formal probation sentence. I was actually charged prior to the re-write of 288.2 which was changed to encompass the “sexting” thing. My offense involved sending non-cp material to a minor via electronic means. As soon as probation ended, we sought and obtained 1203.4 expungement and 17(b) PC reduction.

Obviously, the tricky part is, as you pointed out, that the 288.2 section wound up in Tier 3 after the revamp of the bill. Of course, this creates a contradiction within the tiered law itself, with regard to felony v. misdemeanor. Will DOJ consider reductions when placing us in tiers? Who knows.

It’s happened. Someone used the registry to try to shame a completely innocent business owner.

Several letters were sent to surrounding businesses claiming to be the New Jersey AG or its office warning about a man who owned a business. The police have indicate it’s a hoax, and they are going all out to find out who sent the letters.

Too bad real registrants who receive far worse harassment only get the “file it and we’ll get around to it maybe” attitude when we file a complaint.

Yes. We’re shamed 24/7 ~ infinity and no one gives a flying F.

The hate against us is normalized and considered reasonable and acceptable!

I don’t foresee a new age of enlightenment happening anytime soon, so it looks like we’ll forever be at the mercy of public opinion. People are easily led with fear and ignorance when it comes to their kid’s safety.

I saw on a different forum recently that someone called an RP a “Citizen Required to Register”. I wrote the following in response to that:

I’ve been reading and writing a LOT about the illegal Registries for over 2 decades and I can’t actually recall seeing that label before! I find that surprising.

I think that it is very, extremely, critically important to brand the people who are listed on the Registries with some good, accurate label. “Registered Citizen” and “Registered Person” is being widely used. Those work fairly well for me.

But I’m not too keen on the “citizen” part. Obviously, RPs (including me) are not REALLY citizens. RPs are sub-citizens. Also, personally, I feel like the Registries themselves have nearly completely relieved me of my obligations to be a good U.S. citizen. That has been insanely liberating and I’ve really got no concern about being obligated again. Registry Nazis don’t think I’m a citizen and I’m happy to not have to care about acting like one.

But how about “Person Forced to Register”? PFR. It has nearly the connotations of CRR but I much prefer it. “Required” is way too nice for me.

I also like “Person Registered for Punishment, Restrictions, and Harassment”. PRPRH. I find that to be very accurate. Personally, I’m going to use one of these last two.

I think if the media, criminal legislators, law enforcement criminals, and the general public keep seeing such a label over and over and over again, from hundreds of thousands of people, for years, that it will make a really big difference. The Registry War is a PR war. Facts are not exceptionally important. Brain-dead people have little need for them.

Along these lines, I’m going to start attaching a “motto” of sorts to everything I post. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all use the same one? I’ve got to mess around and find something I like. I have been using what I will put here as the last paragraph. I like most of it but I’m not sure about the optics of framing the Registries as a huge pile of excrement. That is extremely accurate but I’m not sure I love it. Anyway, this is it:

Reality: The $EX Offender Registries are nothing but a giant pile of excrement. They are clearly not needed or beneficial. That is trivial to prove. There is nothing legitimate about them. They are nothing but harassment by out-of-control Nanny Big Government and the emperor never had any clothes. They are all liars.

So, it appears you can only get a 1203.4 if you did not receive a prison sentence only probation. In order to get a CoR you must first get a 1203.4, so since I fought it and went to prison it appears I am stuck with it. Correct me if I am wrong.

@mike r
Apparently, Mot was not eligible for the 1203.4 as he went to prison, but was eligible for a CoR.

The CoR was an outlet if one was not able to get 1203.4. I suppose this attempted conviction fits that criteria. Mot went through a public defender. He’d be the best person to acquire the necessary info upon this.

According to a san diego CoR pdf, the only sex crimes ineligible for the CoR are 286(c), 288, 287(c), or former 288a, 288.5, or 289(j). Thus, Mot was convicted of attempted 288(a) which is classified as 664/288(a). So therein lies the difference in ineligibility.
Link to sd CoR pdf:

But because he didn’t receive the 1203.4, then according to the CoR, it does not erase the felony conviction.

But @Mott stated,
“I did receive a Certificate of Rehabilitation for my 664/288(a) in Los Angeles County Superior Court; my offense was 18 years ago and required 4 letters of character reference and a letter from a psychologist showing my treatment and “very unlikely to reoffend” used Public Defender for the court. I did serve 22 months in prison”

So I am confused with the prison aspect.

And what exactly did the CoR do for you?

I have been told that once he Tiered goes into effect I can present the COR to a judge and be relieved of registering and Megan Website…I had hoped and been told that it would be NOW but the last I heard it is not until 2021

No, a COR will not automatically get you relieved from registering once the tiered system takes effect. A COR will only help you convince the judge you are rehabilitated and no longer a danger. This makes it easier for the judge to grant you relief from registering.

@ mike r

I am not a lawyer, so that’s my caveat.

I read the law the same as you that if you went to prison as a sex offender you are denied access to the 1203.4 and because of that also the certificate of rehabilitation.

There are a few limited benefits of obtaining the certificate of rehabilitation as a person required to register. The first benefit is that your status as having to register can not be used as the sole reason to deny you a state license. Second, the CoR is the court declaring you fully rehabilitated and while this does not relieve the requirement to register it can still be used as a benefit.

In the grander scheme if one can obtain it and have it in their back pocket it can be a powerful tool to be used if/when the law changes. As an example when the tiered registry goes into affect it will be hard for the DoJ/courts to declare someone a high risk to society after the court has already determined that same person has been fully rehabilitated. It remains to be seen if it will really work that way, the courts and DoJ have not demonstrated an ability to make decisions that make sense. Like many other conversations we have to wait and see how everything works when things actually go into practice.

Does anyone know if NV has anything like a CoR or a 1203.4???

On a different note altogether, MIT is making a big fuss over Jeffrey Epstein donating money to them and visiting the campus. Epstein is dead, so what is this…self-flaggilation for the error of their ways?? And with regard to Epstein visiting my their campus, so what?? He wasn’t there regularly, he was neither a professor nor student, so is every PRR (Person Required to Register) to notify every college/university every time they step on campus? If I go to a college for a community townhall meeting, am I supposed to register with campus police? For being there one hour?? Surrounded by individuals who are ALL OVER 18 Y.O.?? When does this foolishness end??

It reminds me of the misguided outrage people had over ART on display at a campus that a SO had created. Society has a conniption over anything “sex offender” and subsequently deems everyone guilty by association and “judged by the company that you keep.”

You shouldn’t hate people who’ve done nothing to you simply because they belong to a group, but this behavior and mindset is not only condoned, but encouraged in America.

Megan’s Law is actually worse than racism.

Florida lawmakers want their addresses and phone numbers hidden from the public — but they’re more than willing to put OUR information on the internet ….. and never ever take it down since you can never leave the Florida registry. They want all privacy and we get none?

🤣🤣🤣 Hahaha!! I knew it was just a matter of time! And if it saves one car from a collision, it’s well worth it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ten-Oh-See!! 🤣

Wait, no specially marked License Plates?? No Driver’s Licenses emblazed with “DUI Driver”?? What gives, 10-O-C??

Really 😆 lol DUI list

Meh, it’s a very, very lame Registry. Why only recidivists? Why for only 2 or 5 years?

Every single person convicted of a DUI should be Registered on the first offense and for a minimum of 10 years. A second offense probably ought to be 30 years and then life after that. Those criminals recidivate like crazy. What will we call them? “Impaired Offenders”?

I have a right to know where these people live and work. I have a right to know if they might be driving my children or near my children. Further, they certainly need to be restricted from being near schools, day cares, parks, etc. They’ll need traveling restrictions obviously. Duh. And Halloween restrictions? Perfect for Impaired Offenders.

The Registry will start out lame but it will surely grow. That is how Nanny Big Government works. They grow bigger. They have more laws. There is no other way. They’ll need to close loopholes later. They’ll definitely need special license plates and licenses. We’ll also have to close the loophole of Level 3s being allowed to drive at night, etc.

Message to Registry Supporters/Terrorists: Sic semper tyrannis. Here’s a famous quote for you – “You think you can be ruthless? Let’s see how you like it when the fighting is brought to you.”

Hmmm. 🤔 Yes, cannot operate a vehicle within 1,000 feet of a school, playground, or other places children congregate. Etc. Etc. I think there’s a bright future for this DUI Registry and all its future restrictions, requirements, etc! Something to keep lawmakers busy. Oh, and let’s not forget:. We need to make it retroactive!! 🤔

@Will: “Message to Registry Supporters/Terrorists…”. Yet you support a DUI registry? Or are you being sarcastic?

Well, there can be 0 Registries or there has to be 100+. It’s that simple to me. And not these lame, local, 2 and 5 year Registries. Nope, they must be national, public, lifetime Registries, with ALL of the extra harassment.

Impaired Offender Registries make as much sense as $EX Offender Registries ($ORs). In many cases, they make a lot more sense. For example, it certainly makes a lot more sense to keep Impaired Offenders away from schools, parks, etc. It certainly makes more sense to confine those people on Halloweens.

Unlike a large percentage of people who are listed on the $ORs, Impaired Offenders have done something extremely dangerous. And too often, extremely damaging, with lifelong victims.

$ORs, in their entire multiple decades history, have not yet had any credibility. One of the reasons is that the rest of the Registries don’t exist. Until/Unless that ever happens, the $ORs will never have any chance of even starting to appear credible. They likely never will be.

Nanny Big Government (NBG) is out of control and only grows bigger. NBG lovers want harassment Registries. We can all keep cowering and chatting about how to “comply” with all of the Registration nonsense or we can all say “sic semper tyrannis” and act. For me, they can have their Registries. But they’ll pay dearly.

My guess is most/many that aren’t on a registry, or have a family member or close friend on one, don’t have a problem with registries. If asked, many would probably also assume that they make the world safer (thanks in big part to misinformation in the media, LE, etc).

While I wouldn’t wish registration on anyone, I also believe that nothing would collapse registries quicker than having them for this, that and the other. DUI’s, animal abusers, people that have been convicted of neglect, home invaders, dead beat dads and moms that fail to pay their court ordered child support, scammers, crooked politicians, crooked judges, etc. Get enough people on registries and the masses will rise up, screaming about how unfair they are. Then “we” can remind them that it’s not punishment and to STFU.

@MS you might be on to something here. Best case with fighting the SOR’s on their own they get scaled back but never go away. Maybe the way to end the sex registries is expansion by promoting and advocating for their implementation for every other crime. Even chronic speeders need to be on a registry.

I’m all for it! I have a right to know who I’m sharing the road with when I take my kids to school. I’ve a right to know if the parent offering to give my kids a ride home from extracurricular activities is a lush behind the wheel of a 3000 pound deadly weapon!
I have a right to know if the fucking blabber mouth bitch (sorry, was that out loud?) living on my street has a record of putting the entire neighborhood at risk whilst selfishly imbibing in alcoholic beverages. Registries for all!

@C: where is this “right” listed?

We definitely need this and by the way Minnesota has special license plates for people’s cars for DUI offenders.

We also must have a public registry for thieves. Their recidivism rate has to be darn near 100% and I really do need to know who might steal from me before I live next to them or do business with them. And they need to stay at least 1000ft from any retail eatablishment at all times.

@M C:
“We definitely need this and by the way Minnesota has special license plates for people’s cars for DUI offenders.”
This is only partially true. While the “whiskey plates” (how appropriate!) used to be only for DUIs, many years back they were expanded to other “high crimes.” Pretty much any offense that leads to a suspension of one’s driver license can yield a W plate in MN, including non-driving “crimes” like non-payment of child support.

Oh Tennessee, I forgot that you also have a State animal abuser registry!
LOL 🤣 Forget “The Volunteer State” – Tennessee will soon be “The Registry State”!! 🤣🤣🤣

“”Sullivan County Assistant District Attorney Blake Watson said if the bill passed, the online registry could be enormous.

“This list could grow astronomically, potentially,” he said.

Watson said the Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested more than 7,000 individuals for DUI in 2017 alone, and the number of offenders could make the registry difficult to maintain.

“You’ve got a large, large number of individuals. The other complicated factor, unfortunately, is recidivists, so you’re just going to be going back and adding these same people,” said Watson.

The bill calls for offender’s names to be on the list for two years after a second DUI offense. After a third offense, a name would be on the list for five years.

Watson said the list wouldn’t be useful to him from a prosecution standpoint because he already obtains offender recidivist statuses from the Department of Safety.

Sullivan County Public Defender Andrew Gibbons also questioned the list’s purpose.

“Is there a legitimate interest to have this list out there beyond just embarrassing the people involved? Beyond just adding additional punishment on the defendants, I don’t see any purpose in this,” said Gibbons.”

There is no legitimate interest in any list/registry, including the sex offense list/registry. What, say you Gibbons… additional punishment????

With DUI drivers, recidivism and public safety really ARE significant! 😠 How often do police or EMTs have to contend with a non-cooperating or “consenting” victim of a DUI accident? That’s not even a real question. Unless the other driver/victim is ALSO intoxicated, then they are truly an innocent victim!

Personally, I DO think a DUI Registry is a very good idea for public safety because of the exceptionally high rate of DUI recidivism. Why should DUI drivers get a pass …. just because “Oh, it could happen to o anyone.”?? (Yes, I am being serious, NOT sarcastic.)

And, yes, we also need a DV registry, a weapons offense registry, and an assault registry.
I genuinely believe the more Registries, the better. And here’s why: As more and more people end up on registries, eventually, the public will have to start paying serious attention to registries and whether or not:
1. Are registries punishment?
2. Do registries truly provide any public safety benefit at all?
3. Should we even have public registries at all??


Only when someone that someone else knows or loves or themselves has been placed on one will what you excellently say become possibly applicable. Until then, ignorance is Bliss.

And for the record here as I’ve mentioned previously, Ohio has a driving under the influence registry but it takes 5 convictions from that issue for them to have to register.

I say a list for everything from unpaid bills to full on murder make everything retroactive. That way we are all under one umbrella. I would love to see this. Cuz stuff would change fast and people would then understand how much harm it dose. Hey if they do make a list for DUI some politicians will be on there most likely lol

I’m thinking someone who routinely puts the lives of others in danger by knowingly driving while intoxicated is significantly more dangerous than a guy who peed in public, but hey, that’s just me.

CA is a prime SB destination every so often.

Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Myths Return
And they’re just as wrong and dangerous this time around.

In Defense of White Vans: They are Not Coming to Kidnap Our Kids, No Matter What it Says in Your Facebook Feed

There could a an Urban Legend section related to topics we discuss here that are myths….

Just read an article (that I won’t provide here for reading by the masses, but in Iowa (only in Iowa…)) a man who molested numerous children is released from incarceration because he was deemed to be not a threat after identifying as a woman (you can research it yourself if you’d like to read it).

We can discuss assessments for being identified as non-threats, but to identify as another gender is a new way (to get out of incarceration no less) and one I’m not sure will be seen in the long run as viable.

Update on being removed from the obligation to register.

Nearly 2 months ago I successfully earned my CoR. About a month ago I posted on here because I noticed my paperwork said I was no longer obligated to register. Per advice I received I expected the CA DoJ to object and that I would have to continue registering until implementation of the tiered registry.

Today I received a phone call from my local sheriffs office, and they informed me that the DoJ had notified them that I no longer was required to register. My wife checked Megan’s Law webpage and my information has been removed.

The sheriffs office said I should expect the paperwork to follow, and if I do not receive anything in the next few months to contact them and they will provide me with it.

I am stunned and shocked to have reached this point now. Joy is an inadequate word.

My prayers and actions will remain with you all as we continue to push to have relief for everyone experiencing this hellish existence

@Interested Party

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your family.

Thanks for sharing your story. It gives me something to look forward to!

I am wondering what the “Therapy” portion of my probation was supposed to achieve.
I was unvolved in a group program, but the other 4 individuals were more or less sex addicts( cheating on wife, solicitation, hanging out at rub n tugs) mine was a misdomeanor cp charge stemming from a “good guys” reporting when I had my hard drive cleaned. Since They didn’t prove I had downloaded the photos (12 img) they gave me a felony possession with reduction to misdomeanor upon successful probation. I was not participating in mandated group therapy to the proctor’s satisfaction( I simply couldn’t relate to these idiots) so I was recommended to private therapy.
The next therapist felt that since I was having trouble with employment, finding some would be my cure to my depression. It couldn’t be that this entire fiasco that had turned my world on end was somehow the cause. This person spent 1 hr a week suggesting I take part time work at a taco bell or something. When I told them I had been turned down for a $27.50/ hr warehouse job, I was told, “You’re too good for that anyway”. Wait, I am too good for that but P/T at a drive up is ok?
Absolute ZERO time was spent discussing ANYTHING about me as a person. In fact they reduced my time to 1/2 hr a month and said they would basically lie to the probation dept. about my weekly attendance. I was told that any issues I might have are not related to my conviction. GREAT! But since I was mandated to attend, why not allow me the opportunity to discuss and resolve other possible issues. NOPE! They were only interested in me as it applied to the county’s mandated S.O. program. Bottom line, phsyco therapists seem to create more problems than they address. They think in terms of societal norms rather than the individual patient needs. I long ago ( 4 yrs) recieved my reduction and haven’t heard a word from them, even though they promised to continue and follow up as to, in their words, my success.
I hope to run into them one day so that I can tell them what a waste of space their profession is.

I don’t mean to dismiss your problems, but you have many first time offenders on this forum who comitted the same offense you did AND went to prison for many years, plus they have felony records, supervision, can’t be on the internet posting comments, and have to attend 2 hr a week mandated group therapy with facilitators telling you in front of a group that your cp possession offense is just as bad as the other person in the group who raped their 9 year old niece. So your state really gave you a 2nd chance with misdemeanor probation. You’ll just have to grin and bear the therapy. You’ll survive

@Waste of my time, I think you’d find varying degrees from people who have been to therapy as far as what it has done for them. I found treatment / therapy to be a useful exercise, at least for me. At the same time I don’t believe that it reduced my likelyhood to reoffend either because I can guarantee a reoffense would never have happened therapy or no therapy. So in that regard it was unnecessary, expensive and time consuming. I don’t think thats the same for everyone. I knew people in it was very useful for and probably had a big impact on their recidivism as well. That said, there are good programs and bad programs as well. I know people put into programs that were purposefully designed to make them fail and that’s definitely not how it should work. I can definitely say that I’m not against good therapy programs as much as am against the entire concept of a registry.