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TX: Family says they’re being targeted due to criminal past

[ – 1/6/20]

Obscene symbols and hateful words fill the walls outside a San Antonio home. The messages are directed at the registered sex offender who lives in the house.

Watch the video


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“We’re not naming the registered sex offender because he is not being accused of any crime right now”…

Now why did they have to say that?! It sounds like they are already presuming that he is guilty of something!

The public CANNOT be trusted with sensitive information of people because of this. This is another reason why privacy should be sacrosant!

More proof that registry needs to end during to the vigilante justice system.

But the most troubling thing in the story is the closing comments… “we wont reveal his name because he isnt accused of a crime RIGHT NOW” and stating the CPS visited the home because a RSO is living with 6 kids. Both of those imply he is will commit a new crime, and he will harm the children (if not already has and he needs to be investigated for it now.)

Oh the HATE!! That People. Make. Just to hear the words he/she is a sex offender or child molester. Opens the door for someone to HATE you.Which in turn. Will push people to make unconstitutional laws. Just out of fear and spike. But no one look at the huge danger of drug dealers who hook your kids on drugs or the drunk driver who killed your kid! No!! That is nothing. To compare with sex. Sex kills more children than drunk drivers or drug dealers. By what the media say!! So the LE and AG fall for this BS and… Read more »

It doesn’t matter what the story is about as, in this case, a “sex offender’s” home and family being victimized by thugs and vigilantes, it still comes down to “child protective services” “investigating” the situation with a mind towards removing them from their innocent parents’ custody. That’s how hysterical this society has become.

More outcome from a registration regime that attacks. Our leadership decided to begin attacking citizens online and thus there is no need to wonder why the people follow. Damn poor leadership has its drawbacks.

Does anyone have a direct connection with this family? Perhaps a gofundme could be set up to show community support and to help this family cope with the moving expenses, etc.

If we don’t take care of our community, no one else will.

Wow! I concur. This is just terrible! He would have more rights if he had murdered someone! Very disturbing story. The police clearly didn’t seem to care. The children? Wife? As I’ve mentioned before, don’t be surprised if someone like this man finally breaks and hurts someone as a result.

Well, we know that the Registries have already caused people to “finally break” and hurt someone. In fact, they’ve murdered innocent children, including 6 year old Christopher Barrios and 13 year old Melinda Hinson. People who support Registries (Registry Nazis) murdered those children and certainly more. We also know that because Registries exist that completely innocent people are being hurt every single day. Personally, I’m praying that continues. I’ll celebrate when Registry Nazis are harmed, that’s a great day. The $EX Offender Registries are nothing but a giant pile of excrement. They are clearly not needed or beneficial. That is… Read more »

This just reinforces my view that the only change in the registry that I will ever support again is ending the registry. Let’s be really honest here, the tiered registry has already failed most of us and it isn’t even implemented yet here in California. Under that new system, many of us with fictitious victims due to stings will have no recourse and no chance of a life off the registry. This organization fought for some of those convicted of possession of child pornography, which at least had a real victim, but those of us with fictitious victims were left… Read more »

Yep. ACSOL should be congratulated for working so hard and winning “tiering”. Because they have good intentions and thought it was the right thing to do. But I think “tiering” is bad overall for at least these reasons: 1. It would be better to have 5 million people Registered instead of just 200,000 that all the rest of us can forget about. 2. All the talk of “tiering” and the idiocy/changes that go with it (e.g. varying restrictions/harassment) are all just talking about something that is completely illegitimate from the start – the Registries. So we’ve got normally intelligent and… Read more »

“tiering” = fine tuning the registry to make it even better…….my a$$!

BTW folks Wyze cameras are only $25 and can be set up anywhere to record these type of activities to assist in the capture of these scumbags tormenting this family.
I would hope that child welfare services and the police would be more concerned with protecting the family and the children from these scumbags than looking for excuses to cause these victims additional grief.

Right! Registry Nazis want it to appear as if they are fixing up their huge pile of crap. But they can polish it and push the excrement around all they like, it will NEVER be more than the pile it is. At best for the Nazis is that it will remain just a harassment tool that is effective ONLY against people who are just trying to live normal, law-abiding lives. At best. It will never hinder anyone from committing any crime that they’d like and it will continue to promote and encourage everyone to hate and commit crimes. And of… Read more »

I am so (deleted) MAD at this TV station. Pure and simple “We’re not naming the registered sex offender because he is not being accused of any crime right now”… The implication is that the station ADVOCATES the HARASSMENT of this registrant and attempted murder of the family member through the destruction of his brake fluid line. My prediction is none of the “open cases” will be solved. And finally, “The registrant is moving. Once he finds a new address, he will have seven days to register at his new location.” WHAT THE (deleted) HELL!!! WHAT does this MATTER with… Read more »

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