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ACSOL Leads Successful Lobby Day 2020 in CA Capitol

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) led more than 35 people, including registrants, family members and supporters in Lobby Day 2020 in the California Capitol.  The focus of the day was necessary changes to the Tiered Registry Law that will become effective next year.

“We met in the offices of 28 legislators, who are either members of a Public Safety Committee or were newly elected last year,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “These are the legislators who will lead the way toward a tiered registry that increases public safety and protects civil rights.”

Lobby Day 2020 began with a training session for all participants, including seven Team Leaders.  Following that training, participants met with the leader of the team to which they were assigned.  The teams then met in legislative offices where appointments had already been made as well as drop-by meetings in offices where participants are constituents.

The participants in Lobby Day 2020 included both veterans who have participated in previous Lobby Days as well as those new to the lobbying process.

“I feel empowered,” stated one person new to the lobbying process.  “The people with whom my team met were willing to listen to what I had to say.”

“We made progress today toward correcting the mistakes made in the original Tiered Registry Law,” stated a veteran Lobby Day participant.  “I plan to return next year to ensure that those mistakes have been corrected.”

Due to the growing interest in Lobby Day, ACSOL leaders plan to change sign-up procedures in order to expand participation in next year’s event.  Although a specific date has not yet been set, Lobby Day 2021 will take place in the month of February.



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It was great to have so many people who showed up, stood up, and spoke up! We went to many legislators offices and were pleased to have most of them attentive and asking questions.

We made a difference! I’m proud of my team and all others who sacrificed their time and resources to help all registrants.

We hope the rest of you will take part in this next time. It will fill you with hope!

Thank you to all who attended, or made contacts, or jsut supported ACSOL in some way. Brighter days are on the horizon.

Thank you Janice and Team, and all who showed up and spoke up!

Thank you, Janice and everyone who showed up and stood up! I was there with you in spirit, and I prayed for all of you several times yesterday. Thank you for representing the rest of us who couldn’t make it.

Thank You JB for all the efforts you put into this organization and others to make this happen. Lobby Day was a success. I was empowered to be able to advocate for my family member while still inside. I’m looking forward for 2021.


That’s awesome! Thank you Janice and company for being there for us and speaking on our behalf!

how can a “tiered” registry promote public safety? That’s such a silly thing for a group opposing the registry to say. Whose side are you on, Janice?

Either oppose the registry or support it. There’s no middle ground.

There is a middle ground if you eventually want to win the war. Going in all or nothing is a good way to get shut down for years or decades.

Of course there can be a middle ground. There are a lot of people who think a tiered Registry is just perfect. And, as I’ve said a billion times, Registries do make “common sense” and a tiered one makes even more. I personally know that Registries are worthless and idiotic, but that doesn’t change the fact that they make “common sense”. They SEEM sensible. Personally, I don’t think anyone should ever say anything that signals in any way that Registries even have anything to do with public safety. I think that should always be avoided. Registries are not FOR public… Read more »

These replies show me that none of you supporting this understand the gravity of the words that were written.

If the goal is “ioncrementalism” as Janice has claimed, she’s making it HARDER for any long term goal by claiming a Tiered Registry can protect the public. These words will come back on her someday when (or even if) a point is reached where there is a step closer to dismantling the registry.

I also disagree that a tiered registry reduces harassment. Many people don’t consider Tier levels. But even when they do, plenty of people classified as high risk aren’t high risk. If anything it INCREASES discrimination.

If you honestly believe that I hope you aren’t among those lobbying for registered persons.

Umm, I said, “Personally, I don’t think anyone should ever say anything that signals in any way that Registries even have anything to do with public safety. I think that should always be avoided.” So I understand it. I also don’t think anyone should ever say “$EX offender” either. Not in any context. But people keep supporting all of it. I think ACSOL had a very difficult time trying to decide what route to take regarding the tiered Registries. Regardless of what they choose, unlike zealous Registry Supporters/Terrorists, I think they are good people with good intentions. But I think… Read more »

“Whose side are you on, Janice?”

Really, Derek?!?! So not cool!!
You need to look at the big picture and make an accounting of ALL that Janice and ACSOL (formerly CARSOL) have accomplished in California over the years. Then it will be plainly obvious what side she is on. C’mon.

@Derek If you have a viable plan of dismantling the Registry then tell, no, SHOW us how it can be done. Janice is fighting in the trenches everyday to push the Registry back to non-existence. She said it herself that her goal is to make her occupation obsolete one day. Since 2011 she has mounted 100 lawsuits demolishing residency restrictions and got rid of $ex offender signs set on Registrants’ lawns in every city in California. When I was in prison I was not looking forward to my release because of these stifling restrictions. But when I got out they… Read more »

“If you have a viable plan of dismantling the Registry then tell, no, SHOW us how it can be done.” Bill, I would like to know what kind of proof you are asking for. I would also like to know if you have done anything other than sit in the stands and cheering for your favorite team. I know personally that Derek ( ) has busted his a$$ (without pay) for people on the registry for many years. He has put his own time and much money into helping abolish money so they do not have to languish on… Read more »

Oops! I meant to say,
He has put his own time and much money into helping ABOLISH THE REGISTRY so they do not have to languish on the government black list or suffer public shaming.

You are the one who needs to grow up, Bill. First, Janice is not the only one fighting in the trenches. I’ve been trying to show many folks how it is done but most of you don’t want to actually fight, that’s why you’d rather throw your money at attorneys so you can cower in corners and not have to stand up for yourselves. I have asked Janice point blank to her face back in Atlanta in a room full of fellow activists if she believes the registry should be abolished and I did not get a straight answer. That… Read more »

@Derek – It is true, Derek, that you and I have different approaches to the same problem. My approach is to work incrementally, that is, to challenge in the courts laws that are not based upon facts, but instead are based upon emotions. I have been very successful using that approach and California is the first state in the nation that has no presence restrictions or Halloween sign requirements for registrants not on parole. We are also soon to be the first state in the nation that has no residency restrictions for people not considered high risk. I do not… Read more »

@Janice, There are already a nearly two dozen of states that do not have residency restrictions and only 5 states have Halloween sign requirements for ANY registrants much less those on parole. It is incorrect to say California will be the first state to have neither if they repeal their laws. Also, what about the so-called “high risk” registrants? It isn’t a matter of “respect” when I see you and many within your organization willing to promote a registry of any kind no matter the justification. Somewhere along the way, you’re expecting some registrants to act as sacrificial lambs. If… Read more »

This tiered registry is fine and dandy unless YOU or YOUR loved one gets put in Tier 3. By default, this makes them even worse than today. The proverbial “worst of the worst” – though they have nothing done to deserve this bump in perception. We have been discussing at length here that this tiered bill is full of inconsistencies. It is my expectation that quite a few people will have a very rude awakening. I have been on this site for a long time. Incrementalism was always the name of the game. But it was always going to be… Read more »

Joe, I agree with everything you said… I believe that the tiered registry and chipping away slowly at laws just makes the other side get stronger- for every wrong that ACSOL tries to correct, the opposing side is ready and able with few more bills and laws to introduce and pass. I also don’t have a clue how to bring down the registry and appreciate anything that ACSOL/Janice does but I feel Tier 3 citizens will be sacrificial lambs and I don’t like that either

@Joe, I will be assigned to tier 3. We fight for ALL registrants, including we tier 3’s, as is shown by the issues we lobbied and continue to lobby for. Apparently people forget we lobbied for allowing us tier 3’s to apply to get off at 30 years, among many other issues. @Derek’s dramatic hyperbole of “sacrificial lambs” is an uninformed statement of someone who sees things as black and white and thinks there is a way to magically make the registry go away if we somehow get the courts to magically save us. The courts generally follow society’s attitudes,… Read more »

“These are the legislators who will lead the way toward a tiered registry that increases public safety and protects civil rights.” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. A registry is a registry, how can ANY registry, tiered or otherwise, be acceptable? All registries are unconstitutional, how can someone throw others under the bus for their own benefit? A tiered registry does just that, either you approve of a registry or you don’t, choose your side. I hope that more people who claim to be activists for registered persons will choose to abolish the registry and care for their fellow man… Read more »

@ Gini…ideally we are moving towards abolishing the registry altogether, I believe that is our common aim; however, the fact remains that there is a small percentage of people who do sex offenses that are very bad and dangerous people and they give us all a bad reputation. I shiver every time I read of a convicted person re-offending, and it is assuredly plastered all over the headlines. I regret that I am caught up in this hysteria, but the fact remains that the public has a legitimate concern and the media and politicians will fan those flames at every… Read more »

Eric ~ I agree that some offenses are still horrendous, but I still don’t think that justifies keeping a registry for the public unless, there is a registry for other horrendous offenses, like murder or drug dealing, or multiple DUIS that put everybody in danger, but there isn’t. That is the thing I have a hang up about. Nobody will ever be safe, with or without a registry because we only know where the SOs live, not the rest of the “dangerous” people. Also, we don’t know who the future SO will be, or the future person who drives drunk,… Read more »

If a registry increases public safety AND it is constitutional – why is it not implemented for ALL criminals? No one has ever been able to explain that to me. Are our elected legislators not interested in overall public safety – especially given that it is so easy to achieve?

I should have also stated that THE CONSTITUTION IS ABOUT CIVIL RIGHTS. Accepting a registry of any sort is accepting unconstitutional behavior. How can someone say or think a registry protects civils right if they are advocating for something that goes against the constitution? In my mind that seems to be somewhat of a bias attitude. Who are you actually fighting for in the end?

I can’t be the only one who thinks that advocating for a tiered registry and wanting the registry to be gone are mutually exclusive, can I? If anyone knows of a way to get the California Legislature or a judge to pull the plug on the registry altogether, please, step up and get the process started! Nobody will stand in your way – least of all people who have worked so hard to get this tiered registry. The tiered registry with petitions for removal isn’t just a step in the right direction in CA, it’s a giant leap! Please, widen… Read more »

“I can’t be the only one who thinks that advocating for a tiered registry and wanting the registry to be gone are mutually exclusive, can I?”

I meant to say:

I can’t be the only one who thinks that advocating for a tiered registry and wanting the registry to be gone are NOT mutually exclusive, can I?”

All I hear from you is–

“I want someone else to do the work for me.”

Oh, but this sentence stands out —

“Nobody will stand in your way – least of all people who have worked so hard to get this TIERED REGISTRY.”

I’m sure the victim industry thanks those who helped advocate to keep the registry alive.

G4change…Well said!!

There has not been a single state government that has considered abolishing the registry since its introduction. Each year in each state an avg of three bills are introduced to either expand the registry or make it retractively harsher. The proximity housing allowances will likely help about 15% of registrants, and are given up by city governments without much fight. This is good, but simply crumbs of bread to a starving person. The registry #s are growing daily, and will continue to. It will reach a critical mass, but likely not in our lifetimes. What we post here is akin… Read more »

Which deserted mountain top do you abide on Realism? I want to visit.

@Gini I want the Registry to end. I KNOW the Registry is wrong. Am I not clear enough? But getting there requires many steps. Read Roger H’s comments. He makes some valid points on what it takes to get there. As for what I have done since I got out a year and a half and discovered this group quite recently: I donated money, attended meetings, I wrote to legislators in Sacramento. I have plans to produce awareness videos to put on YouTube to spread the word about the inherent wrongness of the Registry. But I need to save money… Read more »

@Derek I came to this site less than a year ago after I was released to find information to help better my situation. This is so far what I have encountered that has done the best work in pushing the Registry back. Now mind you, if there was a better way to end this sooner, that’s where I would be. I asked you point blank to show us what this great plan is to take down the Registry. If it’s viable I’m all over it. But all we got from you is squat, zilch, nada. Oh and whole lot of… Read more »

Did JB just say this? In writing? Whatever happened to “Justice for ALL?”

““These are the legislators who will lead the way toward a tiered registry that increases public safety and protects civil rights.””

With all due respect and the greatest appreciation….. WOW! Mind. Blown.


I’m only “mad” that after reading through your screed that you STILL haven’t outline how to take on the Registry.

I can appreciate a critique if you offer a stratagem that can be more effective then the one Janice has been doing.

And so what is it? Tell me.

It doesn’t matter if I “don’t lie my synopsis” Derek. I only care what works.

And spell check.

Derek W Logue: If your unhappy, why don’t you do anything? Why are you here? The registry isn’t going to disappear. It’s going to take time. Donate? Volunteer? Put your money where your mouth is? I have 3 questions regarding your lobbying efforts. Will SB 384 respect PC 17B? Will SB 384 respect PC 1203.4? In summary, how will the new tiered law few 17B offenses and expunged offenses? Furthermore, will there be certain parameters set for LE? When I filed my COR in OC, investigators questioned all my neighbors? They looked for anything and I found them to be… Read more »

Dude. You’re in over your skiis arguing with Derek. Stay in your lane.

USA ~ I think asked this before, but is it the norm that LE is questioning neighbors when applying for a COR? That can not be legal! Some are not on the public site and even those who are, the neighbors may not know. When it comes to “illegal” compliance checks, LE is not allowed to go beyond knocking on the person’s door, and leaving when nobody answers. Many will be reluctant to “petition” the court for removal when the Tiered Registry goes into effect if it will be handled in the same illegal manner. That is another reason why… Read more »

I’ve read most of the comments and I haven’t read anything about the Exclusion Clause. At the last meeting in LA, Janice said that about 20% of registrants are excluded from the website and I’m in that group. Was I always excluded, no. Was I harassed at work, asked to vacate my apartment and had my vehicle damaged while on the registry? Yes. Has my life been easier since I was excluded? Yes. But I fought for that exclusion clause as hard as some of the people are fighting for the tiered registry to be implemented now. I asked Janice… Read more »

as someone who was thrown under the bus (moved from tier 1 to tier 3) I would think so

@MLinCA and @norman, being a tier 3 myself, I have experienced losing employment and experienced housing prejudice. I totally get that you wouldn’t want to experience it again. I get it that you are pissed off that CP offenses and other former tier 1 and 2 offenses are being pushed to tier 3. ACSOL is too! I get it that you want to lash out at the injustice, and ACSOL is far more accessible to blame than politicians, so we don’t take it personally that you vent on us. BUT pause a minute and think about it: are you are… Read more »

I just read the original law from Weiner. If I did so correctly it would have been awesome. Cant we use it as a basis to lobby from than just the small adjustments we are currently asking?

@Roger H I get it that you are pissed off that CP offenses and other former tier 1 and 2 offenses are being pushed to tier 3. ACSOL is too! I get it that you want to lash out at the injustice, and ACSOL is far more accessible to blame than politicians, so we don’t take it personally that you vent on us. First off Roger, that wasn’t written in anger nor am I lashing out at ACSOL. I was asking if ASCOL would be advocating keeping the exclusion like they are advocating for the other items. It’s a simple… Read more »

Well said Roger H., if OTHERS WERE THERE they’d remember what happened to Senator Wiener’s Bill and gave us a fighting chance BEFORE they Closed Sessioned and she added her crap! (To get relected by Fear Mongerers Rep Voters) Thank You Mr. H. for reminding us how it went down and how it was twisted by add ons and take aways by her and LE behind closed doors withOUT ACSOL! Show Up, Stand Up and Speak Up these persons from out of State first of all have No Say into our SitStat They don’t show up and others of Ignorance… Read more »

@MLinCA – You are correct. We didn’t include the “exclusion clause” in our point paper this year. The reason is that the clause goes into effect later than the other provisions. Specifically, no one will be added to the Megan’s Law website until 2022 while the petitioning process begins in 2021. Having said that, we will address the exclusion clause in next year’s lobbying efforts. I hope everyone understands that it’s unwise to disclose all of our lobbying strategies on this website or in other public venues. I am happy to report that we plan to have a HUGE lobbying… Read more »

Thank you, Janice, for the update and clarification.


Thank you Janice for the response.


I had written Janice last year about the exclusion and she had replied that they would would lobby to restore that exclusion at some point. I do not know if Janice has since then decided to not pursue addressing the exclusion clause in the new tiered registry. Of course those being moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3 have a lot to be concerned about, but that shouldn’t diminish the fears of those who are in danger of losing their exclusion. That is a VERY big deal as well. Apparently the removal of exclusion will start at the beginning of… Read more »

Are all of the website exclusions being removed?

@DLS – I don’t believe so, if I’m reading the new bill correctly it appears that if the victim was a relative and you are their parent, step-parent, etc. that you will maintain your exclusion. But I would gladly appreciate additional input.

I believe the primary exclusion issue is for 647.6. Previously, all misdemeanors of 647.6 were excluded (as they are now). The change was to remove the exclusion despite it otherwise remaining tier 1 (T1’s are not subject to public disclosure).

It makes me feel good that at least some strait out show their “hate” for the registry , but brings me down to see the same children of the corn people so ready to throw 3’s under the bus through the (Rear system) not one word about 14A 10A 4A 5A and a gaggle of other amendments the registry stomps all over. Seems the constitution holds no water for us . so we get called sniveler’s , basement cowards , you know I don’t have to point out all of the trash we have to wear in this community “at… Read more »

I’m glad to hear such positivity, but I haven’t heard an explanation as to why everyone is so empowered by that day. Can anyone explain? Were any of the legislators seeming to be on our side? Did they seem to agree with the arguments set forth? Was there any one legislator that seems more promising to get something done?

Agree completely. I’ve been waiting to read about specifically what happened during their lobby efforts. All I’m reading is pats on the back for having a successful day. What made it successful? What were the legislators’ responses to the lobbying? What progress was made?

@K @NPS , agreed I would like to know if any changes to the battlefield has changed as a result of this pow wow in any meaningful way? I mean it is cool and all that you had the ear of legislators and all but wow I have yet to see them see the huge mistake of the very unconstitutional registry as a whole , how many of our loving friends from the police unions were there if any ?

@K and others – The results of lobbying are not immediate. In fact, it often takes several years to see results. For example, we lobbied for 6 1/2 years before we got a Tiered Registry Law and due to a political compromise that we weren’t part of, the Tiered Registry Law does not do everything we want it to do. That means we must continue to lobby until we get what we want. Reminds me of gardening which takes many steps over many months before I can harvest home grown tomatoes. First, I must prepare the soil, then plant seeds,… Read more »

Thank You Janice
(Yes, PLANTING THE SEEDS, a additional part of the work)

Thank you for your response. It is still unclear as to why the applause and celebration as if we have had a victory. Lobbying is simply lobbying. It’s talking to a legislator. No promises made yet.

Agreed I would love to hear what this pow wow has done for (ALL RC’s) , in the mean time I will not be riding any bus’s . I remember all that talk about how LE was on board when putting the stupid bill together lol what could go wrong? Right ? sorry need to hear more before I start cheering for this very unconstitutional registry that continues to wreck my famliys life 35 years later , and no body should have to beg the state when its time for anyone to get off , but hey we should not… Read more »

These lobbying efforts are important in that they put a human face on our suffering and the disabilities we labor under. We are not some abstract “Bad Person,” lurking out there…these legislators now know this for a fact in that we were just in their office talking to them and their staff. This is important stuff….but I sense the registry is never going to go away….and so these small victories as many people see them…are huge in allowing us to live out lives. Ask anyone in Miami if their presence restrictions don’t mean anything. Janice won that for us and… Read more »

James, I attended Lobby Day and had the pleasure to work with Janice and although I might end up on Tier 3 which scares me to death, I still have faith that Janice and Her team can help. I agree with you if it were not for Janice many of our lives would be horribly different. I would not be able to even take my self and dogs for a walk in the park. It is easy to look at the negative and worry about what ifs but rest assured this tiered registry will help a lot of people just… Read more »

@alienated, thank you for focusing on what ACSOL has accomplished rather than the bad bills made by vote-seeking politicians. ACSOL cannot create new bills, we can only educate and encourage legislators to be authors of good ones. We fought for years to change a lifetime registry that almost no one could leave, but one politician corrupted it. Now we fight to put it back the way it originally was conceived. In the long term, we will fight to get rid of the public registry, but we first need to change the attitudes of society at a grassroots level so the… Read more »

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