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NJ: Sex Offenders Lose in Attempt to Remove Names From Registry

[ – 3/18/20]

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The New Jersey Supreme Court this week rejected an attempt by two sex offenders to have their names removed from a public registry.

Two offenders identified only as H.D. and J.M. pleaded guilty to sexual offenses in the 1990s and guilty in 2001 to other offenses, one for computer-related theft and one for failure to register as a sex offender, and were sentenced to probation.
State law imposes lifetime registration requirements on offenders but allows those on the registry to apply for removal if they haven’t committed a crime within 15 years following “conviction or release from a correctional facility for any term of imprisonment imposed” and are “not likely to pose a threat to the safety of others.”

H.D. and J.M. argued they are now eligible for removal since neither has had a conviction for more than 15 years, since 2001.
The state disagreed, arguing that the law bars anyone on the registry from seeking removal if they commit any crime within the first 15 years following conviction for the underlying sex offense.

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That’s crazy. If they haven’t been convicted of anything they’re innocent.

It’s not as bad as the USA news makes it seem guys. Here’s a better article from courthouse news.

Although they can be relieved of supervision, they still have to register for LIFE. That is just as bad as being tattooed.

One shot to get your privacy back¿????????

The sex offender were the first citizens SOLD OUT to big data & database doodads!
The rest of AMERICA’s privacy came right along as collateral damage.
Yes it’s equal protection or no protection at all. Except some have control over the surveillance saints or the cash to buy them out. Even in the case one manages to remove oneself from the STATE’S registry does not equate to removal from FED machines, nor the myriad of PRIVATE party machines.

If a state may lawfully indenture a human for life without process and ex post WHAT IS LEFT of sober individual sovereignty?

@Tim: I don’t necessarily (right now) fight to be removed from the Fed machines, the digital history, etc. I just want to be free from the restrictions (as if on parole) and not on a public hit list. Even if I committed a technical violation (which no others endure) after 18 years of no sex crimes, can’t I….. ever?

According to the ruling, a person once they are free from incarceration or any offense, committing an offense within the first 15 years bars them for life to ever prove they aren’t a danger to society. That does not define a person forever.

Peace love dove,
Good , fighting for individual removal is fruitless. Once the file is created by DOJ and saved it will also be copied repeatedly by various parties, public and private. That is why fair trials are essential to long lasting compacts. As DNA exoneration proves fair trial is elusive at best in Sex cases.

A database & the ability to convict with no real verification of actual guilt. Ask me how I know. What more could a tyrant king need?

Let’s be clear about something. A sex crime conviction in NJ places the offender on supervision for life. That is the same conditions as if on parole. This case is not just about having to register for life, it’s about being on “parole” for life with all its glorious conditions.

More than a month later, no one has commented on NJ’s “as if on parole” statute. If you think being registered is a burden, imagine having multitude of restrictions on you… for life.

I’m a touch confused. Does this mean they must be crime free for 15 years? Or, does this mean they must be (one guy had a computer theft issue) crime free after the computer issue for 15 years? If you read SB 384, there are parameters written to address this.

Yes you are ….*** ADMINS MSG: NO PERSONAL INSULTS *** This is a decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court and as such has absolutely nothing to do with California SB 384.

I am not surprised by your confusion. Not even a touch.

I also noted the term infraction? Traffic violation? Really? What if they went to traffic school lol? Dismissed

@USA: there is no term infraction in the law. It says offense.

@ Tim: with due respect you do make a good point and after all these years I have to agree with you or should we all be missing something today with this announcement. While I haven’t touched base with Janice in many years and with due respect we are all looking for insight in much of this registry. Tim I’m glad you have brought up the database. For years I have pondered on that also or should we all say own’s the cattle of a thousand fields? Isn’t that database enough for true understanding or were is mixed review’s in whats happening today. So where is true justice and values today? That has been a question all thru history and not only in this sex registry issue today but other forms of crime and punishment.

Janice has a good measure of faith based understanding in many ways and a good team in this registry effort. Even the other night I was listing to one of the conference messages from last year by Chance Oberstein. Made a lot of sense to me. Sure while compurters are man made so are Atomic Bombs and war machines. Yes much of this registr is unjustor do we dare go to law unfront of the unjust. One wonders who is beating the bushes today and yes we all believe in true justice. Isn’t that what Jnice and her team are all about.

I’m going to have to get a spell checker thats all their is to it. All I am saying is Janice’s team is in there for those mixed up in this ordeal and to have some faith that things will come up smelling like roses that we will all get off the registry.

Yes Janice has my full story of my two day event with this registry ordeal by computer and yes a stamped copy of a letter the Commonwealth of VA for acknowledgement about a pardon and yes I was thinking about you the ones on the registry also. I didn’t even know about simple, conditional and absolute pardon’s. If she needs another copy I’ll be glad to send it to her.

As far as the convid-19 virus that is an act of a different mature or nature whether good or bad but still we all press on. Forces of nature do come up in life. Disaster are man-made at many times and yes the registry can be labeled a diaster in many ways means and forms even true justice in this form of mockery. So yes my hats off to Janice as posted by NARSOL and it is about justice is being serviced in truth.

I suggest clicking onto Jack’s link and reading the 3rd paragraph. They use the term infraction. Truly grateful for your support Joe.

Tim I’m not saying your wrong as their are many advantanges to a computer but when its used in an unjust way it is a hazzard to both parties. Tim you have a very good view and yes that was well taken, I hope your not offended. So forgive me on that. I guess it would be like the saying open mouth insert foot.

Was breaking off with England a very good view at the time or what caused the event. Even people wonder about that today or who made the right choice. Even the constitution and the bill of rights might seem to be in review today. Was slavery right or did we have a war between the states.

Were our forefathers presidents of anarchy or a united we stand. Sometimes one may have to hold their breath on that one or are all men created equal. Well we still have the sick and the poor. My sister doesn’t even like a computer and says she doesn’t even know how to turn it on or what buttons to click. I’m sure thats the understatement of the year since she uses a cell phone and gab’s up a storm, One would guess its convient and quick.Judgement isn’t always a quick fix in a court of law. Even Janice and her team can tell you that.
We all use computer daily but mankind and those in justice seem to want to present public safety via the computer aside from physical contact in a discouraging way. Solution: Get rid of the porn and that solves a lot of issues or does it. Are a lot of us being railroaded in much of this registry ordeal claptrap.. another name for guff?

Sure your points well taken but Janice is a smart and a bright lady and her team is also. I’m sure much is needed in this war of constutitional rights or what is due process today – a means to be taken by manipulation today in an unjust ways by scare tatics. Even some biblical law should be taken into account or is the law hidden under a barrel in many issues or right in front of our nose. that’s all I have to say about this issue as its like a murder she wrote without a victim.

“The decision is at odds with the explicit purpose of Megan’s Law, which is to protect the public against those who do pose a risk.” (said public defender).
I understand the decision, but it’s opposed to the public safety intent of the Registry. It maintains a bloated Registry. It’s dumb and it does a serious disservice to the public.

@David: You are 100% correct. My one and only “victim” was my child and we have since (long ago) gained the ability (through the courts) to see each other and even to live with each other if desired. I do not understand why society requires me to still be “as if on parole”. The “law” as written discusses me.

@love, peace and happiness.. I like your style and your comments hold a refreshing viewpoint. Yes when my dad passed away in 83 at the age of 83 it was heartbreaking as all deaths are heartbreak in. Many of times he would take off his belt on several occasions and whip me good. Discipline if you want to say for correction. Today you can’t even whip a child as that is against the law.

Sure he had a good library of Thomas Jefferson and a few on Lincoln, sure he lost interest in voting as the years went by. And yes corrupt politicians were all around growing up in WV. and yes their were still moonshine stills as they were in your area. This internet issue is a bit much in any situation. I have to agree with you on several views but hey a lot of us didn’t even get out alive from the Woodstock era.

Sure I believe in second chances, forgiveness and much more but authorities want to make some type of example of tough on crime. I wouldn’t want any young kid to go thru the registry ordeal. Yes at one time I wanted to be in correction reform but really that wasn’t the vocation for me. How could I correct and still have sympathy for others wasn’t my style.
Sure we all get into jams and situations in many ways. Even oe of my sisters was getting too many parking tickets in the day which is a bit humorous today but this sex offender issue is down right demeaning even with these lifetime labelings or stipulations thatappear to do more harm than than the crime or inducement itself.

Maybe I should of been like mom and start breaking dishes when they use to have their ups and downs in front of of kids. Yes love & peace I believe government is putting a curve in much of this justice or injustice in much of this safety issue. And they are suppose to be public servants for justice. I got caugh with dope once but that shouldn’t hold one back or what is a repete offender today or can one measure it? Funny now dope is legal in some states. How ironic. Tenn whiskey is still I’m sure maybe still bootlegged.

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