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Janice’s Journal: High Risk COVID-19 Registrants Required to Register in Person

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the nation and the world, local law enforcement agencies continue to require all registrants – even those with multiple high-risk factors – to register in person.  This requirement places in extreme danger “high risk” registrants as well as everyone who comes into contact with them.

This requirement must be stopped immediately!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), high risk factors include older than 65 and/or suffering from one or more chronic health problems including heart disease, diabetes, asthma, COPD, hypertension and cancer.  The CDC recommends that every person with just one of these high-risk factors self-isolate including but not limited to not going to public places such as police stations.

The requirement that a person with one or more high risk factors register in person with local law enforcement defies CDC’s recommendations.  Who knows more about the dangers of COVID-19 – the CDC or local law enforcement?  That is a rhetorical question for we all know the answer is CDC.

The requirement to register in person puts all people with one or more high risk factors in a very dangerous place.  Should they refuse to register in person and face the possibility of going to jail?  Or should they register in person and potentially expose themselves to COVID-19?

At this moment, these questions can only be answered individually by the registrants who have one or more high risk factors.

Speaking only hypothetically, if I were a registrant with one or more high risk factors, I would not register in person.  Instead, I would contact the Registration Officer at the local law enforcement office where I register and identify myself as high risk.  I would tell that person that I am willing to register by phone, by mail, by email, by FAX or by any other method including a “compliance check” at my home.  I would remind the Registration Officer that the CDC, an arm of the federal government, has told me to self-isolate.

ACSOL has started and will continue to work with national, state and local law enforcement organizations toward protection of registrants with one or more high-risk factors.  That protection could include the ability to register using a method that does not require a personal visit.

If you are a registrant with one or more high risk factors or a family member of such a person, and you are able and willing to join this effort, please let us know by emailing the details to us at the following email address we created just for this emergency:

Just clicking on this link won’t necessarily create an email. You may have to type this address when you compose an email in your usual way.

Please include all your contact information and as many details about the situation as you can think of. We are getting many requests, so please be patient.

We will contact you, not in person, but by phone or another safe method.  Thank you.

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Or at least let the high risk registrants be accorded special precautions to decrease their possible exposure such as private accommodations, gloves and masks and etc.
Otherwise, their families might win large lawsuits and contribute to the demise of registration period.

As always Janice you have our back and we are eternally indebted to you. Acsol is awesome and so are you thank you so much. I do appreciate you looking out for us.

Once again, Janice has sprung into action for us. Thank you!
For registrants who happen to be on probation or parole, there is a further problem beyond having to do their registration in person, during this pandemic. Many registrants have special parole conditions prohibiting access to computers or the internet. Yet the federal government announced March 17 that it was going to set up a telemedicine system (via Skype) to diagnose (and test?) people exhibiting symptoms of the coronaviris crisis. Telemed is safer for everyone (including police and parole agents!) because it keeps infected people in their homes. Yet people on parole with an internet restriction cannot utilize this system. This is insane. It jeopardizes the safety of everyone, and violates registrant-parolees’ constitutional rights to protect their lives and health.
I am sure the parole (and probation) authorities never thought of this problem when they came up with their draconian ideas of parole conditions that prohibit computer or internet use, but it is a problem that now squarely confronts them. I hope Janice can address this with CDCR, County Probation authorities, and, if necessary, the courts. As a former practicing attorney myself, I am more than willing to offer my help in this regard.

I happened to call my 290 registration office earlier today, prior to reading the above message from Janice. (We are all on the same page, it seems). I am (was) scheduled to update at the end of the month. I am over the age of 65 and have pre-existing conditions.

Not only did the officer agree that I would not have to come in personally, but he also agreed that it would be wise for ALL REGISTERING OFFICERS BE TESTED and CLEARED prior to conducting personal registration protocols, AND then have the necessary masks, etc. in place after clearance. He was very appreciative of the call and was glad that I had chosen to just not show up, etc.

I had him make a notation in his computer that I had ‘checked in’ WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH HIM. I am also making contact with my probation officer to keep her informed. She may need to confirm with the officer. I asked the officer for his name and identifying badge #. He was very cooperative and provided the information readily. He did not ask any other questions, such as update info (there was nothing new anyway). If there was, I would have made it a point to provide that info and have him enter that into the computer.

Finally, I wrote a memo to my ‘290 registration file’ that I keep at home to memorialize this call, making note of all the particulars. I know this may be overkill, but I am thinking of sending a copy of the memo to my lawyer in the event that any dispute arises going forward. Trust but verify, CYA, etc.

For those who are homeless: perhaps a social worker, a relative, friend, pastor, or shelter worker can be helpful.

Hope this is helpful.

@SG1 – Before I wrote this column, I received several messages from registrants who were told that they were required to register in person despite the fact that they are are high risk. I followed up these messages with calls to registration officers in Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento. I was told during each call that ALL registrants must register in person and there are NO exceptions.


So are you (and others) saying that I have done wrong and that it is now encumbent upon me to show up in person to register at the end of the month, regardless of what I was told? Seems like mixed messages (one from the Exalted Official County Registering Officer with a Shiny Badge and Law Enforcement Powers, and from others who believe that I would be committing a heinous ‘strict liability’ offense and subject to prosecution and imprisonment). I would LOVE to have some clarification on this one.

With much respect,

You were told correctly. There are NO exceptions.

The law is clear. Crystal clear. Annual / monthly (for transients) in-person registration is required by PC 290. There are no extenuating circumstances.

As the name would imply it is LAW ENFORCEMENT’s duty to enforce the law. Not to decide as to what law to enforce and what not. Showing up in person within 5 days of your birthday is the law. Getting fingerprinted within 5 days of your birthday is the law. Doesn’t matter if it is raining or if it is Tuesday or if there is a pandemic raging.

The law is the law. Time get rid of the law?

You must be the new troll here based on your posts today.

The law is flawed and needs be changed. This has been true throughout time as seen in how law has changed and evolved over time. If it didn’t we would still have slavery, segregation, and women, children and the LGBTQ community wouldnt have rights. Plus, so much more.

Become informed about the truth and quit buying into the hype, and simply put media and political BS as it isnt true.

Simply put, the registry needs to be gotten rid of.


Thanks for your comments and point of view. Not to be argumentative (far be it from me), and with all due respect, I will choose to take my direction from my private attorney, and my probation officer. Others may include: the County Sheriff, and the Senior Federal District Court Judge of my respective district if he decides he has jurisdiction, and chooses to hear the matter. Perhaps injunctive relief on a temporary basis may be an appropriate solution. We’ll see.

I believe this is NOT a settled issue, irrespective of how some, such as yourself, may understand and interpret the law. These are unusual times, and in my humble opinion, the circumstances are extraordinary.

Perhaps this should be brought to the attention of the Governor, so that he may have an opportunity to clarify the State’s position on this. He does have some authority in respect to policy and enforcement of laws in the State of California.

As for getting rid of the law, we are brothers in arm.

@Joe – The way I interpret the law is that registration is required, but that it does not require in person registration. Therefore the law allows many different methods for registration such as phone calls, emails, mail, compliance checks, etc. I believe SG1 is not in danger of arrest because he has registered using an alternative method.

@TP, a troll I may be, but hardly new. Please go page 260+ on this blog and you will find my contributions.

Please cite one instance where I am not telling the truth and spreading hype. Just one.

Until such time that the law is changed, it is the law and it is unambiguous. It is simply my position that efforts should be spent on changing / eliminating the law instead of getting LAW ENFORCEMENT to ignore existing law. Just my opinion.

@Janice Bellucci, far be it from me to argue with you. I am not the lawyer here.

PC 290 is beastly but a quick read and search indeed produces no reference to “in-person” reporting. My bad. Apologies.

So as soon as you can figure out how to transmit via phone call or email a current photo and set of fingerprints (as required(!) by PC 290.015), remote registration should be feasible.

The photo should be easy. Perhaps a selfie in the bathroom mirror – with a pinky swear that it is truly a current photograph of the subject individual? One of those notary ink thingies for the prints – with a pinky swear that they are truly the print of the subject individual?

Speaking of photos and prints….. I can kind of see the point of an updated photograph as surely all good citizens study and memorize the current faces of those on the state registry (over a hundred thousand), or their county (thousands) or their city (dozens), at a minimum. So that so they can be given a wide berth in the grocery store, or not sat next to in the movie theater. Or maybe they are essential for police to have during an Amber Alert so they can inform the public that they are spending their time checking up on sex offenders (time is not really of the essence in kidnappings) until such time that it is – almost without fail – always a family member who has taken the child. One can only guess. But I get that. Kind of.

But the fingerprints???

One fun and useful feature of finger prints is the fact that they do not change over a person’s lifetime. That is the only thing that makes them of value.

Exactly what might be the point of getting a new set every year? They simply do not change every 365 days. And certainly not every 30 days for those without a fixed residence. If one’s living situation is manifested in one’s finger tips, that is news to me.

Then why the fingerprints? I would guess requiring a person to physically check in at the cop shop every year until their last breath smacks of Parole / Probation. And yes… the third “P”. Punishment!

Requiring (as a specific line item) documentation that can ONLY be obtained in person – Public Safety!

Genius! Diabolical, but sheer genius.

Chill man. You sound like someone standing the other side of the fence. We need to feel good about our requirements to register no matter how depressing they may be. If you’re trapped in the struggle then you know what I mean. If not, show a little respect to those of us dealing with the mental anguish of being on the website. Share some positive or informational comments. Just saying.

@rob – if there is anything factually incorrect in any of my statements please point it out as a basis for discussion. If you find my comments less than informational you are certainly free to skip any or all of them.

Otherwise I kindly thank you for not telling me …

It just goes to show how over-zealous and cavalier they are with community notification. The world could be ending and they would STILL dig their heels in and go down with a death grip on the registry.

Well, Officer Friendly just had you commit a (strict liability) crime. Possibly a felony. And documented it with precision. Good luck!

Oh, and make no mistake about it. He is worried about him or his fellow officer catching cooties or covid-19. NOT you.

@Joe..Janice answered SG1’s question..if SG1 wants to roll the dice, let him..if we stop hearing from him in the near future we will know how it went..

@norman, exactly what is it that I am not “letting” @SG do?

Joe, I think that between the registration officer and his attorney, that SG1 has done due diligence to protect himself. Police are not required to arrest for crimes. I live in a smaller city. Several times, I had issues with work travel that impeded my registering during the 10-day window. I called them well in advance and we worked it out. Never had an issue with them. Not all officials will be like that, of course. That SG1 and I called beforehand to address the situation is good evidence of an attempt to comply.

@James A, all of what you say, except there is not a single place where I see “attempt” or “due diligience” in PC 290. On the contrary, every single directive aimed at the individual registrant or the court or law enforcement is “shall”. Not “should”. “Shall”. 465 of them.

Just because you are not arrested does not mean you have not broken the law and committed a crime. Just because they do not arrest you this week does not mean they can’t or won’t next week. Regardless of their encouragement for you to break the law.

Everything you say makes perfect sense. Except that sense has no place in any of this. I mean, what sense does it make to allow someone to reside 2,001 but not 1,999 feet from a location a 5 minute walk away where pretty much no one in the target group has ever committed a crime? What sense does it make to make someone who has made a crude comment to a teenager subject to these rules, but not someone who has tortured scores of children? I mean…. we are talking about sex offenders!!!

Perhaps this will help clarify some of the questions people are raising: PC 290 is clear that we must register in person. Take Janice’s word for this. She is a lawyer and knows how to read the law. Now, in order to be convicted of failure to register, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person willfully failed to register. That means that if a person absolutely could not register, for one reason or another, he/she is not guilty of the crime. Some courts have been pretty harsh about this, though. For instance, if a person did not register during a time when he/she would have been able to do so, and then was suddenly prevented from registering in the short period of time remaining, some courts have upheld the conviction on the rationale that he/she failed to register when it was possible. The point here is that what is “willful” and what is not is something that in certain circumstances might be arguable either way, so people in our shoes must be careful to comply with the law as scrupulously as we can. On this issue, if we refuse to register in person because we “can” but refuse to do so because we want to protect our health, we are running a risk or arrest or conviction.
In short, the law is clear and a conviction requires willful failure to register. However, the police do not always arrest, and prosecutors do not always prosecute. That is why some people in this discussion have basically been given the “okay” not to register in person. But just careful about this. That is a very informal, and very uncertain foundation to rely upon.
So Janice is completely right: The law has to be changed, or an injunction obtained, so that we can know, with certainty, that no one is going to arrest us or harass us if we are protecting ourselves and the public by sheltering in place, as the federal government and the state governments have all admonished us to do, especially if we are elderly or have underlying medical conditions…at least until this health crisis is over.

@Michael B., absolutely nothing prevents anyone from registering these days. Wanting to spend your birthday on a two-week cruise is not an excuse, or having to be wheeled into the office with your oxygen tank and tubes hanging off you is not an excuse, and certainly not fear of catching disease (a concern any day of the week) is not an excuse.

A governor’s pardon, a CoR for some or your own death is the only thing that serves as an excuse. Lawfully.

“The law has to be changed, or an injunction obtained”.

I could not agree more.

But that is NOT what this piece is about. This is about persuading registrants and law enforcement to knowingly violate existing law. By not providing or not collecting the required documentation (finger prints and photograph) that we all depend on for not being raped and killed. Right? That is how sex offender registration is sold to the public.

“Speaking only hypothetically, if I were a registrant with one or more high risk factors, I would not register in person. Instead, I would contact the Registration Officer at the local law enforcement office where I register and identify myself as high risk. I would tell that person that I am willing to register by phone, by mail, by email, by FAX or by any other method including a “compliance check” at my home. I would remind the Registration Officer that the CDC, an arm of the federal government, has told me to self-isolate.” Hypothetically speaking.

Is there any way an emergency injunction can be sought for this? This is beyond evil that the state/local government is requiring registrants to defy the shelter order.

I should add an addendum to my previous comment. PC 290 just says we shall “register” but it does not say literally that we must register in person. The question for the courts is whether the Legislature meant or contemplated that registration would necessarily be in person, or deliberately left it open whether people could register other than in person. The natural reading of “register with the Chief of police” would imply that it is to be in person. However, because arguably there is some ambiguity there, this is all the more reason Janice needs to go into court for us on this, and to argue that registration should not have to be in person during the time of this health crisis (or otherwise).

My suggestion for anyone who still has to go in. Put on a big show for them. Hacking, coughing and sneezing all over the place.

I think they should shut down the website at least temporarily before registered people become targets of a panicked public

When I read high risk, it reminded me of the static99R baloney. But Corona Virus risk factors are based on legit science, not like that scumbag “high risk” label thrown around by Casomb, cdcr, etc., cause of the scam99R.

Anyway, keep safe everyone. This too shall pass.

In fresno we go to this very small building with a even smaller room. Usually standing room always full
We have to share pen to sign up.

@Fresno Guy

I too am in Fresno. Read my original post from earlier today. If you are a COUNTY resident, and not CITY, and due for your annual registration update soon, I would call and ask for Det. Horne. If on the other hand, you’re a CITY resident, well….you’re on your own. Good luck.

And I agree. The warm confines of the Fresno Co. Registration office is somewhat lacking in elegance. And those damn pens run out of ink all too frequently. And it’s not well ventilated.

I think anyone who is required to register, cough, cough, needs to go in and register and let then know, cough, cough, how they aren’t feeling well. You know, cough, cough, the fever and dry cough. They will come to their senses soon. Does the Sheriff really want to expose their staff to a group that often has medical problems and poor resources for proper hygiene protection?

@Lake County
I was thinking the exact same thing and will do the exact same. Turn about is fair play, let’s give them a little something extra to worry about and they will be the ones screaming for phone or mail in registration

Cough at them? They arrest you for a felony assault….

I wasn’t suggesting that anyone actually contagious purposely contaminate anyone or that they should cough directly at a cop. Turning your head away and coughing would not be chargeable, but it would clearly make anyone very nervous during this virus outbreak. If your actually sick with any virus and they insist you come in and register, the risk is all on them unless they provide everyone with protection from spreading disease.

good plan ! get the cops sniveling to their union’s and put a stop to this reporting in person

This is saddening news.

Again, the State is revealing the systematic biased against registrants that we are second class citizens. Also, this exposes that we are still under custody as if we do not comply to the compelled action, then under penalty of law we will be punished. This registry is rigid and doesn’t see us as equal free beings b/c we’re not. We’re still under custody like probation/parole and treated like so with in-person reporting after supposedly no longer under custody.

How is this lecherous act be considered within the statutory means of public safety when the scheme itself is putting registrants into public harm? Not only are the high factors of age comes into play, but also anyone infected with COVID-19 can have their respiratory system wrecked for the rest of their lives because we truly don’t know the true effects of the virus.

There are concessions for the rest of the world save registrants. I take issue with the age factor alone and being crammed into a small edifice when emergency state rules states a 6-ft distance or not more than 10-people within a confined space, iirc.

This act alone goes beyond the statutory means of monitoring and into the realm of “cruel and unusual” punishment as the state is willfully subjecting us to potentially be infected with the virus.

I’m in MA, and had to register this month. I called and made my appointment with my local officer (who is a great guy by the way. He has never given me any issues, has been sympathetic, etc.).

Got to the station, and instead of going into a back room, he just took my paperwork through the small slat at the front desk window. Came back 5 minutes later and said all set, see you next year. They said all contact from anyone in the community is now done this way at the station.

Granted, I live in a small town, and have no underlying conditions, but it was still a quick and relatively painless experience.

I’m certain the record in Alaska v DOE 03, specifically stated the was no requirement for in person reporting! In person reporting IS the big trigger in habeas corpus petitions discussing typical custody scenario. Repeated in person reporting is clearly abridged liberty.

I always figured in person reporting was mainly for the purpose of updating our photo. Everybody has changes in appearance and I’m pretty certain the registry regime periodically wants to know, so they can give out accurate info to law enforcement and soccer moms, but I could be wrong.

IMO…Nope. It’s just for harassment and to remind us that with the yearly (or quarterly) booking process (complete with a full set of fingerprints) that we remain under the control of law enforcement. For the average registrant, it could all be done online with today’s technology and save the state a lot of money.

I find it so stupid that so many states require in-person reporting. Other states like Virginia do not require in-person registration for the regular update unless you have to change information like adding a car or changing a job. (Quarterly/yearly updates can be done by mail). No state is perfect, registration needs to be abolished.

The fact that Covid-19 is so dangerous should be a bellwether for changing everything.

ANY changes can be made without in-person reporting. I have been in-person reporting in Ga for 7 years. I will look into this.

It was the advent of two technologies the precursors of sex offender registry: A. electronically “stored” light spectrum data arrays commonly known as electronic photography or digital camera AND B. related internet infrastructure .gov.

Machine property, necessary maintenance, commodity production, data (personal tracking)
No definite right to remain silent to machine demand ultimately!
Human Subservience pasteurized and repackaged by K-Street profiteers and Mad men and canonized by main stream media. FISA COURT’S were primarily instituted for covert electronic surveillance approval via one sided + underpinned by ONE party implicating many!

Judge Matsch laid it out toward the end of his life. I think Sedalia too knew his error, but a pillow will not placate St. Peter’s gaze. Mr. Kennedy’s plea of ignorance of premeditated rent seeking by ” ubiquitous” surveillance saints and data brokers- see US230 .

I am wondering how many registrants will become homeless because of the government’s and business’s actions. Many of us are living on that edge and this could well be the thing that does it. How is law enforcement and the courts going to deal with a sudden increase in required monthly “check ins”. I myself feel so much stress already and don’t know if this addition to it will push me over the edge.

You make a good point. I would imagine that many 290 registrants are part of the work force hardest hit in the coming weeks / months / years. And needless to say they will be the last ones hired back if and when things normalize.

They had better plan for a drastic increase in registrations due to the inevitable increase in homeless registrants needing to check in every 30 days. And unless the virus has disappeared by then (miraculously or otherwise) this will only exacerbate the problem.

Let’s file this under “sow the wind and reap the storm”, shall we?

In my city, if you are homeless you need to register every 3 months. That will overwhelm the system.

It would be easy enough for the DOJ or governor to issue a moratorium on registration for the duration of this crisis. The main purpose of re-registration is to confirm where we live (which is rather a waste of time and money for all concerned). I doubt that the police will be arresting for non-registration for now (although they could later), so, a moratorium would have little practical consequence for the purposes of registration.

Now Janice is right in her move about writing this article. I would take the position as she did before I put something in text altho I sometimes we can have type o’s in some of our text or even meanings. Do we all have type O’s in a lot of things in life? I talked about a two edged sword and yes it swings two ways, either for good or bad. Truth is truth in many forms.

Who really know’s about this convid-19 ordeal or who puts the rush to judgement on who. Who overlooks the commandments today or is justice really being served in this manner or many of these ordeals. Who is really shutting down America with this pandermic occurrence with much of this. One would sometimes go as far as to say Who is the author of confusion.
Should many get on with their business or is justice seeing its mistakes or is mankind seeing their error’s. Sure we can all try or test one’s spirit and yes we all have a spirit. Women and men may say whats that have to do with anything. If the truth doesn’t overshadow than we are all walking in the shadow of death or who monitors who’s call today or even tongue with many of these uncanny methods. One wonders today who is walking in the Spirt of truth?

Here in VA I send my registration by mail with fingerprints. My old PO use to come to the house and we would sit and talk but things change. Now I have another PO or just one that stands at the porch instead of coming in. So yes respect when respect is due and that also has meaning.

@Saddles: You ask a lot of who questions. Does it matter who? A lot of people are dying from covid19; that is undisputed. I am an elder with “predisposed” conditions. I have ordered masks from 2 different companies more than 3 weeks ago… none delivered yet. I live alone, I rarely go out except to buy groceries. I decided I wouldn’t even do that anymore, but lo and behold, Amazon, Walmart, and even a company in China (ironically) can’t deliver what I need.

I don’t know or even at this point know where the virus originated, any conspiracies, or even if the kids in Florida party on the beaches. The commandants, the bible, any and all gods haven’t saved me or givin me guidance.

I….. just want to live.

I have sent an email to the posted email address asking what info they desire. No response.

I’m in Texas. I had to register today in person. I asked the officer if there were any plans to change the in-person reporting requirement, he said no. We were seated across from each other at a desk in a small room about three feet apart. He told me that he was caring for his wife and children who were all sick with the flu. Needless to say, I did not feel comfortable. At least he did not cough. And the only thing we both touched was the form that I had to sign. I was careful not to touch anything else. When I got back to my car, I washed my hands with sanitizer.

I sure hope this policy changes before I have to register again in 3 months.

The pigs will arrest/violate you for any reason they can or think they can. Regardless if they are right or wrong, constitutional or not, they will, hoping the courts agree. Go down to wherever you go and try to register, take pictures, take videos, ask for names and paper copies, and demand to register. Do not believe a word they say; do as the law says. Sorry to be so crass and direct but I’ve been there.

If anyone in any state gets sick after having to register in person they should seek to pursue whatever civil and legal remedies they can against local law enforcement for putting lives at risk due to the virus.

Sad thing is, it probably won’t happen. Society puts us so low on the totem pole. Remember them refusing shelter for sex offenders when that Hurricane hit?

It’s easy to hate cops and the system as a whole. They keep drinking from the same public safety poison well. Some are good people, and when people in general see each other AS people they understand each other better.

The current crisis would be a great opportunity to restore human compassion to the system but instead it has to become more complicated than it really should be. And THAT is the problem with these laws that really just “solutions seeking problems”.

Welp, the entire state is now on lockdown with no end date currently given. Let’s see if they change their mind on registering now. I personally am no worried for myself, but all the vulnerable RCs need to be given a pass. I just might pretend I’m a bit sick when going in. Maybe rub some chili in my nose or something lol

@ love, peace, happiness you answered your own question and yes I liked that view. I’m 65 but age is just a number in many respects. When I first got in jail at around the age of 16 or 17 one of my cell mates at the jocal jail stated to me ” In this world you have to learn to take the bitter with the sweet”.

While all of us can ask questions who is really the “Who”. Is the who factor a type of bias curiousity or is the “Who ” government demeaning mankind, or some act of nature or bias in civil matter cover-up. Sure many of us are against this registry ordeal, these stipulations, internet use, job discrimination and many other factors.

Yes we all as human’s let down our guard at times as in this sex registry ordeal or “Who” is enticing with this ordeals and “Who” is playing this game on mankind. Actually you make a lot of good sense with that comment.

With this convid-19 ordeal I’m not gonna even question the “Who” as mother nature has dominion over everything or should we all label a “who” on some black plaque. So “Who”is scrambling to emergency laws, causing confusion, telling people to stay home, off the streets, do their work at home for as long as need be.

We all are looking for answers to all this but in the end as I have said there’s always a silver linning to every dark cloud even with a lot of this sex registry kayos, so one has to have faith and that doesn’t even hurt in a lot of respects.

Prior to my legal issue, I was a healthcare professional. I just recovered from cancer last year. So, I’m clearly not supposed to be exposed to who knows what. I register in OC. Your clearly exposed to others/finger prints and. I must register by next week. I can just imagine showing up and the location being closed or they inform me to come back? I personally don’t trust the OC Sheriffs Department and I have no clue on how to contact them. Any advice? Clearly, going into a public location like this is potentially exposing me to who knows what. The Compliance people no longer even show up. They now just call my cell. Please advise. I have until W/Th of next week. Thanks

USA ~ Are you saying that nobody is answering their phone at the Sheriff’s office? Do they have a website that shows they are closed? Also, if the compliance people call your cell phone, is there a number that shows that you could call back? Why are you having compliance checks? Are you on probation still?

@ Janice… While I am glad to be on here and was a bit aprehensive to even start this journey about 8 yrs ago we all learn a lot from others view’s and viewpoints. To me this whole registry ordeal should be like a parking violation for those who had an internet encounter induced by law enforcement as this whole ordeal has presented confusion to many. And porn found on the computer is icing on the cake.

Yes Janice is gracious enough to listen, get view’s, and also feedback which is helpful in many ways for us and her legal team. I wasn’t even born at the time but Rosevelt made the best statement in his inauguration speech. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Today it seems quite different with the registry and I’m sure Janice and her team have seen a lot of challenges.

Sure input is good in much of this registry ordeal btu not whis convid-19 or virus has came up and many on the registry are a bit scared and fear the arm of the law. Hey Janice would probably say to some in a time of crisis … sometimes you have hang in their for your rights.. and yes worrying doesn’t bring another day onto your life.

We can all suffer in many ways unjustly or governments can play fair. Yes its Janices job and her team to see justice is done fairly as with many such as ACLU and others. Yes we can all be a sport about this injustice but its trying and trusting in the right wsay, and yes we all have goals and visions to be free from much of this registry business. I’m sure thats the goal of Janice’s team and yes education is good for those that happen to get involved in all this. so thank you Janice for me and the many commenting and giving views and opinions. The main thing is to be positive and yes keep writing letters constructively.

Janice would tell on her that also in many ordeals as this registry is effecting the whole USA as well as this virus today. ….Our hats and appreciation should go out to Janice and her team…

Best quote ever…

“COVID-19, the respiratory illness that derives from the novel coronavirus, could be particularly toxic inside prisons. The disease is known to affect people with underlying health conditions much more severely than healthy people, and prisons are filled with sick people. Lives of crime, drug abuse, poor self-care, and underlying diseases such as hepatitis, which is rampant in prisons, make the prison population particularly vulnerable to the disease.

In Santa Clara County, California, prosecutor Max Zarzana says that putting someone in the county’s jail is tantamount to a death sentence.

To that end, Zarzana is working with the defender’s office, and with judges and the county jailer, to get as many people out of the facility as possible.”

Warning, this “article” is disappearing from search engines!

I hope the hell that 95% of the SHERIFF and CONGRESS all get this COVID 19 and F’ing DIE A HORRIBLE Death from it as 95% of the GOVERNMENT is EVIL and deserves it ! Time for COVID to CLEAN HOUSE !! If a SINGLE registrant gets it from Registering in person and DIES then they should to (PIGS)… a eye for a eye !

Now Jeff and Will you stop that. I didn’t get involved in this sex registry ordeal because I wanted to. I would not think anyone would get involved because they wanted to but where is the balance in forgiveness or the balance in I wish I would or they would die. Jeff I went thru the same thing at one time and I kick myself each time.

After getting kicked out of schools expelled three times, sitting in guidance counclors offices and trying to grow up with good advice from dad and grandparents. And yes they wanted me to graduate and so I was determined and I did it. This sex ordeal is a bit different from getting expelled from school but the principal is their. Sure this ordeal confuses us all a lot and its more of a civil abuse even an ethical abuse in many ways. Sure abuse comes in many forms but where is the liberty in all this vain injustice in many or much of these ordeals.

I believe Janice said to someone on here that I’m not that type of lawyer. While some lawyers only practice in certain areas and certain types of law. Sure forgiveness is good or who is tresspassing on who or whois invating who’s space. At times I wish we knew what we wre all fighting for or is this cornivirus-19 ian epidimic to make everyone in the Nation or world understand that something is wrong today or have principals lost their meaning today.. Sure one can have divine law beliefs or some true understanding or go with man made beliefs so who’s testing who.

Sure nobody wants to be discriminates by this tactic thats why we all have to stand up and voice out.

⭐ In-Person Registrations ⭐
I have emailed my City’s Police Chief and City Attorney as well as our local NPR radio station regarding the requirement that those convicted of sexual offenses must continue to register in person. Hopefully, some change will result!

Thank you, David, for speaking up! Please let us know when you get a response.

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