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Sex Registration and the COVID-19 Pandemic


A word or two concerning sex registration and the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the landscape continues to change, and additional containment measures go into effect, I want to assure you that ACSOL is committed to protecting the health and safety of our community as well as that of the general public.

Therefore, all those who are required to register should continue to comply with state law.

However, since the pandemic will affect jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies in different ways, registrants should call the agency they register with first before attempting to register in person.

Additionally, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you should advise the registering agency of your condition so that an alternative solution to in-person registration can be accomplished.

Be Safe,

Chance X. Oberstein
ACSOL President

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Soooo….shouldn’t we All say we have Covid symptoms before walking ourselves into the station and being placed under one day arrest? Also….I’d like to be called a sexy offender from now on dammit.

Haha, I’m sure you’re joking, although don’t we wish we didn’t have to report?

If I tried that, my people would make me prove it.

Can’t they make a map and indicate with a red dot everybody that has tested positive for the Covid19 that way we would know what areas to stay away from? It would be nice to know if my neighbor had Covid19 so I would stay away from them when they are outside. Seems like a public safety issue that could be addressed using the same method and reasoning as sex offenders.


No, they cannot since it could be a HIPPA violation with releasing medical information and tying it to an address or even a neighborhood, which could create hysteria and panic. Wait! Sound familiar?! However, your sarcasm is duly noted with a hint of seriousness given the seriousness of the matter at hand. They really ought to take those diagnosed with it and quarantine them in a completely separate facility contained within fence lines and HEPA filtered air without due process other than you have it therefore you are a danger! Isn’t there an old sanitarium they could modify for today’s standards and use in the boondocks?!

But if it saves just one child

@TS, your are CORRECT would be a HIPPA Violator AND…sounds like
a County Jail/Local INCARCERATION to what you describe they in turn not a Co. Hosp Ward approved by JACHO & OSHPD & CDPH.

Of course, if the person who’s infected cares enough to put a sign in their front yard, a pin on a map of their own free will noting to others there’s an infection at that address, & make neighborhood fliers, then by all means, do so, feel the pain.

If the local pokey can hold the infected like they can on Halloween for PFRs or otherwise, then please feel free to submit yourself for a stay. Better than a Holiday Inn Express.

Also, LE has to keep processing PFRs for registration or they may fear losing $$ since it can show it’s not helpful.

Thank you, Chance. What do you suggest Registrants should do if their local agency tells us they are current pausing registration? I mean in regards to protecting ourselves for being out of compliance since local agencies don’t seem to actually have the power to dictate these things? Would it be appropriate to ask the person we speak with to give us a call back and leave a voice mail, identifying themselves and stating they’re asking us not to come in?

I must visit a law enforcement office of a criminal regime tomorrow. I’m not the least bit concerned that I might be carrying an infectious disease there. I’m not the least bit concerned that I might catch an infectious disease there. Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) should be very concerned that I don’t catch one. But they are too stupid to know that and too arrogant to care.

Just like with the Registries themselves. RS/Ts have no concern that Registries do nothing useful, harm millions, and put all Americans in danger. All they are concerned about is getting their jollies, harming “$EX offenders” and their families, trying to feel good, and, for a decent number of them, grifting for $$$.

There are silver linings in every dark cloud. 1. There is something more fearful than a registered sex offender. 2. Everyone are experiencing most of the same restrictions that most RSO do. 3. Most will be broke like us.

No upside or morning dew on a blade of grass for us.

4. The public knows that this is only a temporary “inconvenience” and life will return to quasi-normal once this is over. Us? The only “light at the end of the tunnel” or off-ramp seems to be “find a way to live with it” or death.

@Harry…You NAILED IT Harry, thanks Chance for the clarification and article, we don’t see you much on here

We are unlucky to have to regestered every three months of 90 days ECT. So what do we do is unclear as it gets worse for use becuse prisons are infection centers in this pademic. I am hoping a complete shut down would come and people are now scared to not go out. This will only take one person to get us all sick and many people have to live with other family. So what do we do have to just call your local office and ask what they say. Many states are going to say come in or go to prison. So I am hoping that they are trying to get out the information non what to do soon. We are all in this together to get this under control. We also are at the most risk to be killed from this. I will be asking for all information until things are cured forever. Hope everyone will not get sick and give it to your family.

Dear Mr. Cowboy87:

Yours is a quandary….but this is what I would do, (I’m writing on the subject now anyway):

Do your registration, really, you can not skip this!…Wear a mask, (maybe even one bought from Home Depot for people operating paint sprayers if nothing else is available), wear gloves, touch as few surfaces as possible….dispose of or clean the gloves after exiting your registration place.

These seem reasonable and unobjectionable to me. Your reasoning seems sound and should be explained that this is for the safety of them as well as you and your family.

Good Luck, James I

Today in Brevard County Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey said that the registration offices would remain open. I intend to register in May just as I would normally.

I’d lick, spit, sneeze and cough on everything in sight, not that I’m bitter toward the system, mind you.

I am in New Mexico where it’s on a state wide stay at home order. My local Sheriff off don’t tell us anything to help with coronvires. It will cause people to get sick if they have it was it come in about day 5 from what they keep saying. I don’t want anyone to go into the prison system right now as many states are now having lockdowns because it’s there. So it’s very scary to think that because your not able to get to the office becuse you will get introuble for leaving home for no essential task. I am glad sits such as this are out there people like us need to be able to stay safe and informed.

Should we all take a look in the mirror, pre-judge what we should do, spit on them, cough on them or take a lesson from the bible or Dickens… These are the best times . As many of you on here, and yes Harry has mentioned along with others about this virus pandemic it seems to be upsetting to the status of life well so is this registry ordeal we all face in many area’s.

Do we all look for hindsight or foresight? Can one perdict who is a sex offender or who’s the next Muhammad Ali? Does true justice tend to overlook the poor or those that are criminalized for violations, just label one violent, or does one tend to cover it up with some stimulas packet. One wonders who is overshadowing who.

Is a plea deal some shocking reality or a compromise or where is the justice in this intimidating factor or even after sex classes they want to stress you to sign some paper saying you knew you were talking to a female or what ever the status is depending on the case.

We’ve had many virus’es even virus’es people don’t want to talk about. In fact my dad’s parents pasted away in 1900 with smallpocks. Their was Typhoid Mary, this aids thing today but this virus is a bit different in many respects and in this 21st century.

Sure none of us are glad to be in some of these types of sex offenses. Hey I can still remember some of my jail stays when I was a teenager and now this thing that many are going thru would make anyone want to give in. Sure I can even understanding wanting to kill one’s self but thats negative thinking. One wonders about these things. Being a tax accountating is bad enough with all changing year to year as my dad use to say but love covers all in many ways.

While this virus may be a help or a hinderance. Its a way to realize government power and its best to put your faith in the truth, and yes our forefathers had the truth even with the many upsets they went thru. Today its a bit wacko in many area’s. Blame it on computers, lack of understanding or principals in many of these misleading ways but its all based on truth.

Chance gives some good advice in this situation. Protecting and serving and securing the best interest in situations such as this are good in all respects but when overshadowed by a lot of these obstacles, ordinances, or many other acts than thats were we all have to talk or get advice from someone such as Janice or Chance or who would want to put anothers or even anothers in jeopardy. Try to make contact best you can. I sent my update in mail 2 weeks ago here in VA.

Honestly why put yourself in jeopardy. This virus is bad enough even this ordeal many are going thru. Each state is different with their laws and registry issues but their are circumstances that come up and it can be a hard decision at times to make but Chance is giving good advice and I’m sure we can all appreciate that. We can all get a bit confused at times.

I showed up for mine last week as scheduled. I coughed all over their clip board and sneezed a nice shot gun pattern all over their bullet resistance glass. You should have seen the looks on their faces lol. They told me to leave and would call me to complete my registration, which they did. So question is if they do it by phone this time for their safety of course, why not Everytime? BTW I’m not even sick, I did that to screw with them to judge their reaction.

Everyone better watch that coughing and sneezing on or around the good officers! You may end up getting charged with attempted murder!

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