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ACSOL Files TRO Application in Los Angeles Superior Court

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) has filed an application for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in Los Angeles Superior Court.  If granted, the TRO would require both the Attorney General and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to temporarily stop in-person registration during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The TRO application, filed yesterday, requests a hearing or a decision without a hearing on April 14.

“In-person registration continues to threaten the lives of registrants, their families, law enforcement and the public because it increases the risk of infection from COVID-19,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “Doing so makes no sense because there are other ways to register individuals that do not endanger public health.”

The TRO application was filed on behalf of two registrants who live in Los Angeles County and are considered high risk due to chronic medical conditions, including asthma and hypertension.  One of the registrants is homeless and is therefore required to register every month.  His next registration date is May 7.

“The Los Angeles Police Department stopped in-person registration about three weeks ago,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein.  “The department is now registering everyone by phone.”

The Attorney General’s legal representative has stated in writing that his office will oppose the TRO application although he provided no reason for that opposition.  The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s legal representative has not stated whether his client will oppose or support the TRO application.

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I’m registering at 2 locations. OC has closed their building/office in Santa Ana and has a telephone number posted. A young girl answers the phone and clearly isn’t organized. She informed me we will be required to come back in May? I then called LB to register and they informed I couldn’t, because it showed I was in violation? I then called OC to call LB. very disorganized! This is disturbing! LB is allowing you to register via the telephone and then come in to pick up your receipt at a later point!

@ USA-I’d request assistance from OC Legend and Pres
ATTY Chad OBERSTIEN for help on the OCSO one
but may be able to re direct reg for LASO and/or LB showing VIOLATION for Reg.
Good Luck ALL
(how many others Janice/Chad have to dual Register every year)?

I thought LAPD had already stopped in person reporting for now. Why this suit? Is it a means of making it statewide?

Of course, the AG opposed and without reason. They’d oppose if you simply said the sky is blue for no other reason than the sake of opposing.

Why this suit?
Sheriff & Police are separate, I assume.

That’s correct: L.A. Police Department is the City of Los Angeles. L.A. Sheriff’s Department is County and covers those areas NOT covered by their own police force (such as Altadena).

Multi jurisdiction abridgment, that is but one advantage wrought by the registry database for the surveillance saints. The purpose of FISA court’s were for oversight via application process, but that too has been compromised for political security.

It was VERY interesting indeed to learn that The Los Angeles Police Department was the most reasonable agency in the entire state of California.

LAPD never bothered me when I lived in their jurisdiction, even when I was on parole. No “compliance checks,” either.

When I moved into LA Sheriff’s jurisdiction, and was off of parole for three-plus years, it became a different story. Sheriff had “annual compliance checks.” Last year, they did two compliance checks within two months because they claimed they didn’t have the first one on record. Keep in mind, I am a first time offender.

Since then, I’ve had to install those Ring doorbell things to make sure law enforcement harassment is recorded.

I’m in the mindset to just have my phone on video mode ready in case the police are around or in case I get pulled over. Never had to record the police, but I’m ready to just in case. Remember, it’s perfectly legal to film the police.

I will be registering with a police department in one of the cities of San Bernardino county in early May. Will be calling about a week ahead to setup an appointment. Should be interesting to find out what they tell to do this year.

With any hope they’ll still be on lock down. LA just extended theirs until May 15.

Even San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera and police chief William Scott admitted putting people in a room is dangers. Just like RC being put in a small room during the outbreak..

“Cramming dozens of people into an illegal club during this outbreak is like dropping a lit match in the woods during fire season. Who knows how far the damage will spread? It’s the epitome of irresponsibility,” Herrera said in a statement.

Herrera said in a statement. “Education is always the first step, but willfully ignoring health orders is not acceptable. We are going to use every tool at our disposal, including these types of warrants, to protect public health during this pandemic.”

“Illegal club”? He is surely talking about the $EX Offender Registries.

Why do the people talking about the coronavirus keep saying, “We’re all in this together”? Of course we aren’t. We weren’t a year ago. Why would anyone assume that we are now? Or will be later? Dumb.

I’m glad I never have to be concerned about the safety and welfare of law enforcement officers or anyone who thinks Registries are acceptable. That relieves me of a lot of obligations and extra hassle and details that I’d have to deal with. The illegal Registries club brings its own extra challenges/punishment/harassment/restrictions so it is good that it simultaneously eliminates my obligations to be a real citizen.

Registry Supporters/Terrorists need some extra challenges to keep them busy enough that they won’t have time to harass other families. They need something to fill their empty, harassing lives.

since This article says that

” Attorney General’s legal representative has stated in writing that his office will oppose the TRO application although he provided no reason for that opposition.”

. Let’s take a look at his Twitter comments.

We’re asking
to do what’s right and take action to prevent the spread of #COVID19 in immigration detention facilities.

Failure to act won’t only harm immigrants in civil detention, it could also impact hospitals that will need to mobilize a response if nothing is done.”

To me it read like a double standard..

Here is the link

Attorney General Xavier Becerra

A week too late for me, mine was last week, in person, deputy stood next to me, no masks or gloves.

If he gets COVID from you, he goes out on disability. If you get it from him, you’re fooked.

What was the outcome of this?

@TS – The judge delayed the TRO hearing until Friday, April 17, at 8:30 a.m. in order to read briefs submitted by Attorney General and LA County Sheriff’s the afternoon before the hearing. We will post results of hearing on this website as soon as possible, likely on Friday morning.

Thanks @Janice for the update

Thank you very much on the update, Janice!

Thank you for the update, Janice. We’re praying for a good outcome!

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