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CA: Orange County sheriff refuses to release 1,800 inmates after judge’s order: ‘Serious threat’ to community

[ Fox News – 12/15/20]

Sheriff Don Barnes, Orange County, Calif., reacts to judge’s order reducing prison population amid coronavirus pandemic.

Fox Newscaster (at 3:40): “We don’t want anyone to get COVID, but we don’t want anyone murdered or molested”.

Sheriff: “I have no intention of releasing them.”

Watch the video


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She was quick to bring up RSOs.

Bet he’s a thousand times more worried about his budget than he ever will be about community safety.

Actually yes they do want offenders to offend since without crime there is no need for punishment. The reality is most of these “molesters” are usually just people with one-off situations or people with low-level offenses. If they’re going to single-out just these types of offenses to stay in prison and try to say it’s all about “protecting the community” then I hope that more robberies and murders start happening that don’t get similar scrutiny.

Sherrifs and district attorneys already figured out that rsos are easy prey.

O.C. releases thousands of dangerous people every day onto the streets. It’s called shift change at the police department!

Hmm, a sheriff takes an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, then refuses to take action on a lawful order from a judge. In my opinion, he is no longer acting in his official capacity and should be treated as a private citizen who is in contempt.

It blows my mind that the very ones who expect 100% compliance from private citizens when they are the ones giving orders (under threat of having one’s life taken) have such a problem with complying with orders given to them. Sounds like they have grown too accustomed to the power they have been wielding.

Yet another sworn law enforcement officer explicitly and deliberately refusing to enforce the law in violation of their oath while collecting a paycheck

Impeach/recall and prosecute for criminal fraud please

Eventually most of these people are released into the public when their sentence is completed. When the sentence has been completed have they suddenly become less dangerous than they would be if released earlier? Perhaps sometimes (because of some of the prison rehab services) but when this isn’t the case, based on this Sheriff’s logic, nobody should ever be released regardless of the sentence imposed because they are still always dangerous to society. Per his logic therefore he should he should be able to unilaterally impose a life sentence on all types offenders if he alone thinks they are still dangerous. This sheriff should be immediately removed from his position.

That’s actually a very good take.

It’s almost like the sheriff is of the same ilk as the registry… doesn’t matter when your sentence ends, you’re still dangerous to society and I’d rather keep you in custody for the rest of your life.

No, they don’t become less dangerous after their sentence.
But 1800 of them are not all going to be released at once in that case..
They’ll be released in dribs and drabs over months and years as they complete their sentences.

Law enforcement has no sense of shame, guilt, or truth. Their target audience is always the easily led and gullible pearl clutchers.

The only thing getting getting murdered is the truth while the facts get molested.

This is the kind of thing that makes me think the constitution needs to be altered so courts have enforcement power of their own independently of the counties. Otherwise there’s really no way I can imagine to keep a frankly, renegade sheriff in line.

I may be missing something but the majority of jail inmates are they not mostly there awaiting trial?
If that is the case would not a good number be “Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”?

The sheriff is in contempt of court and they need to file contempt charges against him.
If anyone is affected by his actions come down with COVID, a lawsuit is in order.

Not all people in jail qualify for early release especially when its crimes involving children those type of criminals need to do their full sentence
Im not surprised the Orange county sheriff’s department is Notorious for harassing sex offenders especially the DA’s office .
if you live in orange county or riverside county be careful those 2 county’s have the biggest sex offender taskforces and many resources to track your everyday behavior like sleeping at your girlfriend’s house 2 or 3 times in one week and because you stop by 3 or 4 times in one week that’s now a frequent place that you dwell and just like that ur back in prison.

strongly disagree considering all of the other crimes out there that just get a free ride doing their time and they treat prison like its mommy on the revolving door plan beating and raping RC’s , sick to death of the yammering about children as a means of justification for treating RC’s harsher than any other sickness . the US bomb children by the 1000’s , and child care givers ran by the state farm out kids to people that turn them in to hookers , if every one else get a brake on their time it should be the RC’s because their time is twice as hard

While I know Orange County is notorious for fighting tooth and nail not to allow COR’s, I haven’t actually received the treatment you’re describing. I’ve been a registrant since 1998 and have lived in Anaheim/Anaheim Hills for that entire time and never once had any type of home visit from the police or anyone else regarding my status. Maybe it’s due to being a low level misdemenor offender or having never done jail time, I’m not sure…but I’ve never dealt with any of what you’re describing.

Hi stuck, I know this comment is a few weeks old, I recently found this website and after reading horror stories this whole weekend, I am extremly nervous about what this whole process will be like.

2 years ago, my father was accused of indecent exposure and the only reason he will be sentenced guilty is because he did not plead the 5th. He spoke to the detective and she asked the right questions to convict him. We can’t change that now, here we are.

Back to the reason of this post, we live in Anaheim. Not Anaheim hills but the actual city, and idk what your charge was, but indecent exposure is technically a low level sex offense. I guess my question is, have you really never had any of these scary compliance checks that many people on this website have experienced? I spent the past to years telling my dad we would be fine, 10 years on the registry not being publicly listed and he would get off, only to find out this weekend that the registry involves so much more than that and police harrass you whenever they want.

I searched anaheim sex offender compliance checks and sure enough, anaheim pd twitter frequently posts about the checks they do. Oddly enough, one of the pictures they posted were at the apartments we used to live at and I had no idea an rso lived there all that time. He isn’t publicly listed if he does still live there. So in the 22 years you’ve been registered, you’ve never been bothered by LE or anyone at your home? If your crime similar to indecent exposure? My dad will be on probation for 3 years so I know it’s possible in that time but I sure wouldn’t want the house checks during the 10 years my dad will have to register.

Well I hope you see this reply and fill me in on the process and what to expect, hopefully calming my anxiety. My dad doesn’t deserve this and I honestly wish they had come after me instead, but it is what it is and our family will always support him. Also, good luck to you and anyone else that will be eligible to be removed from the registry in 6 months! God knows many of you have suffered enough

Hi Nervous ~ My fiancé also was charged for Indecent Exposure. He received a short jail term and 3 years probation on an ankle monitor. He is not publicly listed and received an expungement. We are in Orange County, which is one of the worst counties for a sex offender in my opinion. During his probation, we got home checks every 3 months for the entire 3 years, but they mostly came after dark and were actually always polite. Never stayed long or tore the place up. They wore black uniforms and wore weapons, however. I don’t think our neighbors ever noticed these visits. Once off probation, they tried coming by 3 times so far to do a “compliance” checks. These checks are not mandated by law, and after probation, you do NOT have to open the door, let them in or even talk to them. We told them this every time, and they left. They know we know our rights. If you are in Anaheim, you might not get that many probation visits since Anaheim has a lot of criminal activity, and they surely would be overwhelmed. If your dad had a misdemeanor charge, maybe he could try and see if he can get off probation early, after half time maybe? Most likely, that won’t happen, but maybe worth a try as long as he follows probation to the T. Will he have to wear an ankle monitor? Bottom line, after probation, he does NOT have to answer to law enforcement and he needs to know his rights and plead the 4th and 5th if they come by. Or simply not open the door,, but they may come back. Sometimes, it might be better to briefly open the door, not ever let them in though, and tell them he lives there. All this is BS, of course, but you have to pick your battles. I personally called an complained every time they came by, and each time they confirmed that we were under no obligation to talk to them (unless you are still on paper aka probation). In this case, you have to let them in. I hope, all will go smoothly for your Dad.

@someone who cares

Thank you for your reply. For some reason it isn’t giving me the option to reply to you directly. I believe I read your comments on the house check forum on this site, about how they frequently check on you after your fiance’s probation and how you always call and complain. Are you in an “unincorporated” area in OC? I believe since Anaheim has their own PD the sherrif won’t stop by the city of Anaheim. Could be wrong though.

That’s crazy your fiance got an ankle monitor during his probation. How long ago was he actually charged/sentenced? I’m glad he’s off probation now tho, so I’m assuming he has about 5 or 6 years left of this, and with your support, hopefully it will continue to go smoothly for him.

I’m pretty sure my dad won’t be listed on ML publicly either and I am already counting the days till I can get this expunged from his record. My dad will be be sentenced this Thursday after the covid break the courts took. He was going to be sentenced March 2 2020 but the prosecutor wanted to reschedule until April 15 for some reason, and well covid happened so it got put off till now. We went thru two lawyers since 2018 who assured us they could get this settled down to “lewd act in public” which doesn’t require 290 registration, and they both, after quick 2 minute talks to the prosecuter, far enough away from us to not hear what they said but still in our direct vision, both came back and told us “she won’t budge.” To me this all seens unfair, all my dad did was change from one work uniform to another. He did do it un a parking lot but he didn’t mean to draw anyones attention, and he didn’t even get questioned until 2 months after the incident. He spoke to the detective and that’s why he is in trouble. No use crying about that now tho. This 2nd lawyer told us just to take their plea, which lowered 90 days in jail to 30 days. He also has 3 years of formal probation and the 290. Not much of a plea in my opinion. I’m hoping we can still get out of jail because of his health, supposedly this lawyer will speak to the judge privately but for now that’s what they’re gonna sentence him. I’m hoping after 18 months we can get his probation removed or at least reduced to informal/court probation. From what I remember, his probation terms were not to go to that store or their parking lot anymore, check in with a PO once a month and agree to car checks if they want. And of course pay like $1000 in court fees. But from what I remember it didn’t say we were subject to mandatory home checks, tho I know that while on probation if they choose to go we have to let them in.

After his probation, like you said, if we ever get these visits I will probably be professional, tell them he lives there but never let them back in our house. I’m hoping the probation checks the first 3 years are lowkey and don’t draw too much attention.

Can I also ask, what is the actual registration like? Is it a pretty standard process or will they harrass him? I’m assuming I won’t be allowed to go with him to his registrations, but can an attorney go with him? I would look for a new attorney since our current one is worse than the 1st one we had, but I’m just very nervous for my dad and want everything to go smoothly for him.

Sorry for the long read btw, but thank you in advance for your help 🙂

I really have no idea where some of the commenter’s heads are at. These are people accused of VERY BAD crimes, the vast majority of which were crimes against persons from molestation to assault with a deadly weapon to murder.

If the judge wants these people out he should review each case individually and take personal responsibility to order them released singularly on a case-by-case basis.

And if you are one of the commenters that thinks that the sheriff should just follow the order and say , “Be free little birds”, how would YOU like to take the personal responsibility responsibility for what one of these guys might do if you let him out?

As far as I’m concerned the harm that these individuals might do to some innocent person in society far outweighs the potential harm that might be done to them by covid-19 if they stay in the jail.

And I really doubt the sheriff is showing indifference to the inmates related to covid-19, because not only is the jail full of inmates there’s also a substantial number of his deputies working there. So it’s in the interest of the sheriff and the deputies to get as much of a handle as they possibly can on the covid-19 in the jail system.

Keep in mind that throughout the rest of the state, the vast majority of registrants, or would-be registrants, are NOT let out of incarceration, be it county jails or state prisons. While that indeed includes the violent rapists which aren’t usually represented in our overall mission to ban the registry in the first place, the fact that murderers, assaulters, arsonists, and other criminals who have wreaked far more devastating havoc on society are let out than registrants statewide is telling.

HOWEVER: By invoking the “sex offender” label into the mix is to engender the term even more ensconced with the fake news that registrants are always looking for their next victims. By and large, they will never reoffend nor commit a non-registration-related crime ever again, while the murderers, arsonists, and grand theft thugs will most probably commit another crime within a month of their release.

And just to be clear: Covid is no worse than a bad cold for the vast majority of people. It is being used to condition people to accept subservience to the state, as well as to hate other people in general. The sex offender registry was the TRIAL RUN for all of this dystopian nonsense.

@Eric who said “And just to be clear: Covid is no worse than a bad cold for the vast majority of people. It is being used to condition people to accept subservience to the state, as well as to hate other people in general.” Tell that to the 1.7 million people who have died from this virus including my mother. Wearing a mask isn’t being subservient, it’s being a responsible human being.

How does the sheriff know if someone is dangerous without evidence? Does he shake a magic 8 ball or smoke one? He should be thrown out of office and in jail for violating his oath.

At a minimum, refusing to comply with a court order is contempt of court… Unless an appeal is in process.

Time for prosecution and maybe some time in their own lockup?

The REAL art of the deal: how Kalifornia keeps taking ten steps back for every step forward they “appear” to make.

So the sheriff basically just wants to score points against the courts. RSOs are always easy points to score with the public, and defending them in any way is always viewed as being “soft on crime”. Meaning you’re done, you’re wholey guilty and frankly irredeemable. Even if falsely accused and innocent.

First inmate in OC jail died of covid today.

The problem I see is that sheriffs are elected, and elected officials are beholden to those who put them in office. They need to appeal to the braying masses, and the braying masses still want registrants and those even accused of sex offenses (guilty until proven innocent, the American way) to suffer in any and every way imaginable.

This sheriff’s contempt for the law is more dangerous to society than 1,800 inmates.
I wonder if Janice can file a contempt motion in this case.

Nervous ~ Registration is actually pretty easy and since it is at the local sheriff’s department, I always go with him. It is a public place, so I don’t see how they could not let you go. With Covid, most registration is done remotely, via phone, so if that is the case, you could be on speaker with him. It is about 4-5 pages he has to fill out, including name, address, etc. If he only has to report to probation once a month, that is good. My fiancé had to go every week. Will your dad also need to go to sex offender therapy? If so, choose a good provider. If he can decide himself, I can give you a good recommendation. A therapist who will not make him say that he is a bad person. We were never told he had to wear an ankle monitor at sentencing, but when he had his first probation appointment, they told him he had to put it on. I think, we could have fought it since it was not in the court order, but it happened too fast. Is your dad’s “offense” a misdemeanor? He can get it expunged as soon as probation is over, and if he applies for early termination, they can do an expungement at the same time. Check with recordgone. They specilalize in both early termination and expungement at the same time. While on probation, he will most likely get a few visits, but with Covid, he might not at all. He has to let them in while on paper. My fiancé was sentenced to 9 month at half time and 3 years probation. I will have to look up the year since it is now a blur. Let me know what other questions you have.

Nervous ~ One more thing. He was sentenced in 2014, and before the Tiered Registry, he would have been eligible to file for a COR (Certificate of Rehabilitation) in 2021 since Indecent Exposure only required a 7 year wait. Most other sex offenses were 10 years. Now, with the Tiered Registry, and him being a Tier 1 most likely, he has to wait until 2024 to “petition” to get removed. The “petition” part is what makes me angry as it will be up to the judge to grant the petition. It should be automatic after the time elapsed.

@someone who cares

So you’re saying that with the new tiered system your fiance can’t apply for a COR? Have you checked in on that or verified with an attorney? I know COR’s in OC are hard but it would suck having to wait another 3 years if previously he had the possibility of being taken off the registry this year. And yes the “petition” is the worst part, it should be automatic as long as you haven’t re-offended, which most people don’t. If the judge is having a bad day, you can be stuck registering another year.

Yes from what I remember from back on March 2, the probation terms said report once a month, can’t go back to the store or their parking lot pay all fines and subject to car checks if pulled over. But tomorrow I will make sure it is explained to us again by that horrible attorney we got. Luckily it didn’t say anything about SO Therapy. We did go get a psychiatric evaluation as part of our first attorney’s plan to lower the charge. The Psych said my dad has zero chance of “re-offending” but that still wasn’t enough to convince them.

I will definetely check with recordgone. I know most judges want to see you complete half of your probation term, so at least 18 months but if there’s any chance to remove or lower his probation to informal after 1 year we will go for it. Luckily my dad is a welder/factory worker and he says he doesn’t remember any employer running a background check but I would still like to get this expunged asap.

I am sorry to keep taking uo your time having you read my essay’s lol, but you have really helped calm my nerves a bit. I do have a few more questions I’d like to ask; when he goes to register at the pd, will he be notified by mail that it’s time to go or is this something we need to keep track of around his birthdate? Same with probation appointments, how will we know when his first appointment is? Will they mail or call us to let us know? Also, how much does each probation appointment cost? Is that something you remember? Oh and you mentioned your fiance was sentenced to 9 months in jail. Was that 9 months total or did he do half, making it 4.5 months in jail? My dad is facing 30 days and was told it would be more like 15 days but I don’t trust this attorney at all.

Finally, this is more of a personal question you don’t have to answer, but is your fiance’s charge something you told any family about? Or friends? I guess what I mean is, was there any way someone has been able to identify your fiance as an rso without you telling them first, or is it a secret for the most part? I know this question doesn’t really make much sense lol.

Thank you again for your advice/info. You honestly have no idea how much toy have helped ease my anxiety these past few days. I found this website on Friday night and all weekend I read horror stories and scared myself. I couldn’t take it and broke down both Sunday and Monday, and I am not someone who cries easily. My father has been pretty brave throughout this whole process but I know him seeing me like that made it worse for him. Thank you!

Nervous ~ I don’t mind reading your “novels”…hahaha. I am on this site to help but also look for resources for ourselves. With the Tiered Registry, they eliminated the COR, so that is no longer an option. We missed that chance, I guess, but it probably would have not worked with the courts not being open for Covid.

Try to get the probation stipulations in writing so there is no confusion as some POs will tell you things that were not agreed upon previously. I also became a “chaperone” for him, meaning he could go places as long as it was with me, but the main thing was being able to talk to the POs and even go to some meetings. It helped them see that my fiancé had a support system.

You will have to remember to register every year, within 5 days of your Birthday. They will NOT send a reminder, figures. Will your dad be able to self surrender maybe rather than being taken in at sentencing? That would help, and my fiancé was able to do that. It was a surprise at sentencing, and we had no idea. It sure was a relief, and it gave him 30 or so days to self report to jail. He got 9 months at half time, and I believe it is still half time. 15 days is kind of ridiculous, and maybe the attorney can ask for house arrest instead? A lot can still happen at sentencing, and with Covid, the judge may rule house arrest (not likely though).

As to the “personal” question, I actually told everyone about his arrest and what the “crime” was. I was so shook up, that I felt the need to talk to anyone, including my boss and co-workers, all who have been nothing but supportive. I didn’t tell people that I am not close to, of course, but our closest friends wrote character letters, and for that to be presented to the judge, those who wrote the letters had to make sure they were aware of his charge.

I wonder if a better attorney could have negotiated a lesser charge. No DA or judge want to have a lengthy trial and often, they come to an agreement to make it easier on everybody. This is water on the bridge, though, since he already pled.

When he is released, he will need to check in with PO within 24 hours I believe. The sooner the better. Best is to go straight to the POs office after release. He will also need to register after release, and again, I would do it the same day if possible.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lol honestly it’s nice to know that someone living with this is still able to laugh at things. I guess recently I’ve been a little depressed or just nervous and expect it to be really bad but I need to remind myself that it will get better easier to live with it over time.

Yes I will definetly ask for a copy of the probation terms and make sure the attorney explains it to us in detail again. That’s another thing I was worried about, if I was allowed to go with my dad to his probation appointments? You were able to go to some but hopefully I am able to also. How long is each appointment, approximately? And what happens at each appointment? I read PO’s try and make your time with them horrible.

And see our attorney doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to self surrender. I spoke to him about an hour and all I got was he should be prepared to stay in custody.” We did send over info on my dad cause he has asthma and the attorney said he will try and talk to the judge to hopefully get no jail time at all/some work release program because of covid. I’m not holding my breath on that tho. I’m hoping he does have to turn himself in it is a few days out so we can plan his vacation time at work.

So your fiance only actually spent 4 and a half months locked away? Or did he spend the full 9? Either way, to me it seems like almost a year of jail for indecent exposure is a huge exaggeration. Well all of this is, especially having to register, but in my opinion, indecent exposure is a very low level crime. But oh well, this is where we are at, might as well learn to deal with it.

Nervous ~ He did a little over 4 months in county jail. This was 50% of the 9 months. I was not really allowed inside the Probation office, but I often walked with him into the building and sat outside the office. This way, the PO saw me when he came out to get him. They will most likely put him against the wall to search for weapons, sometimes they will do a drug test. All meetings never lasted more than about 15 minutes. I don’t remember what they talk about. At first, they are very strict, but the more the PO sees that the probationer is following the rules, they usually ease up a bit. Always be polite, dress nicely (not overboard), and treat them with respect. Basically do anything they ask (it’s hard sometimes) but it will pay off in the end. They will test him to see if he is combative. He really has to make sure to always be polite, even if you want to scream at them for some of the ridiculous things they will do or say. Be on time, always. I went into the actual office twice or three times. When I asked to be a “chaperone”, I had to sign a paper, when they released him from probation (since I said I had questions), and one other time, I think. I believe I made a good impression, and I even called his PO a few times with questions. They always were nice to me and tried to accommodate me. So, your dad is out on bail now? Make sure he brings a little cash with him when being sentenced. Be won’t have access to funds in the beginning, unless you already put money on his books? Let me know how else I can help.

@someone who cares.

Yeah that’s what I am scared of, that they’ll be rude for no reason but I’m gonna tell him to just always answer politely and try to get in and out as fast as possible. I’ll always go with him so I’ll probably sit outside with him until they call him or outside the building if covid restrictions are strict.

What were your fiance’s rules like, if you don’t mind me asking? And did the PO ever try adding more rules that werent originally stated? I know they gave him an ankle monitor but besides that, nothing too crazy?

And my dad is out on his own recognizance. The bail listed on the arrest warrant when we found out he was being charged was $10000 but luckily the only thing that’s gone out way is that he hasnt actually been in custody.

And okay I will have him take cash in his wallet tomorrow in case he does need to get put in jail tomorrow. I don’t actually know what the process to get him money would be. I hope the judge decides not to put him away but if he does then hopefully he gets a surrender date to turn himself in so it won’t be too sudden at once.

I do have another question. How is your life with your fiance now? Besides the random compliance checks that May or May not happen, is your life still somewhat normal after having lived with this for 7 years? Has anything changed in a really negative way? As unlikely as it seems, anything good come out of it?

Nervous ~ Life has been pretty normal for the most part. The worst part of the registry is that you need to know all the rules and regulations., not only for this State, but other States if you plan to travel. We like to go biking or hiking in Utah or Arizona, but if you are there longer than 10 days (some States are less even), you technically have to register in that State. Also, in the beginning, there were presence and residency restrictions. Parks and Beaches were off limits, and we were always worried to park his car too close to a park, for example. Luckily, these have been struck down, thanks to Janice and others who fought this. Then, there is the annual registration that always gives me anxiety. I am worried we’d “forget” one year. Every time I see a cop car in our area, I get nervous still to this day. You asked if anything good came out of it, and yes, I think so. I realize now that more and more people are affected by this, and recently even a former co-worker. I think, there are more people than we think. I find this whole registry absurd, cruel and unconstitutional. Being from Europe, and talking to family members about the registry, they shake their heads in disbelief. I had my first boyfriend at 16, he was 21. Nobody EVER thought anything wrong with that. Here, not so much. When a person did their time, they should be free! No registry gives you that freedom. You can get arrested for staying at a place to long, forgetting to register, going on Facebook. How anyone thinks that is not punishment is beyond me. I have learned a lot, and there are so many support groups dealing with this, so I feel like I have a purpose to help end all this. I guess, that is one good thing that came out of this. In the past, hearing the word sex offender, I may have reacted like the majority of these uneducated people, thinking they are monsters. Now, I know, this word is misused for the majority. We are all human beings who make mistakes, and if someone re-offends, they can just be be put in jail again, but there is no need for the registry. We all know that other “criminals” don’t get the extended punishment. I never put money on his books, his parents did. I sent books and paid for GTL phone so he could call collect, but others may be able to tell you how to do it.

@someone who cares
Thank you so much for all of this. I want to find exactly all the rules and regulations my father will have as a sex offender, I will probably contact another attorney for that info.

You are right tho, I know now there is so much more to the registry and what people and their families suffer while being on it. I had never talked bad or assumed anything of people on the registry, and before 2018, I had never been on the website. I never felt the urge to look who lives near me. But at the same time, I also had no idea all they went through and all their families go through. It sucks and it is unconstitutional. How is it you can serve your time and sti be punished after your probation/parole. I found out about this site and what Janice is doing on Friday but am glad since I will learn from here any changes she is fighting for. I am also glad there are people like you who are helpful and understand what we are going through.

I will reply to one of your messages tomorrow telling you how it goes. I am hoping he doesn’t get any jail time and we can finally start these 10 years on the registry. This went on too long and we would have already had at least a year and a half over with.

Nervous ~ Just curious how it went today.

@someone who cares

It didn’t go well. He was setenced to 30 days in jail, 3 years probation and of course the 290 registration. I wasn’t allowed in the court room, just the hall outside, but according to my dad the lawyer did not fight to get him out of jail at all. He also said that the anaheim city attorney kept pushing for lifetime registration, saying “that’s what he signed back in March” and that it was actually the judge who raised his voice and told her “that was in the past, you recheduled this twice after. We are here now and the law says this low level offence is tier 1- so he will register for at least 10 years.”

My dad will check himself in to theo lacy tomorrow but according to his PO, he probably won’t be able to so they will give him another day to go back and complete his sentence later. She said my dad has to see her Monday morning, unless for some reason he does get admitted tomorrow. I asked her if he doesn’t get admitted if he should register 290 over the weekend and she said she would go over that with my dad on Monday, but probably just send him over right after.

I felt a sense of relief knowing our court appearances are done but now I am so scared for him. For example, he lives in Anaheim but works in Norwalk, does he have to register there too? Also, he was born in Mexico so has a mexican passport as well as his US passport, but I keep finding info that traveling internationally is pretty much impossible. I don’t know if him being a citizen of mexico would help but how am I supposed to tell him he can’t go visit his mom or sister anymore? There are so many laws that don’t make sense and it’s a hard pill to swallow. And then I keep reading that SORNA is trying to implement even more restrictions on RSO’s that are totally unfair and based on no evidence at all. I honestly don’t even know what SORNA is but seeing the federal laws they have and how they differ from CA laws is pretty scary. If it was me, I wouldn’t mind as much, but thinking about my dad not being able to visit his home country is getting to me.

Nervous ~ You said things did not go so well, but it seems like everything turned out the way you expected. 30 days at 50% will give him 15 days at Theo Lacy. Has he spent any time in jail awaiting his arraignment? If so, that counts towards the 15 days. International travel seems to be a hurdle, but I thought that was only for offenses that involved children under the age of 14. Others can probably chime in here. California is not a SORNA state, but I know there is a new law that seems very confusing to me, too. I have to brush up on that. If there is a secondary e-mail you have, I could talk to you more privately, but on this forum is fine, too. I know, things seem pretty bad right now, but your dad will be fine. I can’t believe the DA was trying to convince the judge to impose lifetime registration when the Tiered Registry went into effect this year. They really want to burn SOs. So unprofessional. Keep me and all of us posted on what is going on.

@someone who cares

You are right, it wasn’t worse than what we already knew would happen, but I guess I was really hoping for our attorney to at least once fight for something, that being no jail time. My dad said he asked the anaheim attorney once and when she said no he said okay. She wasn’t even there btw, she was speaking over the phone and apparently the judge had to repeat himself multiple times because she wasn’t paying attention until he got upset at her. No jail time credits for my dad, so he has to do the full 15 days. The sheriff that was working at the court room came out after and told my dad and I that he would be alone for the most part since they are quarantining, but the PO said he might not even be admitted tomorrow.

And yes I read that the travel restriction should only apply to child crimes but from the comments I’ve read it seems to apply to all RSO’s. My dad is a natural born mexican citizen tho so in theory he can give the 21 day notice here, fly from tijuana using just his mexican passport and hope that will be an issue. Either way he won’t be travelling until his probation is over to be safe so we’ll worry about that later.

Sure, I went ahead and just made a new email now so please ignore the tacky username, I got it from google lol

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