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IL: Lawsuit – Release Sex Offenders Who Have Served Their Time

Sex offenders who have completed their sentences but are still being held in Illinois prisons should be released as part of the effort to reduce the state’s prison population during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court.

The request for a temporary restraining order was filed on behalf of Marcus Barnes, a sex offender held at Graham Correctional Center, and about 300 other sex offenders who remain in prison because they have not located state-approved housing required for their release. Full Article

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I wonder if the lawsuit mentions that on many occasions in Illinois, a proposed residence that was statutorily permissible was stricken by the parole/probation or registration office under some of the most ridiculous premises. I read one (wish I had kept it) where a registrant who was going to move in with his sister, whose address was later rejected because a neighbor – not the sister – had WiFi, thus potentially affording the registrant internet access. I remember wondering where on earth they would expect a registrant to go if that was considered off limits, especially now.

“The request for a temporary restraining order was filed on behalf of Marcus Barnes, a sex offender held at Graham Correctional Center, and about 300 other sex offenders who remain in prison because they have not located state-approved housing required for their release.”

This is ridiculous. I was convicted in NJ and served a sentence there. I maxed out with no place to live. They had to release me. One day in a scummy motel (in which the PO found drug paraphernalia and said I was lucky he found it) and then two weeks in another motel until I got a job and found another place to live.

The point is: serve your time and then you have to be released. If not, the constitution comes into effect. Is this a Covid-19 issue, a “no place to go” issue or a constitutional issue?

@ Love, peace, happiness:

“The point is: serve your time and then you have to be released. If not, the constitution comes into effect. Is this a Covid-19 issue, a “no place to go” issue or a constitutional issue?”

All of the above.

It seems that the problem for these inmates is they are required to be released into the state’s mandatory supervised release program for a period of 3-years-to-life. In order to be released into the program, they must have approved housing. The 3-years-to-life term of supervision doesn’t start until they are released from prison.

Apparently there are many men in Illinois sitting in prison years beyond their release dates since the state is so strictly enforcing rules on where sex offenders can live and what qualifies as ‘approved’ housing.

Gave me shivers reading through a couple of articles about this, especially with some men in prison with no support on the outside to help them find housing. They are essentially serving a life sentence unless some outside group is able to help them.


If they have completed their sentences, sigh. IDK anymore.

To even speak or hear a person make such an idiotic, oxymoron sounding statement…
Are we truly in a Country of Constitutional Laws Based on any Common Sense, Human Decency or Justice !!!
How the Hell can that even be considered HALF ARSE LEGAL !
MAKE UNREASONABLE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL DEMANDS, TO OBLIGATE OR IMPEDE/IMPART Debilitating and Severe Legal Ramifications and Services/penalties on Individuals already Confined and Held extensively as if the Laws are acting on the Safety of the Nation, when such evidence based SCENARIOS ARE NOT EVEN PRESENTED EACH TIME THESE ISSUES ARISE IN THE LEGAL PROCESSES OF LAW.
How the Hell can this be !
It defies all the Standards, Ethics, Codes and Principles to a Judicial System based on Judeo Christian Values…

@ bo
Bo; hard to read with all the C A P S.

@ Love, peace The Good Lord know’s everything we all do whether its those in authority that turn a blind eye to others, whether we all do things we are not suppose to do. He know’s the thoughts and intent of the heart. Thats why principal is so important. Sure techology is a bit much today and government wants to keep tract of who’s who or some type of control but their is a limit for all. Sure housing is a factor upon release. At least governments should give a person one month of free housing without the confines of extra inducement untill one seeks enployment. Even work release programs are an option but is the sex offender in a catorgy by themselves.

This clean up after this contrivirus pandemic is going to be something or a panic of a depression in many area’s and yes it will take time to get America back together again and I’m sure laws will be changed in many ways. I would even venture to say Trump has bit the bullet and we need some true leaders to get this country rolling again. I believe Roosevelt do it to get the country moving again.

Governments don’t even know whats going on today but I’m sure those with faith in God do. Sure many things can get confusing and out of line in this cataclysmic event we all face and yes everyone is worried and wanting to understand in this type of ordeal we all face. So we all have to be patient. We all still have human rights even free speech I hope.

@Saddles: Did you not get the memo that I do not believe in a god?

@Love, peace, and happiness:
So what entity existing outside of space, time, and matter launched the Big Bang? Einstein, Hawking, and plenty of other great minds all agree(d) that is when all three items came to be.

And which entity launched the entity, AJ?

By the way, the prevailing view amongst cosmologists today is that the universe truly came from nothing whatsoever. See “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing” by the physicist Lawrence Krauss. Sean Carroll also does a splendid job of explaining this in his many YouTube lectures.

I remember sitting in a house of worship when I was seven (fortunately, I only experienced this a handful of times) and thinking how much god resembled nothing so much as Santa Claus in his believability. I haven’t believed in either since.

Here’s to spreading the godless gospel!

@AJ: You’ve been a great resource here. I respect your thoughts and input. I merely stated my belief and will not get into a conversation with you about your beliefs.

Ok Love, peace, happiness lets all get to the bottom line and work all this out ro try to. Sure I don’t care if they they do their sentence or not. I don’t care if they are given more sentence or more punishment than is due but, as Janice said the punishment must fit the crime, so what crimes are we all as a nation guilty of. Is ignoring Janice and her team speaking up for the sex offender a crime, or ignoring someone that saids its not safe to go out of your house unless I give the orders or just maybe someone is just thinking too much in some puffed up means or measure.

Maybe its safe to say one can drive any car want, but who is driving Ms daisy. One wonders in this this registry scheme who votes for a sex offender to be pontus. Should we all show some compassion for those left out in the cold or just pay taxes and die.

Is everyone guilty in some way or are we all desparado’s in our own right or where is Ms. American pie today? Who said justice was an open and shut case when we all take measures to want to strive for law and order or is law and order some TV series today and producers call the shots.

And remember Jesus did not come to save the righteous but sinners to reprent.

This is a silver lining under a very dark cloud we call the pandemic. It took Covid-19 to really get some traction on this whole constitutional ordeal of people being imprisoned way past their sentences.

It’s taking a pandemic for those officials to really honestly reassess those policies that have oppressed Registrants for decades to begin admitting that it is not in the best interest of the public…hence these rollbacks and modifications on Registration requirements that we are reading.

I’m really glad that Janice, Chance, and others are striking the iron while it is hot to really make headway for Registrants. The pandemic is literally purging our system from the BS policies that had befallen us. Not a lot right now…but the longer this drags on the more BS gets washed away to make room for pragmatism. There is not enough money to pay for everything even if they could print it…

Coronavirus helped people see something REAL and recognize its immediate danger. It’s serving as a check on the deeply entrenched “public safety” mantra.

So now who has caused the greatest death toll…now who poses the greatest threat? And now let’s see how a “registry” can be applied as a method of “prevention” to this new enemy of the state. Let’s see the real worth of this “lawful” system.

What literally amounts to wasted ink on useless paper.

Bill we alll share your views and many on here but its not just the pandemic issue. Hey how many sex offenders are dying from this. Yes its unfortunate about those in jail that they won’t release and some have died over this but look at the big picture. Its effecting schools and some are turning into distribution centers, its effecting families that have loved one’s in jails for various ordeals.
Economy well thats a casuality in itself. Even police officers are getting this virus strain and helth workers. Even court systems in many area’s are on holt. So its effecting a lot of things all over America and now someone ones’ to put the blame on some other country. I wonder if even governments have lost their trousers and socks today.

Isn’t it extraordinary that the onus of finding sanctioned, yet unobtainable, housing is put upon the prisoners themselves? That their freedom can be cynically denied because of absurd limitations devised by the state in an end-run around the Constitution? This is happening to no other prisoners but “sex offenders.”

Only true morons think that makes any sense. It is really so stupid that it just hurts the brain of any normal person.

In the meantime, the morons are just fine with shooters living by schools. Or any of hundreds of other types of dangerous criminals.

None of it is for public safety, as they lie. They must think people are as dumb as they are.

“Continual Punishment”
says Supreme Court-just doesn’t exist (?)

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