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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: The Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime

A registrant died yesterday in a Florida jail. He was put into that jail about 60 days ago because he forgot to report his new home address to local law enforcement.

The price he paid for his forgetfulness was death. Death due to exposure to the coronavirus.

A local public defender tried to get this man released from jail. The public defender knew the risk of infection in that jail was high because more than 20 people, including inmates and staff, had already been infected.

The prosecuting attorney also knew the risk of infection in that jail was high as well the minor reason that registrant had been sent to jail. So did the judge.

And yet the judge condemned the registrant to death by refusing to release him.

The message of this sad story is clear. The punishment does not fit the crime.

There is no jury in this nation, if asked, that would condemn a man to death because he forgot to report his new home address. Nor should they.

Forgetting to update your home address should be treated as an infraction at the most. The registrant should have received a “ticket” from law enforcement telling him to remember to report his new home address next time in a timely manner. And perhaps pay a small fine of $25.

But death?

When I looked at the registrant’s photo online, I saw his cloudy green eyes and sad face. I saw that he needed a haircut and a shave. I guessed that he hadn’t bathed regularly. I also noticed that he didn’t have a car. Perhaps it was his apparent lack of resources that were a factor in why he didn’t report his new home address.

There are many more registrants who are currently facing the threat of infection to the corona virus. In fact, it is conservatively estimated that there are thousands of registrants currently held in jails and prison, some of whom did nothing more than forget to update their home address, the name of their employer or their automobile.

There is an even larger number of registrants, perhaps more than 750,000, who face the threat of infection outside of jail and prison because they are required to register in person. Although their exposure to infection is more limited, any exposure to coronavirus is unnecessary because there are alternative effective methods by which a person can register.

In fact, there are a few jurisdictions that have already started registration using alternative methods. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department which supervises more than 3,900 registrants will only register individuals by phone. The state of Oregon is also registering individuals by phone while the state of Pennsylvania is registering individuals by mail.

For those who continue to require in-person registration and to incarcerate individuals who do not pose a current danger to society our warning is this: there will be blood on your hands. You will ultimately be held responsible for the death of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who die a painful death due to exposure to the coronavirus. And remember, one or more of those who die could be someone you love.

— by Janice Bellucci

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The punishment for forgetting to register a change of address shouldn’t be death.
This is so sad.

The “punishment” shouldn’t be a punishment (felony or misdemeanor at all) and certainly not lock into a cell in a closed environment till death.

Isn’t this supposed to be a civil penalty? Sure seems like involuntary servitude as you’re compelled to abide under penalty of law, though you’ve already paid your dues and no longer under custody. The registry is unconstitutional in this fashion because you’re no longer under custody. Jails were created for public safety. The registry only applies to sex crimes. Thus the registry is the expansion of the jail only one group of convicts, except there are no physical edifice housing registrants. Also, the registry implies you are current danger to society which is why your information are disseminated everywhere, worldwide.… Read more »

Clearly the intent of the regime was to do exactly that which was denied by the Rehnquist lead court- to impose more incarceration! It is super easy to convict a person of doing nothing or not doing. When remaining silent becomes unlawful most of liberty is swallowed whole. How pathetic did Justice Kennedy sound in NC V. Packingham ” ubiquitous internet firms” indeed?
The shame game is an important Catholic tradition.

May the judge and prosecuting attorney, who obviously believe themselves to have never made a mistake, find themselves one day on the receiving end to the same justice that they offered this person. Or perhaps they will be offered mercy which is what both of them should have allowed this registrant for this minor infraction. How very sad indeed.

Janice, thanks for bringing the scope of this deliberate torture and mass murder to our awareness. I hope we are all willing to work harder to support ACSOL in its fight for the survival of registrants and their families during this pandemic.

My husband had to register today with Long Beach Police Department. Despite having been told over the phone that he wouldn’t have to take a photo, that he’d just have to sign a form really quickly, he was still required to take the photo and provide fingerprints all while the officers wore NO MASKS. Who can I report LBPD to for endangering not just my husband and me but the public at large? Could Long Beach be added to the lawsuit?


You could file a complaint with the LBPD IA (internal affairs dept) and/or the CA Atty Gen office to further investigate the lack of safety for your husband and the LBPD officers.

JD – It took a long time for me (an innocent family member) to believe that a great majority of police lie. I have come to believe that it must be part of the job requirement. We are right next door in Cypress and the Police are no different. So very sorry.

It’s called Zero Tolerance. It hangs over every single Registrants head…. Loose your job, your house, your family, everything you worked so hard for in the name of policy.

Zero tolerance means zero thinking. We have a brain, but we don’t want to use it. Thinking takes too much energy for some.

Well Janice seems this episode in Florida tells a lot about penal systems and this confusion. Nobody knew this pandemic would come about. This address thing could of been some error or a judgemental issue but the consequences were saddening. Courts don’t care at times. Most want to play hero but even that can backfires at times. A lot of this registry is a game changer, So who reaps what they sow many times. This should tell governments and courts that the punishment should fit the crime in many ways. So who makes errors today or life threating decisions in… Read more »

Let’s hope something positive can come from this death by finally demonstrating to judges how ridiculously punitive and disproportionate to the crimes the registry is.

It’s time to get something back to Scotus to overturn the mess they created back in 2003.

I agree, but not surprisingly, all we’ll get is hand-wringing, indifference and crocodile tears.

@Chris F:
Long time, no see, brother. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying life “outside the fence” of registration.

Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) don’t give a damn about the deaths of People Forced to Register. You think those people have souls? They SHOULD know, SHOULD, that if they arrest a PFR for an idiotic Registry infraction, which is any and all infractions, that plenty of PFRs will retaliate and some will even murder people. They should know that. Are they too dumb to not? Or they just do not give the first damn? Personally, I think most RS/Ts know that Registries don’t work and are dumb. They simply don’t care. I think plenty of RS/Ts are just fine with just… Read more »

If I die of this, dump my ashes at the sherrif’s department

@ Eric:

If I die from this, I want to be stuffed and mounted at the Sheriff’s office, ideally giving them the finger.

When I die, told my family to never ever notify them. I was their asses looking for me for years! Told them don’t post an obituary, put my ashes in the ocean and let me search and waste time and money on my long-gone body. Poof – gone. 🙂

Same here. It probably won’t matter much but it is the simple principle. I have formalized it in my will. Very easy. Conditions of getting and keeping estate assets are that the person maintains agreements that we have made regarding taking care of any of my animals that they’ve “signed up for” and never giving significantly speaking to LE about me, unless legally forced. Those things are important to me. It won’t matter to me at that time of course but it makes me feel good today. It is important to me that LE stays away from my family and… Read more »

Tim in WI its called swallowing one’s pride. as in open mouth insert foot. Much of these encounters are arrogant in these issues. Many of these restrictions by law enforcement offending with this whole method should be stopped and put an end to. It would save a lot of headache and confusion. Many times its government inducing the bait in this jezabel type scheme.

I’ve been helping my family get through all this. I’ve posted here many times, and I’m fortunate to still be among the living, as are everyone of you who do the same. Over the last couple years ever since we had to deal with our situation I like many of you was thrust into murky waters and flailing about in a system I didn’t know the first thing about. And generally that’s what I observed over time, people just struggling to understand and to cope with their ordeal. That’s what the system did to all of us. And then to… Read more »

yada, yada, yeal the scam of injustice. I don’t think anyone will have to register in this conspircy of mad-made or man-made unconstutional Justice or who stold liberty and truth, Who stold principals or understanding or is it some well made data base understanding of rags to riches, so were does the bible fit in today. So who is listening on the party line of whos’ princesses telephone today, or who said, why don’t you come up and see me sometime pretext, or who is pulling the wool over who today with a smile and a gleem in their eye.… Read more »

@Janice. One would believe a good study for everyone on here would be those four little words.. So help me God. Why was it taken out of the courtroom? Why is it not used today? and why is indivisible not divisible? Is our country in bad shape today with all its hi teck geek talk or where is the division in many courts of law. One wonders about the Constutition or motto united we stand or divided we fall. Are court systems ready for a makeover and/or are advocacy groups needing more standing up power. I never wanted to save… Read more »

Their “best practice” containment model has put me in to close to homelessness, loss of a good-paying job, and now living in the country because rent is cheap. They made me lose a very nice girlfriend, move three times costing $$ that I don’t have, was $8,000 in credit card debt, and now all alone and isolating.

Thanks, CASOMB, DOJ, and our wonderful thoughtless courts! Yes, I’m pissed and very sad.

Registries aren’t acceptable. Some people are just going to sit back and let big government and their harassing supporters/terrorists do whatever they like. I’m not. As long as Registries exist, I’ll ensure they are worthless. I’ll ensure they do nothing good. I’ll ensure they are counterproductive and worse than worthless. I’ll make them cost as much as I possibly can. Registries will only exist with serious consequences. Has to be.

Ok Janice I am just now trying to understand why I came back on here. And yes I’m sure I have worned out my welcome out on here but there is a reason for everything. When I first came in here someone said to me you ask a lot of “who” questions, Well maybe I should of asked a lot of “why” question as we all should of. Janice you have a golden opportunity and yes I’m sur ea golden heart. Right now in your area as well as as many others a chance to voice out and speek up… Read more »

Actually Janice when you ponder on many or much of this internet type encounter they are wanting you to post spicy pictures with the inducement to get one to travel down and meet some fitcitious teenager, and when one goes for the bait they say you thought you were coming down to meet a teenage girl by this ruse or pretense. And if one didn’t come down their they were going to come and get you anyway. How would they know where to come and get you if thats the case.

Saddles I got caught in a sting just like this. I was on backpage and the ad said she was an adult the half naked pictures were of an adult. The hotel was across the street from my office when I got to the hotel they dropped the age to a 17 year old and asked if I could bring beer and weed. I said no to sex 4 times threw text and they kept calling my phone. When I picked up there call I could tell that the girl wasnt a minor and in real life she was 45.… Read more »

Pete, hang in there, but I must say things could have turned out far far worst for you. You’re almost off probation and you’re not a felon. In my state, being convicted of facilitating contact with a minor is a 5 year mandatory minimum prison sentence. I too had a flawless criminal record (for 50 years to be exact) but that didn’t stop my state from sending me to prison for 3 years just for the act of having some deleted photos of teen pornography on my computer. I won’t be off supervision for another 3 years, I’m on the… Read more »

@ Russ: Jeez, what f##ked up State are you trapped in, Russ?? 😳

Daam !!

@ Peter. Its a shame that many go thru all this in similiar ways. The bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things who can know it and yes the bible says all lie. While the embarrassment in all this is bad enough and people are striving to seek relief by some means and measures of this sex type of inducementn”Who” is giving the ok that all this is bibically justified. Everything one needs to know about this is in the bible if one searches the scripture. Hey we can all be conned into many things in life… Read more »

While I like this article Janice has brought up it should make one to understand a bit more about punishment and this fitting the crime While this contrivirus ordeal is strange there is a reason for all season, even much of this registry ordeal is a bit out of kelter. In this internet encounter do we resist government.Well the bible tells us to obey government as they are there for your good. Sure we all seek justice. So is it best to obey government or else be in fear of judgement. One wonders who authorized these sex sting ordeals. I… Read more »

@Saddles……Dude, take a break…seriously.

Your right Josh.. We all sometimes need a break but it still makes one wonder about justice.

Josh I know I can’t get upset with you or anyone on here but justice is still justice. Janice we all have pitfalls at times but even I liked the mentioning of the Maryland judge that was talking about calling a spade a spade. Seems that judge had a lot of respect and understanding about all this registry ordeal. So lets take it a bit futher. Should we call LE a Brood of vipers or wolves in sheeps clothing. Yes its all a lie. a type of prostantent heresy in many ways with this sex registry ordeal. God does not… Read more »

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