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MI: Judge: State sex offender registry can’t be enforced in pandemic

[ – 4/6/20]

A federal judge is commanding state authorities to stop enforcing rules under the Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to an interim order U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland issued Monday, officials are “preliminarily enjoined from enforcing registration, verification, school zone, and fee violations of (the act) that occurred or may occur from February 14, 2020, until the current crisis has ended, and thereafter until registrants are notified of what duties they have under SORA going forward.”

On Valentine’s Day, Cleland declared the act unconstitutional and urged the state Legislature to move to bring the law into compliance.

Under the February decision offenders would still have had to report to their local law enforcement agency or state police post through mid-May, while orders encompassing Cleland’s ruling were drafted by the parties. After that, unless the state Legislature acts, the Sex Offender Registry Act would no longer be enforceable against those who offended before 2011.

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  1. mike r

    I understand judge is suspending all in-person registration until the state of emergency orders are lifted, but that is scary that the judge is still stating it is okay going prospectively after 2011. So, this punishment is okay as long as it is not retroactive. It is cruel and unusual, or at minimum definitely disproportionate in all but the most extreme cases.

    • New Person

      The judge is suspending more than in-person reporting.

      The case in Michigan was always the “new” laws introduced that superseded the purpose of the original SORA, which was deemed punishment and applied retroactively. The registrants after 2011 only knew of the new law. That would have to be a different case.

      While I agree the whole registry scheme is unconstitutional, the courts are not at that stage yet. An analogy to this situation at this juncture would be that slaves went from property to 3/5th of a person, yet not a whole citizen.

    • Josh

      @Mike….why is it scary? I know the whole concept of a registry sucks ass but if you’re post 2011 then it’s not ex post facto…you should be getting SOME relief from this deal…here’s my experience from the last 25 years:
      1. LE registry only
      2. Public registry
      3. Internet online registry(photo)
      4. Let LE know what college you attend
      5. $35 1x fee
      6. 2006-residency/work/school boundaries
      7. $50 annual fee
      8. Tier placement- no risk assessment 25 yrs. to lifetime
      this list doesn’t account for the trips to retroactively provide DNA samples & palm prints or the 2x yearly visits to my house by LE to verify my residency status. Here’s the “awesome” part about all of the above….none of it was part of my original sentence! NONE of us old school registrants had ANY way of knowing what was coming…..people who were convicted after 2011 had a clear view of what was expected of them before they even received their sentence. That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that registries in any form suck and are generally useless

      • Gralphr

        I agree. My conviction was in 2000. About three years later into my incarceration I was told “The feds passed a new law and you must abide by it”. I thought it was tough talk, after all, my conviction was years ago at the time, how can you just make up some new laws (obviously punishing ones) and I have to abide by them post conviction? That was when reality hit me in the face that I was barely an American citizen.

    • Lovewillprevail

      Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I am correctly understanding, if the legislature rewrites the law whether before or after the deadline imposed by the judge and rewrites the law so that it is constitutional, then I am thinking that means the law is not considered punishment and therefore is considered a civil law.

      And civil laws can be made retroactive (I think that should not be allowed). So is it possible the pre 2011 class could come off the registry and then put right back on the registery as long as considered constitutional? In any case, the restrictions/imposed requirements would be far less than what existed prior to the lawsuit.

      And I can see the legislature making sure all pre 2011 people stay on the registry. Am I thinking wrong or missing something? Is there some reason that would stop the legislature from being able to put pre 2011 people back on the registry?

    • Bobby S.

      Well, it looks like we are going to have to wait even longer now, since Whitmer signed another emergency executive order until May 28th, this is really starting to get ridiculous and blown out of proportion. This needs to end now. The Judge needs to order the removal of all pre-2011 registrants immediately. Have they had their 30 confidence check in yet?, does any one know, if the judge doesn’t act soon and order the removal soon, this crap is going to drag into next year. Just my opinion of course.

  2. Bobby S.

    @All, I know I asked this in the other post, but since I’m a Pollock and trying to rap my head around some of the wording in the order, I will ask again and apologize for the repeat. I know it’s a temp order, but in some of the wording like ” thanks and void” and when they say people will be sent letters in the mail to what there duties are after the covid 19 emergency is over. So when all is said and done does the order also mean that all pre-2011 registrants will finally be removed from this unjust registry, while they revise the registry to make it constitutional for all post 2011 registrants or I miss interpreting the order.?. It just sounds to me that after the covid 19 emergency is over, that all pre-2011 registrants will be done with the registry once we are sent letters in the mail. Please correct me if I am wrong and completely miss reading the order. Thank you in advance.

    • New Person

      @ Bobby,

      There is no final judgement yet about pre-2011 as it is stalled.

      I’ll put together excerpts from this article that pertain to this thought:

      *** start of excerpt ***

      On Valentine’s Day, Cleland declared the act unconstitutional and urged the state Legislature to move to bring the law into compliance.

      Under the February decision offenders would still have had to report to their local law enforcement agency or state police post through mid-May, while orders encompassing Cleland’s ruling were drafted by the parties. After that, unless the state Legislature acts, the Sex Offender Registry Act would no longer be enforceable against those who offended before 2011.

      A final judgment will be suspended until there is no longer an operative federal or state executive order or legislative act declaring a state of emergency, or “when the Court determines that the conditions giving rise to the need for this Interim Order no longer apply,” Cleland wrote.

      *** end of excerpts ***

      To summarize, once the pandemic is over so that Government can function again and if no new constitutional compliant registry legislation is set forth, then SORA will no longer be enforceable to pre-2011.

      The downside here is that the 60-day time line to bring the SORA into compliance has been extended by this pandemic. Some officials might might prioritize focusing on making the SORA compliant as opposed to using that time to focus on the pandemic and what they can do more for their people. What seems like an obvious thing truly isn’t because ACSOL is filing cases in several counties to prevent exposing the virus to registrant by suspending in-person reporting and California isn’t doing anything yet.

      The pandemic exposes how the registry creates a second class set of citizens to those who supposedly earned their freedom back.

    • BM


      I hate to say it, but you’re wrong.. This is an Injunction against any enforcement of it at this time for us. It is NOT the final order. It does fall in line with what Cleland ruled on 2/14 but this is to protect us from prosecution during the emergency. It also MAY extend past the emergency and until we receive some clarification from the state regarding our requirements moving forward. It sounds to me like we will have the letter BEFORE the Injunction is lifted and I’m not sure that it won’t extend till the 60 days elapses. It is a bit unclear. So during this time we are still subjected to being online, without updates, and without any enforcement of any provisions for pre 2011. Once the final judgement is entered the state will still have 60 days to fix it and if they do not, THEN it will be null and void for pre 2011.

      Based on the last 2 rulings by Cleland, it appears he’s had enough with the states antics. They have been almost verbatim what the ACLU asked the court to rule. I cannot see the state getting any more leeway or having Cleland side with them on a final judgement agreement at this time. The ACLU needs to hold firm to how they want the final judgement to read IMO.

      We have relief for now. What that relief will look like down the road after the legislature tries to undermine all of our efforts, remains to be seen.

    • Josh

      @Bobby……I know that you’re trying to hear what you WANT to hear in this order. But, you said it yourself it’s TEMPORARY……this is a stop gap measure to get us through the COVID crisis….unless I’m mistaken the state will still get their 60 day window after the FINAL notice is entered within 14 days of the end of the state of disaster/emergency. Which as of last night was extended until April 30th. Whether or not that gets extended again is anybody’s guess.

      • Scotus Save Us Now

        The words are pretty clear: “preliminarily enjoined from enforcing registration, verification, school zone, and fee violations of (the act) that occurred or may occur from February 14, 2020, until the current crisis has ended, and thereafter until registrants are notified of what duties they have under SORA going forward.”

        Until they give you a list of duties, its on hold… It’s not a bad order

  3. Eric

    I love this judge Cleland, he just may set the new precedent for our country. He seems like a real impartial judge that isn’t influenced by who is watching him. He rules on what is right.

    • New Person

      The judge is ruling on what is humane. We’re humans in his eyes.

  4. Bobby S.

    Thanks for the clarifications @ new Person and @ BM and @ Josh, very much appreciate your input, so at least it sounds like it is almost over for us, Thanks again for the explanation.

  5. Lmnop

    So within what @guy said

    We are able to go for a walk around the schools track for some exercise at least for now?

  6. Facts should matter

    It’s safe to assume that this Corona thing is just a bump in the road and not the long-awaited camel straw.

    • Tim is n WI

      Facts should matter.
      Fact is all MI Registrants have an ally in Judge Cleland. The punitive ( retributive) intent is further exposed by effect displayed by the people. The extra impetus here reflects the judges impatience. He wants the issue resolved post haste!

    • Love, peace, and happiness

      “…a bump in the road”. I’m not too sure about that. My intuitions is that that this bump will be more than a bump, not just in Mi but nation wide. Of course, society doesn’t agree.

  7. Billy

    This our chance to show the world that during a crisis with no registry that people are still safe not to parade around school or push our noses up at police but to show them that we are human that we can do this without rules look I’ve been on this for 20 years and it is time we show them that we are not to fear if we all just remain human and calm. Look at Martin Luther king he did not scoff he stayed the course as an educated black man hew had a vision our vision is to be free to we are much like slaves just a different kind we must act as if we are members of society and that we want to protect as well but want the future generation to not be held captive to answer for crimes but not for life please everyone understand even if we could parade around a school or be near one should we of course not no person without a purpose of being there should be that includes none registered people I will act as a father a husband and a freind of the people and run through this there is no normal but there is a standard of sivilized action that we must upjold

  8. lawn

    Can someone clarify this a bit more for me? I have been following all4consolaws coverage on the MI case since October, but as a 2013 registrant I can only look forward to what changes are brought to the registry, and not so much removal…

    But, it would seem to me in reading this that all registrants are affected with the current pandemic. Are we not required to verify now? Until the new rules are set forth? If they arent updated to fall in line by July, do I have to verify?

    Any help understanding our current situation a little better would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Nick

    @ Billy. I totally agree. Now we have an opportunity to show them who we are, not what they labeled us as. Right now it is a temp situation and we should be extra careful to not give them any ammo to use against us. The schools are closed and no one has any business being on school property. For now, find someplace else to go for a walk.
    You can bet there are backers of the registry who are looking to prove their point. We’ve come too far to screw it up now….so just be cool.

  10. Harry

    “so just be cool.” This is important point, Nick and something that I practice and every RC should practice and I call this “avoid the appearance of misbehavior”. I am active in church setting that I have no restrictions, and nearly all know about my past. I purposely avoid any and all contacts with any child. if possible. If, I am requested to be part of an activity that there are children, I do this with plenty of adults that are aware and I avoid and chummy contacts with kids.

    • Will Allen

      @Billy, Nick, Harry, Etc.:

      I appreciate that you guys ought to do whatever it is that makes you feel the most comfortable. Do your fight.

      But f*ck this “opportunity to show them who we are”. Who are you going to show and how?! I don’t know about where you live but where I live, there is no one around who has any idea what I’m doing, where I live, how I live my life, etc. They wouldn’t know a difference between me being listed on a Registry or not. If I was removed from the Registry tomorrow, it would not be an opportunity to show them anything. The Registries aren’t keeping me from doing anything.

      I’ve been Registered for over 2 decades and I’ve lived a *mostly* normal life that entire time. I’m around children all the time. I’m not ever going to change that. What I have shown the Registry Supporters/Terrorists is that they can pass whatever pathetic, worthless “laws” that they like and I am still going to live a *mostly* normal life. I’m certainly going to *always* be around children. I’m certainly *always* going to be around families that will never know that I am Registered. I’m going to live a normal life or else.

      I’m only going to let Registries affect my life in the absolute most minimal way possible. I’m never going to adjust my life in some way just because out-of-control big government has me listed on a hit list. I’ll do what neutralizes their hit list weapons and that’s it. The biggest way the Registries affect my life today is that I must constantly retaliate because they exist. So I need to take actions very often to make sure the Registries have consequences. That takes some effort, even though I have most of that on “autopilot”.

      A famous patriot said that U.S. governments are the biggest bullies around. That’s obviously correct and bullies deserve what they get.

      • Dustin

        I don’t follow the “show them who we are” reasoning either. What exactly are we supposed to “show”? That we don’t do anything? That’s been on display for the entirety of the registry’s existence, they just refuse to see it.

        The Montrose County (Colorado) Sheriff took the registry off his website in September 2017 in the wake of Millard v. Rankin. Predictably, the fear-mongering press and a handful of local idiots screamed about it, claiming among other things that all “sex offenders” were going to move there and put everyone in danger. Guess what? Didn’t happen. Nor will it happen in Michigan, though the registry Nazis will claim that’s only because of the Coronavirus (while still claiming we’re all committing more sex crimes, just not getting reported). Nor would it happen anywhere if the registry were abolished today.

        Personally, I say take a more offensive (vs. defensive or reactive) approach to the press, courts, registry nazis, and law enforcement that claim the registry is a necessary public safety measure. Demand to see one single crime that the registry prevented. Show where a sex crime that occurred at a school, park, or whatever would not have happened had the accused resided somewhere else. Show one single instance of a trick-or-treater accosted on Halloween by someone with priors. Get someone in LE to explain how the registry is useful for anything but asking for larger grants to maintain it. And get something more than anecdotes, supposition, or “what about the victims?”.

        • TS

          @Nick, Harry, et al

          What is the point others are wanting to prove at this time that we should be “just cool” to show them we are not what they think we are? If someone wants to walk the track at the school, then they should be able to without issue. If they want to walk by a school, playground, day care, etc for exercise, they should be able to. I think @Will Allen and @Dustin have great points.

          Be who you are daily, you will blend in a lot better. This is not a trial and error period in life.

  11. Saddles

    @ Dustin So what exactly are we suppose to show them. I liked your overreach stance a lot better. Should we all say much of this registry ordeal is sour grapes mixed with a bunch of bad mash from distilled law makers that can’t even distill one’s brains or some law that was crafted in some back alley. Dustin you make a good point.

    Dustin this contrivirus didn’t come up for nothing or who put this enticement on the internet to start with. Did Ali and Cosell take jabs at each other to be the greatest? A lot of ths has to do with this constutition today and moral principal plus basic rights whether civil or social or is something lost in America today. Standing up for justice whether your black, white, read or any other ethinic origin is what the constution is all about.

  12. Cory

    Anyone notice that the MSP sex offender registry is down and not able to search?

    • MatthewLL

      Just checked and I was able to search. Did notice a cheesy small notice and link about the judge’s injunction. They end the write up saying the judge’s order does not preclude voluntary compliance with SORA. What A bunch of a-holes. No one should fall for that. Right now you do not have to register or comply. They are prevented from total enforcement for an indefinite period. Enjoy your temporary freedom. Clearly after that, those who do have to register (offense occurred after April 2011) will not have to give email addresses, car license plate, and a few other things. Michigan legislature will not be able to pass a reduce SORA restriction bill, so likely the judge will do it himself. It ain’t going back to the way it was.

      • Will Allen

        “voluntary compliance”.

        Yeah, that’s hilarious. I expect lots of people will want to voluntarily comply because it is such a critical public safety mechanism.

        Ugh, nope, they are trying to sell their Registries scam to the wrong people. Informed, moral people know that Registries are not needed or beneficial. But they also know they are much worse than just worthless. So people who actually care about public safety won’t be doing anything to help keep the Registries scam afloat. Moral people are trying to shut down that money making criminal enterprise.

        Registration is war. It is forced at the point of a gun. There will never be anything voluntary about it.

    • Josh

      @Cory…other then the new recaptcha feature they have on the SOR page, I can assure you that the registry is still operational and unfortunately I’m STILL on it….it may have been down for maintenance or some other reason but it’s working just fine now…

  13. w

    The facts were already there, many just chose to be crusaders for the cause regardless of reality. It’s an ideology they’re pushing at that point, an elaborate and formidable illusion at the tax payer’s expense.

    • Will Allen

      The facts are there. There aren’t any informed, moral Americans who think Registries are acceptable. None.

      But the “sex offender” business is big. They are selling the ideology and promoting the business. It is going to be nearly impossible to pry the $$$ and business from their immoral hands and destroy the Registries.

      $$$ has overridden the immorality of private prisons, probation companies, etc. It will keep the immoral Registries around as well.

      Which is why actual war must be waged on the immoral harassers who think Registries are acceptable.

  14. MI in Chaos

    Just watched Fox 2 news here in Detroit. They were talking about how the Director of the MDOC, Russ Marlan, on April 7th, put out a order to remove all tethers. But an hour later, he rescinded the order after many complaints from state officials. Fox 2 news did an interview with a Oakland Co. Parole officer, who didnt want his name or face mentioned due to safety and job concerns, interview was in a strip mall parking lot on 10 and Greenfield, in Southfield, when report Charlie Langston asked him if he was worried about convicted felons were to be free what he would do and tell others in the community to do, and he quote was, ” I WOULD TELL THEM TO GO GET A GUN AND PROTECT THEIR FAMILIES!”

    Wow!!! When is enough, enough!!! How do you let a person like this that deal with parolees everyday, keep his job. This is a person that WANTS US to fail. Just shows you how much the State of Michigan and MDOC really thinks about all of us, and have absolutely no plans to help any of us. You can see where the new registry law here in Michigan is heading if we dont stand up and fight for our rights. They would rather shoot and kill us, then giving us our constitutional rights. ACLU and Oliver Group I hope you saw this and get ready to step up on this one

    • MidnightMike

      You know I had a thought. Since the ruling goes by offense date rather then conviction date,,, that’s a lot of dates to look up. Other things need looked up like recapture offenses,,,, or do we even recapture with a subsequent non sexual offense if the offense that requires registration was before the recapture law??? If so for who? If we do get recaptured say for a felony anything,,, which set of registration laws do we have to follow? Who even decides? There is a lot of junk for them to figure out. Tbh I can still see this being a mess for some people for a while. To me it seems like MSP has their work cut out for them. Thoughts???

    • Gralphr

      To be fair, him being a Probation Office, he has seen countless people go through his office scamming, not wanting to follow the law, and him sending them back to prison. (sexual crime or not). Its expected someone in his profession to be pessimistic about ex felons in general. While hes wrong for saying what he said, imagine if you were never in this situation and were looking from the other side. Theres a good chance you’d believe the lies said about people on the registry as well. While I’m not defending him, I can understand the “sheepish” mindset he has.

    • Tim kidnapped in Oakland County

      Oakland County is Corruption HQ along with conspirators in AG Office in Lansing, for legal details.
      1000s of fake sex crimes prosecutions exposed
      BBBillions are due to Oakland County and prosecutor’s victims over 20 years of FRAUD
      Deliberate deception / trickery / Misconduct / Malfeasance
      Kidnappings / Defamations / SOR unlawfully forced to

  15. First time commenter long time reader

    Not new (been reading for years but never commented). My boyfriend just had his tether cut off on tuesday morning. Oakland county parole officers are a whole different breed than wayne county . That interview just affirms it.

  16. MidnightMike

    Please forgive if this is a repeat post. I just made one and the phone locked up and my post vanished while I’m the process of submission.
    I was thinking about the conviction/offense date stuff. No one ever kept track of offense dates except the court. Myself my offense date isn’t clear. I had alibis for the first three tries so they changed the charging statement to “on or about”.
    I’m also concerned about recapture. Judge C didn’t address it. It was part of the 2011 amendments to SORA so I don’t want to think it’s a factor but I keep reading articles that say “without a subsequent offense” like they intend not to give relief for ex post facto if there is another offense of any kind. Myself I had a felony in nov 2011 for receiving and concealing. Bought something that ended up being stolen thru my normal course of work. Like you would at a pawn shop. I wouldn’t tell on the guy so they pinched me. Never served a day, never placed in cuffs. no contest plea and a fine. My sex crime was in the 90’s,,, what happens to me??? The state police may have to do a lot of homework digging into individual files to make decisions like that and I still see lots of room for more problems.
    For sure it leaves a lot of work on someone to decide who stays and who goes,,,, I no kidding believe they will be arguing about all that for years. Dumping all this on the state police may make them not want to do it. Anyone else have thoughts???

  17. Nick

    @ TS I fully intend to walk the track,even attend my 50th class reunion next year at my high school, etc. Since 95 I have felt the registry and then then restrictions are bs. What I said was that maybe while this thing is in a temp status it might be a good idea to take it easy until the final order is given.I have the same reasons for wanting off the registry as all of you do. I am blind and as long as I am on the registry I will not qualify for a guide dog. Tjat is my ultimate goal and is freedom and independence to me. Emd of.

    • TS


      I don’t understand the tie between being a registrant and a guide dog. Please explain as there has to be another way for you to get one despite being a person forced to register. Afterwards, maybe someone will come forth to help you get a guide dog since ADA compliance is Fed Law if one needs accommodation.

      As for the rest, GO FOR IT!!! Rooting you on to walk the track and for the 50th….

  18. Nick

    @TS I didn’t t gee the connection between the registry and a guide dog when I received the denial letter. First let me say that you will not find a guide dog school in the US that is federally funded, which means they can do as they please. I consulted the ACLU, ADA and Michigan Civil Rights and all confirmed this fact. The schools iew it as a liability issue because most of the school only provide training at their facilities. The training averages 3-4 weeks on their campus, coed, dorm style accomodations. Bacially they are afraid of being sued if something happened. They view the registries as a warning to the public and if they ignored the warning thet could be held responsible for not heding the warning. I was also told that the lifetime registration has a lo to do with it. There are a few schools that offer at home training but all only accept students in their general location…east, west and deeep south.

  19. Theothernick

    Does anyone know why I keep getting “call to action” emails from the ACLU? I appreciate the work til this point but all i want is my original sentenced reinstated. I really do not care what happens to post 2011 registrants. The original lawsuit was the correct constitutional violations and now it seems like they are using the recent win to fight the whole registry. I would have never agreed to be a part of this suit had I know this was the plan. I don’t want the list changed, I don’t want review boards, I do not want private registries. I want my name off in the 10 years like I was originally sentenced to.

    • G4Change

      “I really do not care what happens to post 2011 registrants.”

      In my opinion, that is not a good attitude for any of us to have. I think that those of us who are lucky enough to be relieved of registration should be the folks on the front lines fighting for those who remain on these lists. I hope you will reconsider your stance.

      • joe

        Thank you @G4Change,
        You are so right, we need many more like you on this site, I believe most on here do share your viewpoint as do I.

      • Theothernick

        no I will not reconsider a thing. I was granted relief by a judge. The judge told the state to bring MY sentence in line with the constitution. I’m not fighting for anyone and if the ACLU insists on using this as a platform to push their agenda on the SOR I will be hiring my own attorney to point all of this out. This would all be going alot smoother and alot faster if they would stick to the issues at hand and not try to make whole sale changes to the list as is because I for one and I hope many more just simply do not care about post 2011

        • Bill from CA


          Then by all means get your own attorney and do it yourself. You ask for help from an organization and get inconvenienced because they are fighting something bigger than yourself.

        • Warpath

          My recommendation is for you to get the F off of this website then. Everyone here is here for the greater good for all of us. How dare you post something like that!!! That has got to be the single most self-centered and selfish comment I have ever read on here. LEAVE!

        • Dennis

          The original judgement was for the six planitiffs, NOT YOU. It was NEVER applied to all registrants. The one filed last year is.

  20. Nick

    @ Warpath. I agree 100%

  21. Saddles

    Holy moley Warthpath at least you haven’t jumped off the broklyn bridge yet. The thing about Janices form is one can get a lot of insight from listening to some of these text messages comments on here. Give me time to speak, who’s bearing the sword in vain, who’s acting like little children to instill upon another. Is a servant above the master? Are many or much of these sex offenses corruption in themselves.

    Who forgives in all this kayos or does money soothe and give a pat on the hand of the one that offended. One can’t blame anyone of you all on here for being upset about all this registry issue. Sure government is going to get their just deserts but correction is always good in many ways.

    Did not someone say on here say a Maryland judge said that much of this registry is like calling a spade a spade or do people forget the Sermon on the Mount or any Christian scripture today when one goes to court. Is a court of law today do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Where is the so help me God come in.

    Are not people free to get married if they want to or does one have to invite or tell their PO who they marry or does their background need to be checked and approved first or does love still cover a multiple of sins. Whether one is a sex offender or not who really is a sex offender in much of this vain justice in many ways. Doing good first and formost is always the best but law enforcement and judges don’t seem to understand that only a few if any. Janice your works cut out for you and many other lawyers across the states. Truth is always good. to make a better society.

  22. joe

    @ warpath, Right On!

  23. Theothernick

    cool story warpath bet everyone is super scared of you. Anywho, to ANY AND ALL of the pre 2011 registrants you can also make it very clear you did NOT in fact sign up to fix the registry and that you also would just like the relief you were promised. You are under absolutely ZERO obligation to wait any longer than you have to so the ACLU can remake the registry. Plain and simple your sentence was found to be unconstitutional. The reason it was found that way is because in effect you were resentenced after the fact. That was has nothing to do with registry as it stands right now in fact that’s why the judge said anything post 2011 can stand. You’re being made to wait longer for something that has nothing to do with you. If I was you I’d make it extremely clear to the ACLU you want the relief you were granted in the quickest time frame possible and that post 2011 is simply not your problem.

    • Josh

      @theotherNick…..I respect the idea that you want to take things into your own hands! I did and still want to as well. However, you are boxed in right now and you’re options are pretty limited. Until that permanent order of judgement is entered & not this temporary interim order that we’re currently under, there’s not much you can do….You can file in state court but the prosecutors & judges at the state level won’t touch this without a final judgement at the federal level….They are all subject to elections. You could file a 1983 suit in the district federal courts of Michigan and the suit will be squashed, dismissed, or rolled into the current class action & then dismissed by judge Cleland. There is some obscure law preventing individual lawsuits when you’re part of class action. I know this for a fact because my lawyer and I were prepared to file that 83 lawsuit and were told that we were too late…When the Does ll suit was certified as a class action in the fall of 2018 is when we lost the ability to sue on own behalf. We were informed that there was only a handful of 83 suits were filed across Michigan and all were defeated. I’m waiting for the final disposition of the class action to see what develops and if we need to go to court we will….save your time & money and make sure when the time comes that you have a attorney who knows their stuff…

    • Josh

      @theotherNick….The ACLU doesn’t work that way. Their stance has always been to help as many people as possible in regard to the registry. You can express your opinion to them but I doubt you’ll make much headway…
      The ACLU has undoubtedly played the long game here as we’re all keenly aware. They have been patient, cautious, & not overly pushy with the courts and it seems to have paid off with the last 2 rulings being figurative spankings for the state. I know you won’t want to hear this but they not going to listen to individual gripes. My feelings on the ACLU change almost daily for better or worse but I just have to remind myself that there are ACLU branches across the country who want no part of the SOR issue and for that we should all be thankful…

      • Will Allen

        Sounds sensible.

        I’m not sure where people get off thinking the ACLU owes them anything. So many complainers probably have never even given them a dollar. Perhaps those people should’ve gotten off their asses a decade ago and fixed their problems themselves?

        I just hope that people who aren’t concerned that other people are forced to register are forced to register for a very long time. Life works for me. The ACLU should just withdraw from the case.

    • Warpath

      I am done with this conversation. Respond how you like. I’ve been fighting this fight for a long time. I’ve donated a pile of money all for everyone’s, including myself, benefit. A long list of others have done the same. Someone that would dare get on this site completely dedicated to righting the wrongs of these laws and make the comments that you have made tells me all I need to know about you. I’m over it….

    • Dennis

      I understand the frustration, but the stupidity will get you NO WHERE. WAKE UP! They are doing the best they can. If it wasn’t for them you would have NOTHING! Try it on your own, guarantee you won’t succeed. And if you ignore the responsibilities, off to jail you go. Simple as that. Be patient and DONT irritate them!!!

  24. Saddles

    @Warpath remember I was on here a long, long time ago and yes while I can understand Janice’s view’s and many more on here don’t we all seek true justice and understandng. Sure wrong is wrong but who serves a lifetime being bitter or bickering at others. Truth is the tipping point in everything and even Janice had a conferrence about that. Yes I did get tired of Janice’s platform for a while but she does have spirit and that’s what it takes to stand up for justice as do many on here.

    We are all at the tipping point. We all seek some relief, some merit sand justice or where is providence or love in all this sex registry. One does his or her time that should be it any other stipulation is a type of … oh by the wsay we have reconsidered this as we have just passed a law that makes one a lifer to hold a label or something to that effect.

    So is all this ceremontial law, social law, civil, law or constitional law or what is everyone fightening for. I would teen to believe true justice and lndependance is more important than being some outcast from society or don’t we all have a voice and reasoning in all this fickled registry.

  25. Saddles

    in other words justification is better than vendification.

    • Sheldon

      I’ve been seeing a lot of people complaining about their rights, because of the covid 19. All I have to say is welcome to our world.

  26. Bobby S.

    Ok, to all the Brain’s out there that understands all this legal bumbo jumbo, I just got this in an email it’s a Michigan Supreme Court order about the Betts case. It seems like his case is also dragging on, Please anyone what does it mean?.

    • Austin

      Bobby, this means that when they do oral arguments the prosecuting attorney will get 10 minutes to speak for the People of the State of Michigan. Also some other group called “Law Professors” may file amicus briefs for advising the court.

  27. Ghost

    The rights of Americans are slowly vanishing. This small net that they have had us all in is now going to get much bigger now. Now again for public safety they are going to start tracking everyone. Now the feds have found a way to bring AI on line. They want to know all of your contacts day by day. Google and I think Facebook are going to set this all up and use the the AI system that the feds have been developing. So now everyone going to see how we live. They have all ready seen how it’s like to have restricted movement. So now with AI and the new 5G network everything is in place so the feds can use the virus as a reason to turn it on. I believe we will find that this will be a much easier way of knowing where we (RSO) are at, at all time. The world is going to get crazier then it was before. When I was young we where told that, “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. In other words, keep your chin up, get back on that horse, and be strong don’t show sign of weakness. That builds corrector, self esteem. Now the they teach our kids and everyone how to be the victim. There is always someone responsible for your problems. That you should lay there and feel bad, victimized and depressed. Then government steps in and acts as if there the only ones who knows how to come in and save us. The sheep to the slaughter. The frog in the pot scenario. America should wake up. We have had our time to see how this registry is that our pears have welcomed with open arms. While all this time its been it was a template on how to herd the sheep. No one use to come between family. Blood runs deep, Blood runs thicker then water and Family comes first. You never hear any of that now. Family has only become a unit that gets someone started, then the government takes over. They teach our kids. They tell us where we can go and cant go. They tell us who has rights and who don’t and trust us” We know better” as they sharpen there shears. They have gotten us to believe we work for them. Thomas Jefferson once said “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of of patriots and tyrants”. He knew that power of government would some how always try to gain control. It’s human nature ( Stanford Prison Experiment 1973). Is to late for us now. In socialism you know where you stand withe the government. In this democracy you are made to believe where you at. While the whole time you are the blood that oils the machine.

    • Sheldon

      @ ghost I definitely agree with what you are saying. Government take over.

  28. Ghost

    @Sheldon If that’s the way way your looking at that, then your just a little bit behind my friend. They have already taken over, now there starting to take control.

    • Dennis

      Its control of everyone. Has nothing to do with the registry. The registry was just a tool that is used for a distraction. Nothing worse is going to happen to registrants, but yes government control of everyone(all US citizens) will occur.

  29. Edson

    Could Some one please clear up the bottom paragraph of this letter from the MSP website regarding registering ? It seems too me its saying we must still register ? I copy it from their site.

    NOTICE: Interim Order and Injunction Impacting Enforcement of Michigan’s Sex Offenders Registration Act
    April 7, 2020
    On April 6, 2020, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan issued an Interim Order and Injunction in the case of John Doe, et al. v. Richard Snyder, et al., Case No. 16-13137. This case is a class action lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Michigan’s Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA).
    The Court specifically prohibited the defendants and their agents, which includes members of the Michigan State Police (MSP), from enforcing registration, verification, school zone and fee violations of SORA that occurred or may occur from February 14, 2020, until the current COVID-19 crisis has ended, and thereafter until registrants are notified by the MSP of what duties they have under the SORA going forward.
    The Court stated the “current COVID-19 crisis” shall be considered ended when there is no longer an operative federal or state executive order or legislative act declaring a state of emergency, or when the Court determines that the conditions giving rise to the need for the Interim Order no longer apply.
    The Court noted that the interim injunction only prohibits enforcement of the SORA; it does not prevent the MSP from maintaining the Sex Offender Registry, such as inputting information about new registrants or continuing the Public Sex Offender Registry. Furthermore, the Interim Order and Injunction does not prohibit individuals required to be registered under the SORA from voluntarily complying with the requirements of the SORA, including, but not limited to, reporting in-person to a registering authority to register or verify information required to be reported under the SORA.

    • BM


      MSP can put new people in the system that might have been recently convicted.

      “The Court noted that the interim injunction only prohibits enforcement of the SORA”.


      “The Court specifically prohibited the defendants and their agents, which includes members of the Michigan State Police (MSP), from enforcing registration, verification, school zone and fee violations of SORA”

      • Josh

        @BM…..I think @Edson was talking about the last part where it says we can be good little registrants and VOLUNTARILY comply with our SORA responsibilities during the COVID crisis. Can you believe the balls on these people? LMAO……what a bunch of assholes! The arrogance of whoever wrote that to assume that there are people so civilly obedient that they’d submit to this willingly….

        • BM

          @Josh / Edson – I MISSED THAT PART! My bad… hahahaha.. That really is funny that they put that in there. What a F*KING joke. I wasn’t registering BEFORE the actual injunction when I found out they were turning people away. Haven’t since Dec last year. Like you I’m just waiting on the final judgement and any new law to see how it rolls. And if need be at that point, I’ll be fighting my own fight as yourself.

        • Will Allen

          LOL, right?!

          But it is not “civilly obedient” or disobedient. There is nothing proper, moral, legal, or American about the Registries. A person is not being civilly appropriate or obedient by following them. The Registries are an immoral, criminal act of war. If you don’t comply when/as/if you are forced, you’ll be imprisoned at the point of a gun.

  30. Edson

    Thank You BM & Josh , yes that’s the part I was not sure of what they mean? Thank so much, They kind of make it so we do not really understand what they mean. Was not sure if we had to go verify still .

  31. Cory

    I just bought a new truck and called to see if I have to come in to update the information or give it over the phone and the MSP tells me that I still have to come in to give that Information. Any thoughts on the legality of them having me come in still during the covid when they could take the info over the phone or not enforce it ??

    • Josh

      @Cory….I wouldn’t go in and report that vehicle especially if you’re pre-2011….no enforcement means no enforcement for the duration of the COVID19 emergency order…you can do what you want obviously if you’re not comfortable but in my mind you can report that new vehicle when this is all over. Just my opinion….

      • Cory

        @josh. Yeah my case was in 1998 when I was 18. I Called back and talked to the MSP sergeant and He told me no the other officer was wrong and I dont have to come in or do anything.

    • Will Allen

      When a person is not on probation or parole, it is not acceptable that the person needs to report anything to big government, other than what any member of the general public has to report/do. Unacceptable. The fact that a person has to do it in-person is 100 times more unacceptable. So this is not acceptable at any time, for any reason.

      I really, really hope that people who are forced to do this type of nonsense are not just sitting around every day and not retaliating. No Person Forced to Register should go for a week without executing some sort of real, tangible retaliation that has real effects in reality. There is no reason to allow Registries to exist in peace.

  32. Tony.

    Lets prove the country wrong on these laws. Since we are not registering at the moment by the general public census, we are all suppose to be out there violating every law that violates human decency right?
    I bet almost no registrants get new arrests or convictions in this time while we what for covid 19 to pass.
    Proving that these laws dont “protect” anyone and are useless ! Proving these laws of suppression are wrong and un American! America is dying a little every year!

    • R33

      Tony I totally agree with you. I told some people about it to but I hope everyone on here or other sites listens and actually thinks about this.

  33. mb

    With the State of Emergency extended now until mid August, it only takes one more extension for the “60 day clock” to end after the election. I think new legislation regarding SORA will be much fairer and more favorable to us if its passage can occur after the election. I think the last thing we want to see is our representatives having to vote on a SORA law just before the election!

  34. Bobby S

    Hi All,

    I know this isnt going to really answer anyones questions, it didnt answer mine, but i thought i would share the email i got from Tim P. from the ACLU that i got the I got the other day.

    let me know what you all think, and if this crap is ever going to come to an end if they keep using the Pandemic as an excuse.

    Nothing happening and the 60 day order has not started counting yet and the Judge may change the wording on the 60 days since we are now getting in to election time if the Covid 19 emergency is still in place but could be lifted sooner than the election time when the Legislators do nothing but work on getting thier people elected.

    Respectfully Tim P ACLU of Michigan SOR Specialist

  35. Quietman

    @ Bobby S…..thanks Bobby for the tidbit you shared from Tim P. of ACLU….It is good to get any info. Like so many of our brothers and sisters in SORA land, we look forward to any news…hoping it is good news for all of us in SORA land. Peace be with all of you.

  36. Nick

    So with the election coming maybe it would be better if nothing happened with sora til after the election? What are the pros and cons? Give’em enough rope….

    • Josh

      @Nick….Why would it be better? This has been ongoing for nearly 4 years…politicians will still be politicians thus only caring for themselves and their power under the guise of “representing” their constituents….this is still come down to the judge….say God forbid that Gretchen Whitmer becomes Vice President and our next governor is even less inclined to tolerate people of our “ilk”or be supportive like Dana Nessel has been…we’ve been through 2 election cycles and what has changed? Just my opinion but elections don’t really seem to matter….WE are still a very unpopular issue unless they can make it harder and more punitive on us…

      • mike b

        I think it would be better to deal with this after the election. No elected official facing re-election is going to vote on anything that makes SO lives better, weeks before the election when every voter will remember. Better for this to be faced after the election during a lame duck session.

        • BM

          @Mike b – couldn’t agree more. If this slips past election that gives people years to forget vs months (or weeks). I get what Josh is saying and I see his point as well….. We’ve been down this road. But have we really? Things were declared unconstitutional then appealed to SCOTUS, then not taken, then sent to Cleland where he just finalized his opinion. So though I understand Josh’s view, I don’t agree. We FINALLY have a final opinion and this is our FIRST election coming.

          I say ACLU keep working on it behind the scenes, MI keep going into debt, lawmakers keep making strides at other criminal justice reforms, Whitmer go away and election go right on by… Hide behind Cleland’s ruling, the actual science and the money they don’t have and are wasting on foolishness. People will be less outraged 4 years from now.

  37. TS

    Why isn’t someone or some org in MI asking the good Judge for contingency planning in case it goes past the election and nothing has been done or it is gets close to it, e.g. 60 days? They can be pulled from recess or work from home on it. Not saying they’ll comply…

  38. Guy

    Recieved this email yesterday from Tim @ ACLU

    Each day we are getting more and more emails asking for updates on the SOR. While I understand that people want to know what is going on, if we have an update we will put it out to everyone. Please understand that you do not need to ask this question.

    The court order is still in place that you do not need to verify or report as long as the Covid 19 emergancy is inplace. This applies to everyone on the SOR. We know some Law Enforcement Agencies are telling people that they must come in. That is up to each person if they feel it is best to report in then they can do so. Understand that if you need a copy of the court order again, please let me know and I will send it out to you.

    As for movement on the changes to the SOR law at this point I have nothing to report. Also understand that at this point in the process because of the Covid 19 issue and also how much the State Legilators will be in session anything could happen as to how the Judge will handle this issue when the Covid 19 emergancy is lifted. At this point we do not want to see anything rushed to be passed by the State as that will not cover all the issues that the Courts have raised and the additional issues that the ACLU has raised. We want to do the best we can for the majority of people on the SOR and that will take patience on everyones part. Understand we are in this for the long haul and we know that being on the SOR is hard on everyone on it.

    As for the bill that we all worked so hard to stop, as we understand it the bill is dead. Good Job to all those who emailed, did Zoom with the House committee, and those who came in and testifed. Without your help it would not have been dead in Committee.

    Respectfully Tim P ACLU of Michigan SOR Specialist

    Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. The information in this email is provided for general informational purposes only. No information contained in this email should be construed as legal advice from me or ACLU of Michigan nor is it intended to be a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter. No reader of this email should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information included in, or accessible through, this email without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from a lawyer licensed in the State of Michigan, or other appropriate licensing jurisdiction.

    • G4Change

      “As for the bill that we all worked so hard to stop, as we understand it the bill is dead. Good Job to all those who emailed, did Zoom with the House committee, and those who came in and testifed [sic]. Without your help it would not have been dead in Committee.”

      WOW…this is AWESOME! Congrats, Michigan. You showed up, and you stood up. And you hopefully have defeated this garbage bull, uh, bill.

  39. TnT

    Guess them , million five hundred thousand emails Helped ! Hurray !! Now , when is the cake being served ?

  40. Edson Seabra

    Can someone please tell me where they have read that the state has struck this house bill 5679 down ? Looks as if its still in full motion from what I see on the states website ?

    • JoJo

      Can someone explain? Just got a visit from local police to confirm address. Officer shows up at my door/ no mask / asking to see ID . I told him it was in my bag in garage, he said no worries your good. Are we still under pandemic orders. I have not gotten any letter in the mail from State Police informing me of my responsibilities. Im pre -2011 in fact pre-2006. Did the judge start the clock on legislators that I didnt hear about, just confused

      • Brant

        Im in oaklnd county and pre 06and11 jan 95 to b exact i too have yet to get a letter or information im calling msp tomorrow to check i have sgt. Name who told me to wait till i get confirmation of duties as well and have re eieved none

      • BM

        @JoJo – what county are you in. I’ve yet to have anyone pop in at my home for verification. IMO it would be a complete waste of time since they cannot enforce anything at this time anyway. Get that OT on our dime is my guess as the only reason.

  41. Bobby S

    Hello All,

    I got an email from Michigan Court news,but when i clicked on the link it says i need a subscription, well i don’t have a subscribtion to the Lansing Journal. It was posted about 8 hours ago. Here is the link if anyone has a subscription to the Lansing Journal, or if they know how to bring up the link so we can all read it. I was hoping it might tell us what’s going on now if anything.

    So again if anyone knowa how to get past this subscription thing i would appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Tim

      Michigan’s Decoy Online Sex Sting operations for the last 20 years are without lawful authority. The prosecutors tampered the laws severely to prosecute, for huge State / County profits, FAKE Sex Crimes . exposes the FRAUD / Corruption / kidnappings / defamations
      A huge class action lawsuit is needed , or some sort of broad spectrum relief.
      The Trial Courts refuse to obey the laws and reject Court rules when a 6.500 Motion for Relief of Judgement is filed utilizing THEIR OWN LAWS !
      Welcome to the Party ! Time to Prosecute the Prosecutors !!

    • Dr.

      I’m not sure but, it looks like 99 cents will get you in the door!

    • AJ

      I did a G00gle search for “lansing journal legislature revise michigan sex offender registry”. The first result was, unsurprisingly, the Lansing Journal article. But instead of clicking the link, I clicked on the little down-arrow to the right and selected “Cached” instead. After that I was able to read the story. (This works quite often with many pay-walled sites and articles. Nothing like G00gle to bust copyright.)

      • Bobby S.

        @AJ, I tried what you suggested, but I don’t see a down arrow to the right, unless I’m some how missing something. Just wondering is there anyway you can find it and share it with us, or maybe fill us in to what it said, and if it says anything good, like it’s getting closer to coming to an end finally. Thanks

        • G4Change


          After you do the Google Search of the following: “lansing journal legislature revise michigan sex offender registry” you will see at the top of the results a link to the article.

          Where it shows the actual URL of the link:

          (looks like this) > › news › 2020/08/03 › le…

          Just to the right of those three dots you will see a downward-pointing “triangle”. Click that “triangle”, and then you will see the word “Cached” pop up. Click the word “Cached” and you should then be able to see the article.

          Interesting trick. Thanks again, @AJ!

      • G4Change

        @AJ: WOW…it works. Thank you for the tip!

        Basically the very brief article is just a rehash. There’s nothing new.

        • Bobby S.

          @AJ & G4change, thank you again and to G4, for showing the example. I tried and this time it worked perfectly. Thank you both again, very much appreciated.

        • AJ

          @G4Change & @Bobby S.:
          I apologize for the less-than-clear instructions. I’m glad you were able to get it to work and I’m always happy to help a fellow oppressed citizen.

          Thanks for the assist, @G4Change!

  42. TnT

    The Pricks have popped up at my spot a few times over the years, Flexing their chests. They love wasting tax payers money , Instead of looking at the big picture and using the money too detour the real problems in our state. I think where you live in the state plays a big part on if you get a visit or not. Again its unjust justice at its finest. This is why registries are NOT the answer to anything. In this country when you serve your time for a crime (whether you committed it or NOT ) You should have the right too live free and equal as the constitution reads . These politicians are MORONS , they amend and allow these unjust and unfair laws too stand only because of the fact of “MONEY” the support they receive and corrupt contributions via lobbyist and non profit organizations that donate too their reelections . This system is Unjust & Corrupt ! The State of Michigan has Destroyed many Entire Families lives with these registries . I hope this Judge will see this. Then again i have been saying the same thing for over 25 years now.

    • JoJo

      Im in Wayne county. I do have cameras and printed hard copy, I’ll send to ACLU , so they can take it up with Judge Cleland , from my understanding, Judges get very upset when you disregard there court order

  43. Saddles

    You know I really don’t know what you guys are smoking out their in California. Seems to me weed should of been legal all along but authorities have to profit somehow. This online sex issue and even Tim’s comment about Michigan’s online decoy sting operations. That right their said the words to this type of inducement or scheme. These operations are very wrong in many ways and hinder a person’s liberty with this degrading ordeal. One can either amend justice or defend justice and yes we all have a voice in many of these issues.

    Sure one would be mad as hell and yes people get to stressed out today. Nothing wrong with a bit of weed if one is compairing this ordeal. Course I don’t think one would want to sell it on the black market as that can get one into a problem. Their is nothing wrong with respect but abusing and deceiving and not following principals is like a betrayl if you’d like to call it by that. A fine for simple sexting should be that or at any rate six months in the county slammer, but mankind have always wanted to take their logic to far. Talk about the wisdom of Solomon with this drama today.

    So who uses principals today in this high teck era to deceive another? Who is still scheming by this data computer ordeal, and who is actually talking to a child or teen. That right their should be grounds to dismiss much of this sex registry ordeal by computer industry inducement. And yes you have those people trying to make a quick buck ssaying your order is ready or something or we need to sign you up or your credit card is not on file so we can’t process this order.

    Talk about internet fraud. No wonder Samual Morse said in his first words thru the telegraph ” What has God wrought”? Now look at it today. You can also look that up in Num. 23:23. So putting it all together is uncovering the injustice that Government displaces. Go against the bible and many things can happen. Sure I’ve been busted for pot in the 70’s and yes pot can help one sleep and relieve some tensions we all tend to have. So who is misusing who as a scapegoat.

  44. And I CK

    For those of you who were able to read the article in the Lansing State Journal could you please fill me in on what’s the latest and greatest news? Thanks.

  45. MI in Chaos

    Here is a good laugh. Rep. James Lower, the Rep that introduced HB 5679, to rewrite the Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act, will be stepping down, as a member of Mi. House of Representatives, when His term ends December 31st, 2020. He is not seeking re election, as he is seeking a business opportunity, this is according to his Facebook. So as you can see, he really isnt going to do anything with this House Bill now. Just shows you that Michigan Legislators are just laughing and slapping Judge Cleland in the face with his orders. It’s time Cleland steps in and says enough is enough

  46. Brandon L

    Had an officer stop by today while I was out of the house. Only my kids were home and they couldn’t tell me if it was state or county. Called Barry county and they stated that they wouldn’t have sent an officer out that it would have been the state police. I asked about the court order and they stated that it’s not in effect anymore. They’ve been violating people since June. I told them well that’s funny. Court order is still posted on the website.

    ACLU needs to be made aware.

    • And I CK

      As far as I know the state police post on telegraph in Taylor has been doing registrations all along for those post 2011 RC’s

      • Brandon L

        I was convicted in 99. They also snooped around my property to verify vehicle information. Where does enforcement begin? What does maintaining entail? Seems to me that the State of Michigan is in violation of a federal court order.

        The Court noted that the interim injunction only prohibits enforcement of the SORA; it does not prevent the MSP from maintaining the Sex Offender Registry, such as inputting information about new registrants or continuing the Public Sex Offender Registry.

        • Tim in Sunny Michigan

          State of Michigan IS in Contempt of Fed Ct Order enjoining 1999 PA 33 . Prosecutors typically charge a partial title to mcl722.675 then tack on Internet use statute mcl750.145d2c which exactly equals the enjoined Act.
          State Courts refuse to acknowledge their felonies of course.
          They also only charge a small piece of the child sexually abusive activity statute mcl750.145c2 of 2006 and up til last year when the Legislature finally re-wrote it so the prosecutors could not tamper with it as easily. That statute requires an ACtuAL viCtim…and knowledge of their status as ” The Child” …. The State AG Mike Cox back in those days unlawfully attacked 250 victims and Statewide the various counties have racked up 100s or most likely 1000s more unlawful prosecutions….which have a 100% conviction rate due to the swampers in the court system.
          See the above post by Tim with the link speaking against the charges for details.
          The STATE is TOAST in these fake cases

  47. JohnDoeUtah

    This decision comes from Michigan’s E.D. Federal Court. In this decision the Plaintiff argued that federal SORNA did not apply to him because Michigan had removed him from the registry. He also cited Does v. Snyder, showing SORNA was unconstitutional. He was trying to force federal NSOR to remove him from the federal site and declare that SORNA could not be applied to him.

    The federal district Court reject all claims. It stated that Does v. Snyder only applies to Michigan SORA, not Federal SORNA, and that he had a separate obligation under federal law to register in Michigan even though Michigan had removed him from the registry.

    This was not appealed, but it could be a sign of things to come.

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