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Probation and Parole Officers Are Rethinking Their Rules As Coronavirus Spreads

Social distancing is pressing officials across the country to skip traditional methods such as jailing people for “technical violations” like missing check-ins. Full Article

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More often than not, parole and probation officers are cop wannabes with a severe God complex. Most feed into that complex by picking on registrants, knowing full well that registrants are likely the most compliant and law abiding. Without the statutory authority, they tend to add conditions to those set by the courts (already designed to keep the registrant running in and out of jail/prison throughout the period) or re-interpret them to ridiculous degrees knowing full well that most registrants are defenseless – most can’t afford attorneys, public defenders do more harm than good, and the judges treat them (POs) as unassailable and very rarely (if ever) rule against them. Yes, there are some good ones. I’m fortunate to have one myself. But they are the exceptions, not the rule.

I’ve witnessed first hand how the most tyrannical of POs when dealing with registrants turn into sniveling cowards when dealing with gang members or DV probationers. It’s almost comical. I can only imagine curling up in the fetal position in the corners of their offices under current circumstances.

@ Dustin their is always an end in sight for any sex offende but all in all they are only doing a job and one has to wonder about some of these methods. I even asked that type question year ago to my PO and he said all one’s on the registry I visit are different but the main thing is if they don’t do their job they will be fired. Now my PO is retired and it takes a toal on them as well as on the one that they have to visit. Who ever liked my group therpy classes as I’m sure many on here didn’t.

@Saddles: The only end sights for me are a lifetime on “as if on parole” conditions or death. Yes, there is an end sight, but the options are bleak.

All in all Janice, Chance and her team are doing the right thing by advising others about all this issue we all face during all this mixed emotion ordeal. And yes love, peace, happiness no body liked their sex therpy classes or this lifetime labeling which is madding and idiotic at best for anyone.

Probation wannabe officers are a mechanism of circumventing the courts. The da’s and prosecutors know this. When registration is made as a condition of probation that should be the giveaway. Eventually all the outside agencies become a way to put he squeeze on the courts.

How about the falsely accused? Make them take classes and register for an offense they didn’t commit? Great way to achieve 0 exonerations…

I just received an e-mail today from ACLU and yes they are still on a lot of this and many more issues we face and yes they are still on abortion laws even Ice has released some of its prisoners. A judge in Pennsylvania said that failing to release clients during this pandemic would lead to an “unconscionable and possibly barbaric result.” We couldn’t agree more. Are the sex offender in a class by themselves.

So I’m sure many changes will come about as probation and parole have advantages and disadvantages. I knew a lot of boys from pruneytown as they use to call it back in my time and no youth wants to get mixed up with that stuff. Its bad enough with these stipulations we aldults go thru at times.

Over 120 thousand health care workers here in the US have volunteered putting themselves in harms way in wake of this virus. Respiratory therapist are in great need in order to operate the ventilators. It irks me ever so much that this so called registry has me shackled for well over 20 years now thus preventing me from joining the help that is needed on the front lines, yes I’m a license RT. This registry is literally preventing me from doing what I was trained to do, save lives. Thank you Janice, Chance and your team for all your doing! Your greatly appreciated!

@ Benny you make a good statement. Actually we all should be ashamed of ourselves and so should some authorities even thou they are doing the best they can. Everyone we all should be ashamed at ourselves. Even Love,peace, and happiness said to me who are you when I first came on here, well honestly, are we all think in the wrong direction at times of crisis with this sex offender ordeal. I even mentioned to some about the small diaster we had way back win. This is more than a small disaster or a volcano eruption.

Sure we may be considered the outcast. Some may be unable to seek shelter, get jobs, discriminated upon many but what about the people that are putting their lives upon the line. Do we all think of them. One can’t always blame things on government misguidance. Even this probation or parole thing is a bit one sided and all this confusion on Janices ACSOL platform site. Yes we all seek relief from this registry and this pandermic we are all going thru.

Do we ever think of the truckers that bring us fuel, or supplies to stock grocery stores. Sure my sister is so vain n conceited in a sort of way as I’m sure many can see the vainess showing in many forms of human behavior. Is that civil justice of an America way. Hey with Thousands dying and we are thinking of ourselves we all should be ashamed.

Even Will is up in arms and many on here and we seem to be in a state of confusion or saying some off color things. I’m sure we could all help in all this effort delivering food, or even going to visit the sick or helping in this time of crisis. Did we all just wake up or should we all wake up to understanding and go out and help in any way possible or are we all afraid to outcasted in all this confusion. Hey we can all pitch in and do our share.

So each person can contribute whatever skills they may have. Don’t worry about this registry labeling as labels can’t hurt you unless you let it. We can all do a part to comfort one another as we are doing on here. We don’t know what tomorrow brings but we can always look for the good.

Even this social distancing is a bit of an overkill in many ways or who distances themselve today from the offender or does the word sex added to that speak indifference. If John Paul Jones or some civil war hero’s thought that way were would government be or the person that said don’t give up the ship. We are suppose to pray for our leaders but confusion can a bit be out of focus at times .

@Saddles: who said “Even Love,peace, and happiness said to me who are you when I first came on here.”
I didn’t address my comment to you personally; It was an alone comment not a reply to anyone’s post and as I explained to you before, it was a thought provoking question. My post was NOT a who are you, why are you here, show me your papers question, so get that out of your mind.

You do not know what any of us have done to help society (unless it’s posted here). I think of everyone on this registry every day now for 18 years. I think of my family cooped up at home and pissed at me because I won’t let them in my door (I am high risk if I get this virus, so is my mother). I tip delivery people to my door very well even though I demand no contact deliveries (I’ll tape a thank you note and tip on the door). I’d love to go to a food bank or soup kitchen to help but won’t risk theirs or my life.

People pissed off on this forum have a right to be. Not only that, they provide opinions, knowledge, and views some of us never thought of.

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