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CA: DOJ Executive Order N-63-20 Regarding Sex Offender Registration


The California Department of Justice has issued an Information Bulletin directing law enforcement agencies how to remotely register individuals convicted of a sex offense.  The information in the bulletin is being issued to provide guidance regarding implementation of the Governor’s Executive Order issued on May 8.

According to the Information Bulletin, law enforcement officials are to confirm all data fields on the registration forms.  They are then to sign the registration form noting that the form was “completed on behalf of and with consent of” the registrant.  The Information Bulletin states clearly that law enforcement are not to take the photos or fingerprints of any registrant.

“This is a significant step in the right direction,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein.  “Law enforcement agencies that follow the guidance provided in the Information Bulletin will help stop the further spread of the coronavirus by discontinuing in-person registration.”

There are a total of seven cases pending in California’s state and federal courts challenging in-person registration.  The impact of this Information Bulletin on the pending cases, if any, is not known at this time.  Of that total, five cases are now pending in California Superior Courts that were filed during the week of March 23 against the City of Murietta, the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, the County of Los Angeles and the City of Sacramento.  The sixth case case was filed in the California Supreme Court on April 1 and the seventh case was filed in federal district court on April 28.

Download a PDF of the order:

CA DOJ Executive Order N-63-20 Regarding Sex Offender Registration IB 20-07


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If it goes well, then there would be no reason that it couldn’t stay like this permanently.

@ Eric: It would sure seem that way, wouldn’t it? 👍 And, who knows what could be next, maybe registering (or confirming information) by mail or email?

Except executive order is not law.

Executive orders only apply to the Gov’t level that ordered them, e.g. POTUS to USG, “Guvnah” to state government, etc, not the people. Look online.

Apparently, the executive order closing down lawful business, assemblies and not going to the beach or park is law.

I live in a small city, the PD would jump on board with a “call-in/mail-in” updating system. The officer that does mine seemed to annoyed with the redundancy what she have to do.

well I just spoke to san Bernardino pd an was informed of my duty to register in person ,on which im scheduled to be at police station in person may 19, 830a with a mask ,, what ajoke they PD SAY ITS BUIESNESS AS USUALY IN SAN BERNARDINO CITY

I have just spoken to the San Bernardino City Police Department and a Registration Officer told me the City is registering individuals only by phone. The phone number to register is 909-384-5729.

Today I spoke to a Registration Officer in the San Bernardino City Police Department and was told that the City is now registering everyone by phone. The phone number to call to be registered is 909-384-5729.

wow JANICE that was fast . they told me Monday to walk in may 19 th 830a.. u sat they told you phone only … great work quick thanks

I’m glad this is going to help you. Let’s just hope you get your receipt for registration. Consider ensuring you print out your cellphone records as proof you placed the call.

@Nicholas Maietta:

I know you have great intentions but printed proof of a phone call could only help a little bit. First off, it wouldn’t prove anything about what was said. If I had to Register via phone, I’d record it. That is legal where I live it, but I’d do it anyway even if it wasn’t. Because NO ONE can be trusted. I will always have a 100% solid record of anything discussed with law enforcement criminals (LECs). Because they are criminals. If something isn’t recorded, it didn’t happen. And even if it is recorded, maybe it happened.

I’ll also point out that it would extremely easy to create a “print out” of “cellphone records” that contains anything that you’d like. A print out might divert or fool a LEC enough (which certainly could be useful), but it wouldn’t be enough in a court.

Janice, San Francisco gave me a “waiver” when I appeared in-person to register which obligates me to return in sixty days to actually register. What is the impact of the executive order upon that requirement?

I am aware that the City of San Francisco has been handing out “waivers”. I am also aware that there are a lot of people on the Megan’s Law website listed as “in violation”. Please ask someone else, not you, to check your profile on that website to see if you are identified as “in violation”. If so, you could be arrested, charged and possibly convicted for failing to register.

Janice, I appear not to be in violation but I did get their “waiver” and I am within the sixty days. On that waiver it says that I must appear AGAIN in-person within five days of that sixty-day deadline. I see this as an additional, consequence-carrying burden imposed upon me. If I don’t return within the time frame they have demanded then they claim that I will have committed a felony even though I have already appeared, in-person, at their office within five days of my birthday as my only statutorily-imposed requirement. What is your take on that administratively-invoked, dual burden?

By the way, thank you for the very prudent advice not to check the Megan’s Law website myself but I don’t recognize the authority of the State of California to usurp my First Amendment rights.

This seems so wrong. What if you are traveling around and won’t be available for the next 60 days? This effectively imprisons you to the area *sometime* within 60 days. This is so, so wrong on every level. These laws were NOT supposed to be about punishment, but if you are effectively jailed to the area, you are in fact, jailed.

@Nicholas Maietta:

It is worse and more anti-American than that. Because of something that I did decades ago and fully completed a legal sentence, I have to visit a specific government location right around my birthday every single year. I am not allowed to be out of town during that period. Not allowed to celebrate my birthday in Paris, for example.

And the purpose for visiting is idiotic also. The purpose is to write down on paper all of the information that they already have and that I am legally required to have already updated if it had changed. If Registry Supporters/Terrorists weren’t criminals, all of that, including the photos and fingerprints would be able to be completed remotely. But they are criminals.

And of course let’s also not forget that there is a whole pile of things that I can’t do without planning how, when, and where to visit a criminal regime’s office to report it. Just for a simple example, I can’t be on vacation in another state and buy a car where I live. Because I have to go visit the criminals within 3 days. I can’t buy a car on a Saturday unless I can visit the criminals the following Monday. There’s just a lot of extra stupidity involved. It is kind of okay though, because I make them pay consequences for it every day.

It is beyond ridiculous that anyone would be considered “in violation” when the criminal regimes themselves are to blame for a person’s inability to comply with their idiotic “laws”. If I were arrested for such a reason, I shouldn’t say what would happen. In actuality, I try to comply with all of their “laws” but if I’m ever arrested for any of it, just one time and for any reason, I’m going to deliver serious retaliation. Lots of people are already sorry that these criminal regimes won’t stop harassing me. Whether they know it or not. A lot more would be sorry.

Please look at Riverside county that are doing in person registration

Originally the registry started out as a simple notification to the police department, I do believe it was mail in, and that is when supreme court justice Roberts made his infamous quote that, “To register is no more trouble that getting a Price Club card.” and thus the standard that registry is no punishment was set in stone, and back then it may not have been. That was probably before the internet was in every home and on every phone, and before Sorna and all the total oppression and invasion of rights. Now being on the registry is basically being banished from society. Many states don’t allow registrants to get certifications in various trades, you certainly can’t teach, I can’t even take a college class unless I meet with the campus police and get humiliated and put on their “dangerous person” list. We have unannounced visits by the police for all neighbors to see, mandatory annual visits to the police station and 5 years imprisonment if something should go wrong. Originally the registry was a simple procedure of a mail in notice, but it has morphed into a behemoth that its sole purpose is to insure the registrant never has a normal life again.

In CA, I first registered in 1989 as a condition of my probation and the next time I had to do it again was 1996 when I got a letter from CA, DOJ telling me “I have to do it every year.” I called the PD to find out how to do it and officer ask me “Are you still living at the same place?” and I said “yes” and she told me “Okay, you are updated” and that went on like that for 2 years, than she told me “i have come in every year”.

The concept of registering remotely sounds great. I for one will request an email to confirm receipt so they can’t later suggest that I failed to register.

That’s crazy I just did my 30 day registration last month on the 28th in person and they made me finger print each page at the Temple city sheriffs station. I don’t think they are going to care about this piece of news I’ll find out for sure in 2 werks

In4lid ~ I just checked their website, and sure enough, it says that all offices are open. Crazy, especially since LA is the hardest hit and the stay at home order was extended to August. How can they be open for In Person Registration and not be in violation to be consistent with state and local public health guidance regarding physical distancing? That is just crazy.

L.A. County now requires you to wear a face mask anytime you go outside your home. So what if you go to register and simply refuse to remove your face mask for the photograph?? 🤔

Great! What about OC? I registered via phone in mid March? The girl on the phone was clueless. Call back? People should realize that life will never be the same after this.

Does anyone have any information on San Diego County registration at the SD sheriff licensing division? Website says in person Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment only. Tried to call and only get a machine recording. I need to register by the end of the month.

San Diego county is still requiring in person registration despite the Executive Order and DOJ instructions, in case anyone was wondering…particularly Janice for the lawsuit.

I had to go in and register I was told to put a mask on and gloves I’m a high risk with my health because I have diabetes I had to remove my glove to give my thumb print No sanitizer was offered to me after placing my thumb in this ink that could have had countless people put there hands in it I was possibly exposed do the virus and possibly endangering my family this was in Riverside county

Has anyone registered in OC since the governor’s executive order? Is it by phone, and if so, what does it entail? Just name and confirmation that you still live where you live, or do they go through all the 5 pages that normally have to be initialed?

I’d bet $100 the cops will take this as an excuse to visit each and every house for “compliance checks.”

I don’t allow them to visit me. But I’d recommend to anyone who does to ensure that it takes them maybe 10 trips to get it done. What else do they have to do? It’s not like they are going to prevent or solve any other crimes.

Nah ~ I thought the exact same thing, but in reality, I don’t think this will happen. They are not even responding to vehicle accidents unless the vehicle is blocking the street and can’t be moved. So, I doubt they will since that would mean close contact. Compliance checks are illegal anyways since nobody who is not on paper has to ever respond or open the door to LE. I know they do it anyways, but you are under NO obligation to open the door or answer any questions. Another BS thing that wastes tax payers’ money.

I just left san Bernardino Pd and they are in fact doing registrations at the ploice dept , just did my annual registration at front desk records dept,,,,

I just received a call from the OC Sheriffs Department. I was left a message. I was informed the registration process via telephone would take 1 hour!

USA ~ Too funny. We got that call too, and also did not answer since we did not recognize the number and always get spam calls. Called back twice now, but the person we need to speak to is not available. I left a voicemail, but no call back yet. So, we need to be on stand by now until she calls back? I told the receptionist we can’t just sit by the phone all day, and we were told since we are on a cell phone we can go anywhere. Really? Like we would sit at Starbucks around other people answering questions for an hour regarding the registration? No, we are “confined” to our homes at their mercy. This is such BS!

Why aren’t the LEOs doing what every loan company and most insurance institutions do everyday. Have the complete forms on line, have individual fill them out, then have it signed with electronic signature.
God forbid Law enforcement take even a small step into the 21st Century.

Lazy LEOs. Put the burden on registrants – as the LEO’s fail to do their jobs. S.O.P.
(In past years, the LEOs in my jurisdiction have confirmed my residence to the State DOJ without ever interacting with me or visiting my residence. They falsified their verifications in order to boost their numbers and continue receiving free funding.)

A.D.A.T ~ In theory, that sounds logical and beneficial for all parties involved. Paperless registration, electronic signature, etc. I am sure that is 100% possible, BUT it would take out the “intimidation” and “satisfaction” factor to treat people badly and make them feel less than human. Let’s hope, they will enter the 21st century soon.


Several years ago, I asked my local PD if I can have the registration form so I can fill it at home. I thought I can speed up the process of doing it at home already completed to present to them at the PD, rather than to wait in the office to fill it out for an hour. They told me I could not take it home.

It surprised me because I didn’t think it made any difference if I filled out the form at home or at the local PD since I was filling out the same information. I don’t comprehend being forced to fill out the paperwork at the local PD. I still had to come in for fingerprints and pictures. All I wanted to do was not to waste more time at the local PD with everyone there.

IMO, it’s a power trip being forced to fill paperwork out at the local PD than at home. Why waste any more of my time? Is there something secretive about the registration form that I can’t take it home? None of it makes sense to fill a form in-person than to simply turn it in completed. Imagine all the pens we’d all be saving the planet?!

New Person ~ Good point. The form is not secretive at all. We keep all our copies, so no surprise as to what’s on the form. Just power trip. You nailed it.

If you filled a form out at your home, the form could easily be modified. They might not notice/catch the modifications. It would just be a problem. So I could see wanting to maintain physical custody of it. Where I Register, most of the officers aren’t smart enough to compare two 10 page forms (that were not filled out) and tell you if they are the same or not. You would have to compare every word.

But that aside, I’ve been repeatedly filling out the same 10 or so pages year after year after year where I live. I have hundreds of pages of papers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is over 500. THAT is nothing but pure, through and through, incompetent, asinine big government. Exactly what I’ve always thought they are. I would love it if whatever building they store all those papers in was burned to the ground every few months. I will celebrate a destroyed government building every time.

The big government loving bureaucrats have no concern about how to save time, money, or other resources. They are just there to collect a paycheck. They are not capable of intelligently running just a simple list of people, with information. I think it is hilarious that much of the idiotic public thinks that they are “monitoring” people in some way or doing something useful. They don’t have the slightest clue what I’m doing except for perhaps a few hours PER YEAR. Pure idiocy. And what they are doing to me makes me want to harm people. That’s a smart thing to do to unstable, dangerous people, isn’t it?

I can understand that big government would want a person to visit them occasionally just to physically see the person and to take a picture of them. But the redundant paperwork that says the same thing all the time? Couldn’t be dumber. If they can’t get the simple, basics right, why would anyone trust them to be competent? It’s a joke.

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