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NE: Sex offenders concerned about public registry, safety

[ – 5/26/20]

The alleged actions by James Fairbanks has registered sex offenders concerned for their safety.

Police say Fairbanks murdered registered sex offender Mattieo Condoluci on May 14 at his home. Prosecutors say he sent an email to media outlets saying he saw his sex offender registry information, and couldn’t let him hurt any other children.

In 2011, “Jay” was convicted of sexual assault of a child when he says he got into an online relationship with a girl he didn’t know was underage. He didn’t want to use his full name but says someone could see him with his own children, and do the same thing that happened a couple weeks ago.

“God forbid if somebody were to have that mindset that previous situations have shown and drive by and see that and take my life and victimize me in someone way not knowing that these are my children assuming that I’m a predator. I’m a father, I’m a human being,” “Jay” explained.

In 1997, the Sex Offender Registry Law was enacted. The information was previously only given to law enforcement.

UNO Criminology Professor Doctor Laura Sample says the public was never informed of how to use the info provided by the registry.

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“UNO Criminology Professor Doctor Laura Sample says the public was never informed of how to use the info provided by the registry.”

And yet, not one word from Dr. Sample on how the registry should be “used.” Nor did the reporters of this story ask. 20+ years since Megan’s Law was passed, and still no one (besides me, I guess) wonders what specifically a person is supposed to do with the information on the registry that supposedly makes them safer, or how it would differ from general precautions and plain old common sense.

“how to use the info”? Frankly, I find that to be stupid. It’s just information. Maybe people who read it should not be morons and put some thought into it? If they actually care. What instructions do they need? “Don’t kill a listed person.”?

I realize that most people who live in America are certifiably dumb. But “instructions” aren’t going to help them. The majority are not capable of having the information and being intelligent about it. They are emotional idiots.

And you are right Dustin. The Registry information doesn’t help anyone anyway. It does a person zero good to know that one neighbor has committed a $EX crime in the past and supposedly another has not. No good at all. It provides no better protection. Yet it can distract and lower protection. Smart people can see that. But Registries aren’t for smart people or for protection. They are as much for placating dummies as anything else.

Employment for labor, big buzz for business.
Wall street thought initially .coms wouldn’t produce revenue as it was dependent upon free input. They were wrong! FB, twits & many others thrive on free ” little k” ! Precisely because of their VOLUNTARY contribution!

As you say it’s garbage for satiated sheep. Like pine marten to feathered snare.

@ Dustin. For Christ sake many have a moral obligation to rid much of this registry as one can, not only for our sakes but for the prosperety of those that may get involved in this in the future. The english settlers that settled in Jamestown in 1607 made a Virginia Compact and decated this country and pledged to God. Yes they made an explicit Covenant to God. Even the Pilgrams in 1620 did the same.

Even John Winthrop in 1631 an english lawyer made the same pledge in the Massessettes Bay Colony. George Washington based the Constutition on God’s law of the Ten Commandments of the bible. Why do you think this Convid-19 virus is here today. Isn’t it telling America and the nation something. God is no respector of person so respect goes a long way.

We have a President today that some voted him in and I’m sure many wonder why when he went on Planet Hollywood and said those things ranchy things of a sexual overtone about woman and what one can do when one becomes famous and the people still voted for him for president. People and all America should be ashamed of themself whether they be labeled a sex offenders on the registry or not. Ones should not be duped up like this in this devilish Hitler type of scheme and extorted like this as this is a form of abuse. Anyone that has an ounce of Christian ethics should stand up a true American Nation and Covenant with God. Yes the bible says show respect when respect is due.
One wonders how one is leading another in this downfall and yes this country is in a downfall in more ways than one with a 100,000 death’s already due to this mysterious plague that mother nature has leashed on the world.

A huge shout out to Jay for stepping forward and speaking out!!!

So the Doc want’s to give more information? And thinks the general public should what?….decide who is ok and who is not? But then she says who should be on it and still doesn’t say how it actually helps or how it should be used by the public. And the talking head simply says he was convicted of 2 sex crimes against children. Nothing about it being something like 14 years since his second charge. But all in all it was a reasonable report for a short clip evening news.

The media, politicians, and all aspect of the government has demonized the sex offender with out right lies, misinformation, hysteria to the point there are no consciences and yes, the governmental officials are the accessory to the murder of this man.

This is just Crap !
No one really cares about JUSTICE for ex sex offenders. Not one person can even get authorities to STOP LABELING EX OFFENDERS AS…
“SEX OFFENDERS” its no wonder any other steps to improve much less STOP DEATHS AND ABUSES OF RCs.
This will ONLY get WORSE !!!

She sounds like she hasn’t changed much since this:

I have more respect for Professor Carpenter than I do for this quack of a Doctor

Dr. Sample has worked with the Nebraskans Unafraid group and her work has benefited us.

However, I’ve always known that researchers in general have their own agenda as well. It is great when their research benefits us but sucks when they don’t.

Now not to criticize Ms.Sample to much but the media and those good folks sitting at home need to know about all this legislature scheme and like someone said two wrongs don’t make a right. Who is type casting who as the next postor boy of the registry when legislators runs amuck in all this. Leaders of this advocacy need to go on talk shows.Get the word out more.

Major newspapers. It seems fighting city hall can be an all in vain battle but nothing is in vain with God up above and Jesus by your side. So get something on the ballet for this or maybe let others vote the issue of what should be or what not be. If the voters can vote I’m sure they that many will have compassion to how man is duping those on the registry not only with legislative issues but with the basic formula of the simple internet set up con game.

Who “protects the community” again?



…a public registry is for people to be aware so that they can…

A) call the cops? (they already know)
B) BE the cops! (Bingo)

Ah…this whole scheme is win win win. The DA gets the votes. The cops get their man. And the vigilantes get their fix while looking like they’re protecting the community…but wait I thought you needed a badge to do that? Not anymore I guess.

So then why do they keep pushing this like it’s helpful for police? What information does a registry specifically have that law enforcement actually needs to do their job? Even a tier placement doesn’t mean squat if the person has BEEN OFFENSE FREE FOR YEARS!

Honestly, the registry serves NO legitimate purpose!

One of the SOL organizations, whether it be the national office or a state office, or a collaboration of them should interview Dr. Sample and ask her to share what her thinking is behind her statement. It could be enlightening. Getting her involved with a state or national conf would be a prime time to follow up, I’d think, but also know one needs to be careful so future help is retained instead of burning a bridge.

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