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Nevada Registrants Are Needed for Plea Bargain Study

[Janice approves this study]

Dr. Lisa Anne Zilney of Montclair State University in New Jersey is looking for Nevada research participants for a study titled “Contextualizing the experiences of sexual offenders“.

These are the qualifications you must have:

  • You must be in Nevada.
  • You must be a registered sex offender.
  • You must have had a tier change due to the 2018 Adam Walsh Act. Specifically we are looking for individuals who were tier 0 or tier 1.
  • You must be 18+ years.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are male or are female.

If you qualify, please consider volunteering. Here is why:

This study examines long-term and short-term impacts of plea deals for sexual offenders. Plea deals can be coercive in nature, innocent individuals sometimes plead guilty, and people who accept plea deals are not always aware of the negative consequences. This study seeks to understand the factors that make a person accept a plea deal. This study also examines the negative consequences faced by individuals after being placed on the registry; and the negative consequences that result due to a tier change.

What is Involved in Volunteering: As a participant in this study, you will be interviewed via telephone. The interview will last approximately 45 – 90 minutes. Also, you will complete a very short survey that should take only 5 minutes. Nowhere in the interview or on the survey will you be asked to provide your name or any other identifying information. The interview and survey are strictly confidential! When the research is published, an alias will be used instead of your real identity!

This study is completely CONFIDENTIAL!!! Please note that the researcher for this project is an Associate Professor in the Department of Justice Studies at Montclair State University in New Jersey and has previously authored or co-authored 3 books on the negative impacts of legislation on registrants and their families.

If you are interested in participating in an interview, please call

Dr. Lisa Anne Zilney at 732-221-2241 during Eastern Time business hours

or email at


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The Bigger question is …
Every Law on the BOOKS Should be and MUST BE used in its proper context and allowed perimeter !
This is where the PROBLEM RESIDES NOT with Defendants pressured and far too easily invoked plea deal !

Agreed ..
Plea Deals Should NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED !!!
ONLY in certain specific instances ,BELIEVERET that S OK ! AND NOT THE ABUSE/FAULT OF THE “LAW”
Because you are a Defendant DOES NOT MEAN YOU DONT HAVE RIGHTS !!!
Thanks for the input Hubert and i feel your frustration and pain ..
I know i have been going through Hell since Registration began ..
Please take care of yourself !

Let me inject a note of reality here…(though I will not be in this study), …Plea deals are great, especially the way current mandatory sentencing laws work.

I continue to maintain that my behavior was natural and normal, however, as long as my society seeks to punish this behavior by a factor of x10, Plea Deals are…fabulous.

Yes, what we all went through is horrible, but if any of us were convicted and sentenced to the original charges…we would not be typing on this forum….we would still be doing big time long time.

Just my opinion.

Best Wishes, James I

PS I would be open to discussing and debating this proposition…I just think the above is true, other opinions may be different. I’d be curious to know.

I have a little disagreement here. In general, plea deals will get defendants lighter sentences, but not with mandatory minimums. That’s why prosecutor love mandmins because the courts can’t go below a certain prison sentence. I’m a perfect example along with 100s of others in my state. Before my state passed the 3 yr mandmin cp possession law, hardly any first time offenders were sent to prison, now everyone is, priors or not. Many defendants took it to trial knowing they would lose, but judges have usually imposed the same 3yr sentence as if they took a plea because trial judges already feel the minimum sentence is too harsh, so why give the defendant more prison time just because he had the balls to challenge the prosecutor and take it to trial? If the defendant has priors, then a plea may be a better alternative because judges hate repeaters. But if you don’t have priors, been crime free all your life for decades, take it to trial. Even with solid evidence, some prosecutors are willing to amend mandmin cp charges. The prosecutor in my case “claimed” it wasn’t the policy of his office to amend sex crime charges, and the only reason I took the plea was the same reason many others took a plea on a mandatory minimum child pornography possession case, they wanted to save their family members the embarassment of a trial when prosecutors, experts & computer forensic dicks will trot out the photos and present them as if “you” commited the heinous sex acts on these poor children in the photos & videos. Now court judges can see the difference, but sometimes family members can’t see thru the murky fog. But if your family is steadfast in their support for you or you don’t have family at all, take it to trial. You have nothing to lose and you’re going to do prison time anyways in a mandatory minimum first time offender cp possession case. They offer no good time at prisons in my state, and any sex offense disqualifies prisoners from early release-unlike repeat dui, drug dealers, burglars and child abusers of a “non sexual” variety. Sometimes you just have to take it to trial, at least try to force the hand of the state. If it doesn’t move, you don’t have much more to lose in these petty child pornography crimes of having pictures on your computer.

The kid who was killed by his mother!!! Do too her lack of her watching him!! So we all have too pay. John Walsh is making money off his dead child and you all giving in too it!!!! Sucker

Hubert. I liked that when you said every law on the books should be used and must be used in its proper context. Even this whole article is getting to the dirt of the issue. Now James posed the question about plea deals and in many ways he’s right but in many ways he also could be wrong, but Hurbet I do like your answer. And to Dr. Lisa, study’s are good in many things to get some evaluation in many situations we all go thru.

Myself I don’t even like plea deals but as James said everyone is up against an X times multiplying factor. Now back in Late Jan or Early Feb I sent Janice the brief to my encounter and yes I was given a plea deal. I myself even wondered why I got a plea deal. Now the reason I liked Hurbet’s statement the law must be used in every context. Is it really being used for the truth. Who is the real thief, killer, or stealer in all this or who is coveting who.
Sure I plead guilty and I’m sure that detective was just as much guilt as who steal’s another man’s conscious. Who is breaking the Creator’s law, who will be justified in the end. A man of law inducing upon another. Sure all this is hard to fathom but if police were doing their real work they would clean up the internet and these sex site’s so guys wouldn’t download them or whatever.

Plea deals well the creator is not going to give you a plea deal thats for sure and he is the almighty authority. Its the same as two wrongs dont’ make a right. Sure one could talk about bootleg whisky or bootleg this or that. Even USA talks about prono area’s in his area.
When I went to Marshall Universaty and lived in Huntington, W.VA one could go right across the bridge and get more percentage whisky in Ohio. One could even drive over to Kentucky. which was a short distance and yes porno was wide open way back than as it is today. This computer stuff is a bit of nonsense.

If law enforcement cleaned up the computer that would be very good but they seem to snare and tag those with this come- on’s so to speak. So in many cases I’m for getting rid of the registry all together as any law enforcement that induces things is just as guilty and the Commandments this might give you all a better viewpoint or opinion. I hope change comes soon for all involved in this registry. I’m sure Janice and Chance would welcome this link. Actually I was going to send this link to Janice and Chance but James and many of you all if you would love to review it. I would like to hear your all’s opinions of it. Fair enough. That is with Janices’ premission.

I would not put it pass john Walsh too make money of his kid or the government too pass new laws to control people

So why do we have to fund this fool

Well I don’t think I really took a plea deal but I was told that my stuff could be dropped down to misdemeanors but I ended up getting a violation a week before going to court.

And I just moved from California a year ago where I wasn’t even on Megan’s law, and then here in Nevada what I did in California isn’t even illegal…

It’s stupid that in California having sex with a 16 year old is a crime, but here in Nevada it’s perfectly legal

@FedUp This type of disparity is very common and even worst regarding laws around the country. Next door in Minnesota it’s legal for a teen to consent but here in Wisconsin, you will (the law makes it mandatory) go to prison for 3 years for knowingly being in possession of a sexually explicit image of a 16 year old.

Yea, that’s garbage.

the minimum age should be the same. Or if you move to a state where it’s not a crime, then you shouldn’t have to register or be shown online. It’s a joke

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