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Living with 290

Living with 290: Wife not allowed in country

After 11 years of marriage we spent the last two, trying to get my wife allowed in the US from the Philippines. I am retired and she is 9 years my younger. We have no children and we lived together until the USCIS quoted the Adam Walsh Act and denied my wife entry. The case was a consensual case, but i took the plea deal, served no prison and six month in county. No recommendations for ” rehabilitation” in file as i am not a predator . One crime in my entire life and im sentenced to a death sentence. It has bee 21 years and my pardon has been oked by the Dept of Probation as a recommendation of Pardon, but its nowhere. The people in sacramento say, its pending and its been 8 months already…

My wife is now away from me in the Philippines and its so heartbreaking… I have to support my wife in our house there and i am here… I cant believe this system. I have not been in California for over 8 years and will never return. I want to be with my wife and the system will not allow. How unjust is this? For twenty plus years i have gotten one driving infraction for no lights on in the day on the desert freeway… oh my… I am here in our home, just waiting for a Pardon from the three judges who will look at my case… What a mixed up crazy system.. I was on the tier system for years and had to reg only once a year. Now Nevada requires me to reg every three months and they changed my tier just like that… and now I have no friendly neighbors any longer.. Can you imagine what we go thru as well? I am praying that they give me a Pardon from this nasty law…. Its unjust, unfair and unconstitutional, in my eyes..

We 290 registrants, should not be all grouped into one category… There are predators who need to be watched for sure.. For people who have not committed any crimes for ex: over twenty years should get a quicker consideration… Very very sad…

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I read of one Filipina who found a Filipino lawyer who was successful in arguing her husbands case in Manila to allow his entry.
Your wife would need to travel there to participate but it can be done, according to one registrant posting here a while back.
Yes it’s much easier to paint everyone with a broad brush than taking the effort to be fair on moral ground.

I filed a case in the Philippines, claiming the law there is unfair. Hired attorney who successfully argued the case. Letters from friends and associates from the states and the Philippines helped in the court’s decision in my favor. The process was started while I was here in California

Your circumstance seems a bit backward. Normally, it’s the registrant denied travel. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a spouse being denied travel under the AWA. Maybe Janice could take a deeper look into your case.

And while there may be predators who “need to be watched”, the registry is not the means of doing that.

The spouse of RSO are denied entry into the USA too. I am married to a Kenyan lady and she was denied immigration under AWA, so we applied just for a tourist visa so she could visit my family. That was immediately denied also.

I am permanently leaving the USA.

The punitive system definitely has tier knee on this man’s neck. How long will this go on.

been in this situation for 5 years trying to figure a way out as well, was going to hong kong but with china flexing doesnt look feasable for much longer. Going to by a sail boat and say …. it and just live in the sea tradeing stocks and visiting countries. Dont let this hold you back if there is a will there is a way. Under poverty level for 10 years just about to make this happen though getting ready to take some sailing lessons, get a boat and be gone. double check on this but I believe a… Read more »

I was married to my wife in 2011 while she attended graduate school. After requesting and appealing her immigration to the US it was denied due to the AWA. In 2016 we moved to India but congress passed the IML that same year and I was one of the first people to have notifications sent on arrival. Fortunately I was allowed entry but later received visits from he police and the countries version of the FBI. After this I have been black listed from reentry into the country. My visa is expiring in a year and my wife does not… Read more »

Chris ~ My heart breaks for you and your family. This is another GREAT example why the registry IS punishment. There is no denying it. Can’t another family member sponsor her to come to the US? Why would she not be allowed to live here when she is married to a US citizen? Aren’t your children US citizens by default? I don’t know too much about the legalities, but I can’t imagine why someone would not be able to move here, being married? I am glad your wife and family are standing by you.

Thank you for the kind words. There is no family member who qualifies to sponsor my wife and even though our children are both Americans they have to wait till they are 21 before they can request a sponsorship for her.

This being said we have seen many miracles in our journey so far and expect to see more even regarding this visa. We are quite at peace even with the upcoming deadline because we know our God is able to deliver us from this.

This is terrible Chris. My heart goes out to you. Possibly being separated from my family would be the worst situation I could ever imagine. I would become so desperate to do whatever it took. I would gladly give an arm, a leg or physical castration if it would help put an end to the situation. Name it. Separating one from their family is the ultimate punishment possibly given to us by these laws. Your situation is just not fair. I wish there was a way for you to fight this. Is there another country maybe your family could migrate… Read more »

thank you for your reply. I enjoy reading your comments on many of the articles.
Since I am in my early thirties I am hopeful I don’t need to deal with social security for a while but I agree with your point. There is a lot of senseless punishment being peddled as practical for the politician’s political purposes.

This is a sad situation any way you look at it, but it can’t be emphasized to registrants enough: KNOW THE LAWS. Learn the laws before you make any major decision like buying a house or marrying a foreign citizen. The Adam Walsh provision, stating a registrant can’t sponsor a foreign spouse for a green card, has been around for a while now. This guy should have known. Marriage is fine. But your sweet heart can’t stay in the US of ay.

Hi Doc Martin. Some of us are fully aware of AWA even prior to making the decision to marry. There is the hope that an appeal should be granted but you don’t know if that will be the case till after you are married and file. No matter if people know about AWA or not prior to being married it is a terrible injustice to separate families. Any families, immigrant, registrant or otherwise.

Chris ~ Would your wife be able to come to the US as a permanent immigrant worker? There are some criteria she would need to meet, but it might be a possibility? Here is a short paragraph from the USCIS website:

“There are insufficient available, qualified, and willing U.S. workers to fill the position being offered at the prevailing wage
Hiring a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers”.

Just a thought.

I work in immigration law. It’s not that easy. First, she would need to have a university degree and a qualifying “specialty occupation” and a sponsoring employer. The employer would then need to enter her in the H-1B lottery between March 1-21st. (The only exception to the lottery is to have a teaching position at a K-14 or university). Selections are made within 10 days. If selected and petition approved, she would begin working October 1st. H-1Bs last only 6 years. The employer would need to do a labor certification (which takes a year) and then file an immigrant visa.… Read more »

RE: Immigrant Worker Petition June 10, 2020 I work in immigration law. It’s not that easy. First, she would need to have a university degree and a qualifying “specialty occupation” and a sponsoring employer. The employer would then need to enter her in the H-1B lottery between March 1-21st. (The only exception to the lottery is to have a teaching position at a K-14 or university). Selections are made within 10 days. If selected and petition approved, she would begin working October 1st. H-1Bs last only 6 years. The employer would need to do a labor certification (which takes a… Read more »

This is a very hard and slow path to take but it is an possibility

First, I am so sorry to hear this happening to you. My heart breaks hearing this because I have been in a very similar situation and overcame it recently. We got denied twice! Then on the 3rd attempt, we finally overcame it and got AWA approval, ultimately leading to my wife’s green card. If I can give some tips from my experiences, here you go… – Get yourself a really good qualified lawyer. We got a really good one that really understood the AWA. – I went out and got two different professional evaluations, one showing how I’m “not a… Read more »

Hi Drew,

Thank you for posting this remarkable comment of yours, i’ve been fighting with AWA since 2014, Do you mind to share the Law Firm / Lawyer you hired? That would be a blessing for us. Thank you so much!

Absolutely please reach out to me at icomeinpeace at sbcglobal dot net

I’ll send you some info 🙂

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