CA: California Will Release Up To 8,000 Prisoners Due To Coronavirus

[ – 7/10/20]

California will release up to 8,000 prisoners this summer in an effort to create more space and prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in prisons.

News of the plan comes after more than a third of the inmates and staff at the San Quentin State Prison in the San Francisco Bay Area tested positive for the coronavirus.

Anyone who is eligible for release will be tested for the coronavirus within seven days of their return to society, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said.

California’s state prison system currently reports 5,841 coronavirus cases among inmates — a rise of more than 860 cases in two weeks. Another 1,222 employees have also been infected.

“These actions are taken to provide for the health and safety of the incarcerated population and staff,” California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary Ralph Diaz said. “We aim to implement these decompression measures in a way that aligns both public health and public safety.”

More than half of the prisoners could be released this month. The corrections department says it’s reviewing the roster of prisoners who have fewer than 180 days left on their sentences; it anticipates roughly 4,800 people could be eligible for release by the end of July.

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No registered citizens will be released under this regime I suspect. We’re worthy of nothing but death as far as CDCR is concerned.

A lot of negative comments on Facebook about this. My sister posted: “Whatever happened to All Lives Matter?” A lady replied “I don’t consider criminals people.” Just a taste of how much of the country thinks. Sad.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is an oxymoron. There is no rehabilitation when it comes to registrants, shame and endless punishment all in the eyes of public safety. Hopefully some registrants will be released.

I find this non-releasing of those who have sexual offense convictions to be enormously frustrating! The criminal “justice” system has worked hand in glove with media to create this dilemma of their own making. Both have relentlessly portrayed those convicted of sexual offenses as the most deplorable and heinous of all people and have time and again maintain the falsehood of “frightening and high.” They have painted themselves into this corner and have forced themselves to continue maintaining this narrative – even when it has been proven false time and time again by their own research indicating that reoffense rates are extremely low for those convicts of sexual offenses. So, once again, they maintain the false narrative they themselves have created.😠

Talk about a reverse TRO application. Sure letting others out of prison is good in many instances. Remember their is good and bad in everything. Or who has the mark of cain today or does anyone really understand it. Guess nobody today puts God in the equation or the principals today or why is this pandemic here? One wonders who eats day old bread for public safety or who speculates today.

Now some of you all may not find my view’s on par with all these scholarly views and yes view’s may differ on here but all human’s should be free or is this sex registry some backwards “Saving Private Ryan”. Even Janice’s phone meetings or group talks and lobbings by various folks are of benefit to all. Sure I wish I had parents to be of support to me but I only have a sister here and she calls it entrapment plain and simple. Everyone of you all on here have a right to get or seek some justice and take a stand. Sure I may not text as good or proof read as the next in my own writings but we all enjoy sharing view’s and view’s that are positive that may help one another in much of this sex registry. Yes Chance, Janice and many more advocates have view’s also and together we all can make a difference in this registry effort.

Actually going thru something first handed can be hard but one has to be strong and yes resortative justice is just as good as corrective justice. I believe Janice mentioned Similary situated” in this situated stance of an equal protection factor in one of her writings. So were do the two factors meet in the equation. One factor has to be the sexual stimulus inducement, even the pretense of the lying factor, the fake decoy picture factor or the persuasion or alibi factor. So were is the stimulus in this two wrongs don’t make a right. Were is the thorn in the flesh come in or the motivational factor in this balancing act of equal rights factor.

Sure if one reads the Book of Roman’s well and comprend it well you would understand much or who outweights or is defrauding this vain protection. So in other words you have two common men using their behavior factors against each other in this battle. Believe it or not who is putting a mark of Cain haphazardly way upon another’s head?

Are government authorities brusing one in this conscience alter ego inducement that is so unbiblical in this heathen endeavor that it should be stricken down in any civilized culture of justice. Using the sword of justice is like a pandemic getting out of hand or who is judgeing the earth right now with many life’s being lost. One wonders who was targeted for a “witch hunt”.

California’s new motto: Wereaka oppression and punishment or Home of punishing dipsticks in high places!! No offense to dipsticks!!

At least California counts violent criminal and domestic abusers as inelgible for early. Wisconsin prisons have an early release program for inmates who haven’t commited a “serious” violent crime, as long as your not a sex offender. So an elgible person can sell someone some bad dope and almost kill that person, or an elgible person could have had a dui offense that accidently almost got a family killed, but you will not be elgible if your offense involved looking at dirty pictures of underage teens online.

When I was incarcerated in the Midwest an intimate told the parole board not to release him because he would commit more crime; which he did and killed four innocent people. Everytime I went in front of the parole board they denied me and eventually say an early release would take away the serious of my crime. What the hell? I had a non contact offense online and my caseworker said I shouldn’t of been sentenced to prison. Prison officials making that decision is just as lame as the static 99 and lie detectors. If someone is eligable let them go regardless of their crime and stop changing the definition of violence. Insanity now means every government officials decision based on their bias and repeating. No sermon needed for me.

The United States government really don’t wanna release any sexofenders early from jail because nobody wants the blood on their hands.
Especially law enforcement agency can you imagine if they released a sex offender early and he goes out and hurts a child or does something crazy what’s the first thing society’s going to say how are these people out of jail and allowed to roam around freely thru society.
OMG can you imagine the the Publix outrage.
So yeah this is just pointless they’re never going to budge nobody wants the blood on their hands so I’m not surprised at all.

good luck