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Kat’s Blog: Polygraph Predicaments

It’s hard to believe that some states are still performing polygraphs during the pandemic. Some polygraph technicians are performing the exams unsafely, they’re also asking some peculiar questions as well.

Case in point, as recently as a week ago, in one TN location, polygraphs were being performed by technicians from another southern state that happens to have a much higher Covid-19 population.  The technician wore neither a mask nor gloves and social distancing was of course, obsolete. Registrants taking the exam were, however, permitted to wear masks.

Registrants were subjected to having strangers from high-risk states, who are not donning personal protective equipment, hook them up to polygraph machines. (I can’t help but wonder how often those machines are sanitized.) The technicians sit less than 6 feet away, asking their questions, without wearing a mask, all the while, the possibility of Covid-19 germs being spread through the air, in the closed, confined room in which the tests take place.

Test after test is performed in that same room. Person after person. Any cleaning or sanitizing going on in between?

Another thing that doesn’t seem quite right, a polygraph technician, off the record, “casually” questioning a registrant about another registrant. (This was not part of the polygraph exam.) Seems both registrants attended the same treatment group (apparently the technician is privy to this information, why, I don’t have a clue). According to the technician, “this guy had failed several polygraphs and I’d like to be able to help him pass, is there anything you can tell me about him that might help?”

Are we to believe that a polygraph technician “wants to help” someone pass a polygraph? This sounds a bit odd.

Under normal circumstances polygraphs are stressful enough. Now not only are you having to worry about your health being put in jeopardy while taking the exam, but the polygraph technician is questioning you about a guy that you know nothing about except for the fact that he’s in your treatment group. Of course, that also leaves you to speculate as to whether the technician asks other registrants about “you” from time to time.

While there are some things that are necessary and essential even during a pandemic, polygraphs, especially “routine maintenance polygraphs”, hardly would seem to make the top ten list if you ask me.


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I have bizarre stories of my own from years & years & years & years of these so called treatment groups. Well, i say bizarre which is true, but I have reasons why I now believe it’s government corruption. Follow the contracts and the names on them and the political contributions. It’s a deep rabbit hole. Very little is about rehabilitating “the sex offender.” They are trying hard I guess LOL.

So registrants aren’t eligible for early release from prison; have to take mandatory treatment; have risk calculated by 10 magical questions that are like a monkey playing Russian Roulette; and have polygraphs taken by someone from out of state asking questions about another person; when polygraphs aren’t even used in court. Yup folks this isn’t punishment just civil regulation based on fear and other useless pile of dung. Do these brainless minions that come up with these rules must of got dropped on their head when they were younger? Some people need to go off to the Wizard cause common sense isn’t in their vocabulary!! Future generations if they are any will look at modern society and say these people were freaking idiots!!

Its a violation of health ordinances and grounds for a law suite !
It is illegal for the Tech to ask personal questions about others !
If its not illegal …well…
Where, When and How will this One Sided Corrupt System be STOPPED AND NO LONGER TOLERATED …

Sad to say no revolt is going to happen. All we can do is piggyback our cause on civil rights regarding law enforcement and hope the scales tip to help us. We have advocates but their battles seem futile at times. No politician or judge will publicly help because they know it would be career suicide once the people find out.

You don’t need their help, you just have to get smarter. Just keep up the fight until the system is cornered into admitting its faults. If they won’t help then they need to be put back in their place.

If it weren’t for SOT “treatment” the polygraph business would be much less lucrative. 200,000 of us on paper… 1 poly per year $400 to $500 per exam. a hundred million dollar business. Just think what fail & re-test means in dollars.
A PO and SOT therapists have their hand in the test (In WI). As we all know that can be good or bad for us as the polygraph is an unscientific interrogation tool. But for the polygraph company interaction from a PO or a therapist gives clues as to what the “findings ” should be. It probably increases the chances of a retest.

Not exactly less lucrative. If not for the registry, the polygraph industry would be non-existent. Remove all registrants from any given polygrapher’s customer base and there is not a single one of them (let alone company) that can survive (let alone prosper) solely by polygraph administration.

Kat talks about this polygraph issue and even the man that created it said it doesn’t really do much. Even the bible says all lie. So who takes who by their word today. I suppose man has always wanted to be above God in their own understanding or who’s the Pharisee today.

You know I’m so glad Janice and her team have brought this forum to others help those that are in the dark about all this computer snatching by this electronic age device. Yes the advocates or people behind the scenes are striving to helping to rid this computer ordeal that is trapping and enslaving many all in these ordeals.

One wonders if everyone is bowing themself to this computer ordeal is knowledge that leads to true Justice or true punishment or is it destruction, Who is leading who astray by this carnal means. Talk about a blind date or some dating game of who’s behind the partition of this no holds bar game. One wonders who is making these license plates for another in this trap or who is coming out on the computer end to seduce another or inprison ones mind or whatever seems right in this true justice of judgement. One would guess there is no love thy neighbor in this computer trap, or its more or less do unto others before they do unto you. Sounds like something is wrong in this whole picture. Even 10 ago or so I’m sure we had that very thought.

Remember this whole just a sex issue is part of their game of man over another to protect some fictitous person and to clean up the mouths of filthy men or this trafficking when they don’t even know their left from their right in this abomination scheme. So actually this computer machine is overcoming you and beating everyone down, or is their more physical crimes of a sexual nature as compared to internet induced encounters. You be your own judge on that one or who is being judged with their own pandemic in this polygraph of right and wrong.

I am still waiting for the results of an investigation of a formal ethics complaints I made against my “treatment” provider, among them their use of polygraphs. Will post about them here and on SOSEN when they come in.

@Dustin – I started to go down that road so then PO initiates a violatIon against me. Judge releases me from probation before It got to a hearing.

My complaints were submitted to several private accreditation organizations that they belong to (Council on Accreditation, American Counseling Association, etc.). Haven’t gone to the state licensing board yet – waiting to see the outcomes.

Told them at the outset that if I find the slightest indication that they sought to resolve through the probation office, it would be added to the standing complaints and I would go straight to the licensing board. Their only response so far was trying to fast track me through their stupid program, probably hoping I would drop it (which I won’t).

About a month ago I was told I would be finished with their program if I “passed” the next polygraph. Took it last week and was “inconclusive.” Not surprised by that – everyone I know always gets failed or inconclusive after three or four exams with the same polygrapher. Waiting to see how they address that.

How in the hell are these polygraph sessions constitutional? Don’t they basically make you “tell on yourself”? And isn’t that covered by the 5th Amendment???
MY GOD, is the Constitution completely dead in this country???

For registrants – yes, for the most part.

In actuality, they aren’t Constitutional. The Supreme Court ruled they are not admissible due to the fact that they are unreliable. But, probation treats them as gospel. When I was on probation, I had to take them every six months at $250 a shot. Lied every time and passed. Then PO decided to violate me because she thought that passing all the time I was “manipulating” the results.
When in court for hearing I told Judge not to put me back on probation, (was on for 15 yrs). Served 3 yrs in prison and now am back home with family

@Ptd – So you were found “guilty“ at the hearing? You violated probation because it was determined you manipulated the polygraph test?

I think he meant that he asked to serve the rest of his sentence in confinement as opposed to on probation, served it, and is not on probation any more. It’s actually a sensible option depending on how much more probation had to be served.

No not found guilty at hearing. PO claimed I was manipulating it, but couldn’t prove it. I was sick and tired of being on “Lifetime” probation (15 years!) With no indication of being able to get off. So killed sentence by going to prison

While I was in prison every time good ole Steve Wilkos was on the boob tube aka tv we had to watch. Seems like every show where someone was accused of a sex crime, the polyograph came back that they were inconclusive or guilty. It’s total bull when the state makes you pay for a polyograph, probation/parole and treatment while making it harder to put your life together sending you back. Of course the system is designed for failure and was built on a house of cards, with designers that will never have a full deck. To many state officials must of loved Oliver Twist cause they love picking pockets!!

There is no hope once your labeled a sexofender your life is completely destroyed.
I can’t believe the government says the registry isn’t punishment.
If every sexofender in America literally filmed and documented their life and what they have to go through on a daily basis from City to City Coast to Coast you would obviously see that it’s punishment.
It’s punishment in the form of homelessness hopelessness lack of medical attention lack of hygiene lack of employment a burden to family and friends no social life shamed and banished from Society
I mean the list goes on and on and the cherry on top is people on the registry are constantly being investigated and hunted by detectives/ law enforcement and monitored by the government with the fear of incarceration hanging over there head.
I don’t even think they believe in using polygraphs and Static -99R testing I think they just make all this crap up to scare people into more police funding and they’ll justify it by finding some 51/50 sexoffender who literally has mental health issues who’s been living outside for two years haven’t showered for 10 months who they found living under the freeway with trees and branches in his hair I mean these guys can scare the shit out of anybody and they use these type of guy’s to justify these polygraphs and static-99R testing and ultimately the IML Sexofender Registry….

It’s amazing to me that anyone is still uses polygraphs due to their usually huge inaccuracy and failure rate. Anyone who is NOT guilty, should never take them, they could falsely make you look guilty. Anyone who IS guilty should always take them since they could possibly make you look innocent. There is a reason they are disallowed in court.

Here in Riverside county they are setting appointments for the polygraph Riverside county is on the watch list for covid-19 there’s an outbreak in this county and they are still scheduling these appointments I am a high risk medical I find this to be careless in their behalf if law enforcement closed their doors to the public because of this virus why are these people still pushing the issue for a polygraph

@J – If you have one or more high risk factors for COVID, please contact me to discuss your situation.

On these polygraph ordeals how many on the offender registry are actually in compliance. Well I guess I’m not. Sure I pleaded guilty, went thru all those sex therpy classes, took those polygraph tests and did the best I could to keep with this program they set up for one but you know why I am not in compliance because I refused to sign the paper they wanted me to sign saying I knew I was talking to a teenager.

Sure If I would of listened to my sister I would have signed it as she had her own view’s on her own judgments on everything when she’s like most in America in her own narcissistic view.

Governments today can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel in many ways. Safety factors and methods are like transfusions of how much to give and how much to take before the pressure builds. Is taking a polygraph test for safety or who lies today Yes their is a verse in the bible that no one seems to like and that is Let God be true and every man a liar. I believe that says volumes or who offends today.

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