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Kat’s Blog: The Price of Public Shaming

Shame or being shamed is not something new to registrants or their families. Whether it’s personal feelings of shame or feelings of shame bestowed upon them by others, it’s a hurt that stays with each of us.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so disturbing to see the increase in “mask-shaming” when we turn on the news.

In the past few days, the events at a coffee shop and a retail grocer have garnered the public’s attention. People being publicly shamed and videoed for not wearing masks in stores during the pandemic and then those videos making the rounds on multiple TV networks.

With so many of us sheltering in place, our children are at home, viewing more TV and internet than ever.

Are we teaching our children that’s it’s acceptable, news worthy and even in one instance, monetarily rewarding, to publicly shame others?

Registrants and their families are unfortunately all too familiar with public shaming. Public shaming is one of the detrimental consequences of a not-so-well-thought-out public registry. Not only are those on it shamed, but their families, their children, are often shamed as well and not only by grown-ups, but also by other children. The negative effects of shame can last a lifetime.

Halloween has become a public shaming event. Registrants homes are often targeted and vandalized, police in some communities’ place unwarranted signage in front of registrant’s homes, there are registrant-round-ups and curfews with much media attention.  As a society, we’ve allowed, even encouraged this kind of public shaming to go on for centuries, always under the guise of “public safety”.

Our country’s history is marked with society sanctioned public shaming from scarlet letters to public stocks and dunking’s. Our society has encouraged the proliferation of public shaming and its always justified by being “in the name of public safety”.

Those doing the “mask-shaming” today claim to be doing it in the name of “public safety”.

“Shaming” has never made anyone safer. Educating the public makes people safer. Those on the registry and those advocating for registrants know that educating the public is a slow process at best and even when they are provided solid, proven, scientific facts, not everyone is willing to accept or process new information.

In the meantime, our children, the next generation, are watching us, the people they look up to, the people who are supposed to know right from wrong, shame each other on TV. Instead of teaching our children that we’ve learned from the past, from our country’s poor history of public shaming, we’re demonstrating to them that public shaming is acceptable, the way to force people to conform.

If we are to change the world, we must speak up, we must educate and we must teach by example.

Shaming others is never acceptable behavior, whether it’s aimed at those not wearing masks, those on the registry or anyone else. It’s just plain wrong.


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I tend to disagree with the article. People refusing to wear masks, and thus possibly infecting others need to be called out. That’s different from one group being shamed because its assumed they’re going to break the law due to a conviction possibly decades ago.


And possibly not infecting others because infections are more rapidly spread in the home and among families…like the offending rate people ignore when it comes to sex offenses. Family members should be shamed because it’s good for family dynamics and mental health.

Just social distance 6 ft or more and chances of infections greatly drop just as possible family sex offenses do too.

Just as I said to @kat, their fear should keep them home if they’re that afraid.

Personally, I think the whole Coronavirus thing is overstated. I would really like to know the ratio of individuals that have caught and recovered from the virus to those who have died from it. From what I’ve read, those that have died had some very significant health concerns outside the virus, and those that survived it simply complained of various degrees of the flu (bad for some, not so bad for others). Further, I’d bet that anyone that died who had the virus is probably classified as a COVID death whether the virus killed him/her or not (I’ve heard a few anecdotes of people killed in car wrecks but attributed to COVID because they had tested positive for it).

I can’t help but wonder if the reaction is due to the occupant of the oval office. I remember how Asian Bird Flu and Mad Cow disease were supposedly going to wipe the population out during the Bush years, and can’t think of any serious pandemics during the Clinton or Obama terms (never heard a single word about the plights of the homeless during those periods either).

Sorry, but I don’t buy the hype. Projections like “20 million deaths by the end of the year” will be followed up by, “See? only 100,000 dead. Thank God for us! Would have been so much worse if not for us!” It’s all political PR nonsense made possible by a public that only reads headlines and soundbites and are either to busy, lazy, or indifferent to dig deeper.

I also find it concerning that the government’s answer is to obey them without question, regardless of the impact on your life, under penalty of arrest. Ironic that some call for those who don’t wear masks under the pretense of protecting them from contracting or spreading the virus to be sent to jail or prison where contacting or spreading the virus is near certain.

If hand washing and paper masks are the defense to COVID, then either it isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be or you’re screwed. I concede that many people are susceptible for one reason or another, but adapting should be their responsibility, not society’s.


H1N1 swine flu 2009. Worldometer website gets you the data you seek and the some. Your thinking is right about other med conditions etc.

Just goes to demonstrate that people believe what they want to believe, evidence be damned.

This is not about complying or age, or health or politics; it is about saving lives. How hard is to wear a mask?
My mother is expected to die today. She has been in the hospital for 12 days now on a bipap machine. When the doctors take her off the bipap, her O2 level drops to 50%, which will not sustain life. So fuck you assholes who won’t “comply” to saving lives. You DO NOT have the right to kill my Mom.

I agree. My mom passed away 2 months ago and it is the hardest and most painful experience of my life ( We were very close ) I’m still going through this painful experience. Same situation as your mom.

She passed away at 4:40 am.

You don’t know me from Adam but I am very sorry for your loss.

Please accept my condolences, and please mask up y’all.

LPH my condolence as I’m sure we all feel a loss when a loved one passes or someone passes away whether justly or unjustly whether from complications of nature or do to health factors, age, or other types of ailments. I’m sure its hard on you and other family members. Yes funerals are very hard to take and even when its a family member or the closeness of a relative or parent its hard on anyone.

I’m sure it saddens all and yes we all shed tears at times as we all can weep in many ways.

And now I am am faced with do I go to the service and funeral or not. My mother had many friends and of course many family members. I am her eldest living child.

1. I do not want to be around a lot of people because of this pandemic. My mom died from this virus and I am deathly scared of it as I am older and have had health issues which increase my death likelihood if I contract it.

2. I am still under “as if on parole” restrictions which state I can not have any contact with minors even though it’s been 24 years since my offense.

I talked with my DCS officer about it and he stated I can be AROUND minors just like as when I go to a grocery store (yeah, I know that). The law says if I contact a minor (physically or orally) outside of a casual hi, I could face up to 30 years in prison.

I know there will be minors there, my Mom has grand-kids. And to top it off, one of my Moms sisters denounced our family when she learned I was convicted of a sex crime many years ago. She may be there and I don’t want ME to be an issue. I would rather all my family to morn my Mothers death.

What do I do?

LPH so whats on your mind. Get that chip off your shoulders or get with the program. Yell, I wish I would of went to my mom’s funeral. In fact I did but I didn’t. Yes I was flown in from my work at one of my summer jobs by my sister to go to the funeral. So we get to the funeral at the cementary grounds beside the church. My sister has other plans for me to stay with her in the church while the burial took place.

Here she flys me in, and than lays this on me at this moment in time. Sure my sister was in shock or was she thinking about herself, I’ll never know her feelings. Even sisters can be wrong at times if that is anything about human behavior in this understanding. So be a man go to the funeral as we all face situations in life.

Yes I would of liked to have went to the funeral but I stayed in the chapel as my sister asked me to stay with her in so many words. As far as your inlaws its might be a time to reconcile differences. Sure we all have to stand up or either be pushed aside like we are nobody’s or do we all have self worth about us Or is this sex offender thing to many of you like the nights went out in Georgia. Are many of you all letting your lights go out.

@Saddles: What’s on my mind is if one of my relatives kids, who have not seen me for years, comes up to me for a hug and the vindictive relative reports it. I face up to 30 (THIRTY!!!!!) years in prison for that contact. One hug and 30 years in prison?

You are right in that I have a chip on my shoulder though. The “program” is why I live in paranoia.

Just some clarification in case I missed the mark on this one.
Wearing masks is the socially responsible thing to do during this pandemic. Suggesting, encouraging and educating others about the need for masks to protect not only themselves but others, is also the socially responsible thing to do. Personally, I’m just not sure that “publicly shaming” those who don’t wear masks is the right way to go . Shame is powerful. One incident of public shaming, humiliation or embarrassment can often affect a person for their entire life and sometimes with tragic consequences. There’s got to be a better way.


Socially responsible? People need to educate themselves on facts and data on any topic before acting on impulse and baseless emotion to avoid looking foolish. Their fear should keep them at home if it’s that bad.

I see your point. Masks could have been a creative project to encourage their use. A self proscribed temporary tax like purple dyed voting thumbs. But No, it turned political.
Here in the northern reaches March IS glove weather still anyway. Scarves would work to, if covering mouths.

Problem is several states have outlawed mask wearing in public places. Public safety was the cause in those laws. Are states which have law criminalizing mask wearing going to ignore the laws during viral breakouts? Laws often conflict but the interpretation must be made on which apply and when.


I think I know what you’re trying to introduce, but the mask shaming is part of the bigger problem of the cancel culture, which was paved by the internet. Not many are seeing the “mask shaming” as a form of cancel culture because the internet is now the public square.

In 2003 Smith v Doe SCOTUS, made cancel culture legal because they didn’t foresee it coming to fruition, though some of the dissenting judges denoted the possibility. The internet is a public square to where registrants are shamed. If the masses believe the internet is a public square, then SCOTUS has a problem because the registry is now part of the public square and shaming is punitive.

Remember, 6 feet social distancing was implemented because there isn’t enough accumulation of the virus in the air. As long as you’re 6 feet away from everyone, then a mask isn’t needed. Being in the sun and outdoors reduces virus accumulation because UV rays kills and you have natural wind dispersing air.

There were many people wearing masks at the nationwide protests, but the infection rates rose. Why? Because they were not practicing social distancing. People touch their masks, then touch their bodies or touch other people when moving about shoulder to shoulder. Also, many people don’t wear masks correctly to have a higher chance or repelling the virus as they leave their nostrils exposed or nostrils and mouth exposed when chanting.

If we’re to use statistical records:

Total COVID-19 Death age breakdown, as per CDC Jun 27, 2020: 112,226

Ages 0-14: 29 (0.02%)
Ages 15-24: 142 (0.12%)
Ages 25-34: 770 (0.68%)
Ages 35-44: 1,972 (1.75%)
Ages 45-54: 5,488 (4.89%)
Ages 55-64: 13,465 (11.9%)
Ages 65-74: 23,333 (20.7%)
Ages 75-84: 29,780 (26.5%)
Ages 85+: 37,247 (33.1%)

The most vulnerable are the elderly. The young can survive the infection at a tremendous rate. Ages 15-34 have a survival rate of 99.2%. Wearing a mask does help prevent getting the virus, but no one should be shamed by it, especially if they’re young, because the numbers speak for themselves.

No one want to look at the numbers because narratives are easier to push, which is like the registry. We have correct numbers now for recidivism rates, but the courts will not use them because fear mongering keeps the shame game going. Why use facts when fear can trample over one’s civil rights without questioning it.

Dude! Stop making lame excuses and wear a mask. The big spike in cases had nothing to do with protesters, and a lot to do with idiots who pack bars and Trump rallies without their mask on.


Just leaving these here for you to read leisurely from the LA Mayor himself on corona spread and protests being linked:

The price of public shaming. I would hope this is not some a Letterman interview of Donald Trump or Lennon’s monologue of the Donald or maybe Paul’s view when he said: For I am not ashamed of the Gospel. Do we all take a look at ourselves mask today. Some couldn’t care less about the Gospel while some only care about self-esteem or is marxism the way. Do we all have responsibility, I’m sure we do, or who is having symptoms of pride as authorities today with this to wear a mask, To distance oneself to self qurantine ones self.

Didn’t pride cause the fall of the Garden by both man and woman or who is locked up in this confusion today. Sure we can reach for figures or get all the data from scientists in this virus control environment but who’s controling the human thought. Who is doing inhumane to the humanity of mankind. Talk about a throw off when our president doesn’t even wear a mask and tosses the ball to each state in some pride type of understanding.

Do we all assume we already know the answer or are we enlighten to rectify or justify the means or where was thou when the foundation was being formed. Kat has something with this article and Gralpher and many just giving opinions but were is the understanding. Sure the main reason for this forum is to help others and yes the goal is still the same to rid or band much of this internet encounter that is more based on Pride. To bring back the Constitution and civil rights and true understanding to America today. Sure helping others is a great gosal for everyone.

One would have to say the bible has no introduction in all this sex ordeal or the use or abuse by authorities in this subtle manner. One wonders who created you and me or are we all trying to understand the untold story today in this enticement and this mask of delusion.
While Janice, Kat, Chance and even the lady advocates do a lot of research one wonders what is good enough. One even wonders who fights their battles in this distancing battle. Don’t you know you have the best person fighting your battles is God. Yes let God fight your battles. So were is the open door policies today, where is the offending justice or defending justice today or is the power of the tongue no man can tame..

Should the famous parable of the Pharisee and Publician tell one something. Forth quotes that will remind you what the 4th of July is all comes from Ronald Reagan when he talks about the aspirations of the spirit

@TS Right, if fox news says its true, it must be true. I’m going by a widely publicized study that surveyed health departments across the country which show protests had nothing to do with the spike in covid. BLM has a mask policy at their rallies. Garcetti dont know whats he’s talking about as far as protests. Now he’s closing beaches and bars because he knows they’re a breeding ground for covid.


Hence the Sun source was provided as another reading because I knew Fox would be belittled. However, since you are in the know, maybe you could provide your referred to study in a link for us to read to validate there is no link between the two especially since the LA mayor has no clue (renegade mayor he is) and BLM policies are strictly followed at all functions by all participants?

Here’s a link to another story (among many online) that questions whether there’s an increase from the protests but also specifically says it is possible given the population content of the protests being younger folks:

““While it is possible that the protests caused an increase in the spread of COVID-19 among those who attended the protests, we demonstrate that the protests had little effect on the spread of COVID-19 for the entire population of the counties with protests during the more than three weeks following protest onset.”

Of course, many of the people protesting are younger, and therefore, are more likely to have a mild or asymptomatic case, and may forgo testing. The study is still being peer reviewed.”

I’d also add do people really think only peeps in those counties protested and no one from outside those areas did with them and maybe didn’t take it home with them to other counties?

Spare me the Ronald Reagan shit. He was just another bad actor on stage and in real life

@ LPH What if’s, what if’s. What if you never were on a computer or what if you had never met that person or what if blood wasn’t thicker than water or who poured out their blood for you. Man I can see why every one of you all on here are guilty. Are you all to wise for your own conceit.

Isn’t that whats wrong with America today they are to wise in their own conceit or Should we all have a fund drive for a Trump widson fund or most on here. One of my friends here which is black we talk about God, my situation and other things, we also talk abut who dishes out trains or brains. Did not God give you a brain to reason with.

One can either bow down to Government in their calamity or bow down to God or face up to own’s fears or should we understand about the women who wiped the feet of Jesus with her tears, so who’s, the prostitute in the story.

A Dr. stated that she believes we will have to wear masks till 2022. People should wear masks and practice good hygienes. However I wouldn’t shame a person if they didn’t wear one it’s their choice. Nobody should be shamed of what they have done regardless of whether wearing a mask or not; and having a criminal history.

Dear wise bible Saddles, Did God give Joseph a brain? Because Mary ( mother of Jesus) was an underaged teenager and Joseph was an adult. So today he would be a registered sex offender. You should know who you worship ( just saying)

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